Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 3: Fireflies

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A little boy (Billy) catches a firefly in a jar. Billy’s sister tells him that he should’ve put holes in the lid if he didn’t want it to die. Billy lets his firefly go and immediately tries to catch another one because he’s too stupid young to realise there are still no holes in the lid. He lets the fireflies go when he sees Boyd in wolf mode, ready to kill.

Welcome to your recurring nightmare for the next decade, Billy.

Welcome to your recurring nightmare for the next decade, Billy.

Billy runs back to his sister and grabs her hand. She drops her jar of fireflies and together they run for a little tin shed that looks like it could be taken out by a strong gust of wind. Boyd walks around the outside and then lifts the entire shed off the ground. Suddenly, the jar of fireflies rolls towards Boyd and the fireflies attack his face. When he looks up, the kids are gone.

Derek is on the phone to Scott. Apparently Scott was supposed to be tailing Boyd but he had to lose him in order to get the kids away from him. Scott tells Derek that Boyd is too fast and strong for one person to handle; they need to take him down together. Scott agrees to meet Derek at the entrance to the Beacon Hills Preserve after he takes the kids home.


Now, remember tonight's lesson: never go outside during a full moon in Beacon Hills.

Now, remember tonight’s lesson: never go outside during a full moon in Beacon Hills.


Lydia is in bed. She’s stopped screaming like a lunatic but she seems to have a headache and goes to the store to get some more ibuprofen.

Derek and Scott parkour through the preserve together and find a boot print in the mud. It looks like Boyd and Cora have decided to stick together as well. Scott tells Derek about the kids that he saved from Boyd. Derek says they’ll rip apart everyone and anyone they find.

Lydia pulls up at the store … which is not a store and is actually a public swimming pool.

You guys still sell ibuprofen, right?

You guys still sell ibuprofen, right?

She seems confused as to why she’s there and then sees a body floating in the pool. She walks towards it, saying, ‘Please don’t be dead’ over and over. When she turns the body over, she sees it’s just a dummy, probably for CPR or something.

Once I was a wooden boy.

Once I was a wooden boy.

She looks down at her hands and realises they’re caked in blood—blood coming from the actual very dead body sitting in the lifeguard tower with its throat slashed. Lydia screams.

Dead guy on duty.

Dead guy on duty.

Allison sits in her car and relives the conversation that she had with Scott at the bank between this episode and last. In HAZY FLASHBACK, Scott finally told her why Mama Argent was bitten (because she tried to kill him). Scott says he couldn’t tell her. He couldn’t let that be the last memory that she had of her mother.

I have conflicted emotions about your omission right now, Scott.

I have conflicted emotions about your omission right now, Scott.

Derek returns, holding Erica’s body and putting an end to the conversation.

Sorry to interrupt but this is my dead friend.

Sorry to interrupt but this is my dead friend.

Back in her car, Allison opens the glove box and pulls out an arrow head.

Shiny weaponry.

Shiny weaponry.

Make way for some adorable teen lesbians who are out camping in the woods for the night. It seems like they’re about to have sex for the first time so I really hope that they don’t get killed by rampaging werewolves.

Go talk to Billy and his sister about tonight's lesson. The full moon is not romantic in this town.

Go talk to Billy and his sister about tonight’s lesson. The full moon is not romantic in this town.

Suddenly their tent is crawling with bugs and one of the girls (Emily) runs out of the tent, screaming. She keeps running and ends up tripping over a rock.

Her girlfriend goes looking for her but Emily isn’t answering. That’s because she’s in another part of the woods, being covered by a swarm of insects who somehow spirit her away.

Her girlfriend goes back to the tent, still calling out. Cora appears in wolf form. Isaac rocks up, ready for a fight. Cora tosses him around pretty easily. Then Scott parkours into the fray and Derek shows up. Cora and Derek roar at each other. Cora runs off and Derek and Isaac give chase.

Scott stays behind long enough to tell the remaining teen lesbian to get out of the woods. He runs off after the others.

Stiles drives up to the public pool. Lydia is okay but shaken. Stiles pulls out his phone to call his dad.

How am I going to explain my presence at yet another crime scene?

How am I going to explain my presence at yet another crime scene?

LYDIA: I already called 911.

STILES: You called the police before you called me?

LYDIA: I’m supposed to call you first when I find a dead body?


Scott, Derek, and Isaac take a break from gallivanting through the woods so Scott can answer Stiles’s call about the dead body. Scott wants to make sure it was Boyd and/or Cora who killed this guy.

STILES: Scott, who else is going around ripping throats out?

He approaches the body and sees a purity ring on the guy’s finger. Maybe there is someone else ripping throats out.

Context clue.

Context clue.

Derek is reluctant to accept that Boyd and Cora murdered someone; the public pool’s on the other side of the woods and they can’t be moving that fast on foot. Scott says that they need help tracking them down. Derek points out they  have Isaac.

SCOTT: I mean real help.

Isaac looks offended. Scott points out that Boyd and Cora are too fast, strong, and rabid for the three of them. Isaac asks what they do if and when they catch them. They can’t hold them down until the sun comes up. Derek, looking upset, says maybe it would be easier to kill them. Scott’s not into that either. He wants to bring in someone who knows what they’re doing.


SCOTT: Someone who knows how to hunt werewolves.

The other teen lesbian (whose name is Caitlin) didn’t leave the woods like she was warned. Instead, she called the police. Sheriff and a female deputy arrive and ask her what happened.

You sound crazy but this is Beacon Hills so you fit right in.

You sound crazy but this is Beacon Hills so you fit right in.

She says they weren’t drinking but they split a tablet of ecstasy. Sheriff notes that MDMA can cause hallucinations and the tablet may have been laced with something. Surely seeing a girl with glowing eyes, fangs, and claws has to be a hallucination. Sheriff says they’ll take her to the hospital to find out what she took. Caitlin is still concerned about the three guys and the deputy says they’ll need better descriptions of them.

Sheriff wants to get an APB out on Emily and the other girl, as soon as they get a better descriptor than ‘claws and fangs’. Sheriff doesn’t know if he believes Caitlin’s tale but he believes she saw something.

DEPUTY: You mean someone.

No, sweetie. It’s Beacon Hills. He means something.

Chris Argent is trying to unlock his car when he drops a bag of groceries. By Murphy’s Law, it’s the bag containing eggs. He puts the rest of the groceries in the car and whips around, pointing a gun at Scott, who just appeared behind him.

Just pull guns on people in car parks, Chris. That'll get you so many friends.

Just pull guns on people in car parks, Chris. That’ll get you so many friends.

Derek and Isaac watch from a car, convinced that the plan isn’t going to work. Isaac brings up Derek’s sister. Derek gives him a look that says, ‘Don’t even think about it.’

ISAAC: Sorry. Yeah, it’s bad timing. I’m sorry. I’ll ask later. It’s fine.

Derek gives him another look.

ISAAC: Or never. Yeah, yeah. I’m good with never.

You haven’t even seen her yet, you scarf-wearing hormone.

Chris is still pointing his gun at Scott. He says he doesn’t care about anyone related to Derek and he doesn’t even know who Boyd is.

CHRIS: I don’t even know his last name.

SCOTT: Boyd is his last name.

CHRIS: What’s his first name?

SCOTT: Vernon. And, just curious, is there a reason the gun is still pointed at me?

CHRIS: There’s probably still some part of me that wants to shoot you.

SCOTT: I get that.

Chris puts the gun away and decides to let Scott in on his thought process. After watching his father brainwash his daughter, Chris is done. He watched the supernatural world decimate his own world. He’s lost his wife, his sister, and his father. Why would he ever step foot in the supernatural world again?

SCOTT: Because people are going to die. And because you know how to catch Boyd and Cora without killing them.

Chris says that he can’t help him. Scott makes a last-ditch appeal for a favour. Derek watches as Chris gestures to Scott. They get in Chris’s car and drive off. Derek follows them. Scott gets Chris to drive him over to the crime scene at the swimming pool. The boy’s parents cry over his body as it’s loaded into the back of an ambulance.

When in doubt, use someone's grief to your advantage.

When in doubt, use someone’s grief to your advantage.

The plan works. Chris wants to know where Scott last saw Boyd and Cora.

Chris gathers with Scott, Derek, and Isaac in the woods for some real talk. The boys have been trying to track Boyd and Cora by print. Chris tells them they’re wasting their time.

CHRIS: There’s only one creature on earth that can visually track footprints and that’s man. And if you’re not trained by me, you have no idea that this print is Boyd and these—

ISAAC:  Are Cora’s.

CHRIS: Nope. They’re yours. You trampled Cora’s as soon as you walked over here.

Since the three boys are using half their energy to resist giving in to their own animal urges and shifting, it puts them at a severe disadvantage. They should be focusing on their sense of smell. Actual wolves can track their prey up to 100 miles a day by scent. A trained hunter knows how to use scent to trap a wolf.

Somewhere in the woods, while Chris continues his WEREWOLF HUNTER monologue, Allison is tracking Boyd and Cora on her own. Which seems pretty stupid but I guess she’s determined to make up for letting them out in the first place. She pricks her wrist with a knife, drawing a tiny bit of blood.

Boys are busy talking shit. Allison is busy getting stuff done.

Boys are busy talking shit. Allison is busy getting stuff done.

She lets the blood drip onto a leaf. Elsewhere, Boyd immediately smells it. Allison sets a snare and pulls out a pair of infrared binocular-looking thingies.

Chris hands out infrared goggles to the boys, explaining that wolves have a higher heat signature and will be easy to spot using these. Derek passes on the goggles; he has his own Alpha infrared eyeballs. Chris has one last piece of advice: they’re not hunting wild animals; underneath all of that animal instinct, there are two intelligent human beings. However much their human side is suppressed, they can still call on it if they need. Their human intelligence is reminding them how to cover their tracks, mask their scent, and survive.

Boyd and Cora seem to be making a beeline for Allison’s trap while the boys are busy looking out over a green screen of the Beacon Hills skyline and getting some backstory on Cora. Derek hasn’t seen his sister in nine years; he thought she died in the Hale house fire.

We'll find the rampaging killers in a minute. First, adopt an impressive stance and stare into the distance.

We’ll find the rampaging killers in a minute. First, adopt an impressive stance and stare into the distance.

Chris says their problem is when Boyd and Cora breach the woods and hit the residential area (which they probably could’ve done in the time you guys have taken to walk around looking macho). Once they’re past the high school, Boyd and Cora will be in the middle of Beacon Hills.

Isaac echoes Scott’s earlier question about whether they’ll kill everything they see. Chris has a different answer than Derek’s.

CHRIS: No. But there is an important difference to recognise. Wolves hunt for food; at a certain point, they get full. Boyd and Cora are hunting for the pleasure of the kill. For some primal apex predatory satisfaction that comes from the ripping of warm bodies to bloody shreds and who knows when that need gets satiated?

Scott is still against killing them. Derek is still worried they can’t catch them. Chris suggests containing them in the high school. No one should be there at night and if they can find somewhere with a strong enough door and no windows or access to the outside then they should be fine. Isaac suggests the boiler room; it has just one big steel door.

CHRIS: You’re sure the school’s empty?

SCOTT: It has to be. There can’t be anyone there this late, right?


Fuck you boys and your stupidity because there IS someone there; Ms Blake, the new English teacher.

Wouldn't it be totally great if someone checked whether I was working late before locking me in here with killers?

Wouldn’t it be totally great if someone checked whether I was working late before locking me in here with killers?

Chris still isn’t done with his chit-chat. He now shows the boys some ultrasonic emitters, which will help drive the werewolves into a certain direction. The emitters let off high-pitched sounds only werewolves can hear. Chris looks at the emitter fondly as the boys cover their ears, wincing. He distributes the emitters. If placed correctly, they’ll help drive Boyd and Cora into the school. Once inside, it’s up to Scott, Derek, and Isaac to get them into the boiler room.

Are we finally done with the planning? 67 people could have been killed by now, you guys. I’m surprised the sun hasn’t come up at the very least.

Okay, we’re done. Isaac is running around the woods and placing the emitters.

Keep moving, Isaac. Don't get distracted by the shiny.

Keep moving, Isaac. Don’t get distracted by the shiny.

Chris is driving around in his car. Derek is throwing emitters at trees. Scott is parkouring over a school bus and Boyd and Cora look like they’re moving towards the school, exactly according to plan.

Lydia walks into her bedroom, trailed by Stiles, who’s carrying Lydia’s handbag.

LYDIA: You didn’t have to follow me home.

STILES: I just wanted to make sure you got in okay.

LYDIA: I had a police escort.

STILES: I know the inner workings of that force, all right? They’re not nearly as reliable as people think.

LYDIA: Well, you also didn’t have to follow me into my room.

Stiles doesn’t have an answer for that. He starts to leave. Lydia calls him out. She knows he’s been dying to ask her something; she can see it on his face.

LYDIA: The answer is I have no clue how I ended up finding that body. I didn’t even know where I was until I got out of the car.

The last time something like this happened, Lydia was being brainwashed by Peter Hale.

Peter Hale is busy showing up ominously where Derek is putting another ultrasonic emitter into place. He sees this exercise as futile and doesn’t plan on helping, even when Derek tells him that Cora is alive.

PETER: I heard.


PETER: Let’s throw the reunion party when she’s not an unstoppable killing machine.

Peter thinks the only way to stop Cora is by killing her, and that’s exactly what Deucalion wants. He wants Derek to kill all his Betas so that he’s alone. That way it’ll be easier to get Derek to join the Alpha pack. It was supposed to happen in the bank vault and not out in the open but those are minor details; the only difference is that Boyd and Cora will kill some innocent people first.

Derek is not okay with innocent people dying. He thinks he has a chance to catch Boyd and Cora before they kill anyone else.

PETER: Let Scott deal with it. Let him be the hero of his morally black and white world. The real survivors—you and I—we live in shades of grey. Then again, even if you did kill them, you’re still an Alpha. You can always make more werewolves.

At the rate your family comes back from the death, you'll have another relative pop up soon. Just forget about Cora.

At the rate your family comes back from the death, you’ll have another relative pop up soon. Just forget about Cora.

Stiles meets Mama McCall at the hospital. She wants to show him the body of the guy at the public pool; he hasn’t seen everything. In the morgue, Mama McCall points out the ligature mark around Public Pool Guy’s neck, which means that he was strangled with something like cord or rope. And strangling is not usually a werewolf’s MO. There’s also an indentation in the back of the guy’s head where someone hit him hard enough to kill him. The head trauma or the strangling could have killed this guy; someone wanted Public Pool Guy dead.

In my spare time, I perform autopsies.

In my spare time, I perform autopsies.

Stiles realises that it couldn’t have been Boyd or Cora; they wouldn’t have done all that when they could have just ripped the guy’s throat out. So maybe this body, this murder is just a random coincidence. Mama McCall doesn’t think it was just one murder; there’s another body in the morgue and that girl has the exact same injuries.

Scott and Isaac break open a door to the school and Chris sets off the last ultrasonic emitter. He points out a firefly to Scott and looks concerned; California fireflies aren’t bioluminescent (they don’t glow).  There’s no time to worry about glowing bugs because Cora and Boyd howl. They’re coming towards the school. Derek stands in one of the corridors, ready to grab them.

Isaac is somewhere outside when he hears growling behind him; Boyd and Cora have arrived right where he’s positioned. Chris drives at them, honking. Boyd and Cora politely run towards the school entrance where Derek is waiting with his claws out. Once they see him, they decide to go over the school instead and jump on the roof. So much for that plan.

In the morgue, Mama McCall pulls back the sheet on the other murder victim.

MAMA McCALL: The ME said this one wasn’t just strangled. Whoever did it used a garrotte, which is a stick that you put through the rope and you just kind of keep twisting.

She looks around to see Stiles tearing up. The girl on the table is Heather, his childhood friend.

I should probably be less cavalier about examining every dead body I come across.

I should probably be less cavalier about examining every dead body I come across.

Mama McCall pulls the sheet back over Heather’s face. Stiles mentions that he was at Heather’s birthday party and Mama McCall says they need to call Sheriff because Stiles is a witness.

It doesn’t look like Stiles heard her; he’s remembering Public Pool Guy’s purity ring and Heather’s desire to lose her virginity. Mama McCall tells him about the two girls from the woods. Caitlin was brought in for a tox screen and Mama McCall overheard someone talking about Emily’s disappearance. Stiles wants to talk to Caitlin; he thinks he knows what’s happening.

At the school, Derek runs off to open the rear doors. Chris pulls out a Taser, saying he’ll drive Boyd and Cora inside. Isaac, who’s faster, volunteers instead.

Yeah, well, none of you are as fast as Allison. She’s walking along the roof of a school bus and shooting arrows/fireworks at Boyd and Cora, driving them back to the school.

Once again, taking care of things while the boys stand around chatting.

Once again, taking care of things while the boys stand around chatting.

Isaac locks them inside and turns to look at Allison. Allison runs away.

Boyd and Cora are now in the school. Derek body slams his sister into a row of lockers and then throws her along the floor. Boyd turns back. Chris appears with Taser in hand. Scott jumps down some stairs. He and Derek run off, and Boyd and Cora give chase. Chris stops lighting up his Taser and watches everyone go.

Derek and Scott run for the boiler room and manage to lure Boyd and Cora inside. Derek and Scott blast fire extinguishers at them and lock them in the boiler room. Boyd and Cora bang on the door but they back off after a few tries. Scott and Derek look awestruck at the fact that their plan worked.

Then Scott puts his ear up to the door and listens. He can hear heartbeats.

DEREK: Both of them?

SCOTT: Actually, three of them.

That’s because Ms Blake is grabbing stationery supplies, which happen to be stored near the boiler room. She hears something and calls out like all stupid people do when they don’t realise they’re alone with killers.

I immediately regret working late.

I immediately regret working late.

At the hospital, Mama McCall sneaks Stiles in to see Caitlin. She tells Stiles that she’s been camping before; she knew what she was doing. She just wanted to have some romantic time alone with Emily. They’ve been together three months.

STILES: You wanted to make it romantic?

CAITLIN: Yeah. You know, because—

STILES: Because it was her first time.

CAITLIN: They’re gonna find her, right? Aren’t they?

Yep. Everything's going to be just fine. My fingers aren't even crossed or anything.

Yep. Everything’s going to be just fine. My fingers aren’t even crossed or anything.

No one tell her about the two dead virgins in the morgue. She looks miserable enough.

Back in the basement, Derek is getting ready to go into the boiler room. He tells Scott to close the door behind him and keep it shut.

SCOTT: You go in there alone and you’re either going to kill them or they kill you.

DEREK: That’s why I’m going in alone.

He runs into the room and Scott locks the door behind him.

Ms Blake is still holding her stationery and looking confused at the murderous growling she can hear. Cora and Boyd approach and they look terrifying. Is that enough of a hint for you, lady? Nope. She just stands there, frozen in fear until Derek arrives and shoves Boyd and Cora away. Then Ms Blake has the sense to shut the gate into the supply room and back away to hide.

This fragile wire will protect me.

This fragile wire will protect me.

Derek starts fighting Boyd and Cora. Scott listens from outside, not sure what to do. Derek lets out an Alpha roar. Chris and Isaac hear him and start running.

For a second, it looks like Derek has the upper hand. But Boyd and Cora don’t back down at the roar of an Alpha and Derek can’t bring himself to kill them. So they attack him instead, slicing into him and sending blood splattering everywhere. Derek stands still and takes it.

Isaac runs through the hall, looking for Scott as if it wasn’t Isaac’s plan to drive Boyd and Cora to the boiler room in the first place. A ray of sunlight falls across Isaac’s face.

Certain as the sun rising in the east.

Certain as the sun rising in the east.

He yells out to Scott, who hears and yanks open the basement door. He and Isaac find Derek kneeling on the ground, bloody and exhausted. On either side of him, Boyd and Cora are sprawled on the ground. I don’t know how he managed to fend them off but Derek’s alive and that’s all that matters right now.

Don't question it.

Don’t question it.

DEREK: There’s a teacher. I’ll take care of her. Get them out of here.

Scott and Isaac drag Boyd and Cora from the room. Derek approaches the supply area and opens the door. It wasn’t even locked or barricaded. Ms Blake takes Derek’s outstretched hand and he pulls her to her feet. He’s covered in blood and scratches and she doesn’t know that he’s not the one who was growling but he’s handsome so she doesn’t look too scared.

You might be coming to kill me but you're handsome. I'll go willingly.

You might be coming to kill me but you’re handsome. I’ll go willingly.

Later, Stiles shows Scott Heather’s body in the morgue. Scott realises that Boyd and Cora may not have killed anyone.

STILES: You’re gonna wish they did.


STILES: Well, I’m not exactly sure yet but the other girl who was out in the woods—Emily—eventually they’re going to find her. She’s one of them. Emily, Heather, the guy Lydia found at the pool. All three were virgins.

As Stiles speaks, Sheriff and one of his deputies run through the woods, looking for something. They find Emily dead and strangled, tied to a tree by the wire around her throat.

Nice way to start a morning.

Nice way to start a morning.

STILES: They’re all gonna have the same three injuries. Strangled, throat slashed, head bashed in. It’s called the threefold death.

SCOTT: So if these aren’t random killings then what are they?

STILES: Sacrifices. Human sacrifices.

Can I just go to sleep and pretend what you just said was a dream?

Can I just go to sleep and pretend what you just said was a dream?



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