Book Photo Challenge Day 22 - Reading next/out of print.

I’ve been using my book jar to dictate my next read for a few months now, but sometimes I take a break to read something new. After I finish reading City of Heavenly Fire, I’ll be moving on to The Fault in Our Stars. Hopefully I can get through it before the movie goes out of cinemas.

I didn’t think I had any out of print books in my collection. Well, that’s not true. I knew that I probably did, I just wasn’t sure what they were. So I had a look for books that I hadn’t seen in stores in a while and remembered the Jewel Kingdom books from my childhood. I used to play Jewel Princesses with my sister and our friends when we lived in Fiji and to us those books were timeless classics. Apparently not to everyone, since it’s near impossible to find new copies online to fill the holes in my collection. I’ve seen a couple of these at Lifeline Bookfest before. Now that I know they’re out of print, I’ll probably snatch them up if I see them again.

Read more about my June Book Photo Challenge here.


Book Photo Challenge Day 22 – Reading next/out of print

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