Book Photo Challenge Day 4 - Friendship/least favourite book by favourite author

I got home late last night and decided to sleep for seven years instead of posting yesterday’s photo straight away but I did have a post ready for you:

Tonight I caught up with Lucy and Sharnai from Our Paracosm to have a chat about books, adaptations, and HBO’s depressing lack of male nudity. After watching Vampire Academy and wondering why there were some 40 year old student extras roaming around, we settled in to play The Great Penguin Bookchase.

It ended in a lightning round between me and Lucy and there was a lot of random yelling when we tried to ‘buzz in’ to answer questions. I won (it was a hard-fought battle) and you can see my triumphant tiny purple bookshelf in the middle of the board.

#BookADay’s prompt of least favourite book by a favourite author made me realise that, while I have a lot of books, I don’t usually have more than one series by any author. Or if I do then I haven’t read them and can’t yet pass judgment.

I’ve recently been reading Philippa Gregory’s The Cousins’ War series (the prequel to The Tudor Court series) and I think The Women of the Cousins’ War, which I’m currently reading, might be my least favourite.

Technically, it’s a companion book of essays on Jacquetta of Luxembourg (The Lady of the Rivers), Elizabeth Woodville (The White Queen), and Margaret Beaufort (The Red Queen), so it provides more straight facts than the historical fiction we get from the novels.

I find the history really interesting but I can’t work out if the reason I’m not getting into this is because it’s rehashing a lot of what was already established in the novels but in a drier way. Maybe if I’d read the essays first and had a broader sense of the history then I would have been able to read the books with a more keen eye.

That’s not to say that this book isn’t interesting; it’s just not my favourite book. I’m hoping to have it finished in the next couple of days so I can move on to my next book jar pick.

Read more about my June Book Photo Challenge here.


Book Photo Challenge Day 4 – Friendship/least favourite book by favourite author

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