Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 2: 117

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Once upon a time, Derek Hale was a teenager who just wanted to play in his high school basketball finals. But he was having trouble controlling his shift. Young Peter Hale finds Derek in the locker room and tells him that even born wolves need to learn control on a full moon.

Basketball isn't even a real contact game, Derek. People are going to notice if you suddenly start attacking people.

Basketball isn’t even a real contact sport, Derek. People are going to notice if you suddenly start attacking people.

Derek protests that it’s supposed to be easier for them so why does it hurt like this? Peter asks if he brought ‘it’. ‘It’ is a little medallion with a triskele on it.

Yes, Peter. I have the plot point.

Yes, Peter. I have the plot point.

Derek says that it’s not working but Peter tells him to do it anyway. Derek holds the medallion in his hands and repeats, ‘Alpha, Beta, Omega’ again and again as his eyes glow and his fangs appear.

This photo really makes me worry what happens to teen wolves who have braces.

This photo really makes me worry what happens to teen wolves who have braces.

He flings his arms open and screams.

Back in present day, it’s pouring rain. The petrol station attendant sees a car parked outside with its doors open and hazard lights blinking. Then he hears a noise from the restrooms. To be honest, I thought the sound was the TARDIS at first.

It’s not the TARDIS. It’s Kate Argent, who’s having trouble with her own shift. The TARDIS sound is actually her weird werejaguar noises. The attendant, thinking she’s on drugs, keeps banging on the door and telling her to come out. Kate keeps telling him to back off.

Eventually, he tries to open the door with his own key and sees Kate’s werejaguar face. She lunges at him.

Aren't you glad you opened the door, buddy?

Aren’t you glad you opened the door, buddy?


The McCall pack is back in Beacon Hills. After dropping off Kira and Malia (I mean, I guess they did. The girls aren’t with them), Scott, Stiles, and Lydia take an unconscious Baby Derek to the animal clinic where vet man Deaton is waiting. Deaton clears the examination table and takes a look at Derek. All he can say is, ‘Wow.’ Thanks, man.

Lydia takes Derek’s hand and says that he’s really cold. Deaton starts a proper examination on Derek but basically says that he has no clue what’s going on or whether it’s permanent.

I can see that he has eyeballs. That's about the extent of my knowledge.

I can see that he has eyeballs. That’s about the extent of my knowledge.

Deaton says they should wait until Derek wakes up. Until then, Derek can stay at the animal clinic where he should be protected from Kate by the ash wood that Deaton has used around the building.

LYDIA: Why would she want to do this to him?

DEATON: Knowing Kate, it’s probably for a reason that won’t be any good for anyone but her.

STILES: And bad for everyone else.

Um, yep. That’s pretty much exactly what Deaton was implying, Stiles, but thanks for clarifying.

Since Derek doesn’t look to be in any immediate danger and it’s a school night, Deaton tells them to go home and get some rest. Lydia offers to stay and keep watch over Derek; her grades are fine despite missing a few classes (plus, Derek is still gripping Lydia’s hand while he’s unconscious). Stiles isn’t happy with the situation but Scott drags him out of the clinic.

Scott sneaks into his house. Buckets and pots catch drips from the leaking roof. Scott uses his werewolf agility to trip over a toolbox, waking up Mr McCall, who’s sleeping on the couch. Scott tells his dad that it’s midnight, hiding a clock that clearly reads 4 am. Apparently there’s a new deal between Scott and his dad; whenever Mama McCall has a night shift, the two of them have dinner. Scott says he went to work at the animal clinic after getting back from his camping trip. They make plans for dinner the next night instead.

The next morning, Lydia wakes up in a chair at the animal clinic. Deaton is examining Derek again and says that his heart rate is alarmingly high. Lydia gets up to take Derek’s hand and says that he’s a lot warmer now. Deaton tells Lydia to keep holding his hand while he uses a scalpel to cut along Derek’s arm. The incision heals almost as soon as it’s made, which is unusually fast for a werewolf. Deaton isn’t sure what it means but he wants to run some more tests.

As Deaton and Lydia start setting up, Derek pulls out his claws and sits up. His eyes glow blue and when we see Lydia and Deaton through Derek’s eyes, they look demonic.

Trust us. We swear we're not Satan.

Trust us. We swear we’re not Satan.

They try to calm him down but Derek is freaked and lashes out, raking his claws across Deaton’s arm. He runs out of the clinic.

Before school, Stiles tells Scott about his new sleeping arrangements. Five nights a week, Stiles wakes up at 2 am to find that Malia has crept into his bed.

SCOTT: And then what happens?


He lifts up the back of his shirt to show Scott something. From their faces, it doesn’t look too healthy so I’m assuming it’s scratches or something.

STILES: After that we spent the rest of the night spooning.

SCOTT: Well, that sounds okay.

STILES: Yeah, but I’m always the little spoon. Always.

SCOTT: Well, this means you guys are together, right? You’re dating?

Stiles doesn’t answer the question. He says that he thinks Malia knows that Stiles is keeping something from her—which he is. No one’s told Malia that Peter Hale is her biological father yet. Scott says that he’ll tell her but he doesn’t know how.

In History, Mr Yukimura (Kira’s dad) is talking about some of America’s greatest leaders.

MR YUKIMURA: One you’ll recognise from last night’s reading failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, was defeated for both houses of congress, and lost as Vice President before he was finally elected as one of the greatest presidents that this country has ever seen. Who was he?

A few people raise their hands, including Stiles and Kira. Mr Yukimura instead calls on Malia, who has a highlighter stuffed in her mouth and looks like she might be colouring in her book.

So I guess high school doesn't have a colouring class?

So I guess high school doesn’t have a colouring class?

Everyone turns to look at her and she looks at Scott and Stiles with panic. She has no idea what the answer is, probably because the last time she was in school was nearly a decade ago and she shouldn’t be in this grade because it’s too advanced for her. But who cares about logic, right?

Scott’s phone starts ringing and Mr Yukimura tells him to turn it off.

Stiles tries to mouth the answer to Malia and Mr Yukimura gives her a few more hints. Malia starts leafing through her textbook. Kira waves her hand more frantically in the air. Stiles’s phone goes off next and Mr Yukimura tells everyone to turn their phones off.

Malia is still looking through her textbook and Mr Yukimura gives up on her, asking if anyone else knows the answer. Everyone in the class, save Scott and Stiles (who probably don’t want Malia to feel any worse), put their hands up.

Malia shrinks down in her seat in embarrassment and another phone goes off, making Mr Yukimura yell in annoyance.

KIRA: Dad, that was yours.

Mr Yukimura checks the message on his phone and tells Scott to call Lydia.

At the animal clinic, Lydia is expertly bandaging Deaton’s arm as they fill in Scott and Stiles. Deaton thinks that Derek isn’t just younger in his body; he’s younger in his mind as well. He didn’t recognise Lydia or Deaton and looked like he was scared out of his mind.

Scott says that a wolf goes back to its den when it’s scared but Derek lives in the loft now. Stiles points out that, as a teenager, Derek wouldn’t have any memory of the loft.

LYDIA: The Hale house.

DEATON: He wouldn’t remember the fire. It wouldn’t have happened yet.

Seeing the charred ruins of your family’s house isn’t the best way to find out that most of them died in a fire but that’s exactly what happens to Derek. He rips apart a fence around the house. The Hale house has been demolished since we last saw it and all that’s left is some burnt wood and some of the brick foundations.

It's okay, Derek. You've lived in similar conditions as an adult and seemed fine with it.

It’s okay, Derek. You’ve lived in similar conditions as an adult and seemed fine with it.

Back at the animal clinic, Lydia points out that telling Derek his whole family is dead may not go down too well. Stiles agrees, saying that they should wait until they figure out how to get Baby Derek back to Regular Derek. Scott says they can’t lie to Derek; as a werewolf, Derek can hear a heartbeat rising and can tell when someone’s lying.

SCOTT: When we find him, we tell him the truth.

DEATON: If he gets to the house first, you won’t have to.

Derek is crouched beside the remains of his house when two deputies show up. One of them is Deputy Cutie-Pie Parrish, who is kind and polite when he tells Derek that he can’t be here. The other deputy is a douchebag. Derek insists that this is his house and he wants to know where his mother is. Deputy Douchebag tries to manhandle him and Derek grabs his arm, twisting it.

Deputy Parrish tells Derek to calm down. Deputy Douchebag pulls out a Taser and Tasers Derek in the stomach despite being told to stand down.

Tasering youths is my favourite part of the job.

Tasering youths is my favourite part of the job.

Derek ends up at the sheriff station in handcuffs. Deputy Parrish lets him out of the handcuffs, hoping that Derek will help them figure out what happened to his family. Derek nods and Parrish takes the cuffs off.

Deputy Douchebag calls Parrish over. He’s run Baby Derek’s fingerprints eight times and keeps coming up with a picture of Regular Derek. The date of birth is absent from his file (damn it) but his middle initial is S. I assume that stands for Sexbomb or something exotic like … Stephen. Also absent from the file is the lens flare that plagued Derek’s old mugshots. Continuity? What continuity?

A clear mugshot like this probably would've helped back in season 1 when you couldn't ID him properly.

A clear mugshot like this probably would’ve helped back in season 1 when you couldn’t ID him properly.

Sheriff Stilinski (Stiles’s dad) walks over when he hears the name ‘Derek Hale’. He looks between the mugshot and Baby Derek, astonished. Derek just seems confused.

Turn your glowing eyes on, kid. I want to see if this is a supernatural problem.

Turn your glowing eyes on, kid. I want to see if this is a supernatural problem.

Scott and Stiles burst into the station and Sheriff takes them into his office.

SHERIFF: I want you to be honest with me. Absolutely and completely honest. Have you been time travelling?

STILES: Hang on. What?

SHERIFF: Because if time travelling is real, you know what? I’m done. I’m out. You’re going to be driving me to Eichen House.

SCOTT: We found him like that.

SHERIFF: Where? Swimming in the Fountain of Youth?

STILES: No. We found him buried in a tomb of wolfsbane in an Aztec temple in the middle of Mexico, underneath a church in the middle of a town that was destroyed by an earthquake.

SHERIFF: You told me you were camping.

STILES: Yeah, we were. It was in Mexico.

Sheriff is enraged and Scott quickly brings the conversation back to the current supernatural problem and says they need to talk to Derek.

Derek is brought into the sheriff’s office and Sheriff stands outside, not comfortable with being too involved with the supernatural talks. Stiles sits on the desk and looks through his dad’s mail. He sees a letter from Eichen House (the mental health facility Stiles hung out at last season) marked as a second notice.

Scott shows Derek his red Alpha eyes but Derek is still unsure. Stiles tells him that he needs to stop attacking people, especially cops. Derek assures them that he’ll be fine as long as it’s not on a full moon. He wants to know where his family is.

Scott can’t tell the horrible truth when Derek turns on puppy dog eyes.

Not the puppy dog eyes. Anything but the puppy dog eyes.

Not the puppy dog eyes. Anything but the puppy dog eyes.

Instead, he says that they’re fine and they just had to leave Beacon Hills; he can be reunited with his family once they figure out how to restore his memory. Baby Derek is either no good at the lie detector trick or he’s so desperate to hear that his family is safe that he’s willing to believe anything. Derek finally agrees.

While Derek is signing papers for his release, Scott chats to Stiles about the fact that he just lied. He should be right within Derek’s hearing range but Baby Derek also seems not to have mastered his hearing.

Don't question the science of wolf hearing, Stiles. You won't understand it.

Don’t question the science of wolf hearing, Stiles. You won’t understand it.

STILES: You saved him a tonne of unnecessary pain. We figure this out in a day or two, he goes back to being old Derek, everyone’s happy. Except for Derek, who’s never happy.

Scott reluctantly agrees and tells Stiles to take Derek to Casa McCall. Scott is going to go talk to the guy they should’ve gone to before—aka Peter Hale.

Lydia and Kira pull up at the petrol station. Kira gets off the phone and relays the plan to Lydia. The two of them are supposed to meet Stiles and Scott’s house.

LYDIA: That sounds like a horrible plan. Oh, we’ve had worse.

Why do we let them make the plans? We should never leave them unsupervised.

Why do we let them make the plans? We should never leave them unsupervised.

Speaking of horrible plans, Kira brings up the electrifying incident in Mexico.

KIRA: I guess what I’m trying to ask is if my hand was on the dial connected to you and I had to turn it up to 10—

LYDIA: Would I be angry?

KIRA: Yeah.

LYDIA: No. Because I know you had no choice. Exactly like Scott knows. And if you’re worried about him, just remember that you’re a katana-wielding badass kitsune and he couldn’t be more into you.

Lydia gets out to fill up the car and tells Kira to grab a card. As Kira sorts through multiple cards, wondering whether or not Lydia has good credit, she notices that Lydia actually has a full tank. When she looks around, Lydia is gone.

Kira gets out of the car and sees Lydia standing near the entrance to the bathrooms, despondent.

LYDIA: Don’t look.

Kira looks anyway and is horrified.

I immediately regret ignoring your advice.

The bathroom is covered in blood and gore. The attendant from last night is lying on the floor, dead. I’m not sure why no one has come across him yet since I’m pretty sure it’s the afternoon by now and surely someone had to use the bathroom or something. But, once again, logic has taken a break from Beacon Hills.

Who even works at this petrol station? Did none of the other staff realise this dude was missing?

Who even works at this petrol station? Did none of the other staff realise this dude was missing?

Scott arrives at Peter’s place and finds Malia waiting for him. She’s much more confident as a predator than she is as a teenage girl.

MALIA: I heard you were coming to talk to Peter and, since Lydia tells me he’s basically Satan in a V-neck, I figure you shouldn’t be alone.

SCOTT: I can handle Peter.

MALIA: You can handle him better with me.

Stiles lets himself and Derek into Casa McCall, saying that they’re going to sit there and wait for Scott quietly. They’re not going to call or talk to anyone … which would work a lot better if Mr McCall hadn’t just arrived with dinner for himself and Scott. Since everyone’s waiting for Scott, Mr McCall offers them some of the extra food. Stiles introduces Derek as his cousin Miguel from Mexico. Mr McCall says something in Spanish and Derek responds fluently. Stiles, who can barely control Derek in one language, looks like he’s about to have a heart attack but joins them for dinner.

Scott and Malia walk in to Peter’s place. Or is it Derek’s loft? I’m confused. It all looks the same when it’s dark and moody. Malia notices that Scott’s heart is pounding like crazy. Peter, who’s sitting on a couch and reading, says that Scott is bad at introductions. Scott introduces Peter to Malia. Malia still has no idea that this is her biological father but Peter drops his book and stares at her in fascination.

PETER: Beautiful eyes. Did you get them from your father?

MALIA: Mother.

PETER: Interesting. Anyway, I’m sure they told you a lot about me.

MALIA: The homicidal killing spree came up.

PETER: Well, we’re all works in progress.

Malia suggests that Peter make sure that the victims of his next killing spree stay dead. Scott asks Peter what he knows about being turned by a scratch. Thinking that Scott scratched someone, Peter tells him not to worry about it. It’s possible but the claws have to go pretty deep and it’s beyond rare. As he’s talking, Peter finally seems to realise what they’re suggesting.

Mr McCall, Stiles, and Derek dig into the Chinese food. Mr McCall asks about Derek’s last name.

STILES: It’s Juarez-Cinqua-Diago.

MR McCALL: That’s a mouthful. How do you spell that?

STILES: Phonetically.

Well, having dinner with you two is almost as confusing as having dinner with my son so I'm fine.

Well, having dinner with you two is almost as confusing as having dinner with my son so I’m fine.

Derek notices Mr McCall’s FBI badge and asks him if he’s ever investigated murders or fires. Stiles tries to interrupt but everyone ignores him. Derek asks if Mr McCall knows anything about the Hale family.

Back at Peter’s place, he’s been filled in on the goss and he’s not happy about it.

PETER: Can’t someone in this town stay dead?

MALIA: I think they were hoping you would.

Quiet, Malia. Daddy's thinking.

Quiet, Malia. Daddy’s thinking.

Scott asks if Peter knows why Kate would turn Derek into a teenager. When Scott says that Derek’s eyes are blue, Peter thinks that he might have been aged back to when he first met Kate.

SCOTT: Derek and Kate knew each other?

PETER: Biblically. That’s right, Scott. You weren’t the first wolf to climb into a Hunter’s bed.

Apparently filled in on the Hale fire, Derek slams Stiles up against a wall and demands to speak to Scott. Stiles says that he’ll call him and tells Derek to stay in Scott’s room.

Peter puzzles through the facts. If Derek doesn’t remember the Hale fire then he doesn’t remember that Kate was the one who set it. Kate took him back to the age when Derek still knew and trusted her.

Kate shows up at the McCall house. Derek immediately recognises her and Kate sidles up to him, looking flirty.

I came back from the dead to commit statutory rape. Just go with it.

I came back from the dead to commit statutory rape. Just go with it.

Stiles walks back upstairs, on the phone to Scott. He assures Scott that Derek’s fine. He walks into Soctt’s bedroom and sees Kate jumping out the window.

Peter and Malia are ready to run off and save Derek. All they need is a scent to track him down. Scott says that if they want to get ahead of her, they need to work out where she’s going. Since none of them is a genius, Scott suggests calling one.

Lydia is still hanging out in the petrol station bathroom with Kira and the dead body. She’s called Sheriff Stilinski and the police are on their way. In the meantime, she takes pictures of the crime scene and texts them to Scott.

LYDIA: To be honest, I have a 4.0 in AP Biology and there are parts of the human anatomy I have never seen before on these walls.

There’s some excellent product placement for Samsung here.

Watch carefully as I demonstrate all the nifty functions.

Watch carefully as I demonstrate all the nifty functions.

Seeing the photos, Peter thinks that the murder was an accident; it was done in frenzy and it seems like Kate can’t control her shift. Scott confirms that Baby Derek has the same problem on the full moon. If they’re both still learning to control the shift then Kate must want something from Baby Derek. Peter guesses that Kate wants the triskelion (the medallion thing Derek was chanting to in flashback).

Kate and Derek walk through Beacon Hills High School at night. Derek is suddenly worried about showing the vault to someone outside his family. Kate says that he told her about the vault and he doesn’t remember. She makes out with him (statutory rape warning) and then reminds him of the plan.



KATE: We get inside the vault, we get the triskelion, and then everything goes back to normal.

DEREK: That’s all you want?

KATE: That’s all we need. But right now we have to get inside that vault.

Apparently the sign for Beacon Hills High School was annoyingly built on top of the Hale family fault. Derek inserts his wolf claws into a symbol on the side of the sign.

That tickles.

That tickles.

The sign swings away to reveal a set of stairs leading underground.

This is the real reason Derek Hale keeps lurking around the school after graduating.

This is the real reason Derek Hale keeps lurking around the school after graduating.

Kate and Derek descend the stairs. Kate heads for the big safe in the middle of the vault.

Scott, Malia, and Peter run through the high school when Malia suddenly catches a familiar scent. It’s the one she smelt in Mexico; the one that smells like death. If the creature didn’t follow them here then maybe Kate brought them with her.

There’s a creepy growling and Peter recognises it. He asks if the thing from Mexico was a human wearing an animal skull over its face. Malia thinks it was.

PETER: Berserkers.

A berserker walks towards them. It looks terrifying.

I had to walk all the way from Mexico. That's why I smell like death.

I had to walk all the way from Mexico. That’s why I smell like death.

Malia starts to run forward and attack it. Peter grabs her arm. If there’s only one berserker then they have a chance to survive. Peter runs away, no longer keen on the protective parent role. Scott and Malia wisely run away as well and the berserker gives chase.

Derek warns Kate away from the big safe and shows her a smaller box containing the triskelion.

Outside, Scott and Malia run for their lives. Another berserker appears and sends them running up a flight of stairs. Peter is nowhere to be seen. One of the berserkers appears at the top of the stairs, blocking their escape.

Kate takes the triskelion from Derek, commenting that it doesn’t look like much. Peter enters the vault ominously.

PETER: It’s quite the elaborate scheme you have here, Kate. Two countries, Aztec temples, Derek returned to a teenager. One that trusted you—one that loved you. All this complication just to gain access to our vault. Just to get your hands on that little piece of junk. Turn it over, go ahead. There’s a scrape on the back where it used to say, ‘Made in China’.

KATE: You’re lying.

Peter isn’t lying; the pendant was just something physical for young wolves to concentrate on while they controlled their change. Peter’s monologue is interrupted by the sound of Scott’s Alpha roar. Scott is parkouring like crazy but he and Malia are still getting their butts handed to them.

You can't even out my jawline like that. I've already tried.

You can’t even out my jawline like that. I’ve already tried.

In the vault, Kate grabs Derek and demands to know whether the triskelion is real. Derek doesn’t care whether it’s real; he wants to go help Scott. He shrugs her off and runs out of the vault.

Lydia and Stiles arrive at the school. Stiles is armed with his trusty baseball bat.

LYDIA: You seriously need to find something better than a baseball bat.

Tough talk for someone who’s carrying nothing but good fashion sense and a sassy attitude, Lydia.

All you can do is scream at people.

All you can do is scream at people.

Malia backs away from the berserkers, nursing a wound on her leg. Scott is thrown towards her. Kira runs up with her katana and starts making the berserkers back off. It’s going pretty well for about five seconds. Then she gets cocky and smiles back at Scott. A berserker backhands Kira and she lands next to Scott, who’s bleeding from the nose and mouth.

Which teen shall we kill first? Eenie, meenie, miney, mo.

Which teen shall we kill first? Eenie, meenie, miney, mo.

Peter continues his monologue with Kate in the dungeon. When the triskelion wasn’t helping Derek with his shift, Peter taught him to concentrate on his emotion instead. That’s why Derek’s anchor is now rage; it’s what keeps him in control.

One of the basic rules in a monologue-off: opponents must circle each other in a secret underground cavern.

One of the basic rules in a monologue-off: opponents must circle each other in a secret underground cavern.

PETER: So you want to learn to control it? You want to get angry, Kate? Let’s get angry!

They both whip out their claws, teeth, and glowing eyeballs. They’re rudely interrupted when two smoke bomb things get dropped into the vault, blinding both of them. Kate manages to run out of the vault but Peter can hardly move.

Derek runs up to the berserkers and starts doing some serious parkour/breakdancing. Weird things are happening with Baby Derek’s face. He seems to be turning back into Regular Derek for a few seconds at a time.

This is like one of those creepy programs where you mush faces together to find out what your future children will look like.

This is like one of those creepy programs where you mush faces together to find out what your future children will look like.

Scott, Malia, and Kira just lounge about on the ground, taking their time to recover instead of getting up to help Derek. Eventually the berserkers run off at the sight of his face (or maybe for some other reason).

We can't fight someone with facial hair!

We can’t fight someone with facial hair!

Down in the vault, Peter is on the ground and half blind. Someone in a suit walks past him and opens up the safe in the middle of the vault and takes out a briefcase. Then the person walks away, ignoring Peter’s pleas to wait. Peter crawls towards the safe and finds it empty.

Derek is officially back to Regular Derek and I feel so much more comfortable being attracted to him. Also, his eyes are yellow now. Why are they yellow? What just happened?

I’m back to normal now. Only I’ve somehow tricked my eyeballs into forgetting about the death of my innocent high school girlfriend.

Lydia and Stiles find Peter in the Hale vault, muttering that it was never about the triskelion. They took bearer bonds from Peter while he was blind.

STILES: Bearer bonds? Hold on. Hold on a second. Are you saying you got robbed?

PETER: This was a heist. Somebody planned this.

LYDIA: How much did they take?

PETER: 117.

STILES: Thousand?

PETER: Million.

Now I'll have to get a day job like a peasant.

Now I’ll have to get a day job like a peasant.

OH, REALLY? You’re saying that Derek just had access to $117 million and he was living in a dirty house and then in a subway cubby? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, DEREK HALE?



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