Teen Wolf recap – Season 2, Episode 7: Restraint

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Night. A couple fight in their trailer because they’re broke. The power goes out. They make up quickly and the dude (Sean) goes to check the generator. The girl looks outside to see Sean talking to someone in a dark hoodie. The hooded person points up and all of a sudden Sean is grabbed around the neck by the Kanima’s tail.

Just a late-night killing spree.

Just a late-night killing spree.

The hooded person points to the girl in the trailer. She ducks out of sight and the hooded person disappears. Sean’s dead body is thrown through the window of the trailer and dragged out again to make room for the Kanima. The Kanima gets all up in the girl’s personal space and we see that she’s pregnant. Very pregnant. The Kanima backs off and the girl collapses, screaming.


Scott and Stiles have got Allison on speaker phone and they’re discussing how and why Jackson doesn’t know he’s the Kanima and that someone’s controlling him. They think it’s the same thing that happened to Lydia—a fugue state.

As they talk, we get a lovely scene of Jackson being SHIRTLESS and scrubbing away the blood of his murder victims while he’s in the shower.

Apparently Jackson still thinks he’s becoming a werewolf and it was all delayed because he got some of Lydia’s immunity germs on him. They’re going to try and convince Jackson that he’s a murderous lizard, which seems exactly what they tried to do last episode when they held him captive in the woods.

That incident resulted in a restraining order against Scott and Stiles. Sheriff reads out the terms of the order (basically that they won’t go within 50 feet of Jackson or try and communicate with him) at the sheriff’s station while Mama McCall and Mr Whittemore are present.

Just don’t even breathe near Jackson.

STILES: What about school?

SHERIFF: You can attend classes while attempting to maintain a 50-foot distance.

STILES: But—okay, what if we both have to use the bathroom at the same and there’s only two stalls available and they’re only right next to each other?

Every adult in the room looks like they want to hit Stiles. Outside, Sheriff berates Stiles for the joke and the stolen prison transport van. According to Stiles, they filled the van’s tank so that means everything’s cool.

Mama McCall is furious with Scott for the restraining order, missing tests at school, coming home late, and being completely bizarre.

You made me give a lecture. Do you know how much I hate giving lectures?

You made me give a lecture. Do you know how much I hate giving lectures?

MAMA McCALL: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.

SCOTT: What about work?

MAMA McCALL: Fine. Other than work. And no TV.

SCOTT: My TV’s broken.

MAMA McCALL: Then no computer.

SCOTT: I need the computer for school.

MAMA McCALL: Then no … no Stiles.

Stiles tries to protest, looking distraught. Mama McCall also takes away Scott’s car privileges and demands his keys. She wants to know what is going on and Scott looks close to telling her about being a werewolf. Stiles shakes his head vigorously in the background, encouraging Scott to blame it on daddy issues.

Mama McCall goes to get the car. Stiles and Scott watch as Mr Whittemore yells at Sheriff about Stiles’s bathroom comment. Down the hall, Jackson can presumably hear everything and is smirking like a lil’ bitch.

In the subway cubby, Derek tells Erica and Isaac that they still don’t know who the Kanima is (since they didn’t actually see Jackson at the McCall house) so one of the newbie wolves needs to get on Scott or Stiles’s good side. Isaac says that the full moon is coming and Derek still hasn’t taught them how to control the change. Derek opens a trunk and pulls out a bunch of heavy-duty chains to restrain them.

This is where I keep my fun toys.

This is where I keep my fun toys.

If they’re restrained, Derek will be alone against the Argents. Isaac wants to forget about the Kanima and worry about the WEREWOLF HUNTERS. Derek thinks they need to find the Kanima first because Gerard seems totally unafraid of the reptilian murder machine waltzing around Beacon Hills and that cannot be a good thing.

Allison walks into the school library with a camera following her every move. She passes a tablet through the bookshelves to Scott and Stiles.

No one will suspect a thing.

No one will suspect a thing.

ALLISON: That’s everything Lydia can translate and, trust me, she was very confused.

SCOTT: What did you tell her?

ALLISON: That we were part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures.

STILES: I am part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures.

ALLISON: Oh. Great.

The translation doesn’t say how to find out who’s controlling the Kanima but Stiles was right about its motive; the Kanima is known as a ‘weapon of vengeance’ and has been used in the past to execute murderers. But eventually, when the bond between Kanima and master grows strong enough, the Kanima can go after anyone the master wants it to.

The Kanima is supposed to be a werewolf but it can’t properly become one until it works out its issues.

Translation: Kanima needs therapy.

Translation: Kanima needs therapy.

Allison wonders if Jackson’s issues are to do with his biological parents. No one knows what happened to them and, since she’s the only one without a restraining order (and she doesn’t need to do a make-up Chemistry test), Allison is going to find out. Scott tells Allison to be careful and run the other way if Jackson does something evil.

Jackson walks into an empty classroom and inspects some animals in tanks. That giant spider isn’t cool enough so Jackson goes for the tank with a couple of snakes in it. He picks up a snake and it crawls straight into his mouth. He swallows it. Or it slides down his throat on its own. Yep. The entire snake. The entire fucking snake.

Don’t even bother chewing. It’ll just slide into your stomach by itself.

A teacher shows up and asks Jackson if he still wants to discuss his paper just as the last bit of the snake is disappearing inside his mouth (can we call that a tail? Where does snake end and tail begin? I read somewhere that snakes are basically just tails with faces and it’s messed me up ever since). Jackson has robot face so I guess his master made him swallow the snake. Doesn’t make it any less gross.

Mr Harris gives Scott one hour for his make-up Chemistry test.

Oh noes. Chemistry time.

Oh noes. Chemistry time.

Meanwhile, Mama McCall pretends to be tidying up Scott’s room while she snoops around. She ends up getting frustrated and making a bigger mess. Finally, she finds a 12-pack of condoms … which only has one condom left in it.

*Gasp* Teen sex!

*Gasp* Teen sex!

Jackson is walking to the locker rooms when he hears/smells/senses someone following him. It’s actually just Allison, who’s walking around without shoes to be stealthier.

I was thinking I should wear more flats.

I was thinking I should wear more flats.

Allison tries to follow him into the locker room (because she definitely won’t look out of place in there) and runs into Matt. He invites her to a party and Allison agrees without realising what she’s doing. Matt walks away and Allison hears weird sounds coming from the locker room. She walks in to investigate.

Lydia refuses to give Stiles information about Jackson’s parents. Erica overhears them.

Allison walks into the locker rooms and Jackson calls out to her. He’s showering. NAKED. Allison ducks away, not wanting to see NAKED Jackson. She tells him they can talk later and Jackson gets really close. He wants to talk now.

Do you find me ... distracting?

Do you find me … distracting?

Erica pushes Stiles against a wall and asks him why he wants to know about Jackson’s parents. Weren’t you supposed to be getting on his good side? She gets her wolf claws out until Stiles points out the security camera behind her.

STILES: That’s right. If you want to play Catwoman, I’ll be your Batman.

Erica tells Stiles that Jackson’s parents are half a mile away in the cemetery.

Scott’s hour is up but he doesn’t care about his test because he can hear Allison’s heart beating too fast. She’s uncomfortable because Jackson is still wet and NAKED.

Stiles chases after Erica, who says that she’ll tell him about Jackson’s parents if Stiles tells her why he wants to know. As she’s vocalising her evil plan, she realises that Jackson’s the Kanima even though the venom test didn’t work.

I figured out a context clue. Feelin' pretty proud.

I figured out a context clue. Feelin’ pretty proud.

Scott’s hour is up and he tries to run and save Allison but Mr Harris isn’t letting him leave until he’s filled in a multiple choice bubble for every question. Scott hurriedly fills in all the B bubbles on his remaining questions and leaves.

Allison’s ‘I can take care of myself’ stance disappears in the face of a creepy NAKED Jackson, who keeps advancing on her and saying mean things because even as a robot, he’s a complete lil’ bitch. He pins her up against the wall and whips out his Kanima claws.

Tell me that's your tail, Jackson.

Tell me that’s your tail, Jackson.

Allison finally whips out her self-defence moves and hits him in the throat. They end up on the floor with Jackson on top of her. He snaps out of his Kanima coma and realises he’s naked. Jackson pulls on some shorts just as Scott walks in. Scott won’t listen to Allison and he throws Jackson at some lockers, knocking them over.

JACKSON: I have a restraining order.

SCOTT: Trust me, I restrained myself.

And then everyone’s being thrown everywhere and there is some serious destruction of property going on. Jackson’s holding himself pretty well against Scott’s parkour. He starts flinging weights at Scott and then throws him on a sink, smashing it and sending water cascading everywhere.

Stiles is trying to convince Erica not to tell Derek about Jackson. Erica brings up her sad pre-werewolf life again and admits she used to have a crush on Stiles. He never noticed her until she got the Alpha bite makeover. Just like he’s not noticing her now because he’s staring at the water leaking out from under the locker room door.

Scott and Jackson burst through the door, still fighting.

Scott, come on. He's not even the Kanima right now and you're getting beaten.

Scott, come on. He’s not even the Kanima right now and you’re getting beaten.

Erica restrains Jackson as other people turn up. Mr Harris comes down the hall and starts yelling at everyone. Matt sees a tablet on the ground and opens it to see the Kanima bestiality translation. He forwards it to his own email and then hands the tablet over, pretending he didn’t just invade someone’s privacy. Mr Harris gives detention to everyone around him, which means Scott, Jackson, Stiles, Erica, Allison, and Matt.

'But I was just handing back a tablet.' 'No one cares, Matt. Detention.'

‘But I was just handing back a tablet.’ ‘No one cares, Matt. Detention.’

Mama McCall walks into the school office, where it seems Mama Argent is now working and monitoring security cameras? Okay.

Dudebro from counselling makes plans with Lydia for after school and asks her to bring the flower he gave her from her own house.

Everyone files in for detention. Jackson tries to get out of detention by bringing up the restraining order.

Mr Harris is above restraining orders.

Mr Harris is above restraining orders.

Mr Harris makes Scott and Stiles move to another desk. I’m not too crash-hot on the imperial measuring system but I’m pretty sure that’s not 50 feet away.

Scott is now on the ‘let’s kill Jackson’ bandwagon. Stiles is off the bandwagon. Matt is looking at the Kanima information that he stole and he mutters ‘Kanima’ out loud. Allison stares at him and he seems to realise that she’s in on this too and he should maybe stop speaking in case she realises he stole her shit.

Mama McCall talks to Mama Argent about the condoms and how Allison and Scott must be dating again.

MAMA ARGENT: How do you know it’s not some other impressionable young girl with severely low standards?

MAMA McCALL: Because I know Scott and Allison is the only one that he’s ever talked about like that. I just want to make sure they continue to be safe.

That is very progressive of you. You should maybe have this discussion with someone who’s not a total nut job.

You laugh now but I will kill your son.

You laugh now but I will kill your son.

Back in the library, Stiles is still trying to work out who the Kanima’s master could be. His next suspect is Matt. He might be the one who found the missing footage but that could have just been to avoid suspicion. They’re not sure about the kill list, though. Isaac’s dad, a WEREWOLF HUNTER, and a mechanic seem like a weird list to begin with but what did they have to do with Matt?

Jackson starts getting a weird headache and excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Mr Harris finally recognises that one of his students is a human being and shows concern. He tells everyone to stay in their seats as he follows Jackson out of the library.

Scott and Stiles immediately get up and go to Erica’s table. She tells them that Jackson’s parents died in a car accident and her dad was the insurance investigator. Apparently Jackson will be getting a huge settlement once he turns 18. The rich get richer. Life is unfair. Erica opens her laptop to find the insurance report in her dad’s inbox because he keeps everything. Mama Argent voice sounds over the speakers, asking Scott to report to the principal’s office.

Jackson walks into the bathrooms and Mr Harris stays outside. All of a sudden THAT FUCKING SNAKE IS CRAWLING OUT OF JACKSON’S EYEBALL AND SLITHERING DOWN THE FUCKING SINK.



And Jackson’s eye is back to normal and I’ve had enough of Jackson’s creepy shit. In the first season we had that wolf claw coming out of his mouth and the bloody string of wolfsbane being pulled out of his neck. Now he’s been swallowing a snake and letting it come out of his eyeball and I’M DONE.

Lydia looks for the flower that Dudebro gave her and can’ find it. She even goes looking for another flower in her backyard and can’t find one of the right colour. She sees that her back gate is open and decides to go meet Dudebro barefoot (because he lives right behind her, remember?)

Jackson and Mr Harris return to the library and Mr Harris seems not to care that Stiles is sitting beside Erica now. Jackson is sweaty and disgusting but so long as no other gross things come pouring out his eyes, neck, mouth, or any other place, I’m fine.

Erica has found the accident report. Apparently Jackson’s parents arrived at the hospital DOA on June 14th. Jackson’s birthday is June 15th, which means that he was delivered by C-section after his mother was dead.

This accident report is dated 1995. I'm suddenly feeling really old and really glad that at least the actors are of legal age so I can find them attractive without worrying about prison.

This accident report is dated 1995. I’m suddenly feeling really old and really glad that at least the actors are of legal age so I can find them attractive without worrying about prison.

Mr Harris is ready to leave but no one else is allowed to. They are allowed to go when they’ve finished re-shelving the metric fuck-tonne of library books.

Scott arrives at the principal’s office to find Mama Argent sharpening pencils. She’s not happy that Allison’s in detention with Scott and Stiles.

MAMA ARGENT: A sink was ripped off the wall. You’re lucky I’m here to explain that to people somehow. You realise that?

SCOTT: Yeah. I do now.

MAMA ARGENT: Good. Are you having sex with my daughter?

Suddenly the pencil sharpening takes on a whole new meaning.

I can be really creative with a pencil sharpener. Wanna see?

I can be really creative with a pencil sharpener. Wanna see?

Scott denies having sex with Allison. Good choice, bro.

Lydia is wandering barefoot through the woods. Dudebro seems to live a bit further away than right behind Lydia’s house but whatever.

I am absolutely certain he would not have heard Prada barking if he lives all the way back here.

I am absolutely certain he would not have heard Prada barking if he lives all the way back here.

She finally gets there and walks right on in. The entranceway is covered in leaves. Pick up your cleaning game, Dudebro.

Mr Harris gets into his car and looks in the rearview mirror weirdly. Then he backs out of his parking spot and we get a nice shot of the bumper sticker on his car. It’s that Einstein quote that says, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ That’s the bumper sticker on the car that the Kanima walked up to.

Dramatic close-up on important plot point.

Dramatic close-up on important plot point.

IS MR HARRIS THE KANIMA’S MASTER? Is this why he only cares when Jackson’s in trouble?

Everyone’s re-shelving. Jackson still looks like crap. Scott, Stiles, and Allison wonder if Jackson’s parents died in an accident or if they were murdered. That would line up with the Kanima’s MO of seeking out and killing murderers.

Jackson, by the way, is having some hallucinations and thinking that all the book titles are telling him to close his eyes.

Riveting read, this one.

Riveting read, this one.

Scott says they need to tell Jackson. He walks over to the aisle Jackson was in. He finds Jackson gone and Matt lying on the ground with the Kanima’s signature paralysing neck wound. Jackson, half in and out of Kanima mode, leaps across the tops of bookshelves and destroys yet more property. But he’s rich so he can just pay for all this shit. Scott and Erica go into wolf mode. Stiles protects Allison as books and bits of ceiling start raining down on everyone.

Erica is picked off pretty quickly with a cut to the neck. The Kanima/Jackson combo shoves Scott away and then writes on the chalkboard in a trance.

Go home, Jackson. You're drunk.

Go home, Jackson. You’re drunk.

His message reads: Stay out of my way or I’ll kill all of you.

Then Jackson jumps out of a widow. I want an itemised quote on the repairs to the library, please.

Stiles finds that Erica’s having a seizure. Apparently the Kanima venom suppressed her wolfy epilepsy immunity? I’m not sure. Maybe it was because the last time she got exposed to the venom, it was only on her hands and not in her bloodstream.

Allison confirms that Matt’s alive. I don’t care about him that much. Scott and Stiles need to get Erica to the hospital but she only wants to go to Derek.

Scott has a sudden crisis and wants to stay with Allison rather than help Erica because ‘this doesn’t feel right’.  What doesn’t feel right, man? Two people are injured and in need of medical or supernatural attention. Just fucking deal. This isn’t a sign from the universe saying that you and Allison will never be together.

Scott, there's NO TIME for you to have a crisis.

Scott, there’s NO TIME for you to have a crisis.

Lydia is still wandering around Dudebro’s house. It’s completely empty apart from an old dresser thing and there are leaves on all floors, not just the entry. Dudebro finally shows up and says this used to be his house. So I guess that explains why he’s not concerned about the leaves everywhere. But it doesn’t explain why he’s still hanging around here.

Lydia confesses that she doesn’t have the flower and he claims a kiss as compensation.

Haven't decided whether I'm into you yet.

Haven’t decided whether I’m into you yet.

The make-out session pauses and Lydia sees their reflection in the dresser mirror. She’s not making out with young and attractive Dudebro. She’s making out with Peter Hale’s crispy corpse. And the house is actually the Hale house. It returns to its burned out glory and Lydia screams as she backs away from Peter.

Definitely not attracted to that.

Definitely not attracted to that.

Scott and Stiles take Erica to the subway cubby. Derek’s not sure if Erica will die so he breaks her arm to trigger the healing process. Then he cuts into her arm with his claws to get the venom out of her system. Erica starts passing out from the pain but tells Stiles that he makes a good Batman.

Trust me. This is science.

Trust me. This is science.

Scott and Jackson walk out of the subway car. Apparently Derek knew Jackson was the Kanima but he wanted Erica to confirm it.

SCOTT: I’m going to help you stop him as part of your pack. If you want me in, fine. But we do it on one condition. We’re going to catch him. Not kill him.


SCOTT: We do it my way.

That’s two conditions, buddy.

At the Beacon Hills Hospital, the girl from the beginning of the episode has given birth to her baby. Mama McCall is taking care of the girl, who is telling Mama McCall that what killed Sean wasn’t human. Mama McCall leaves the room and turns out the light. The girl starts drifting off but now the hooded person is back and he’s after her. He’s not wasting time with a Kanima; he just smothers her to death.

She’s just had a baby and she’s exhausted. I can handle this one myself.

Peter sits down next to Lydia and has a chat to her.

PETER: At least you know that you’re not actually crazy. Well, not completely. There’s bound to be some residual effects but you’re a strong girl. Personally, I think that you’re going to pull through with a minimal amount of post-traumatic stress and maybe a few years of profoundly disturbing nightmares.

We don't have to make out any more but I still wanna be friends.

We don’t have to make out any more but I still wanna be friends.

Then he talks about his plan. Apparently Lydia’s immunity made her the perfect back-up plan for Peter. She wouldn’t turn from the bite and she wouldn’t die but she would be able to do something very important. Something like see a younger and much less dead and burned version of Peter Hale (Dudebro). (And also maybe bring him back from the dead. That seems to be what he’s getting at.)

Lydia opens her hands and finds that she has the flower again. It’s actually a small wolfsbane flower.

Found it.

Found it.

We pan down under the floorboards to where someone (Derek?) buried Peter’s body.

That looks comfy.

That looks comfy.



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