Teen Wolf recap – Season 1, Episode 10: Co-Captain

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After last episode’s lacrosse game, the team rejoice over their apparent win. Scott looks around for Stiles, who never showed up, but completely forgets about his friend when Allison bumps into him. They have a quick cute conversation about nothing before Chris ushers his daughter away so Jackson’s cheekbones can threaten Scott again.

If Scott doesn’t get Jackson bitten by the Alpha by the winter formal in three days, Jackson’s going to (a) tell Allison about Scott’s secret and (b) take Allison to the formal instead.

tw1x10 1

Jackson, you told me all this two hours ago. Get outta my face.

In the locker rooms, Scott and Danny are SHIRTLESS.

DANNY: By the way, McCall, apology accepted.

SCOTT: I didn’t apologise.

DANNY: Every time you got the ball tonight, you passed it to me.

SCOTT: Every time I passed the ball to you, you scored.

DANNY: Apology accepted.

Is Danny not the goalie anymore? Or does he just have really excellent aim from all the way over the other side of the field? No one knows.

tw1x10 2

See, I recognise that there’s another human in this picture but every time I try to look at him I’m drawn back to Danny’s abs.

Danny leaves and suddenly the lights go out. A lacrosse ball rolls into Scott’s path and he walks towards the showers to find Derek standing there ominously and, unfortunately, fully clothed. Peter also shows up to deliver some threats and Scott immediately realises that he’s the Alpha.

tw1x10 3

Guys, just let me be shirtless in peace.

SCOTT: I’m not helping you kill people.

PETER: Well, I don’t want to kill all of them. Just the responsible ones. And that doesn’t have to include—

DEREK: Allison.

SCOTT: You’re on his side? Are you forgetting the part where he killed your sister?

DEREK: It was a mistake.

SCOTT: What?

DEREK: It happens.

Does it, Derek? Does it?

Peter doesn’t want Scott to get the wrong impression; he just wants Scott to kill all his friends so he can reach his full potential. Scott is not interested. Peter stabs Scott in the back of the neck with his wolf manicure, inducing what appears to be a flashback montage of the Hale fire and Peter’s recovery which, to be fair, looks pretty horrific but probably doesn’t warrant him accidentally ripping his niece in half.

tw1x10 4

Dat side plank.


Stiles runs into the locker room and finds Scott sitting by himself in the dark, still SHIRTLESS.

STILES: Dude, we have a huge problem.

SCOTT: Trust me. I know.

Allison tosses and turns in her bed, having sexy dreams about a Spider Man kiss with Scott. Upon waking, she realises that she’s not wearing her WEREWOLF HUNTER necklace and it’s not where she was using it as a bookmark either. She looks for it in her car and hears the garage door opening. Allison huddles down so she can’t be seen as Chris and Kate walk in, mid-conversation about WEREWOLF HUNTER weaponry.

KATE: You know these extra skills are something you could be teaching your daughter.

CHRIS: Not yet?

KATE: Ever?

CHRIS: Not yet.

tw1x10 5

One man’s trash is Allison’s weird spinning top thing.

Kate looks over her shoulder and sees Allison in the car. She leaves something on the bench for Allison and leaves the room with Chris. Allison immediately goes to look at it. To be honest, it looks like one of those spin top things  from Inception to me. But apparently it’s more important than that because Kate watches creepily from the doorway.

The next day, Jackson drives recklessly through an empty parking lot or something. I don’t really know why. A light comes on on his dashboard, which makes him angry. Chris drives up, seemingly having orchestrated the car trouble.

Allison and Lydia walk through the woods. Allison is carrying a heavy bag and Lydia is not happy about this random surprise hiking trip.

ALLISON: Before I forget, I wanted to ask if you were okay with something. Jackson asked me to the winter formal.

LYDIA: Did he?

ALLISON: Just as friends but I just wanted to make sure you were okay with it first.

LYDIA: Sure. As long as it’s just friends.

ALLISON: Well, yeah. I mean, it’s not like I would take him to the coach’s office during lacrosse practice to make out with him or anything

You know what, Allison? You broke up with Scott before that happened. Also, you were flirting with Jackson way before that when Lydia and Jackson were still in a relationship. So I think you two should probably call it even and stop acting like boyfriends are the only important thing in the world.

Chris and Jackson talk car troubles. When Jackson is looking at the engine, Chris inspects his neck wounds and says they look like claw marks. Jackson, knowing now that the Argents are WEREWOLF HUNTERS, looks terrified.

tw1x10 6

You have prominent cheekbones and enduring neck wounds. Just what I look for in a potential Beta.

COINCIDENTALLY, Stiles and Scott arrive in Stiles’s Jeep and offer Jackson a ride to the nearest mechanic.

STILES: Come on, Jackson. You’re way too pretty to be out here all by yourself.

Jackson gratefully goes towards them. Chris reaches into the engine and removes whatever weird device he put in Jackson’s car to make it freak out and then acts as if he has magic car-fixing powers. He drives away.

JACKSON: What, are you following me now?

SCOTT: Yes, you stupid fricking idiot. You almost gave away everything right there.

JACKSON: What are you talking about?

SCOTT: He thinks you’re the second Beta.

tw1x10 7

Jackson used cheekbones. It’s super effective!

Scott starts punching things and then Jackson and Scott try to punch each other because being a werewolf is surprisingly a DANGEROUS THING and not just a lacrosse skill, JACKSON. Also, Jackson believes that once he’s a werewolf he’ll be able to protect himself.

JACKSON: It ruined your life. You know what? You had all the power in the world and you didn’t know what to do with it. You know what it’s actually like? It’s like you turned sixteen and someone bought you a Porsche when they should have started you out with a nice little Honda. Me? I drive a Porsche.

Nice analogy, bud. You look really fancy driving that Porsche like you have a death wish.

In the woods, Allison is putting the spinny thing she found last night on an arrow. She shoots it into a tree and it explodes. Now Allison has more context clues about her WEREWOLF HUNTER family.

tw1x10 8

Friends don’t let friends explode trees.

The girls hear someone walking through the woods so Allison, being really intelligent, leaves her bow with Lydia and goes to investigate the sound by herself—and shoots Scott in the chest with a concealed Taser. Scott recovers and they have a chat. Scott gives her the WEREWOLF HUNTER necklace, saying he found it at school.

ALLISON: Thank God! I was beginning to think it was stolen.

SCOTT: No. Just lost. Definitely not stolen by anyone.

Allison thanks him and they have another cute chat and a cute hug before Allison walks away.

tw1x10 9

You look so cute when you’ve just been electrocuted.

At home, Stiles sees Sheriff doing some work at the kitchen table. Sheriff asks for an ounce of whiskey. Stiles pours too much so he can ask about the leads in his dad’s case. Sheriff gets adorably tipsy, revealing that they actually don’t even have a proper photo of Derek because his werewolf eyeballs keep messing up the camera with lens flare.

tw1x10 10

Someone just tell Sheriff about the werewolves already so he can stop worrying about all the weird crime rates.

Sheriff reveals that all of the recent deaths are connected in some way: the bus driver was an insurance investigator assigned to the Hale house fire; the video store employee was a convicted felon with history of arson; the randoms that the Alpha barbequed in the woods in episode 8 had arson on their records as well. Sheriff drunkenly mumbles that he misses talking to Stiles and that he misses Stiles’s mum. Cue sad puppy dog eyes and these two are breaking my heart again.

Allison shows up at Scott’s house to talk about context clues and her family’s lies. She thinks that whatever her family is talking about has something to do with Derek.

tw1x10 11

Would this be easier if you Tasered me again?

Mama McCall interrupts to tell Scott she’s coming home late tonight. Scott and Allison tell her she looks amazing. Turns out she has a date with a medical rep tonight. She’s not ready so Scott goes down to answer the door but can’t bring himself to open it because he can hear something or smell something or—the door opens of its own accord and it’s PETER HALE.

tw1x10 12

Dramatic gasps are amazing. All we need now is for Scott to swoon.

Peter delivers some hard core sass and some threats about making Mama McCall into part of Peter’s pack so that Scott will be part of it too. Mama McCall walks out with Peter and Scott tries to warn her but all he can say with Peter looking at him is, ‘Have a good time.’

Jackson is listening to some ANGRY MUSIC and doing weights in the locker room. Derek shows up ominously and changes the song. Jackson picks up a lacrosse stick to fight him.

JACKSON: I’m not afraid.

DEREK: Yeah, you are. You know, I bet you haven’t had a day in your whole life where you haven’t been afraid of something. But you won’t have to be anymore; not when you’re one of us.

tw1x10 13

So many cheekbone shots this week.

Back at Casa McCall, Scott is begging Allison to stay and wait for him so they can talk. But Scott has to do something first. He runs out.

At the school, Kate watches as Derek leads Jackson out of the locker rooms.

Peter seems to have missed the turn for the restaurant and he pulls over to let Mama McCall look it up on her phone. He makes some flirty comments about her skin and touches her face. She drops her phone. Peter starts to wolf out and looks about to bite her when a car hits them from behind. It’s Stiles.

tw1x10 14

See all these people, Peter? WITNESSES. Please don’t kill us.

Peter starts monologuing, knowing that Scott’s nearby and listening. Scott realises that Jackson is in danger and he runs off.

Derek tells Jackson to walk into the roofless Hale house. Jackson senses the structural integrity isn’t what it used to be and seems reluctant.

JACKSON: What’s in here?

DEREK: Everything you want.

tw1x10 15

But WHY doesn’t it have a roof? Sell your car and do some renovations.

Jackson walks into the house and realises it’s the one he’s been dreaming about because of his neck wounds. He suddenly understands that no one else is coming and starts to cry.

JACKSON: No. Please. Please don’t, okay? I’ll shut up. I’ll never say another word again. I’ll leave Scott alone. Please. You can’t do this. Please. I don’t deserve it.

DEREK: I think you do.


DEREK: Look around you. Wouldn’t there be someone here trying to save you? There’s no one here. There’s a reason. No one cares that you drive an expensive car. No one cares that you have perfect hair and no one cares that you’re captain of the lacrosse team.

Scott appears out of nowhere.

SCOTT: Excuse me. Co-captain.

He parkours down the stairs and he and Derek wolf out to fight each other.

tw1x10 16

No one’s here to watch a staring contest, boys. Do the parkour.

Suddenly the house is being shot up with wolfsbane bullets. Derek makes sure Scott gets out safe and then walks out into the line of fire.

tw1x10 17

All I see is angry pirate Derek.

Scott stumbles through the woods, bleeding from the mouth and looking pretty disgusting and a lot like he’s about to die. The last word he whispers before passing out is, ‘Allison.’

Meanwhile, Allison gets a text from Kate saying they need to talk. Allison leaves the McCall house.

Someone carries Scott out of the woods, telling him that he’s going to be okay. It’s DEATON THE VET MAN. He starts removing the bullets from a SHIRTLESS Scott, who wakes up and is understandably confused.

SCOTT: But you’re a vet.

DEATON: That’s very true. And 90% of the time I’m mostly treating cats and dogs.

SCOTT: Mostly?

DEATON: Mostly.

tw1x10 18

Scott, keep still. I just want to touch your naked chest.

In a dark and creepy basement/underground tunnel, Kate leads Allison towards her ‘family secret’.

tw1x10 19

Why couldn’t I just be adopted? Why does our family secret have to involve an underground chamber?

Derek is SHIRTLESS and chained to some metal bars, his face in full wolf-mode. He roars and scares Allison.

Kate just smiles and says, ‘Isn’t he beautiful?’

tw1x10 20

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir beware.



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