My book jar

book jar

My New Year’s resolution was to make my way through all the unread books that I own. My motivation was lacking so I wrote down all the books/series that I haven’t read and put them in this jar. Now I pick a piece of paper out at random and that’s the next book/series I read.

I restricted myself to only buying books that complete a series I already own but I always seem to have trouble with that rule when Lifeline Bookfest is in town.


3 thoughts on “My book jar

  1. I just recently made a book cup (couldn’t find a jar :P) and am excited to get started with all of my unread books. It was actually a New Year’s resolution to read all of my unread books, and although I have made a small dent in them, I’ve really just accumulated more books!

    • I’ve only bought a few books since starting my book jar but most of them were to bridge gaps/finish series that I already had. Can’t make any promises when the secondhand bookfest comes back in June, though!

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