Teen Wolf recap – Season 1, Episode 12: Code Breaker

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Scott stands on the hoods on the WEREWOLF HUNTER cars. Allison stands in the bus, still horrified. Chris, who’s driving one of the cars and who just nearly ran down a kid, beeps at Scott like it’s his fault he just had to parkour away from death.

How dare you nearly get run down by me when I'm trying to corner you?

How dare you nearly get run down by me when I’m trying to corner you?

Scott parkours over other buses and runs off.

On the lacrosse field, Lydia is still unconscious and bleeding and Peter demands that Stiles come with him. Stiles is allowed to tell Jackson where Lydia is but that’s all.

Just going to casually wipe my mouth to get rid of the blood from the girl you love.

Just going to casually wipe my mouth to get rid of the blood from the girl you love.

Allison steps out of the bus and collapses into Chris’s arms. Chris leads her back to the car.

Scott runs through the woods, stripping off his jacket so he can be seen more clearly in his white dress shirt. He flings himself to the ground, sobbing and yelling at the injustice of bad WEREWOLF HUNTER drivers.

Allison didn't think I was handsome as a werewolf!

Allison didn’t think I was handsome as a werewolf!

Jackson carries Lydia’s body back to the gym, screaming for help.

Stiles drives Peter … somewhere.

PETER: Don’t feel bad. If she lives, she’ll become a werewolf. She’ll be incredibly powerful.

STILES: Yeah. And once a month she’ll go out of her freaking mind and try to tear me apart.

PETER: Well, actually, considering she’s a woman … twice a month.

Stiles’s face tells us how he disgusted he is at Peter’s nonchalance.


At Casa Argent, Chris throws something at a wall and yells at Kate for leaving Allison context clues about her WEREWOLF HUNTER history. He wants to know why Kate came to Beacon Hills when she hates it here so much.

KATE: So now you don’t want my help?

CHRIS: I’m not sure I know who you’re helping.

KATE: Come on. I’m here to catch the Alpha. Remember the one running around here killing people at random?

CHRIS: Not random.

Someone (maybe a connection in the Sheriff’s department? Maybe that State Detective man?) has told them about Sheriff connecting all the murders back to the Hale fire. Chris wants Kate to take Allison to their house in Washington and stay there. He wants them gone within the hour.

In Allison’s room, Mama Argent is packing Allison’s bag for her. Allison is still in shock over seeing Scott turn into a werewolf. Allison’s phone rings—it’s Jackson—but Mama Argent shuts it off before Allison can reach it.

It's Jackson. He says he's a lil' bitch.

It’s Jackson. He says he’s a lil’ bitch.

Allison wants to know what’s going to happen with Scott but Mama Argent snaps at her that she’s not ready for this WEREWOLF HUNTER life and she needs to stay quiet. Mama Argent is terrifying.

Kate and Allison are in the car, ready to go. Allison’s still in shock and Kate’s still angry.

KATE: You know you can’t do this without me. You’re not going to find him on your own.

Chris ignores her and she drives off.

MAMA ARGENT: Is she right? Can you find the Alpha?

CHRIS: No. But Scott McCall can. And I know how to find him.

Stiles and Peter arrive in a parking lot. Peter opens the boot of a car that contains a bag and the dead body of his old nurse. He takes the bag.

Scott huddles in the animal clinic, dealing with his personal problems.

Allison huddles in the car, dealing with her personal problems.

Stiles and Peter, along with some prominent product placement, try to track down Scott’s phone with GPS. Stiles tries to pretend that he doesn’t know Scott’s username and password and Peter is having none of that shit. He slams Stiles’s head into the car.

PETER: I can be very persuasive, Stiles. Don’t make me persuade you.

Jackson walks into the hospital, looking for Lydia and rubbing at his neck wounds. Still? Oh my God, just fucking heal already.

Lydia is lying in a hospital bed, looking much less bloody and wearing a hospital gown and an oxygen mask.

Pretty cruisy episode. Just gonna sleep here.

Pretty cruisy episode. Just gonna sleep here.

Sheriff demands to know what happened to her. Jackson says that Lydia wasn’t his responsibility; they broke up and Stiles went to the formal with Lydia. Stiles is AWOL and Sheriff is freaking out, worrying that Stiles might be hurt.

YES. Shoot him in the face, Sheriff!

YES. Punch him in the face, Sheriff!

Stiles is taking his time with Scott’s username and password, trying to bargain with Peter. He wants Scott left out of it. Peter gives him a talk about how wolves hunt in packs because their favourite prey is too large to be brought down by one wolf alone. Likewise, Peter needs Derek and Scott to help him bring down the people responsible for the Hale fire.

STILES: He’s not going to help you.

PETER: Oh, he will. Because it’ll save Allison. And you will because it will save Scott.

Stiles gives up the username and password.

PETER: His username is Allison? His password is also Allison?

STILES: Still want him in your pack?

I'm not friends with Scott because of his brilliant mind, Peter.

I’m not friends with Scott because of his brilliant mind, Peter.

Scott, having changed into some more comfy clothes, climbs up what looks like Pride Rock and howls into the darkness.

At least his howl game has improved.

At least his howl game has improved.

In the torture chamber, Derek hears the howl and wakes up to howl back.

Scott does a wolf-run through the woods towards Derek.

Stiles finds out Derek’s location.

STILES: Wait, that’s where they’re keeping him? His own house?

PETER: Not at it. Under it. I know exactly where that is.

Peter hears the wolf howling going on in the background and looks toward it.

Allison walks into the hospital in SLOW MO, which makes her look weird and scary. She sees Lydia in her hospital bed and imagines seeing her covered in blood and writhing.

Sorry for going to the formal with your boyfriend so that you wandered over to the lacrosse field at night and got bitten by a giant psycho werewolf.

Sorry for going to the formal with your ex-boyfriend so that you wandered over to the lacrosse field at night looking for him and got bitten by a giant psycho werewolf.

Allison goes back to the car.

KATE: You getting it now? It’s what they do. And they can’t help it.

ALLISON: All of them?

KATE: Yes, Allison. Even Scott.

Peter crushes the keys to Stiles’s Jeep so he can’t go anywhere.

STILES: So you’re not going to kill me?

PETER: Don’t you understand yet? I’m not the bad guy here.

STILES: You turn into a giant monster with red eyes and fangs and you’re not the bad guy here?

Peter wants to thank Stiles for his help and offers to bite him.

PETER: If it doesn’t kill you—and it could—you’ll become like us.

He appeals to Stiles’s sidekick complex and makes a pretty compelling case.

Don't you want to parkour?

Don’t you want to parkour?

Stiles snatches his arm away, saying he doesn’t want to be like them. But Peter heard his heart beat faster and knows he’s lying—maybe even to himself.

Scott arrives at Derek’s crappy house and finds an entrance to the sewers/basement/dungeon/torture chamber.

Stiles finally gets to the hospital and wants to know if Lydia’s going to be okay. He tells his dad that he lost the keys to his Jeep and had to run all the way to the hospital, which looks like it might be true—the running part, at least.

Sheriff tells Stiles that Lydia lost a lot of blood and she seems to be having some kind of allergic reaction and her body keeps going into shock. They don’t know what attacked her so they don’t know how to treat it. Stiles denies knowing what attacked her.

SHERIFF: What about Scott?

STILES: What do you mean? What about him?

SHERIFF: Did he see anything?

STILES: What are you—is he not here?

SHERIFF: What are you talking about? I’ve been calling him on his cell phone. I’ve gotten no response.

Stiles looks at Jackson, who shrugs in confusion. No one knows whether or not the Argents have Scott.

Don't bother looking at Jackson, Stiles. He's just a lil' bitch.

Don’t bother looking at Jackson, Stiles. He’s just a lil’ bitch.

And no one’s going to get an answer from Scott’s phone because it’s in the torture chamber with Derek and the torture pro. Derek knocks out the dude because somehow one of his hands is untied.

Batter up.

Batter up.

Did Derek untie his own hand? Did Scott do that? Or did Scott only just get there and they’ve been waiting around so that Derek can deliver a snappy remark and a punch to this guy’s face? Who knows?

Stiles tries to talk to his dad about the case. Sheriff tells Stiles they know it’s arson and it was probably organised by a young woman with a distinctive pendant.

STILES: What the hell is a pendant?

SHERIFF: Stiles, do you go to school? A pendant. A pendant. It’s a necklace.

Stiles is better at putting context clues together than anyone else and in five seconds he realises what’s going on.

Derek is trying to free his other hand. Scott refuses to help, which means Derek probably freed his other hand by himself. How did he do that? Another Teen Wolf mystery.

Scott refuses to free him until Derek promises to help him take down Peter so he can’t hurt Allison.

DEREK: You want to risk my life for your girlfriend? Huh? For your stupid little teenage crush that means absolutely nothing? You’re not in love, Scott. You’re 16 years old. You’re a child.

SCOTT: Maybe you’re right. But I know something you don’t. Peter said he didn’t know what he was doing when he killed your sister, right? He lied. Remember this?

Scott holds up the clinic report of the deer with a spiral on its side from episode 6.

Remember the Alpha's artistic talent?

Remember the Alpha’s artistic talent? He can draw swirls on dead animals.

Stiles is going to find Scott. Jackson wants to help to ease his guilt. Stiles agrees to his help on the condition that he gets to drive the Porsche.

Chris and fellow WEREWOLF HUNTERS show up, wanting to know where Scott is. Stiles lies convincingly enough but Jackson loses the ability to form words so they’re dragged into an empty room to be interrogated/tortured for the answer. Way to go, Jackson.

Jackson, it baffles me that you remain un-murdered.

Jackson, it baffles me that you remain un-murdered.

Back in the dungeon, Derek is confused over the animal picture.

SCOTT: This is what brought your sister back to Beacon Hills, right?

DEREK: Where did you get that?

SCOTT: My boss told me three months ago someone came into the clinic asking for a copy of this picture. Do you want to know who it was? Peter’s nurse. They brought your sister here so that Peter could kill her and become the Alpha. And that’s why you’re going to help me.

Derek has his fierce vendetta face on and suddenly he doesn’t need Scott’s help to get free because he’s fuelled by RAGE.

Genie, I wish you free.

Genie, I wish you free.

Chris’s interrogation involves bringing out the rabid dog speeches again. Stiles is too sassy to buy into this and brings up the Hale fire and the WEREWOLF HUNTER code.

STILES: I guess no one ever breaks it.

CHRIS: Never.

STILES: What if someone does?

CHRIS: Someone like who?

STILES: Your sister.

Scott and Derek walk back to Derek’s house but Derek says something doesn’t feel right. Scott assures him that none of this has been easy so don’t even try to say that.

DEREK: You’re right.

SCOTT: Thank you.

Then Derek gets shot by an arrow. From Allison’s bow. Kate is instructing Allison on where to shoot Derek and how to basically blind them with a flash arrow thing.

Shoot 'em in the balls, Allison. Do it for the Vine.

Shoot ’em in the balls, Allison. Do it for the Vine.

Derek and Scott scramble away but they don’t get very far.

Scott tries to explain to Allison. She doesn’t want to hear it. Scott assures her that he’s only been trying to protect her but Allison doesn’t believe him.

KATE: Thank God. Now shoot him before I have to shoot myself.

ALLISON: You said we were just going to catch them.

KATE: We did that. Now we’re going to kill them.

She shoots Derek.

KATE: See? Not that hard.

Kate goes to shoot Scott and knocks Allison out of the way.

Chris shows up and tells her to put the gun down. He starts in about the Hale fire and how she killed innocent people—children who were human.

Kate doesn’t seem to care about the code of We hunt those who hunt us.

CHRIS: Put the gun down before I put you down.

He shoots at her for good measure.

The door to Derek’s house swings open by itself and suddenly everyone’s on the same side because no one likes the Alpha.



Scott’s in wolf mode and everyone else has a bow or a gun but Peter’s too fast. He’s running around and knocking people to the ground until Kate’s the only one left.

Peter goes back to human form and throws Kate around for a bit before dragging her into the house. Allison runs in to find Peter with his claws in Kate’s throat.

Kate, really. You brought this on yourself.

Kate, really. You brought this on yourself.

PETER: She is beautiful, Kate. She looks like you but probably not as damaged. So I’m going to give you a chance to save her. Apologise. Say that you’re sorry for decimating my family, for leaving me burnt and broken for six years. Say it and I’ll let her live.

KATE: I’m sorry.

Peter rips her throat out.

No redemption arc for Kate. She dead.

No redemption arc for Kate. She dead.

PETER: I don’t know about you, Allison, but that apology didn’t sound very sincere.

He starts toward her and Scott and Derek show up in wolf-mode to protect her. She runs and we have the Great Parkour War, which is mostly Derek and Scott getting tossed around like rag dolls. Peter starts wolfing out but his wolfing out is a whole new level of weird. I guess it takes a bit to go from normal human to that gigantic ape thing.

Are you turning into an Alpha, a giant ape thing, or a horse? Or like a crocodile-horse hybrid? What is that face, Peter?

You look so pretty. You could be a model or a cheerleader or something.

Allison runs outside to try and rouse Chris, who’s unconscious.

Stiles drives Jackson’s Porsche through the woods towards the Hale house.

Alpha Peter throws Scott through a window and Scott kicks him away. Stiles shows up and throws a self-igniting Molotov cocktail at the Alpha. Peter catches it and it doesn’t explode. Scott throws Allison her bow.

Hope you regret your excellent hand-eye coordination now, Peter.

Hope you regret your excellent hand-eye coordination now, Peter.

Allison shoots the beaker and it explodes, lighting Peter on fire. Jackson throws another Molotov cocktail to make sure Peter’s well and truly fucked.

This Alpha's on fire.

He’s got both feet on the ground and he’s burning it down.

Peter tries to go for Allison but Scott kicks him away. Peter starts becoming human again and is horribly burned. Again. He falls to the ground and everyone has a moment of silence.

Allison goes up to Scott and touches his face while he’s wolfed out so we know their love is true.

You look so pretty when you're bathed in the light of someone's burning flesh.

You look so pretty when you’re bathed in the light of someone’s burning flesh.

He turns human again as they kiss.

SCOTT: Why’d you do that?

ALLISON: Because I love you.

Repeating each other’s words from a previous episode. Also a sign of true love.

Chris finally wakes up and is uncomfortable at all the face touching.

Derek shows up—where even were you—and goes over to Peter.

SCOTT: Wait! You said that the cure comes from the one who bit you. Derek, if you do this, I’m dead. Her father, her family—what am I supposed to do?

Derek slashes Peter’s throat and Peter finally dies.

Derek turns around and his eyes are Alpha red.

DEREK: I’m the Alpha now.

Yeah, mate. We got that Alpha thing. Say goodbye to that cure, Scott.

Yeah, mate. We got that Alpha thing. Say goodbye to that cure, Scott.

Later on in the Hale house, Sheriff finds Kate’s body. She’s wearing the WEREWOLF HUNTER pendant.

Scott and Stiles sneak into Lydia’s hospital room. The sneaking seems pointless since there’s still a window to the hallway that they haven’t done anything about.

Lydia’s wound hasn’t healed.

STILES: I don’t get it. The doctors said she’d be completely fine.

SCOTT: But it’s not healing like it did with me, which means she’s not a werewolf.

STILES: Then what the hell is she?

I am a registered medical professional.

I am a registered medical professional.

Jackson goes back to the Hale house to find Derek standing ominously in the dark. Since Derek got what he wanted, it’s Jackson’s turn. Derek parkours down the stairs towards him and goes in for the bite.

There’s a headline in the papers about Kate possibly being the murderer since she’s already tied to the Hale fire.

So much fame.

So much fame.

Apparently someone—other WEREWOLF HUNTERS?—are going to be here in two days.

CHRIS: We shouldn’t have done it. That stupid necklace.

MAMA ARGENT: The police would have put it together eventually. Don’t think for one second she’s taking the fall for something she didn’t do.

CHRIS: We’re going to be pariahs in this town.

MAMA ARGENT: We can handle it.

CHRIS: And Allison?

MAMA ARGENT: She’ll learn. What about Scott?

CHRIS: I’m not the only one he has to worry about now.

Allison and Scott sit on the roof together, cuddling as they look at the nearly-full moon.

Only a few days until you go crazy and try to kill me. Can't wait, baby. So romantic.

Only a few days until you’re driven crazy by the moon and you try to kill me. Can’t wait, baby. So romantic.



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