Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 6: Motel California

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A man arrives at the Glen Capri Motel with blood all over his hand. A newspaper dispenser in the background shows a copy of The Fairvale Daily Journal and gives us the date: March 5th 1977.

Welcome to the past.

Think, McFly. What could this coincidentally placed newspaper be telling us?

The man checks in to room 217 and checks on his wound in the mirror. It looks like bite marks on his chest. Werewolf bite marks. The man grabs his bag and opens a window to look at the full moon. The man retrieves a gun from his bag and puts the barrel under his chin. His eyes begin to glow yellow for the first time and he pulls the trigger.

I hate that this ugly room is the last thing I'll see.

I hate that this ugly room is the last thing I’ll see.

Blood seeps through the carpet, approaching the man’s wallet. It’s open, showing his ID. His name was Alexander Argent.

RIP, Allison's relative.

RIP, Allison’s relative.

In present day, the Beacon Hills school bus pulls up at the Glen Capri Motel. Their cross country meet has been pushed until tomorrow and the Glen Capri was the closest motel with the most vacancies and least amount of good judgement when it comes to accepting a bunch of degenerate teenagers. Coach hands out room keys and warns everyone to restrict any sexual perversions and keep their hands to themselves.

If any of you falls pregnant tonight, I will not be held responsible. That means you, Stilinski.

As the rest of the students disperse, Lydia is frozen in place.

LYDIA: I don’t like this place.

ALLISON: I don’t think the people who own this place like this place but it’s just for a night.

LYDIA: A lot can happen in one night.

Anything less than five star accommodation gives me hives.

Anything less than five star accommodation gives me hives.


In their room, Stiles lays out his list of Darach suspects for Scott. His original list had 10 people—well, technically only nine people. Derek was on there twice. The remaining four suspects are:

–          Mr Harris (just because he’s missing doesn’t mean he’s dead)

–          Cora Hale (no one knows anything about her and she’s Derek’s sister)

–          Deaton (Stiles doesn’t like the whole Obi-Wan thing he has going on. Scott still hasn’t seen Star Wars and can’t comment on that)

–          Lydia (last season she was totally controlled by Peter Hale and she had no idea)

Scott suggests the Darach could be someone else from the school. Last season, they had no idea that Matt was the one controlling the Kanima. Stiles points out that he had pegged Matt as a suspect early on and no one believed him. There’s nothing they can do about it from a motel room, so Scott and Stiles lay back on their beds and sigh.

Ms Blake helps Derek to his loft (he refused to go to a hospital). Unable to keep holding him up, Ms Blake drops Derek on the floor.

Chris goes to the abandoned shopping centre and uses the footprints and blood splatter to replay the werewolf battle in his mind.

Damn, this blood splatter looks cool. Should've come out to fight the other night.

Damn, this blood splatter looks cool. Should’ve come out to fight the other night.

Scott checks his eyes in the mirror. For a moment, they turn red. Alpha red.

Stiles goes to get some snacks from the vending machine. Boyd is already there. He presses 201 and the vending machine cruelly refuses to dispense his food.

Stiles reaches up to start shaking the vending machine and loosen the food. Boyd’s hand darts out. He punches through the glass and leaves with his snack. Stiles stares after him but grabs a few things out of the vending machine while he has the chance.

Back up, kid. I got this.

Back up, kid. I got this.

Allison leans out of the shower, asking if Lydia got new towels. When Lydia doesn’t respond, Allison ducks back into the shower. Scott enters the bathroom slowly, looking possessed. Seeing him, Allison covers herself with the shower curtain, protesting that she’s slightly naked. Scott says that he’s seen her naked before and Allison reminds him that they’re not together anymore.

You are not permitted to touch. Or look. Or be in this room. Get out.

You are not permitted to touch. Or look. Or be in this room. Get out.

SCOTT: We’re still friends, right? We could just be closer friends. Maybe it could even fix things between us.

He reaches out to pull back the shower curtain and Allison jerks away. Scott wakes from whatever possessed state he was in and backs out, apologising.

Lydia visits reception. She and Allison have a non-smoking room but the towels reek of nicotine. The woman at reception (seemingly one of the owners) turns around to apologise, revealing she has a tracheotomy tube in her throat. Realising that the owner might be the cause of the nicotine smell, Lydia casts around for a less awkward topic and notices a framed set of numbers on the wall.

Innocent numbers. Much better than accusing you of stinking up our towels.

Let’s talk about innocent numbers. Much better than accusing you of stinking up our towels.

The owner tells her that it’s a slightly morbid inside joke for the motel and her husband insists on keeping it up. They’ll never make the top of anyone’s list when it comes to customer satisfaction but they are the number one in California when it comes to one disturbing little detail: they have the most guest suicides of any motel in California.

Lydia looks at the number again. It’s 198 … and counting. The owner chuckles to herself.

Isaac flicks through channels on the TV, coming up with static on all of them. One of the channels is 201. That number keeps popping up—first with Boyd and now with Isaac.

Go to bed, Isaac.

Go to bed, Isaac.

Still at the abandoned shopping centre, Chris gets a call from Allison, telling him that she’s at the Glen Capri Motel. He offers to pick her up but Allison says she’s fine and it’s just for a night. The motel name sounds familiar to Chris and he’s more insistent about picking up Allison and her friends. Allison declines a second time, but she looks stressed out after her encounter with Scott.

CHRIS: If there’s something you feel like you can’t tell me, I just want you to know you can talk to me. We don’t have to keep anything from each other.

ALLISON: I know.

After they hang up, Chris finds evidence of Allison’s involvement in the battle. Her explosive arrows took a chunk out of a stone column.

At the loft, Ms Blake has somehow gotten Derek onto the bed and is pulling up his shirt to take a look at the injuries. There are deep gashes in his stomach.

MS BLAKE: Oh my God.

DEREK: That bad?

MS BLAKE: To be honest, the ‘oh my God’ would be for your unbelievable physique if it weren’t for the fact that you’re bleeding black blood.

Derek isn’t up to flirting at the moment. He closes his eyes again and Ms Blake pleads for him not to die. She presses her head to his chest, checking for a heartbeat. Derek’s heartbeat is steady and Ms Blake gets carried away by being all close and personal with him despite his bleeding wounds. This isn’t exactly how she imagined their first date.

In my dream you were conscious. And less bloody and dirty.

In my dream you were conscious. And less bloody and dirty.

Allison is back in her motel room, SHIRTLESS and drying off her hair properly now that she has nicotine-free towels. I’m curious as to how she got dry enough to walk outside and call her dad but these are small details. Lydia fills her in on the 198 suicides at the Glen Capri.

LYDIA: And we’re talking 40 years. On average, that’s 4.95 a year, which is … actually expected. But who commemorates that with a framed number? Who does that? Who?

Allison dons her shirt again and continues the conversation in the bedroom. Lydia trails off midsentence when she hears voices from the next room—voices that Allison can’t hear. A guy and a girl are preparing for their double suicide and deciding whether to shoot themselves on or after the count of three.

Lydia climbs on the bed, getting closer to the air vent in the wall so she can hear them better. A silver streamer in the vent flutters, signalling that air is flowing. The couple say ‘I love you’ one last time, count to two, and pull their triggers. The silver streamer falls back; airflow has stopped.

Bang bang, my baby shot me down

Bang bang, my baby shot me down.

Lydia backs away from the wall and runs next door to investigate. Allison, who didn’t hear any of the exchange, follows her. The door opens easily but the lights are disconnected. Lydia enters, calling out to see if anyone’s still there. She fumbles in the dark and finds a torch to switch on. The room is filled with construction equipment and painting materials but there are no dead bodies.

Lydia tells Allison what she heard.

ALLISON: I believe you. After everything we’ve been through, I believe you.

But are you absolutely sure you didn't hear construction equipment committing suicide?

But are you absolutely sure you didn’t hear construction equipment committing suicide?

Lydia looks at the wood panelling on the wall. The grains in the wood look like a screaming face.

As Boyd grabs a bucket of ice from the machine in the car park, he hears a young girl’s voice saying, ‘Don’t leave me. You weren’t supposed to leave me.’ Boyd recognises the girl’s voice—it’s someone called Alicia. He sifts through the ice and finds a girl buried inside. She opens her eyes and Boyd stumbles back, dropping his bucket of ice.

Just chillin'.

Just chillin’.

Lydia is packing her things, ready to leave the motel. Allison tries to reason with her, saying that the deaths were suicides, not murders. And it’s not like this place is haunted, right? Lydia wonders if the reason next door is being renovated is because the suicides were real and the owners have been trying to scrape brain matter off the wood panelling. Allison thinks they should find out.

Isaac wakes to the sound of a rattling ceiling fan. Isaac hears his father’s voice asking for a wrench. Isaac must’ve handed him the wrong size because Mr Lahey’s voice starts berating him for being a moron and asking him if he knows what the difference between the two wrenches is.

Isaac starts voicing both his and his father’s side of the conversation in a Gollum/Smeagol manner. Mr Lahey orders Isaac to grab the chains and get in the freezer (the special punishment Mr Lahey saved for his son). Isaac pulls a pillow over his ears, trying to block out the sound. When he opens his eyes, he’s lying in the freezer. Isaac screams.

I asked for a double bed.

But I asked for a double bed!

Lydia and Allison visit reception and find a sign says that it’ll be open again at 6 am. The framed numbers now read 201 instead of 198. Either there have been three more suicides or three more are about to happen.

They preempt suicides before shutting up reception for the night.

They preempt suicides before shutting up reception for the night.

Scott gets a panicked phone call from his mother. Mama McCall apologises, saying that someone just came in the house and she tried to stop him. She tells Scott to look outside. He runs to the window and sees Deucalion standing in the car park, his hand around Mama McCall’s throat.

Be my friend or I kill your mum.

Be my friend or I kill your mum.

Deucalion says that now that Derek’s dead, Scott’s an Alpha. Deucalion will be coming for Scott and everyone he loves. He rips out Mama McCall’s throat and she crumples to the ground, lifeless.

Stiles steps out of the bathroom, toothbrush in hand. When Scott looks back at the car park, it’s empty. There’s no sign of his mother and Deucalion.

Stiles gets a text from Lydia, saying that she needs to talk to him—just him. The time on the phone reads 12.21. Go to bed, kids. Just sleep through the crazy.

Stiles walks back into the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth. Scott stares out the window and then at his phone, wondering what just happened.

Danny and SHIRTLESS Ethan are making out on their bed. Soon enough, Danny is SHIRTLESS as well. As Ethan kisses Danny’s chest, he sees a scar on his ribs. Danny tells him he has two scars like that; they’re from a surgery to correct misshapen cartilage he was born with. When he was 14, Danny had a bar put in for two years to support his sternum so his heart and lungs wouldn’t be crushed.

No biggie. Got bitten by a shark.

No biggie. Got bitten by a shark.

Should you really have been playing lacrosse when your heart and lungs were in danger of being crushed, Danny? That is a serious contact sport and I saw you take some hits. YOU COULD HAVE DIED. Also, I don’t remember seeing any scars like that when you’ve been previously shirtless but I guess it could have just been angling and not another continuity thing. I’ll let it slide.

ETHAN: What if there was a way you could make them disappear?

tw3x06 19

Say, for example, you get bitten by your Alpha werewolf boyfriend so you can have a completely unblemished chest?

Danny doesn’t want his scars to fade. They make him feel like a survivor.

ETHAN: I really hope you are.

What are you contemplating doing to Danny? Do not bite him, Ethan. No means no.

Passionate kissing resumes. Ethan’s back arches and the skin around his spine ripples, almost like there’s two spines. It looks kind of like what happens when the twins do their merging Super Alpha trick. Ethan shuts himself in the bathroom and looks at his back. It’s fine. But he watches in the mirror as his skin shifts again. This time it looks like there’s a hand trying to claw its way out of Ethan’s stomach. Then a face.

Ethan's tummy ache.

Ethan’s tummy ache.

Ethan quickly dons a shirt and tells Danny he’ll be back in a minute.

Stiles, Allison, and Lydia meet to discuss that the werewolves are acting weird. They’ve only seen Scott and Boyd acting spazzy so far but Lydia still thinks it’s the motel’s fault. She grabs a bible out of a drawer, saying that if they don’t get out of here, someone might need to learn to perform an exorcism before the werewolves go crazy and kill them.

Stiles is still brainstorming. The number at reception went up by three—like three sacrifices. What if this time it’s three werewolves? Maybe they were meant to come here. He sees ragged pages hanging out of the bible and takes it from Lydia. Inside are newspaper clippings detailing various suicides specific to room 217, which is the room they’re standing in. Maybe each room has a bible with newspaper clippings about the suicides that have happened there.

And the Lord said, 'Put creepy newspaper clippings in my book to freak out your guests.'

And the Lord said, ‘Put creepy newspaper clippings in my book to freak out your guests.’

STILES: That’s a beautiful thing. Most places leave a mint under the pillow. This one leaves a record of all the horrible deaths that occurred.

LYDIA: What if the room next door has the one about the couple?

They run next door to check and find the door locked. Allison says to leave it; they need to get Scott, Isaac, and Boyd out of this place. As they start to move away, the sound of an electric handsaw starts up inside the locked room.

LYDIA: I’m not the only one who heard that, am I?

They manage to get the door open (or it mysteriously unlocks itself) and find Ethan inside, about to take a handsaw to his stomach. Stiles runs forward and tries to grab it. They both struggle with the handsaw and SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET THEIR FUCKING HAND CUT OFF.

Get off! I saw it first!

Get off! I saw it first!

The handsaw drops and Stiles nearly falls on it face-first. Lydia pulls the power cord out of the wall just in time. Deprived of his first choice of weapon, Ethan pulls out his claws and tries to tear at his stomach. Stiles and Allison grab his arms and Ethan stumbles, burning his hand on a space heater. The pain brings him out of his weird coma. He doesn’t seem to remember anything and runs from the room.

At the loft, Ms Blake is looking out a window when Derek finally wakes and sits up. He’s completely SHIRTLESS now. He says he has to find the others and tell them he’s not dead. Ms Blake tells him that a lot of characters in literature use a false death to their advantage—just think of A Tale of Two Cities, Les Mis, and Romeo and Juliet.

DEREK: They need to know.

MS BLAKE: Do you have any idea how bad you look? You’re like one giant open wound and I’m not entirely sure you aren’t really dead.

Literally hanging my head in shame.

Literally hanging my head in shame.

Derek looks sad that she doesn’t find him sexy when he’s bleeding and gross. Obviously he was unconscious for the ‘first date’ remark earlier when she was lying on his chest.

Stiles, Allison, and Lydia follow Ethan out of the room. He doesn’t know how he got there or what he was doing.

STILES: You could be a little bit more helpful, you know? We did just save your life.

ETHAN: And you probably shouldn’t have.

He runs off again, presumably back to his room. The other split up: Allison will go find Scott; Stiles and Lydia need to find Isaac and Boyd. Allison heads off but Lydia notices Stiles staring at her.

STILES: I didn’t want to say anything but this—everything we’re going through—we’ve kind of been through something like this before. A lot like this.

LYDIA: What do you mean? When?

STILES: Your birthday party. The night you poisoned everyone with wolfsbane.

Boyd is back in his room. The clock radio crackles on, reading 12.46.

This is your wake up call.

This is your wake up call.

Boyd shuts it off but it turns on again of its own accord. Through the static, the voices seem to be from years ago—it’s a police officer questioning a young Boyd about the day Alicia went missing. Young Radio Boyd says they were at the ice rink and then Alicia was just gone.

Boyd tries to silence the radio but it turns back on again. Young Radio Boyd says he was watching Alicia but he didn’t want to skate anymore because he was tired. He swears he was watching her. The policeman says it’s all right and they’re just trying to piece together what happened.

Boyd yanks the clock out of the wall. It turns back on even when it’s not connected to any electrical outlet. Young Radio Boyd asks if this is his fault, if Alicia’s dead. Boyd echoes the same questions out loud. He throws the clock across the room and then stomps on it for good measure, crushing it beneath his shoe.

Derek sits on the end of the bed and Ms Blake crouches before him. She hasn’t been able to find bandages or a first aid kit; Derek doesn’t usually need anything. He’ll heal with time. Ms Blake stares at Derek’s chest.

Derek tells her she shouldn’t be here because she doesn’t know Derek or anything about him. Apparently he’s forgotten that he was the one who rocked up at her car half-dead.

MS BLAKE: Maybe I have a feeling about you.

DEREK: It shouldn’t be a good one. Everyone around me—everyone gets hurt.

MS BLAKE: I’ve been hurt before.

DEREK: Not like this.

Ms Blake doesn’t seem to care; she moves closer and slowly, she and Derek kiss. They pull away and, after a moment, Derek leans in again. He’s almost too weak to sit up in bed but he’s not too weak for passionate make-out sessions. Whatever, I’m just jealous.

Never too weak for sexy times.

Never too weak for sexy times.

Boyd, barefoot, goes to reception. He finds it closed but sees a metal safe in the corner. Allison goes to Scott’s room and finds the door open. Scott isn’t there.

Lydia walks away from Stiles, who follows her and apologises for insinuating that she’s trying to kill people. He only meant that maybe Lydia’s somehow involved in getting people to try and kill themselves. Lydia stops walking, saying she hears something. She bends down to a listen to a drainage grate in the car park. She can hear a mother preparing to drown her screaming child.

I want a motel where the grates don't talk to me.

I want a motel where the grates don’t talk to me.

A shirtless Boyd fills the bathtub with water and steps in, holding the metal safe in his arms. He lies back under the water and settles the safe on his chest, using its weight to keep him underwater.

Okay, see ya.

Okay, see ya.

Outside, Lydia backs away from the drainage grate and says that someone’s drowning. She and Stiles run to Boyd’s room and try to drain the bath. Boyd has blocked the drain with something and the safe is too heavy for them to lift off him. Neither of them knows how long a werewolf can stay underwater.

Stiles backs away and burns his arm on the wall heater. He remembers how Ethan came out of his trance when he touched the space heater. Boyd’s underwater so there’s no way to get fire in there. Lydia tells Stiles to run to the bus and get the emergency road flares—they have their own oxidisers so they can burn underwater.

While Stiles runs to the bus, Lydia hears a noise from under the bed. She crouches down and sees Isaac curled up in the foetal position.

Oh, hi.

Oh, hi.

Stiles returns with two flares, lights one with Lydia’s help, and plunges it into the water with Boyd. Boyd immediately shoves the safe off his chest and sits up, his eyes glowing and fangs out.

Who disturbs my slumber?

Who disturbs my slumber?

With Boyd safe, Stiles looks under the bed and shoves a lit flare in Isaac’s face.

Stiles and Lydia meet up with Allison, who hasn’t been able to find Scott anywhere. There’s another flare on the bus that they can use to deal with Scott. As they walk towards the bus, they see Scott holding the last flare in his hand. He’s dripping wet but it’s not water. He’s doused himself in gasoline and there’s gasoline running all over the car park. Clearly exposing Scott to heat right now is not a good idea.

Soz. Foiled your plan.

Soz. Foiled your plan.

Scott says despondently that there’s no hope for him or Derek.

Son, Derek Is back in his loft having sex with your English teacher in slow-mo right now. Quit feeling guilty.

Allison tells Scott that Derek wasn’t his fault but Scott isn’t convinced; every time he tries to fight back, it just gets worse. People keep getting hurt and killed.

Stiles steps in, saying that this is someone inside Scott’s head telling him to do this.

SCOTT: What if it isn’t? What if it is just me? What if doing this is the best thing I could do for everyone else?

More slow-mo shots of Derek and Ms Blake having sexy times. Apparently sex was the cure all along, because Derek’s wounds start healing without a trace.

Forget laughter. Sex is the best medicine.

Forget laughter. Sex is the best medicine.

Scott starts crying as he speaks.

SCOTT: It all started that night—the night I got bitten. Do you remember the way it was before that? You and me—we were—we were nothing. We weren’t popular, we weren’t good at lacrosse, we weren’t important. We were no one. Maybe I should just be no one again. No one at all.

He moves the flare as if he’s going to light himself and Stiles, tears in his own eyes, begs Scott to listen.

STILES: You’re not no one. You’re someone. You’re—Scott, you’re my best friend, okay? And I need you. Scott, you’re my brother. All right?

He steps forward into the puddle of gasoline.

STILES: So if you’re going to do this, then I think you’re just going to have to take me with you.

Both of the boys are crying. Allison is crying. Lydia is looking around, horror-struck.

I'm not crying. You're crying. Shut up.

I’m not crying. You’re crying. Shut up.

Stiles manages to take the flare out of Scott’s hands and throws it aside without looking. It lands, with the best luck in the world, just shy of the gasoline.

Then, by some MAGICAL FORCE OF SATAN, a gust of wind picks up and blows the flare back onto the gasoline. Lydia sees and runs forward, screaming. She tackles Stiles, who grabs Scott, and they fall out of the way.

Oh, hell no.

Oh, hell no.

Lydia looks back to see a pillar of flames and a cloaked figure inside it with a hideously scarred face. Is that what the Darach really looks like?

U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi.

U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi.

The next morning, Coach walks onto the bus and finds Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and most of the werewolves have slept inside the bus. Ethan stayed with Danny and apparently survived the night. Coach informs them that the meet was cancelled.

Be considerate. We had a long night.

Be considerate. We had a long night.

Ethan sits down beside Scott. He’s not sure what happened last night but he’s pretty sure Scott saved his life so he’ll give him some information. Stiles points out that he was actually the one who saved Ethan but shrinks back, saying that it’s a minor detail.

Ethan says the Alpha pack is pretty sure Derek’s still alive but since he killed one of their pack, that means one of two things can happen: either he joins the Alpha pack (killing all of his Betas) or Kali goes after him and the Alpha pack kills him.

FYI, you and your friends will probably die very soon.

Ethan leaves to go sit with Danny, ignoring Stiles’s comment that the Alpha pack’s code of ethic is barbaric. Stiles moves into the seat with Scott.

As Coach walks down the bus, Lydia sees a smear of purple on his white shirt right when his whistle swings away. She grabs the whistle off him as he passes. Lydia bows into the whistle, covering it as she does so. Purple powder puffs out of it and rests in her palm.

No one ever liked that whistle.

No one ever liked that whistle.

The whistle has been dosed with wolfsbane; every time Coach blew the whistle on the bus, all the werewolves inhaled the powder. That’s how the Darach got in all of their heads.

Stiles grabs the whistle and throws it out the window as the bus drives away.

Chris walks down a hallway and opens the door to room A151. Inside, Gerard sits in a wheelchair. I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD, MAN. COME ON.

GERARD: Twice in a month. Should I be flattered?

Gerard turns his wheelchair around. Black grossness is still dripping from his nose and his mouth. Looks like the effects of the mountain ash last season are still going strong.

Chris recounts the story of Alexander Argent—he was Chris’s uncle. Chris knows that Alexander was bitten by a werewolf and checked into the Glen Capri motel to commit suicide but Chris doesn’t know which Alpha bit him.

Gerard smiles and says simply, ‘Deucalion.’

Shut up, you are supposed to be DEAD.

Shut up, you are supposed to be DEAD.



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