Teen Wolf recap – Season 2, Episode 2: Shape Shifted

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Over dinner, Isaac and his leathery father talk about Isaac’s grades. He has an A in French, a B-minus in Econ, and a D in Chemistry.

Gotta show a phsyical manifestation of the emotional distance.

Gotta show a phsyical manifestation of the emotional distance.

LEATHERFACE: I’m not angry. You know I’m going to have to find a way to punish you, though. I have my responsibility as a parent. So we’ll start with something simple like – tell you what. You do the dishes and you clean up the kitchen, okay?

ISAAC: Yeah.

LEATHERFACE: Good. Because I’d really like to see this place spotless.

He throws his cup on the ground and smashes it because NO ONE IS SURPRISED THAT LEATHERFACE IS AN ABUSIVE PIECE OF GARBAGE. He starts chucking shit everywhere and a piece of glass cuts Isaac right below his eye.

Why you do these things?

Why you do these things?

LEATHERFACE: That was your fault.

ISAAC: You could’ve blinded me.

LEATHERFACE: Shut up. It’s a scratch. It’s hardly even—

Well, well, well. It looks like Isaac is probably now a werewolf because that scratch just healed right up. He jumps on his bike and pedals away. Leatherface follows him in the car.

Jackson, who seems to live across the road, sees this when he’s taking out the rubbish.

To be honest, I'm surprised he lowers himself to even carry that bag.

To be honest, I’m surprised he lowers himself to even carry that bag.

As Leatherface Lahey drives along, it suddenly starts raining really hard because his visibility needs to be impaired for this next scene. He drives down a street and sees Isaac’s bike lying, abandoned, in an alley. He calls out but there’s no answer. He gets out of the car and walks over to the bike, still calling out.

He can’t see anything through his rain-soaked glasses so he takes them off and his vision is way worse.

How do you put these things on your face again?

How do you put these things on your face again?

He sees something—we’re looking through his lenses so it’s not really clear what we’re seeing but clearly Leatherface is not liking it. He runs back to the car and Isaac/the thing/person rips the door off so it can kill Leatherface.

The sounds it makes are gross but I’m not that upset that he’s dead. Like, not at all.


Allison sneaks out of Casa Argent and breathes on her car window to see the secret FORBIDDEN LOVER note that Scott left her.

So secret. So forbidden.

So secret. So forbidden.

Scott and Allison meet at the reserve. Allison thinks Scott’s being weird because the full moon is tomorrow night. Scott asks her about Gerard.

SCOTT: Does he know about me? About us?

ALLISON: No. My dad hasn’t said a thing. What is it? Did something happen?

SCOTT: We just need to be a lot more careful now.

ALLISON: They’re not going to split us apart.

SCOTT: Not us.

The reference to Gerard viciously slicing the Omega in half last episode is lost on Allison. It’s make-out time so cue the happy fun music. Allison tells him there’s nothing to worry about; her parents are out on date night so no one saw her leave.

Apparently date night is where the Argents go to the high school with some other WEREWOLF HUNTERS and threaten the school principal with statistics about how all the students at Beacon Hills are dumb.

MAMA ARGENT: It’s led the parents of Beacon Hills to the unfortunate conclusion that you may no longer be suited to the position of school principal.

PRINCIPAL: You can’t fire me.

MAMA ARGENT: True. But we can torture you.

Do you like my weapon?

Do you like my weapon?

Isaac runs to the abandoned subway cubby house, calling out for Derek.

ISAAC: My dad. I think he’s dead.

DEREK: What did you do?

ISAAC: That’s the thing. It wasn’t me.

The next day in the locker room, Scott tells Stiles that he feels way better than he did on the last full moon. He doesn’t even feel like maiming or killing people. Stiles doesn’t care and he’s still locking Scott up tonight. Stiles opens up his locker to show Scott how he’ll be restrained. It’s the longest length of chain in the world and it falls slowly out of Stiles’s locker until everyone in the room is watching in silence.

Scott helps Stiles pick it up and suddenly his eyes go into wolf mode. He can sense that there’s another werewolf in the room.

The wolf scent is strong with this one.

The wolf scent is strong with this one.

Isaac is out of sight but he’s definitely heard the conversation.

Allison and Lydia walk in to school. Lydia is fully clothed this time and looking fabulous as ever.

ALLISON: You really don’t remember anything?

LYDIA: They called it a fugue state, which is basically a way of saying, ‘We have no idea why you can’t remember running through the woods naked for two days.’ But, personally, I don’t care. I lost nine pounds.

ALLISON: Are you ready for this?

LYDIA: Please. It’s not like my aunt’s a serial killer.

They step inside and every single human in the hall turns like a sunflower to look at Lydia. Apparently a nude run is worse than having a serial killer for an aunt.



ALLISON: Maybe it’s the nine pounds?

You can practically see Lydia forcing herself to accept Allison’s comment as fact. Then she goes into ginger princess mode and saunters away.

At lacrosse practice, Scott and Stiles try to figure out who the other werewolf is. They need to get Scott some one-on-one time with all the players so he can sniff them.

Jackson talks to the Unknown Male from last episode (who is apparently also on the lacrosse team now). Jackson wants to borrow a digital camera to record something in low light all night long. Unknown Male wants $100 for the use of his camera.

Stiles’s plan is to make Scott switch with Danny (the goalie) for the day. Scott is completely incapable of staying in goal and letting people come to him. He repeatedly runs out of the goal, knocks people over and sniffs them in the most obvious way in the world.

There is no way you could make this weirder for yourself, Scott. No way.

There is no way you could make this weirder for yourself, Scott. No way.

COACH: Stilinski, what the hell is wrong with your friend?

STILES: He’s failing two classes, he’s a little socially awkward, and if you look close enough, his jaw line’s kind of uneven.

That explains a lot.

That explains a lot.

Scott tackles Danny and Danny doesn’t mind at all when Scott sniffs him because Danny’s adorable.

COACH: McCall, you come out of goal one more time and you’ll be doing suicide runs till you die. It’ll be the first ever suicide run that actually ends in a suicide.

Jackson sits out the exercise because he’s a lil’ bitch. Next up is Isaac and Scott really doesn’t have to do anything but look at him to realise something’s up. But he comes out of goal anyway and they do some parkour/ballet and then look at each other with glowing wolf eyes. They snap out of it when the Sheriff walks up to tell Isaac that his dad is dead, maybe murdered.

Scott overhears it and relays everything to Stiles. Stiles is worried that Isaac might be a suspect. If he is, that means they can lock him in a holding cell for 24 hours—super inconvenient when there’s a full moon tonight.

SCOTT: How good are these holding cells at holding people?

STILES: People? Good. Werewolves? Probably not that good.

Scott may not have the urge to maim and kill during the full moon but Isaac’s a newbie werewolf and there’s a high possibility that he will go fucking insane.

In Chemistry, Scott and Stiles talk freely about their supernatural problems because apparently it’s a class for the deaf. The police can’t hold Isaac unless they have solid evidence or a witness. Suddenly, Stiles notices that Jackson isn’t in class. Danny, who may or may not have been listening the whole time, tells them Jackson’s in the principal’s office and it’s probably because he lives across the street from Isaac.

STILES: We’ve got to get to the principal’s office.


Stiles throws something at Mr Harris’s head. Problem solved.

How could this plan possibly backfire?

How could this plan possibly backfire?

They sit outside the principal’s office and Scott listens in on Jackson’s talk with the Sheriff.

SHERIFF: Are you telling me that you knew Isaac’s father was hitting him?

JACKSON: Hitting him? He was kicking the crap out of him.

SHERIFF: Did you ever say anything to anyone? A teacher? Parents? Anyone?

JACKSON: Nope. It’s not my problem.

SHERIFF: No. No. Of course not. You know, it’s funny that the kids getting beaten up are always the ones that least deserve it.

JACKSON: Yeah. Wait, what?

You know what is your problem, Jackson? That shirt.

You know what is your problem, Jackson? That shirt.

Sheriff leaves. Stiles tries to hide from his dad behind a magazine. Sheriff ignores him. The principal comes out to deal with Scott and Stiles. Except it’s not that tortured guy. The new principal is GERARD ARGENT. WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

Gerard reads through their records and realises that Scott was dating Allison. Scott is suitably (for once) frightened for his life.

Do you think I could work an evil genius laugh into my conversation right now?

GERARD: Relax, Scott. You look like you’re about to crack a cyanide pill with your teeth.

Gerard doesn’t want to be the bad guy but it’s his first days as principal so he needs to make sure he seems principal-ish. He gives Stiles detention.

Lydia tries to thank Jackson for carrying her back from the lacrosse field when she was bleeding to death. Jackson doesn’t want her thanks and he doesn’t want to get back together with her, even though that’s not what Lydia was asking.

Listen up, lil' bitch. I was just saying thank you and also noticing that your neck wounds have finally healed. Pull your head out of your arse.

Listen up, lil’ bitch. I was just saying thank you and also noticing that your neck wounds have finally healed. Pull your head out of your arse.

Jackson tells Lydia to stay home tonight. I really don’t know whether it’s because he thinks she’s turning into a werewolf or because he thinks he’s turning into a werewolf.

Scott runs out of school in time to see Isaac being driven away in a police car.

Okay bye.

Okay, bye.

Derek drives up in his weirdly expensive car. He wants Scott’s help with the Isaac situation.

DEREK: Whatever Jackson said to the cops, what’s in the house is worse. A lot worse.

Scott gets in the car.

At Casa Argent, Gerard doesn’t give a shit that Isaac is in jail. He just wants to know if Isaac’s a confirmed werewolf so he can kill him. Also, Gerard takes pills that are strangely foregrounded so they must be important.

Chris is not on the kill-all-werewolves bandwagon because, duh, it’s genocide. But he can’t deny that things are looking a bit suss, especially since Leatherface’s car door was ripped off by someone with weird supernatural strength … just like a werewolf.

Allison does a pretty crap job at eavesdropping because she’s basically standing right where Gerard can see her. Chris closes the door, clearly giving her a non-verbal cue to work on her stealth.

How is this not stealthy?

How is this not stealthy?

At Jackson’s house, Jackson pays Unknown Male for the use of his camera. Unknown Male is uncomfortable and wonders if Jackson needs the camera for something to do with Allison. UNKNOWN MALE’S NAME IS MATT. Finally. It’s only been an episode and a half.

JACKSON: You think I’m going to waste my time by doing something as unbelievably ordinary as making a sex tape?

MATT: Then what are you doing?

JACKSON: Documenting history. My history. And I want to be able to see it happening. All of it.

Jackson’s face gets really creepy and he goes into the house to record the History of Cheekbones. As Matt’s leaving, he notices some SUPER SUBTLE lights in the window of the Lahey house because Scott and Derek can’t just use their frigging wolf vision to see things.

Scott and Derek discuss Isaac’s innocence and Scott’s obvious lacrosse sniffing thing today and how Scott is rubbish at stealth (kind of obvious from the torches).

Allison is still waiting outside the study and she purposefully bumps into some dude shoving something into his pocket. I’m sure we’ll figure out what that brief weird exchange was in a minute. Gerard and Chris call Allison into the study.

Walking through the Lahey house becomes a lesson in Intro to Lycanthropy. Scott has to use his wolf senses to figure out what happened to Isaac down in the basement. He finds an old freezer with a big scary lock and it’s filled with bloody scratch marks. I don’t think you need wolf senses to figure out that Isaac was locked in a freezer by his leathery father.

I just need to turn on the wolf sense of REGULAR EYEBALLS and then I'll work out what's up with this freezer.

I just need to turn on the wolf sense of REGULAR EYEBALLS and then I’ll work out what’s up with this freezer.

Stiles is released from Mr Harris’s detention and he and Allison have a chat on the phone about what Allison learned in the study.

ALLISON: They were asking me all these questions about Lydia and how she was bitten by Peter and then they sent this guy out.

STILES: Wait, what guy?

ALLISON: He was dressed as a Sheriff’s deputy.

STILES: They’re sending him to the station for Isaac.

I swear to God if Kate Argent had been this good with context clues then last season would have been about as long as Sherlock.

I swear to God if Kate Argent had been this good with context clues then last season would have been about as long as Sherlock.

Allison mentions the box that dude was shoving in his pocket. She sends Stiles a picture of the carving on the box. Stiles recognises it as wolfsbane and they’re going to kill Isaac.

In the Lahey basement of doom, Scott lays down the law. If Scott and his mates help Derek with Isaac then Derek needs to stop turning teenagers into werewolves. Derek doesn’t care about Scott’s ultimatum.

SCOTT: Did you tell Isaac about the Argents? About being hunted?

DEREK: Yes. And he still asked.

SCOTT: Then he’s an idiot.

DEREK: And you’re the idiot dating Argent’s daughter. Yeah. I know your little secret. And if I know, how long do you think it’s going to take for them to find out? You saw what happens to an Omega. With me, you learn how to use all of your senses. With me, you learn control even on a full moon.

SCOTT: If I’m with you, I lose her.

DEREK: You’re going to lose her anyway. You know that.

Scott decides to help Isaac but he’s not going to be part of the pack.

Jackson sets up the camera, SHIRTLESS, and checks himself out in the mirror.

You make me so uncomfortable.

You make me so uncomfortable.

He climbs into bed, ready for history to be made.

That fake deputy man is driving along when suddenly someone shoots an arrow into his tires. He gets out of the car to investigate. Allison shoots him in the leg and then vanishes into a cloud of mist.

My arrow game is so strong I’m gonna move to Starling City and become a vigilante. Wait, wrong actor.

She calls Stiles back and pretends she didn’t just shoot someone in the leg. Stiles is on his way to the sheriff station. He tells Allison that Scott’s at Isaac’s and he has a really dumb plan but they’re all going to roll with it because they’re running out of time.

Allison goes to the Lahey basement of doom and finds Scott struggling not to go into full wolf mode. He wants to be tied up with the chains Stiles bought. I really don’t know what’s happening right now because about 10 seconds ago Scott was fine.

Isaac’s in the sheriff station and looking like he’s going to light the world on fire with his glowing eyes.

Guys? Do you like my new contacts? Someone tell me how handsome I am.

Scott decides that the best thing would be to climb into Isaac’s freezer and have Allison secure the lid. She gives him a kiss first.

We all good, baby? Sorry about locking you in a freezer so you don't kill me.

We all good, baby? Sorry about locking you in a freezer so you don’t kill me.

Stiles pulls up at the sheriff station with Derek. When did that happen? Who knows? Just go with it. Derek and Stiles need to get the keys to Isaac’s cell from a password-protected lockbox in Sheriff’s office. Derek plans to distract the lady at the front desk with his chiselled features and five o’clock shadow. Stiles is not certain about Derek’s ability to dazzle someone, partly because he used to be a wanted criminal and partly because he is not the best at making conversation. But I am entirely certain I would be dazzled.

Derek walks into the station and flirts outrageously with the woman at the desk and I’m pretty sure my ovaries exploded because of that SMILE.

No one's going to blame you for saying yes to the smile.

No one’s going to blame you for saying yes to the smile.

Allison finishes locking Scott in the freezer and he tells her to leave. She runs away. Suddenly the freezer thing is not so sexy.

Stiles makes it into his dad’s office and finds the key missing from the lockbox. Apparently Fake Deputy got there in the time it took for Stiles to pick up Derek. He looks at a needle that (I assume) contains wolfsbane so we know how he’s going to kill Isaac. He runs into Stiles, who notices that he’s dripping blood all over the floor from his recent wound. Fake Deputy takes Stiles hostage.

Stiles, your other arm is free. Punch him in the arrow wound.

Stiles, your other arm is free. Punch him in the arrow wound.

Instead of leaving the house quickly, Allison slowly backs out. Her torch battery dies and she still doesn’t leave. Then she hears some weird hissing noises and WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING IN THE HOUSE. IT’S LIKE THE ALIEN OUT OF SIGNS.

Scott realises that Allison’s in danger and starts trying to get out of his freezer.

Stiles pulls the fire alarm as he’s been dragged around by Fake Deputy. They get to the cells and realise that Isaac has broken out and is ready to kill some Fake Deputy. The wolfsbane needle falls to the ground in the fight. Stiles tries to hide in a corner and Derek crushes the needle beneath his shoe. Isaac tries to attack Stiles.

I'm sorry, Isaac, but that is not a scary wolf face.

I’m sorry, Isaac, but that is not a scary wolf face. You’re gonna have to work on that.

Derek pulls out the Alpha face, which makes Isaac curl up in a corner and turn human.

That's how you do a scary wolf face.

That’s how you do a scary wolf face. See how you can see the flames of hell in his eyes? Take note.

STILES: How did you do that?

DEREK: I’m Batman the Alpha.

Back at the Lahey house, Scott is still trying to get out of the freezer. Allison pulls out a kitchen knife and is ready to take on the GIANT LIZARD THING and suddenly she’s shouting, ‘COME ON!’ and channelling her aunt.

Scott finally gets out of the freezer and has no time for doors because he just knocks that shit down. The lizard thing skitters along the ceiling and leaves, screeching.

What even are you.

What even are you.

Whatever it was, it took down out the front door. This is not a good time to be a door in the Lahey house.

At the station, Sheriff turns off the fire alarm and finds Stiles in the cells with the body of the fake deputy and Isaac’s cell wide open.

STILES: He did it.

Jackson wakes up, SHIRTLESS and ready to see his epic transformation.

Aw, yes. This is gonna be HISTORIC.

Aw, yes. This is gonna be HISTORIC.

He gets shitty at the footage and throws the camera at the floor. His mum calls out to ask what happened.

JACKSON: Nothing happened. Nothing at all.



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