Teen Wolf recap – Season 1, Episode 8: Lunatic

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STILES: When your best friend gets told by his girlfriend that they’re taking a break, you get your best friend drunk.

This would work a lot better if one of Scott’s wolf powers wasn’t a super liver. The alcohol isn’t affecting him and he seems completely sober while Stiles is off his face and babbling about Lydia.

Awkward teenage drunkenness is awkward.

Awkward teenage drunkenness is awkward.

Two randoms show up and try to spoil the pity party. Scott shows them his shiny wolf eyeballs and everyone goes their separate ways; Scott takes Stiles back to his Jeep and the randoms wind up in the path of the Alpha. The Alpha is apparently in the mood for some barbequed human flesh because he throws one of the randoms in a fire.


Scott wakes up the next morning, SHIRTLESS. The radio alarm tells us school has been closed for two days after the death of the janitor and everyone’s on the lookout for murderer Derek Hale, which means he’s still ominously missing.

Mama McCall tries to give the ‘break-ups aren’t the end of the world’ speech but Scott wants to be moody and rude. He’s determined that he’s going to get Allison back.

Chris is in Overprotective Dad Mode and has the child lock on so Allison can’t get out of the car and go to school. Kate intervenes and lets her out.

Who run the child lock? Girls.

Who run the child lock? Girls.

KATE: So, Chris—

CHRIS: Don’t. Your look communicates it perfectly. Yes, I underestimated the danger. Yes, we should have acted sooner. Yes, I should have listened to you. Anything else? Or does that cover it?

KATE: All I was going to say is you need to stop and get some gas.

Allison and Lydia establish that no one knows they were the ones trapped in the school because of protection of minors. So they can feel free to talk about that in a crowded hallway where anyone might overhear them and negate the benefits of protection of minors. Allison wonders if she made the wrong decision about breaking up with Scott.

LYDIA: Hello! Scott locked us in a classroom and left us for dead. He’s lucky we’re not pressing charges or making him pay our therapy bills.

Sheriff is talking to someone at school about how they haven’t found Derek yet. Stiles tries to subtly warn his dad that he’s not prepared to handle this kind of [werewolf] thing and that he should be careful. Sheriff will be perfectly safe because they’ve brought in a perfectly human state detective.

Scott arrives for his physics (?) test and Allison won’t speak to him.

No, Mr McCall. No post-break-up drama before my test.

No, Mr McCall. No post-break-up drama before my test.

Obviously he can’t concentrate on the test because of his relationship downfall and the fact that his wolf senses and imagination are suddenly going into overdrive. He runs out of the room.

Stiles follows him and finds Scott in the change room, SHIRTLESS and having a shower while still in his jeans. That’s gonna chafe.

Showering in your jeans was not your best decision, Scott.

Showering in your jeans was not your best decision, Scott.

Stiles suggests that Scott’s overreaction/panic attack is because of the full moon.

STILES: Dude—I mean, yeah, you got dumped and it’s supposed to suck.

SCOTT: No, that’s not it. It was like I could feel everything in the room—everyone else’s emotions.

STILES: It’s gotta be the full moon. So we’ll lock you up in your room later, just like we planned. That way the Alpha, who’s your boss, can’t get to you either.

SCOTT: I think we need to do a lot more than lock me in my room.

STILES: What? You mean because if you get out you’ll be caught by hunters?

SCOTT: No. Because if I get out I think I might kill someone.

WEREWOLF HUNTER conference. Is that the state detective there? Is he a WEREWOLF HUNTER as well? Who knows?

Everyone please take note of my favourite WEREWOLF HUNTER, Sonic, on the left.

Everyone please take note of my favourite WEREWOLF HUNTER, Sonic, on the left.

STATE DETECTIVE (?): How do we know he won’t try going after her again?

KATE: He won’t go after Allison.

CHRIS: He won’t have any target at all. Not on a full moon.

STATE DETECTIVE (?): How come?

CHRIS: An Alpha is like any other werewolf on a full moon. It struggles under its sway, which means tonight is our best chance to catch it—when it’s unfocused.

KATE: Yeah, but what if it has a reason to stay focused?

They discuss the possibilities of Derek coming out tonight and agree that it’s not likely. Mama Argent enters with a plate of cookies.

MAMA ARGENT: If he is, you find him, you kill him. You cut him in half. Anybody want a cookie?

When you say things like that, Mama Argent, I understand why your husband thinks it's okay to talk about rabid dogs at the dinner table.

When you say things like that, Mama Argent, I understand why your husband thinks it’s okay to talk about rabid dogs at the dinner table.

Jackson makes some moves on Allison but is distracted by his continuing creepy neck wound.

Meanwhile, outside the cafeteria, Scott is eavesdropping as Jackson and Allison talk about him. Scott cracks a wall open with his own head in an act of subtlety and control.

Scott is the master of keeping a low profile.

Scott is the master of keeping a low profile.

Stiles makes first line in lacrosse due to a pink eye epidemic started by Greenberg.  Scott is made co-captain not because of pink eye but just because Coach feels like it. Jackson is not impressed. Danny lays down some real talk about Jackson being an overreacting lil’ bitch and Scott actually being a good player so Jackson should just let it go (ily, Danny). Jackson’s cheekbones intensify.

Scott talks more about his heightened senses. Stiles wants Scott to go sniff Lydia to see if she’s giving off a scent of desire towards Stiles.

Scott and Lydia go into Coach’s office for some privacy.

SCOTT: I needed to ask you something. Do you know if Allison still likes me?

LYDIA: Of course she still likes you.

SCOTT: Really?

LYDIA: She’ll always like you … as friends. Just friends.

SCOTT: Just friends.

LYDIA: If you ask me—of course, nobody asks me—she made a big mistake. Ask me how I know that?


LYDIA: Because I know you locked us in there to protect us. Because I know that when a guy risks his life for you, you should be grateful.

SCOTT: Are you grateful?

LYDIA: I think you’d be pretty surprised at just how grateful I can be.

Maybe it’s because Jackson’s been hitting on Allison for the last few episodes or maybe she just has a thing for uneven jawlines – whatever the reason, Lydia turns on the charm and makes out with Scott.

Lydia certainly changed her tune about Scott.

This is not what I thought you meant when you said Scott should be paying for your therapy.

Scott rocks up at lacrosse practice and is seemingly suffering heavily from something I’m going to call LMS (Lunar Maniac Syndrome).

STILES: Did you ask her? Did she say anything? Did she say she liked me? Did she imply she liked me?

SCOTT: Yeah. Yeah, she likes you. In fact, she’s totally into you.

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Lacrosse leads to plenty of body slamming and Scott smashes Danny’s face in, which is totally unnecessary because Danny is a perfect sweetheart. Lydia shows up. Jackson notices that her colourless lipstick is smudged. Stiles overhears and realises what must have happened between Scott and Lydia.

At Casa Argent, Kate is giving Allison stun gun lessons/teaching her how to defend herself against a teddy bear. Tasering a stuffed animal is too much and Allison breaks down crying about her break-up with Scott. While she’s babbling, she mentions Derek and Kate immediately picks up on it and starts putting together context clues.

Allison, tell me the things so I can work out the stuff.

Allison, tell me the things so I can work out the stuff.

Stiles lets himself into Casa McCall and Mama McCall sees that he’s made his own key.

MAMA McCALL: That doesn’t surprise me. Scares me. But doesn’t surprise me.

Mama McCall wants to know if Scott’s okay because he won’t talk to her. Stiles assures her that everything’s fine.

MAMA McCALL: You know, be careful tonight.

STILES: You too.

MAMA McCALL: Full moon.


MAMA McCALL: There’s a full moon tonight. You should see how the ER gets—brings out all the nut-jobs. You know, it’s actually where they came up with the word lunatic.

Stiles recovers from his momentary heart failure and goes upstairs. Scott, channelling Derek, is ominously sitting in his own room in the dark, having climbed in through his own window. He says he doesn’t want to lock himself up. He’s just going to go to bed early. Stiles recognises that his friend is a lying idiot and handcuffs him to a radiator.

SCOTT: What the hell are you doing?

STILES: Protecting you from yourself. And giving you some payback for making out with Lydia.

Allison goes shopping for some empowering weaponry and runs into Jackson. They have a moment. Girl, WAKE UP. Whatever weird seductive power he has in his cheekbones is not worth it.

Stiles continues to punish Scott by giving him some water in a dog bowl. Then he reminds Scott that he’s being a crap friend. Scott, in full bitch mode, gives a rundown of his interlude with Lydia, giving Stiles the creys.

So I think it's time someone punched Scott in the face.

So I think it’s time someone punched Scott in the face.

Jackson and Allison talk in a dark car, leaning really close to each other because they both have significant hearing problems. Neither of them thinks it was Derek terrorising them in the school. Also, Allison thinks her dad is lying to her and Jackson talks about his wolf sighting at the school.

SPEAK UP. I can't HEAR YOU over all of the sexual tension that Jackson is forcing into this scene.

SPEAK UP. I can’t HEAR YOU over all of the sexual tension that Jackson is forcing into this scene.

Intercut with the car scene, Scott’s starting to wolf out. He breaks free from the handcuffs and jumps out the window so he can run through the woods in silhouette. He goes straight to the car park where Jackson and Allison are talking (presumably having sniffed Allison out or something) and his wolf senses and imagination combine to make him think that he sees Jackson and Allison making out.

When in doubt, wolf out.

When in doubt, wolf out.

Scott jumps on the roof of Jackson’s truck (how many vehicles does Jackson own?) and is about to kill everything when DEREK SHOWS UP and parkours the shit out of him. Derek’s sideburns may have grown bushier since the last time we saw him. I feel like they’re going to get longer than his actual hair soon.

It's like a mane. He's morphing into a werelion.

It’s like a mane. He’s morphing into a werelion.

Scott realises he’s being a dickhead and snaps out of it. Thank God. LMS Scott is my least favourite Scott.

Stiles is driving around looking for Scott. He stumbles on a police/ambulance brigade and briefly thinks Scott might have killed his dad. Sheriff shows up and he and his son share a nice hug and that is not a tear in my eye over the beautiful relationship between those two.

Enough with the perfect father/son relationship. I can't handle how adorable you two are.

Enough with the perfect father/son relationship. I can’t handle how adorable you two are.

Kate and Chris drive up to stalk Stiles, theorising that he’s the Beta wolf that Chris shot with an arrow. Really, Kate? This is what you put together with your context clues?

Derek drops Scott home without any explanation for his apparent resurrection.

SCOTT: I can’t do this. I can’t be this and be with Allison. I need you to tell me the truth. Is there a cure?

DEREK: For someone who was bitten? I’ve heard of one. I don’t know if it’s true.

SCOTT: Well, what is it?

DEREK: You have to kill the one that bit you?

SCOTT: Kill the Alpha?

DEREK: Scott, if you help me find him, I’ll help you kill him.

Atop a mountain and against some wicked green screen, the alpha stands up and starts shifting back to human form. The camera pans away before we can see who it is.

Mmm, dat green screen.

Mmm, dat green screen.

Jason drives home and inspects his car, finding a broken wolf nail of Scott’s stuck in the door.

Jackson pulls Scott’s lacrosse glove out of a drawer, where he’s been keeping it like a lovesick child. He lines the nail up with the rips in the fingers of Scott’s lacrosse glove and realises that SCOTT MUST HAVE REALLY LONG FINGERNAILS. (Or, you know, that he’s a werewolf. But that seems to be making a pretty big logical leap.)

Long fingernails AND parkour skills? Must be a werewolf.

Long fingernails AND parkour skills? Must be a werewolf. #logic



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