Teen Wolf recap – Season 2, Episode 8: Raving

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Jackson gets a text in class and immediately gets in his car and dries off in a Kanima coma. He lines up to buy tickets for a show—the same show that Matt will be taking Allison to.

Please take my place in line and don't attack me again.

Please take my place in line and don’t attack me again.

Stiles and Sheriff have dinner and discuss the Kanima case. I have no idea what Sheriff calls it since he doesn’t know about the Kanima. Sheriff has discovered a pattern; the mechanic and the couple that were murdered were all 24 years old. Mr Lahey wasn’t 24 but Isaac had an older brother who died in combat. If he were still alive today, Camden Lahey would be 24 years old.

Scott is on Jackson Watch. He joins the line and starts second-guessing his plan when he learns that the tickets are $75 each.

Back at the sheriff station, Stiles and Sheriff brainstorm about the case. Same age could mean same class in school. They start going through files and find out that all the 24-year-olds were in Mr Harris’s Chemistry class. Mr Lahey doesn’t fit in but this is definitely the start of a pattern.

Oh, hey. There's a note here that says you should've thrown Mr Harris in jail last season.

Oh, hey. There’s a note here that says you should’ve thrown Mr Harris in jail last season.

They pull out Beacon Hills yearbooks and start looking for faces to match the names on the class list. As Stiles flips through the book, we see a picture of Kara Simmons; the girl selling the tickets that Scott, Matt, and Jackson are all lining up for.

Here we have our next victim.

Here we have our next victim.

Jackson buys his ticket in the most creepy way possible (silently, with a staring competition, and intentionally touching her fingers when Kara hands back the money).  Kara hands over the ticket and closes up shop.


Some dude lets Chris and Allison into the morgue so they can have a WEREWOLF HUNTER 101 lesson near the bodies of the Kanima’s most recent victims (Sean and Jessica, the married couple from last episode). Apparently the Argents now know that it’s a Kanima and they know that Jessica was smothered to death after giving birth.

CHRIS: The police think it was done by someone else. We think it’s the person who’s controlling this other shape shifter. That means two killers, Allison. One human, one not.

These dead bodies are only two of our many problems, Allison.

Because the WEREWOLF HUNTERS know the truth about the world, they’re responsible for keeping it safe. Allison realises that this isn’t a lecture; it’s an interrogation. Gerard has the surveillance footage from the library and they know Allison is trying to protect her friends. What she knows makes her responsible. Chris wants to know everything Allison knows so they can work out who controls the Kanima.

The animal clinic is closed for the night but Scott lets Derek and Isaac in to talk secret wolf pack business with Deaton. Deaton wants to know if they’re planning to kill or save Jackson. Scott immediately says, ‘Save him.’ Derek says, ‘Kill him.’ Scott wins because Derek wants friends.

Deaton pulls out a magical spice rack.

ISAAC: So what are you? Some kind of witch?

DEATON: No. I’m a veterinarian.

We’ve been trying to get that information out of Deaton for two seasons, Isaac. You really think he’s going to give it to your snarky face?

We’ve been trying to get that information out of Deaton for two seasons, Isaac. You really think he’s going to give it to your snarky face?

We’ve been trying to get that information out of Deaton for two seasons, Isaac. You really think he’s going to give it to your snarky face?

Deaton has nothing in his spice rack that can help defend against the Kanima’s paralytic toxin. And an offence doesn’t seem to be in play since Derek and Chris have both already nearly killed the thing and that did absolutely nothing. The Kanima’s only weakness is that it can’t swim. Jackson is captain of the swim team so the water fear isn’t his problem.

Deaton tells them that they’re trying to catch two people; a puppet and a puppeteer. One killed the husband but the other had to kill the wife. Scott says it’s probably because Jackson’s mother died pregnant and he couldn’t do the same thing to someone else.

ISAAC: How do you know it’s not part of the rules? The Kanima kills murderers. If Jackson kills the wife, then the baby dies too.

Deaton wonders if the fear of water is coming from the Kanima’s master. If something that affects the Kanima also affects its master then they can catch both of them.

Stiles drives Scott to school. Matt sees them and asks them if they know why no one’s getting suspended after the library incident.

STILES: Just forget about it. Nobody got hurt.

MATT: I had a concussion.

STILES: Well, nobody got seriously hurt.

MATT: I was in the ER for six hours.

Stiles tells Matt that they have bigger problems than his little bump on the head.

See where you are on our list of problems?

See where you are on our list of problems?

Matt seems appeased when Scott asks him how he’s feeling. Matt says that there are no more tickets being sold for the show but he found two online so Scott should keep trying.

Stiles isn’t sure that Scott should go to the show. Scott is certain that the Kanima’s master will be at the concert to make sure Jackson finishes the job this time.

In the locker room, Coach wants to know where Jackson is and why he missed morning practice.

COACH: Danny, tell Jackson no missing practice this close to the championships, okay?

DANNY: Sure, Coach.

COACH: That goes for all of you. I should be coaching college.

Scott and Stiles try to get Danny’s tickets for the show but he’s not giving them up. Isaac tells them that they’re idiots. He’s not looking for someone who’s selling; he just beats someone up until they give him two. Isaac hands the tickets to Scott and Stiles and walks off.

Violence is sometimes the answer.

Violence is sometimes the answer.

Allison and Scott meet in an empty classroom so Allison can tell Scott that the WEREWOLF HUNTERS are basically on par with everyone else for Kanima knowledge. Scott isn’t worried about the WEREWOLF HUNTERS knowing. He’s more concerned about Mama Argent possibly knowing that he and Allison are still together. Scott suggests they should be seen with other people. That works out, because Allison accidentally said yes to going to the show with Matt.

I was just trying to be stealthy and Matt caught me off guard.

I was just trying to be stealthy and Matt caught me off guard.

Scott’s way too excited about his girlfriend going out with someone else. He says Allison should even kiss Matt if she has to. Allison wants to know how far she should go with the kissing and demonstrates on Scott. She leaves, looking confused and distracted. Mama Argent watched the whole thing from the classroom’s other entrance.

You guys are so screwed. This face is my favourite face ever.

You guys are so screwed. This face is my favourite face ever.

Deaton gives Scott a needle filled with ketamine to sedate or at least slow down the Kanima. Stiles gets some mountain ash to create a barrier around the club. Mountain ash is believed to protect against the supernatural. The animal clinic is lined with ashwood to stop any supernatural guests from causing trouble. (Didn’t really stop Derek from interrogating you in episode 6 of last season, did it?)

This is from my spice rack. It's magic fairy dust.

This is from my spice rack. It’s magic fairy dust.

STILES: Okay. So then what? I just spread this around the whole building and then neither Jackson or whoever’s controlling him can cross it?

Pretty much. It’s not a hard task but it’s like gunpowder.

DEATON: It’s just powder until a spark ignites it. You need to be that spark, Stiles.

STILES: If you mean light myself on fire, I don’t think I’m up for that.

Deaton tries a golfing analogy, saying that the best golfers never swing before first imagining where they want the ball to go. The force of will is a powerful thing. And if this is going to work, Stiles has to believe in the mountain ash. Feel the mountain ash. Be the mountain ash.

Allison sits on the basement stairs, dressed for the party. The WEREWOLF HUNTERS gear up for their warehouse party raid and get a pep talk from Chris. And apparently now the WEREWOLF HUNTERS know that Jackson is the Kanima as well. I’m assuming they got that from the security tapes. Gerard takes some foreshadowing pills. Apparently Allison is going to find Jackson and make sure he’s away from the crowd. Then she’ll signal the WEREWOLF HUNTERS and they’ll move in. With her part in the WEREWOLF HUNTER meeting over, Allison leaves for the party.

That's the talk my dad gives before my dates as well.

That’s the talk my dad gives before my dates as well.

GERARD: As willing a participant as she seems, your young protégée there also appears to be under the impression that we are planning a trap.

CHRIS: She doesn’t need to know any more than that.

GERARD: For the rest of us, then, let’s be perfectly clear: you don’t trap a creature this dangerous; you kill it.

Sheriff arrives home just as Stiles is leaving for the party. Stiles notices that his dad looks miserable and that he isn’t carrying his gun. Sheriff says he left it at the station along with his badge.

SHERIFF: It was decided that the son of the police chief stealing police property and having a restraining order filed against him by one of the town’s most respected attorneys did not reflect well on the county.

STILES: They fired you?

SHERIFF: No, it’s a leave of absence. It’s temporary.

STILES: Did they say it was temporary or—

SHERIFF: Actually, no. You know, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. We’re going to be fine.

STILES: Dad, I don’t get it. Why aren’t you angry at me?

SHERIFF: I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t want to feel any worse than I already do by having to yell at my son.

I'm not crying. You're crying.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Sheriff walks inside. I’m pretty sure Stiles doesn’t need to be yelled at. The disappointment from his dad is more than enough to bring tears to his eyes. I want to hug them both and wrap them in blankets and never let anything bad happen to them.

Stiles doesn’t tell Scott about his dad being fired but he’s looking seriously down in the mouth about having to help stop a reptile rampage instead of being with his dad right now. Scott hears something and runs off. What is it? Allison? Or maybe it’s Erica and Isaac, who’ve just showed up to the party. Nope. It’s definitely Allison, who’s just showed up with Matt.

When Scott told Allison to go out with Matt, he didn’t mean for her to come to this party. Not when they’re setting their plan in motion. And Allison had no idea about his plan, so she let the WEREWOLF HUNTERS make their plan.

How could you not let me, an inexperienced teenager, try and take on vicious murderer by myself?

How could you not let me, an inexperienced teenager, try and take on vicious murderer by myself?

ALLISON: People are dying, Scott. What am I supposed to do?

SCOTT: You’re supposed to trust me.

Allison trusts him more than anyone but Scott’s going into superhero mode and he knows there’s going to be crossfire. He yells at Allison and storms off.

Outside, Stiles is emptying a bag of mountain ash in a line around the warehouse.

Deaton sure had a lot of fairy dust on hand.

Deaton sure had a lot of fairy dust on hand.

The WEREWOLF HUNTERS have arrived and are standing by.

Scott can’t inject Jackson now because he has to keep an eye on the WEREWOLF HUNTERS. He hands over the ketamine to Isaac with instructions to get it in the vein in Jackson’s neck.

SCOTT: Be careful.

ISAAC: I doubt I’ll even slightly hurt him.

SCOTT: No, I mean you. I don’t want you to get hurt.

I think Isaac just fell in love.

I think Isaac just fell in love.

Derek and Boyd face off against the WEREWOLF HUNTERS outside. They threaten each other and Chris comes off worse in the verbal abuse until this:

CHRIS: How about didn’t anyone tell you not to bring claws to a gunfight?

The WEREWOLF HUNTERS all put their guns up and start shooting at Derek and Boyd instead of saving their ammunition for the invulnerable lizard that they’ll be dealing with soon.

Gonna settle things with this much smaller threat before remembering we have a seemingly invulnerable enemy inside.

Gonna settle things with this much smaller threat before remembering we have a seemingly invulnerable enemy inside.

Jackson walks through the party in his Kanima coma, his eyes on Kara (the ticket seller). Erica comes up to distract him and she, Jackson, and Isaac have a sexy romp on the dance floor while the parkour/shooting match rages outside.

Gunshots? What gunshots? Can't hear 'em over the sound of our public threesome.

Gunshots? What gunshots? Can’t hear ’em over the sound of our public threesome.

Isaac tries to inject Jackson in the neck but Jackson is on to it. He sinks his claws into Erica and Isaac and says, in a creepy voice that I assume is supposed to be coming from his master, ‘He belongs to me.’

The needle drops on the floor and Jackson goes on moving towards Kara.

Outside, Stiles is out of mountain ash and he hasn’t surrounded the entire building.

Apparently Jackson’s claws didn’t paralyse Erica and Isaac because Isaac crawls to the needle and snatches it up before it’s crushed beneath the crowd’s feet. He manages to inject it in Jackson’s neck.

Scott leaves the warehouse and is run over by a car. A car driven by Mama Argent. That’s what happens when you kiss your FORBIDDEN LOVER in an empty classroom without making sure you’re unsupervised.

Stiles has no idea what to do about the mountain ash and Scott, having just been run over by his girlfriend’s mother, is not answering his phone. Stiles gives himself a pep talk and tries to imagine the ash filling up the gap. He sees a car with a bumper sticker about imagination (OH, IT’S MR HARRIS’S CAR. WHAT?) He takes a few steps with his eyes closed and suddenly the gap is filled.

Scott wakes up in an empty warehouse. Mama Argent is setting wolfsbane in a vaporiser to slowly kill Scott.

I feel like a more sane person would've dealt with FORBIDDEN LOVE just a bit differently.

I feel like a more sane person would’ve dealt with FORBIDDEN LOVE just a bit differently.

Stiles finds Erica and Isaac in the empty room of the warehouse where they’re keeping Jackson. Jackson may be unconscious but he’s not completely invulnerable. Isaac tries to cut him with his claws and Jackson’s hand shoots up to twist Isaac’s arm until he backs off.

You are not permitted to touch.

You are not permitted to touch.

Suddenly, Jackson’s eyes pop open and he speaks with that same distorted voice.

JACKSON: I’m here. I’m right here with you.

Mama Argent has apparently thought this through pretty well. She’s set this up so it’ll look like Scott had an asthma attack. He tries to crawl away and she kicks him down.

In the club, Allison texts her dad to say she can’t find Jackson. Matt is not loving that she’s not paying close enough attention and he asks if she wants to move closer to the DJ. As they move, they bump into a glasses-less Mr Harris, who’s with a younger girl. He claims that she’s 21 and tows her away.

Derek and Boyd are not looking good. The bullets are laced with wolfsbane. Derek tells Boyd to take the car and leave; Derek still has to find Scott.

But Derek, I hardly ever get any screen time!

But Derek, I hardly ever get any screen time!

Stiles continues the conversation/séance with Jackson. Jackson confirms that ‘we’ (the master and Jackson) are the ones killing murderers and all of his victims deserved it.

Maybe don't sit so close, Stiles.

Maybe don’t sit so close, Stiles.

STILES: Well, who did they murder?


STILES: Wait, what? What do you mean?

JACKSON: They murdered me.

Jackson’s eyes start going reptilian and Stiles, Isaac, and Erica back up.

Outside, Gerard sees the barrier of mountain ash.

Mama Argent is still suffocating Scott.

Allison and Matt are chatting and Matt leans in to kiss Allison. She pulls away and Matt apologises. Allison excuses herself to make a call.

Sorry, Matt. I only go for guys with uneven jawlines.

Jackson is starting to wake up and is half-transformed into the Kanima. He needs more ketamine but there’s no more. Isaac used the whole bottle.

Good morning, Starshine. The Earth says, 'Hello!'

Good morning, Starshine. The Earth says, ‘Hello!’

They run outside and try to barricade the door but Jackson just bursts through the wall instead.

Don't even bother barricading doors, guys. It never works in this show.

Don’t even bother barricading doors, guys. It never works in this show.

We’re back with Kara. Jackson, in full Kanima mode, pops up and rips her throat open. She drops to the ground, splattering blood everywhere but no one seems to notice.

No time to be surprised at the giant lizard. You're already dead.

No time to be surprised by the giant lizard. You’re already dead.

Stiles runs outside and meets Derek, telling him they lost Jackson. Isaac and Erica can’t leave the perimeter of the warehouse because of the mountain ash barrier so at least that’s working.

Mama Argent keeps monologuing as Scott dies.

MAMA ARGENT: Alpha, Beta … but what are you, Scott? Omega. Don’t you know the lone wolf never survives without a pack? I’ve heard the cry of an Omega. It’s a miserable sound. The howl of a lone wolf.

SCOTT: I’m not.

Didn’t do your research on that, did you, Mama Argent? Scott joined with Derek’s pack to help them fight the Kanima. He howls and Derek hears him.

Derek, I'm being suffocated by a vaporiser. Pls respond.

Derek, I’m being suffocated by a vaporiser. Pls respond.

Derek tells Stiles to break the mountain ash barrier because Scott’s dying. Stiles does and Derek runs in to the warehouse. Scott mutters to tell Allison that he’s sorry but I really doubt Mama Argent’s going to be passing on that message.

Derek finds Scott and Mama Argent stabs him in the back. They wrestle with each other. Derek may have bitten her (it’s hard to tell with the strobe lighting). She leaves and Derek drags Scott out of the room.

Allison runs out of the warehouse and into Gerard.

ALLISON: It didn’t work. None of it. None of it worked.

GERARD: Oh, I wouldn’t say that. In fact, I’d say the prognosis isn’t nearly as dire as it seems. Not nearly.

What the fuck, man?

Sheriff (okay, Papa Stilinski. He’s not the sheriff right now) arrives at the warehouse/crime scene. I’m not entirely sure why an attorney needs to be at a murder scene but Mr Whittemore’s there. He asks Papa Stilinski if it’s a good idea for him to be here.

SHERIFF: I just want to know her name.

MR WHITTEMORE: It was Kara. Kara Simmons.

Her name isn’t on the list of names from Mr Harris’s class.

Don't be sad face. She was still in the yearbook.

Don’t be sad face.

But we DID see her in the yearbook, which means that she’s linked to this somehow.

At the animal clinic, Derek watches as Deaton treats Scott, who’s looking out of it but alive.

We've got to stop meeting like this.

We’ve got to stop meeting like this.

Derek thanks him and Deaton walks out to the front desk of the clinic to find the guidance counsellor (Ms Morrell) sitting in the dark and waiting for him. She showed up in the middle of the night to basically tell him that he’s an idiot for leaving ‘all of this’ up to some kids. Apparently something bad is coming to Beacon Hills (for a change) but Deaton isn’t saying anything because ‘they’ve got enough to worry about’.

Beacon Hills High School now offers after-hours counselling services.

Back at the warehouse, Mama Argent stumbles towards Chris. She collapses in his arms and he sees the werewolf bite on her shoulder. I don’t know what the WEREWOLF HUNTER code dictates but it doesn’t seem like this is going to end well.

Just a flesh wound.

No big deal. Just a flesh wound.



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