The first promo for season 4 of Teen Wolf was released today/yesterday/at some point in America and I woke up today (Tuesday) to see it on Tumblr.


A breakdown of the promo:

Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Derek RISE FROM THE ASHES and shake that dirt out of their hair. Allison’s old bow falls to the ground and everyone watching this promo cries because that was just rude.

The cast run through the ashes looking like fierce and majestic reborn phoenixes. Then we get the tagline for this season:


PERFECTION! They kept it to the original main cast – yay! These four are the ones that will have changed the most from last season’s events and it’s absolutely true that they can’t go back to who they used to be.

Remember the first season where everyone had baby faces and their biggest problem was figuring out who the Alpha was? Remember the second season where we were still dealing with high school problems? And then we had SEASON 3 where everything was on a whole other level and they had to keep adapting, keep changing, keep getting stronger because there was no real chance to stop and process all the loss and trauma.

Scott was already learning to be his own anchor and find strength within himself. And, as an Alpha, he has to be responsible not just for himself but for everyone in his pack (who’s even left after those cast changes?).

Stiles has to come to terms with everything that happened in 3B and learn to forgive himself and not fear his own reflection. If he keeps counting his fingers to check if it’s a dream I am going to cry everywhere.

Lydia has to learn to control her own power but coming to grips with her loss is an even bigger challenge. While the last episode of season 3 showed us that the anchor relationship between her and Stiles goes both ways, Lydia is still going to have to be strong on her own. She’s already grown so much since pretending to be an airhead to stay popular in season 1 and she’s only going to get better. I BELIEVE IN YOU, MY GINGER PRINCESS.

Fierce majestic phoenix swagger.

Fierce majestic phoenix swagger.

Teen Wolf season 4 premieres Monday, 23 June 2014.

The song in the promo is Don’t Run Our Hearts Around by Black Mountain.


Teen Wolf Season 4 Promo – Can’t Go Back

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