Teen Wolf recap – Season 2, Episode 4: Abomination

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Picking up where we left off, Chris and other WEREWOLF HUNTERS are on their way back to the animal clinic. Deaton is trying to patch up Scott’s Alpha wounds and he was SUPPOSED to be telling him how and why he knows about all this supernatural stuff. Instead, he basically just says that he does know about werewolves. We already knew that, buddy. Tell us your backstory now.

Deaton has no idea what killed Cute Motorbike Guy from last episode but he thinks the Argent will (then why did they bring him to you?).

DEATON: They’ll have some kind of record or book. It’ll have descriptions, histories, notations of all the things they’ve discovered.

SCOTT: All the things? How many different things are there?

You got bitten by a werewolf and you thought, ‘Hey, that’s all there is’? Really, Scott?

You got bitten by a werewolf and you thought, ‘Hey, that’s all there is’? Really, Scott?

Chris, Gerard, and another random WEREWOLF HUNTER enter. Scott hides so he can listen in. Gerard seems to know Deaton (whose first name is Allan, by the way). Deaton sasses out and reminds everyone that he’s not interested in hanging around with killers. But he will answer their questions.

Deaton walks them through what he’s found. There’s a small cut on the back of the neck. It’s not what killed Cute Motorbike Guy; it was only designed to deliver a paralytic toxin potent enough to disable all motor functions. The claw wounds were the actual cause of death.

See these giant bloody gashes? They killed a man.

See these giant bloody gashes? They killed a man.

DEATON:  I can tell you it’s fast, remarkably strong, and has the capacity to render its victims essentially helpless within seconds.

CHRIS: So you’re saying we should be cautious. We get it.

DEATON: I’m saying you should be afraid. Very afraid. Because, in the natural world, predators with paralytic toxins use it to catch and eat their prey. This prey wasn’t eaten. That means whatever killed him only wanted to kill him. In fact, killing may be its only purpose.

Yeah. FUCK.

Stiles is in a mechanic’s garage, getting his Jeep fixed after Erica messed with it. The mechanic is a douchenozzle.

Stop doing unnecessary things to my Jeep.

Stop doing unnecessary things to my Jeep.

Stiles goes to wait outside and finds some gross wet substance on the door handle. He wipes it off on his shirt and glares at a picture of the mechanic, who seems to be a former Beacon Hills lacrosse player.

Stiles tries to type a text but his hands won’t work. He looks up and sees the lizard monster in the garage and tries to call out but he can barely talk. The lizard monster swipes the mechanic on the back of the neck so we know he’s fucked.

I didn't like you were doing to my Jeep but you probably shouldn't die for it.

I didn’t like you were doing to my Jeep but you probably shouldn’t die for it.

Stiles falls to the ground and tries to reach his phone to dial 911. The mechanic falls to the ground and the lizard monster starts lowering the truck down on top of him. The lizard monster screeches at Stiles right before the 911 operator answers.


At Casa Argent, Allison is going out to meet Scott. Their usual midnight meeting time has been pushed forward to 9pm. Gerard shows up at the car window and Allison gets out to talk to him. Gerard tries to take out his pill box and accidentally knocks a leather-bound book out of his pocket. Allison gives it back to him. Apparently it’s important.

GERARD: When I was your age, I didn’t even take vitamins. Now I’m choking down a cocktail of pills three times a day. But I do what my doctor tells me because I trust him.

Always with the pills. Foreshadow much?

Gerard talks a bit more about trust and says that Kate was a bit misguided. He compares Allison to Kate and she doesn’t welcome the comparison.

I didn't skip make-out point so I could be compared to a psychopath, Gerard.

I didn’t skip make-out point so I could be compared to a psychopath, Gerard.

Gerard says that if Allison may have to question the trust of her closest friends. And when that happens, she should always side with her family. He wants to know if he can trust her and Allison tells him he can.

There seems to be some weird localised rain going on at the mechanic’s because it wasn’t raining anywhere else. Sheriff is talking to Stiles about the accident and Stiles denies seeing anything. Sheriff is worried about Stiles but he lets him leave. Stiles’s Jeep is impounded as evidence.

Allison finally gets to make-out point (also not raining here) and sees a message from Scott saying that he couldn’t wait.

Scott picks up Stiles in his mum’s car. Stiles confirms that the lizard monster is not like Scott or any other werewolves; its eyes were almost reptilian.

STILES: You know how when you see, like, a friend in a Halloween mask but all you can actually see are their eyes? You feel like you know them but you just can’t figure out who it is.

SCOTT: Are you saying you know who it is?

STILES: No. But I think it knew me.

In the subway cubby house, Isaac learns how to parkour/fight Derek. He keeps jumping off the same wall and getting dumped on his arse in the same way. Erica tries attacking from behind and gets dumped on her arse as well. Boyd watches from the stairs, apparently not up to the parkour stage of his transformation yet.

DEREK: Does anyone want to try not being completely predictable?

Erica jumps up on Derek and makes out with him.

I don't blame you at all, Erica.

I don’t blame you at all, Erica.

Derek eventually dumps her back on the floor.

DEREK: That’s the last time you do that.

ERICA: Why? Because I’m a Beta?

DEREK: No. It’s because I have someone else in mind for you.

Isaac asks if they’re done. Derek breaks his arm and says he isn’t teaching them how to fight; he’s teaching them how to survive.

Wanna hold hands? JK, gonna break your arm.

Wanna hold hands? JK, gonna break your arm.

He doesn’t know why the Argents aren’t making a move now. But whatever killed Isaac’s father has killed again so the newbies have to learn how to parkour fast.

Lydia’s mother goes to wake her up for an appointment with the school counsellor and finds Lydia’s sheets soaked with blood. Apparently Lydia punched a mirror at some point and just went to sleep bleeding everywhere.

Lydia, I just washed these damn sheets.

Lydia, I just washed these damn sheets.

Outside the counsellor’s office, a dude tries talking to Lydia about why she’s here.

LYDIA: I have an acute phobia of people prying into my personal life. You?

DUDE: Compulsively drawn to cute but narcissistic girls.

Don’t speak to me, peasant.

Stiles is acting as a go-between for Scott and Allison, since Allison’s parents are monitoring her calls, texts, and emails. He has to deliver their sappy love messages to each other and confirm that Allison’s coming to tonight’s lacrosse game. Scott tells Stiles what Deaton said about the records kept by the Argents.

STILES: He probably means a bestiary.

SCOTT: What?

STILES: A bestiary.

SCOTT: I think you mean bestiality.

STILES: Nope. Pretty sure I don’t. It’s like an encyclopaedia of mythical creatures.

Scott is bummed that he doesn’t know more about supernatural things. He’d probably have more time to research these things if he stopped making out with Allison.

Lydia throws shade at the guidance counsellor, who also happens to be the French teacher.

LYDIA: How about you tell me what, as a French teacher, qualifies you to be a guidance counsellor?

COUNSELLOR: I have a Master’s in Behavioural Psychology and have done over 300 hours of field work.

You think you can beat me in a staring competition?

You think you can beat me in a staring competition?

Lydia agrees to speak more but is still cagey. The guidance counsellor advises her to be cautious about her friends, even though she trusts them implicitly.

LYDIA:   Why? Because sometimes the ones closest to you can be the ones holding you back the most?

COUNSELLOR: Indeed. Did you read that somewhere?

LYDIA: I don’t know. Maybe I heard it.

COUNSELLOR: Well, sounds like whoever said it left an impression.

Pretty sure the person who said that was Peter Hale. Not sure Lydia ever heard him say it, though. But considering he was walking around barefoot and caressing trophy cabinets in the last episode, I’m not ruling anything out.

Jackson enlists Danny to brighten the resolution on the tape of him in bed. Danny doesn’t really like the idea of watching Jackson in bed, especially since he’s already told Jackson that he’s not Danny’s type. Jackson points his cheekbones at Danny and reminds him that he’s everyone’s type.

Stiles acts as messenger for Allison and Scott as they talk about the bestiary. Quite frankly, I’m pretty sure he could have had this whole conversation with Allison and then relayed it to Scott but that wouldn’t be as funny as having Stiles run around to the point where he has to use an asthma puffer.

Your inability to breathe amuses me.

Your inability to breathe amuses me.

Allison can get the book but not without Gerard’s keys. It seems like she’ll have her chance at the lacrosse game, because Gerard is joining her.

Before the lacrosse game, Danny and Matt tell Jackson that they’ve found an edit point in the video. That means that there’s two hours of footage missing from that night, during which anything could have happened.

'That all sounds very complicated.' 'Why don't you Nimble it?'

‘That all sounds very complicated.’ ‘Why don’t you Nimble it?’

The lacrosse game starts and Coach questions the legality and age of the veritable giant on the opposing team. Jackson wants Scott to take him down. Winning the semi-finals is more important than making sure a WEREWOLF HUNTER like Gerard doesn’t find out about Scott’s secret.

Allison claims she’s cold and Gerard, being a gentleman, gives her his coat. She sneaks the keys out of the pocket and hands them to Stiles.

Thanks for your coat, Gerard. Gonna steal your stuff while you freeze.

Thanks for your coat, Gerard. Gonna steal your stuff while you freeze.

Someone is carted off the lacrosse field in agony. Matt talks to Mama McCall about his photography and it seems he’s still taking creepy photos of Allison.

On his way to Gerard’s office, Stiles sees Lydia crying in her car and immediately goes to talk to her. Lydia winds up the window and tells him to go away and that she doesn’t need anyone seeing her cry. Stiles thinks she looks beautiful when she cries. Lydia winds down the window.

That giant on the lacrosse field is knocking out players all over the place and, because Stiles has disappeared, Coach enlists the biggest guy he can see to sub in. It’s Boyd. Erica tells him Derek won’t like this. Boyd doesn’t care.

Back at the car, Lydia is ready to talk.

LYDIA: You’re gonna think I’m crazy.

STILES: Lydia, if you trust me on anything, you can trust me on this: there is nothing that you can say to me that’ll make you sound crazy. Literally nothing.

You don't know the shit I've seen.

You don’t know the shit I’ve seen.

A cheer goes up from the lacrosse field and Stiles asks Lydia to hang on for five minutes. He needs to find the bestiary. Pretty sure he just gave away any progress he’d made but the lizard monster is killing people so Lydia needs to sit tight. Stiles searches Gerard’s office for the bestiary and texts Allison to say that it’s not there. Erica shows up to scare the crap out of Stiles again.

Boyd knocks out that lacrosse giant and his eyes go all creepy shiny with victory.

Turn off your damn eyeballs, you idiot.

Turn off your damn eyeballs, you idiot.

Erica escorts Stiles to a meeting with Derek near the swimming pool. Derek wants to know what Stiles saw at the mechanic’s garage. Stiles tries to skirt around the issue and Derek crushes a basketball to show Stiles what’ll happen if he keeps lying.

In the process of trying to stop Boyd from wolfing out everywhere, Scott scores a goal.

Apparently the other team just has an endless supply of giants because one of them knocks Scott over and breaks his leg in front of everyone. Allison runs over to check on Scott/shield him from prying eyes while his leg heals out of that awkward angle.

Scott, your leg looks fucking disgusting.

Scott, your leg looks fucking disgusting.

She tells Scott that the bestiary isn’t in Gerard’s office; it has to be back at Casa Argent. Everyone else gets to Scott just as his bone snaps back into place. Gerard may or may not realise that Scott’s a Beta.

Stiles tries to describe the lizard monster as quickly as possible so he can get back to Lydia. As he’s talking, the lizard monster appears.

You wot?

You wot?

It knocks Erica out and paralyses Derek. Stiles starts dragging Derek away, fumbling with his phone as he tries to call Scott. Stiles drops his phone and Derek at the same time. Derek lands in the pool and Stiles dives in after him to stop him from drowning. The lizard monster is out of sight but a terrifying roar means that it’s not gone.

At Casa Argent, Gerard shows up with Allison and Scott. Mama Argent and Chris are not happy about it and they have an awkward semi-silent dinner. Gerard tries to get conversation going and asks why Scott and Allison broke up. Scott turns it on Allison, saying that she dumped him.

Don't look at me like that, Allison. You know I can't think up lies on the spot.

Don’t look at me like that, Allison. You know I can’t think up lies on the spot.

Back at the pool, Stiles and Derek are loving their swimming adventure.

DEREK: Could you get me out of here before I drown?

STILES: You’re worried about drowning? Did you notice the thing out there with multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth?

DEREK: Did you notice I’m paralysed from the neck down in eight feet of water?

Stiles tries to tow him to the side but the lizard monster appears again and starts circling the pool.

Ugh. Not this guy again.

Ugh. Not this guy again.

Back at another Awkward Argent Dinner, Chris tries to play referee and say that Allison and Scott were just growing apart.

GERARD: As if the father’s opinion isn’t biased. How do you know they weren’t as passionate as Romeo and Juliet?

CHRIS: Romeo and Juliet committed ritual suicide. They could have used a little less passion.

Chris asks Scott to help him grab dessert from the kitchen. He uses the opportunity to try and strangle Scott and make sure he knows not to give anything away in front of Gerard. Duh.

I may not be able to think up plausible lies but I'm not going to say something that'll get me killed, dude. Be serious.

I may not be able to think up plausible lies but I’m not going to say something that’ll get me killed, dude. Be serious.

The lizard monster doesn’t seem to be able to swim so it looks like Derek and Stiles are going to continue hanging out in the eight feet of water until they or the lizard monster give up or die.

No pool party for you.

No pool party for you.

Allison says she needs to go over some English questions with Scott and ushers him into Gerard’s bedroom so they can find the bestiary. There’s a safe in the room and Scott uses his wolf hearing to crack the code. If he fails any more classes, at least he has bank robbery as a fall-back. The leatherbound book from Gerard’s pocket turns out to be a cookbook. Still no bestiary.

Stiles lets go of Derek and grabs the phone from the side of the pool so he can make a quick call to Scott. Scott has apparently forgotten that there is a lizard monster on the loose and, just like last season, thinks that his dinner with the Argents is the most important thing in the world. He tells Stiles he can’t talk right now and hangs up. Stiles tosses the phone in the water and swims down to grab Derek.

Come here, you big baby. Sott's not answering his phone.

Come here, you big baby. Sott’s not answering his phone.

Allison and Scott realise that the bestiary must be on the USB on Gerard’s keyring, which is still hanging in the door of his office. Scott excuses himself, saying he has to pick up his mum from work, and drives over to the school. He finds the keys still in Gerard’s office door and then hears the lizard monster’s screech.

Just as Stiles and Derek are starting to sink, Scott pulls them out of the water and unceremoniously chucks them at a wall so he can face off with the lizard monster.

I just threw my friends at a wall. What do you think I'm going to do to you?

I just threw my friends at a wall. What do you think I’m going to do to you?

The lizard monster chucks Scott at a wall (karma) and breaks a mirror. Scott picks up a shard of glass to use as weapon and the lizard monster sees its reflection. Realising it’s ugly as fuck, it scales a wall and jumps out the glass roof.

When will my reflection show who I am inside?

When will my reflection show who I am inside?

Scott and Stiles load the USB and find that everything is written in a different language. Derek (suddenly not paralysed) and Erica (what the hell happened to you, woman? That was the longest nap ever) walk up with a revelation.

DEREK: It’s called the Kanima.

STILES: You knew the whole time.

DEREK: No. Only when it was confused by its own reflection.

But yeah, I mostly knew the whole time.

But yeah, I mostly knew the whole time.

Apparently the Kanima doesn’t know what or who it is. It’s a shape shifter, like werewolves, but it’s some kind of abomination. Scott tells Derek they need to work together, maybe even tell the Argents.

SCOTT: Nobody trusts anyone. That’s the problem. While we’re here arguing about who’s on what side, there’s something scarier, stronger, and faster than any of us and it’s killing people. And we still don’t know anything about it.

DEREK: I know one thing. When I find it, I’m going to kill it.

Scott goes to actually pick up his mum from the hospital. He gets out of the car and is suddenly stabbed in the stomach by Gerard, who definitely knows that Scott’s a Beta now.

Stand still and let me stab you.

Stand still and let me stab you.

Gerard acknowledges that he’s a much better actor than Scott and he’s definitely not a doddering old grandfather. Now that he has Scott’s attention, Gerard demands a favour at some point in the future. If Scott doesn’t do what he wants, Gerard will stab Mama McCall.

Gerard pulls out the knife and walks away, doffing his cap to someone like the charming old man he isn’t. Mama McCall comes out of the hospital and Scott assures her that everything’s fine, even as his blood drips onto the ground.



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