Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 4: The Benefactor

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A helicopter flies over Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital as Sheriff and his deputies survey the crime scene. It’s not every day you find a hunky teen cannibal murdered on the roof. Sheriff asks Deputy Parrish to clear the area and stall the ME for five minutes; he’s got an expert of his own coming in to take a look. Parrish is understandably surprised that Sheriff has an expert on teenage cannibals but he and the other cops leave.

Derek Hale, expert on supernatural hunks, shows up ominously.

I smell another hunk.

I smell another hunk.

I hope his sudden appearance was caught on camera by the still-hovering helicopter. Derek has heard of wendigos (they’re cannibalistic shape shifters, FYI), but he hasn’t heard of them being in Beacon Hills for a long time. The family must’ve been well-hidden. Or they must’ve had a creepy dungeon of dead people to munch on quietly.

Scott told Sheriff that it was just him, Sean, and the mouthless axe-murderer on the roof but Derek can smell another young male’s blood.

Stiles arrives at Scott’s house to help deal with the Liam situation. Scott says Liam is upstairs ‘lying down’. By which he means ‘bound and gagged in my bathtub’.

This is how we make friends with new kids.

This is how we make friends with new kids.

Stiles takes one look at Liam and closes the shower curtain on him again, leaving Liam to make unclear mouth sounds at the boys. Scott and Stiles sit on the bed and recap the incidents that led to this predicament: Scott bit Liam, kidnapped him, and brought him to his house.

STILES: As a reminder, this is why I always come up with the plans. Your plans suck.

Scott’s aware of that. Stiles’s plan is to set Liam in a chair and explain what’s going on. Stiles takes the tape off Liam’s mouth, warning him that it’ll go right back on if he screams. Scott stands to the side, looking useless.

STILES: Okay, Liam. Now, you’ve seen a lot of confusing things tonight and more confusing things are going to happen because of the confusing things that happened tonight. Do you understand?

No one besides Stiles understands but Scott has to tell Liam what happened.

Please tell me if I have rabies.

Please tell me if I have rabies.

SCOTT: Liam, what happened to you—what I did to you, which I had to do in order to save you—it’s going to change you.

STILES: Unless it kills you. Shouldn’t have said that.

Liam starts to cry and Scott tells him it’ll all be okay. He’s not going to die. Stiles says it’s a possibility. They untie Liam. He looks miserable and helpless for about 10 seconds before he gets out of the chair and hits Scott with it. Liam punches Stiles in the face and runs out of Scott’s bedroom, pausing to marvel at the fact that his broken ankle has miraculously healed.

Scott and Stiles scramble out of the bedroom and tackle Liam down the stairs. He manages to escape through the front door, proving that Stiles can also have some pretty sucky plans.

Peter arrives at Derek’s loft and calls out to him. He’s distracted by some werewolf paperwork until an axe suddenly comes flying out of the darkness and lands in Peter’s chest.

This is so inconvenient.

This is so inconvenient.

Mouthdemort steps out of the shadows and uses his little keypad to type a message.

MOUTHDEMORT: Don’t worry, Peter. Derek is next.

*beep bop beep* Sorry for ruining your V-neck.

*beep bop beep* Sorry for ruining your V-neck.


The next morning in Stiles’s bedroom, Stiles and Malia experiment with chains. It’s the full moon tonight and Malia’s still having trouble with her shift. One of the leather cuffs on the chains has nearly ripped through. Stiles hopes tonight’s the last time they’ll have to use them on Malia. Besides, if Liam lives through the transformation then he might need the chains.

Sheriff walks in and sees Stiles putting chains on his girlfriend (is Malia Stiles’s girlfriend? I feel like we’re just supposed to assume that she is). Sheriff walks away, saying he doesn’t want to know. Stiles yells after him that there’s nothing to know. Malia doesn’t get it.

Please explain bondage.

Please explain bondage.

In Chemistry class, Lydia and Kira look at the weird symbols on Lydia’s computer.

KIRA: These are your Math notes? No wonder Malia’s failing.

No, Kira. Malia is failing because she should still be in primary school or at least Remedial Maths.

No, Kira. Malia is failing because she should still be in primary school or at least Remedial Maths.

Some of the writing is Lydia’s notes but she thinks the rest is a code. She doesn’t have any memory of writing it but considering her drawing of a tree led them to the Nemeton, she should probably figure out what the code means before it tries to kill them. Lydia thinks it’s a variation on the Vigenère cipher. She can crack it with a key.

Lydia’s mum (who’s still teaching science classes since Mr Harris went and got himself killed) gives her a literal key to their lake house, telling Lydia not to invite any more than six people at a time and stay out of the wine. Any damage will be added to Lydia’s credit card debt. And Lydia needs to lock up the basement. The scratch marks on the wall make it look like wild animals got in. Lydia smiles awkwardly and takes the key.

Small parties. No wolfsbane punch.

Small parties. No wolfsbane punch.

Garrett, who we met last episode for about five seconds, gets off the bus with his girlfriend and his friend Mason. Garrett is lamenting their mundane young lives. He doesn’t want to spend another Friday night watching a movie.

MASON: Dude, you remember we’re freshmen, right? We just got off a school bus. We’re not exactly going to be hitting the clubs till 4 am.

Garrett’s unnamed girlfriend decides that they will, in fact, be watching a movie tonight at Mason’s house.

We can still pass for 15, right?

We can still pass for 15, right?

As Girlfriend and Garrett walk away, Mason sees Liam run up. Liam decided to run three miles to school today instead of catching the bus. No word on whether his stepdad got angry at Liam for randomly leaving the hospital last night or commented on the miraculous healing. Mason congratulates Liam on his healed ankle but notices the new bandage on Liam’s arm.

Liam starts breathing heavily. He looks up to see Scott standing near the school sign and staring at Liam. Scott’s got nothing on Derek’s season 1 ominous stares but that’s to be expected. Liam fobs off Mason, saying that he needs to get to class.

Scott and Stiles corner Liam in a hallway, saying they need to talk. Liam gives Scott one chance to explain. Scott tries to take a leaf out of Derek’s ‘welcome to the werewolf club’ speech and tells Liam that they’re brothers now.

LIAM: What are you talking about? We just met and you bit me.

SCOTT: The bite—the bite is a gift.

Stiles takes over, explaining that they’re trying to help Liam. Liam doesn’t think kidnapping is very helpful.

STILES: Just to clarify, Scott kidnapped you, okay? I aided and abetted.

Liam rips the bandage off his arm to show that Scott’s bite has already disappeared. He maintains that nothing’s happening to him. Sorry, kid. More miraculous healing is a clear indicator that you’re transforming properly.

The McCall pack meet out by the school buses to talk about Liam. Malia doesn’t want to share her basement with someone else. Technically it’s Lydia’s basement. Malia is the one who scratched it all up. Scott says they’ll put Liam in the boathouse and chain him to the support beams.

They still have to get Liam to the lake house and he doesn’t trust any of them. Stiles and Malia want to chloroform the little bastard and throw him in the lake. Scott is vehemently opposed to that plan. Lydia says they should just be smart and invite Liam to a party at the lake house.

STILES: So you’re going to ask out a freshman?

LYDIA: No, I’m done with teenage boys.

(Except for Stiles because you love him, right? RIGHT? Is this an indication that the little flirtation between Lydia and Deputy Parrish last episode is going to lead somewhere? I’m not in favour.)

Lydia thinks if they’re going to play a trick on someone, they should use the trickster. She means Kira—a kitsune is supposed to be a trickster and they do call female foxes vixens.

Don't be stupid. Kira's the only one who could plausibly ask out an infant.

Don’t be stupid. Kira’s the only one who could plausibly ask out an infant.

In the hallway, Liam is distracted by Kira walking down the stairs in slow-mo with her eye on him. The sexiness is counteracted by Kira tripping over her own feet and falling (still in slow-mo) on her face. Liam rushes over to help her and, with a quick recovery, Kira invites Liam to a party.

I can feel all the dirt in the world on this floor. Make it look sexy.

I can feel all the dirt in the world on this floor. Make it look sexy.

Derek is home. Mouthdemort is gone. Peter is SHIRTLESS and has some funky landing-strip chest hair. Oh, excuse me. That’s actually poison from Mouthdemort’s axe. It was laced with an unknown species of wolfsbane, which means that they’re going to have to burn it out of Peter’s chest.

This all seems too easy.

This all seems too easy.

Derek holds up a little lighter. Peter gives him a ‘bitch, please’ look. He can handle a little fire. After all, he’s been burned to death like one and a half times by now.

Derek smiles and uses the lighter to light up a blowtorch. Peter screams in agony but looks less dead after the fire bit is over. Derek helps him up.

PETER: He said he was after you.

DEREK: How does a guy with no mouth say anything?

PETER: With this.

Apparently Mouthdemort just randomly left his keypad and glove behind. Peter, did you fight him? Why do you have that? Are you in league with him? What have you done?

Kira drives Liam to the lake house. He’s still adapting to werewolf super-hearing and the music on the radio is almost deafening for him.

Your music is offensive.

Your music is offensive.

Kira seems unaware of Liam’s problems as she tells him that the lake house belongs to Lydia’s grandmother.

KIRA: But she’s dead, so it’s okay. I mean, it’s not okay that she’s dead. Unless she was in pain.

Liam asks to turn the music down. His hearing suddenly clears and Liam realises that the music has been quiet this whole time. Mishearing him, Kira reaches over and turns the music up louder. Liam gets a text from Mason, asking where he is.

LIAM: Who did you say was coming to this party?

KIRA: Um, everyone.

Scott arrives at the lake house on his motorbike. Stiles, Lydia, and Malia are already there, having driven up in the Jeep. Stiles has some bad news: he asked around to find out why Liam was kicked out of his last school. Liam has some serious anger issues. He got into it with one of his teachers and smashed the crap out of the teacher’s car with a crowbar. Stiles shows Scott a picture. Written on the side of the car is This is your fault.

Liam sounds like a keeper.

Liam sounds like a keeper.

The moon has risen. In the passenger seat of Kira’s car, Liam has a quiet rage attack.

When they get to the lake house, Liam sees that the house is dark and only Scott’s bike and Stiles’s Jeep are parked in the driveway. Kira tells him it’s a small party. Liam is confused—he thought everyone was coming. Kira ushers him into the house, saying that they’re early.

Liam sees the duffel bag with chains laid out on the coffee table. Kira shuts the door behind Liam, apologising. Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Stiles stand in the living room, ready for an intervention. Liam has a problem and they’re the only ones that can help.

Welcome to horror. Take a seat.

Derek takes Mouthdemort’s keypad to Sheriff at the station.

SHERIFF: I still don’t get how this guy has no mouth. I mean, how can he eat?

DEREK: Well, Peter didn’t get a chance to ask. He was fighting him off with a tomahawk buried in his chest.

SHERIFF: And who runs around with a tomahawk?

Deputy Parrish walks in without bothering to knock. He carried a tomahawk for IED (improvised explosive device) removal in Afghanistan. Mouthdemort’s keypad is from the military as well, though it looks like it’s been modified. Sheriff closes the office door. He wants Deputy Parrish to show them how it’s used.

No glove, no love.

No glove, no love.

At the lake house, Liam has been filled in on everyone’s different supernatural secret identities. He wants to know what Stiles is.

STILES: For a little while, I was possessed by an evil spirit. It was very evil.

LIAM:  What are you now?

STILES: Better?

Liam looks at the chains again. Malia tells him the chains are for her. Her eyes flash blue and Liam is done with this shit. He thinks he’s surrounded by a bunch of ‘psychotic nut jobs’. He starts yelling at everyone and is interrupted by a sudden attack of super-hearing.

He’s hearing dozens of cars pulling up at the lake house. He texted Mason with the location and Mason told everyone about the ‘party’. Liam’s claws come out and scrape against the wooden floors. Lydia, remembering that this comes out of her credit card, tells Scott to get him off the floors. Scott and Kira grab Liam and start dragging him down to the boathouse.

Malia is losing it as well. Stiles grabs the bag of chains and starts hustling her down to the basement.

LYDIA: What am I supposed to do with the hordes gathering outside the door?

STILES:  Lydia, who throws the best parties in Beacon Hills?

LYDIA: What? Me, obviously.

STILES: Okay. Then throw a party.

Lydia opens the door to the masses. Mason, Garrett, and Girlfriend of Garrett are at the front. They ask if they’re at the right place.

So many children.

So many children.

See, here would be the perfect place for Lydia to say, ‘Nope. Sorry. Don’t know what you’re talking about’ and shut the door, thus disappointing the baby teens but ultimately avoiding a situation where her friends’ full moon transformations could kill someone. Instead, Lydia says, ‘Absolutely’ and lets the teens walk inside.

Deputy Parrish thinks he has an IP address for the keypad.

Do you like my product placement?

Do you like my product placement?

The glove twitches. Parrish thinks he’s found a message. It’s from someone called ‘the Benefactor’. The message simply says: Money transferred.

SHERIFF: That means this guy’s not just a killer. He’s an assassin.

Trust me, that code reads: 'Mouthdemort is an assassin.'

Trust me, that code reads: ‘Mouthdemort is an assassin.’

Scott and Kira try to chain an uncooperative Liam up in the boathouse. When he tries to kill Scott, Kira knocks Liam out cold with an oar.

In the basement, Malia’s face is going all werecoyote-ish as Stiles tightens her cuffs. She tells Stiles he can leave but he’s not going anywhere. He thinks he’d probably be safer down in the basement than upstairs with a bunch of partying freshmen and a pissed-off Lydia.

Music starts up in the lake house and Lydia finds a dude delivering a keg of beer in the kitchen.

LYDIA: I didn’t order a keg of beer. Especially not domestic.

KEG MAN: Somebody ordered it. Are you trying to tell me no one here wants to drink?

Ma'am, please. This party is way too tame.

Ma’am, please. This party is way too tame.

Lydia looks around and sees that someone has put a glass of wine on her $2000 laptop. The culprit seems to be Garrett, who’s sniffing at a bottle of wine. Lydia grabs the bottle off him, saying that it’s $400. Keg Man hands Lydia a receipt. There’s a $100 surcharge on there for ‘Yes, you do look 21 to me’.

Lydia goes to grabs some cash and sees Mason walking upstairs to the second floor. Garrett says that, since he opened the wine, he’ll pay for the keg. He hands Keg Man some money because apparently 15-year-olds are rolling in it these days.

Liam is still unconscious and looks like a sleeping angel except for his Young Tom Cruise eyebrows. Scott reminds Kira that Liam is only 15 and they’re going to help him.

KIRA: What if he doesn’t want our help?

SCOTT: He will.

Stiles refuses to leave the basement even though Malia’s werecoyote urges are telling her to hurt Stiles—to smash his face and feel his bones crack between her hands. Stiles says that he’s not going to let Malia hurt anyone. As Malia strains against the chains, the tear in the leather cuff starts to widen. Stiles isn’t going to have a choice.

Keg Man gets back to his car and finds he has a flat tyre. As he gets angry, Keg Man doubles over in apparent pain. His eyes glow yellow and werewolf claws sprout from his nails. Keg Man starts repeating something to try and calm himself.

KEG MAN: Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth.

The repetition provides something to concentrate on, like the triskelion the Hales used. Keg Man drops to his knees in relief. For the first time, we can properly see the name embroidered on his shirt. His name is apparently Demarco. Or he works for a company called Demarco.

Anyway, that’s not IMPORTANT because as his eyes stop glowing, someone jumps up behind Keg Man and wraps a garrotte around his throat. It’s Girlfriend of Garrett. She keeps tugging until the garrotte glows red with heat and Keg Man’s head is sliced clean off.

Okay, bye.

Okay, bye.

Girlfriend of Garrett takes a photo but leaves Keg Man’s body there.

Like 4 like?

Like 4 like?

The garrotte is actually a disguised necklace, which she adjusts as she walks back into the party and over to Garrett, smiling. Garrett is smiling as well. He just got a text from the Benefactor saying that the money has been transferred into his account. They kiss, obviously turned on by their sudden wealth that comes from killing supernatural creatures. Kids these days, huh?

We stayed up past our bedtime AND got money for killing someone!

We stayed up past our bedtime AND got money for killing someone!

In the initial broadcast of this episode, the next scene had missing audio. Click here if you want to hear it with the dialogue included.

Mason is looking for Liam upstairs. Lydia follows him into a room and tells him that the party is downstairs.

MASON: I was looking for Liam.

LYDIA: Sorry, but missing freshmen are a little low on my priority list.

MASON: But not so low that you don’t know who he’s a freshman?

Or maybe it’s because this whole party is filled with freshmen, Mason. Lydia sees two nearly empty glasses of wine on the desk and grabs them. Lydia pulls Mason towards the door, saying she might have seen Liam downstairs. She loses her grip on the glasses and they fall, spilling red wine all over the white carpet.

Lydia scrubs at the carpet frantically, starting to cry. She tells Mason that the carpet isn’t valuable—nothing in this house is. They put it on the market and it needs to be perfect so they can get as much money as possible from the sale. Mason assures Lydia that everything will be okay. He rushes downstairs to grab some club soda and salt to help clean the wine from the carpet.

As Mason leaves, the door swings shut behind him, completely blocking out the noise of the party. Lydia opens and closes the door experimentally. The sound is definitely being blocked out, which means this room must be soundproof. Seems a bit weird for her grandmother’s lake house.

What minimalist soundproof rooms you have, Grandma.

What minimalist soundproof rooms you have, Grandma.

Lydia sees an old record player and puts the needle down. There’s no music but Lydia can hear something. Faces seem to press out of the wall above the record player, whispering to her.

It’s like talking to a wall.

Does this mean that Lydia’s grandmother was a banshee? Did she soundproof the room so she could block out the sounds of death?

In the lake house, Scott tells Kira that he can hear music from the house. Kira wishes they would play slow songs at parties; she’s always been better at slow dancing. Scott pulls out his mobile phone and puts on a slow song for them to dance to. Kira looks over at Liam.

KIRA: What about him?

SCOTT: He can dance with me next time.

As they dance, Kira asks Scott how he stays in control during the full moon. A lot of it is about making sure Scott’s pulse doesn’t get too fast and his heart rate doesn’t go up. It still takes a lot of concentration. Kira wants to know what happens if something distracts him. Scott thinks he’s ‘indistractible’. Kira gives him a few slow kisses to test the theory.

We already have two uncontrollable supernatural creatures. We should try testing out a third.

We already have two uncontrollable supernatural creatures. We should try testing out a third.

He’s fine until she starts sucking on his earlobe. Scott thinks he’s still in control but Kira calls him out because his eyes are suddenly glowing. Scott squeezes his eyes shut and shakes his head. His eyes go back to normal.

SCOTT: Cheater.

KIRA: I also just heard you growl.

That wasn’t Scott. That was Liam. He’s all wolfed out and pretty pissed at the PDA. The chains should hold; Liam can’t be strong enough to break through them. Except that he is. Liam breaks out of the chains and runs at Scott and Kira. They jump out of the way and Liam crashes through the boathouse window and runs off. Hope you guys are putting something towards Lydia’s credit card payment.

Malia breaks through one of the leather cuffs and has more leverage to try and attack Stiles. She tells Stiles to run.

Sheriff and Derek take a night-time trip to the high school because apparently Mouthdemort has connected to the school’s Wi-Fi at some point. That doesn’t mean he’s still here but Sheriff has seen enough in this school to keep a gun in his hand when walking in after dark.

I will kill any remaining janitor this school has if they jump out at me.

I will kill any remaining janitor this school has if they jump out at me.

They approach a classroom and Sheriff’s torchlight picks up a puddle of blood seeping from under the classroom door. Derek says he should’ve caught the scent before they walked into the school. Sheriff stops Derek from opening the door and instead shines the torch into the classroom. Apparently seeing nothing, Sheriff opens the door a fraction. There’s a wire attached to the door and that wire is attached to an explosive inside the classroom.

Derek pulls Sheriff out of the way just as an axe buries itself in the brick wall. Mouthdemort leaps down a set of stairs, ready to fight.

Stiles won’t run from Malia, even though she’s trying desperately to get out of her chains so she can kill him.

Malia, please. I've seen girls grow sideburns before.

Malia, please. I’ve seen girls grow sideburns before.

STILES: I don’t think you’re going to hurt me. And I think that maybe you’re so afraid of hurting me because of what you did to your family. I know what that’s like, Malia. I remember everything I did and the worst part is I remember liking it because I felt powerful. I felt fearless. And most of all in control. But when I came through it, I learned something else: control is overrated.

Stiles unlocks Malia from the chains. She lunges at him but her claws disappear and her face returns to normal. They hug, happy that Malia has finally managed to control her shift.

Scott chases Liam through the woods. Liam jumps out of nowhere and tackles Scott to the ground, punching him and trying to tear him apart. Liam starts yelling that this is all Scott’s fault, echoing the message we saw him leave on his teacher’s car. Oh my GOD, just Alpha roar at him already and calm this kid the crap down.

You are garbage, Scott McCall!

You are garbage, Scott McCall!

Liam rears back to strike a killing blow and is stopped when an explosive arrow hits the tree above Scott, blinding him. Liam runs off. Scott looks around to see Chris Argent (with a new beard that makes him look like a bushranger) standing on a slight incline with a crossbow in his hands. Chris walks down to Scott and helps him up.

SCOTT: How did you know?

CHRIS: I got your text.

I'm here to explain why Isaac's missing. JK, just wanted to show you my fierce new beard.

I’m here to explain why Isaac’s missing. JK, just wanted to show you my fierce new beard.

Mouthdemort throws Sheriff to the ground. Derek seems to have learned some neat tricks because he manages to subdue Mouthdemort quickly enough. Sheriff stands up, pointing his gun at Mouthdemort while Derek restrains him. He starts reading Mouthdemort his Miranda rights. The ‘right to remain silent’ bit seems a bit superfluous.

'The right to remain silent'? You gotta be kidding me.

‘The right to remain silent’? You gotta be kidding me.

As Sheriff starts trying to get handcuffs on Mouthdemort, Peter Hale appears down the hallway. He runs at them and Derek tackles Sheriff out of the way. Peter starts tearing into Mouthdemort, splattering himself with blood. He leans down and tears off … something. Did you just tear off Mouthdemort’s non-mouth skin? What the fuck?

Oops. Now we’ll have to rely on my version of how I got Mouthdemort’s glove and keypad and why he didn’t kill me straight up.

Sheriff points his gun at Peter. Peter just shakes his head and pulls out a handkerchief. He walks away, blood all over his face.

DEREK: We’ve learned a better way.

PETER: I’m a creature of habit.

Sheriff can’t bring himself to fire the gun.

In the woods, Chris tells Scott that there’s a clearing just north of where they’re standing. Scott just needs to get Liam to the hearing; the rest is taken care of.

SCOTT: What are you going to do?

CHRIS: He’s your Beta, Scott. The better question is what are you going to do?

SCOTT: He won’t listen to me.

CHRIS: He will if you start using your own words.

So I guess Scott hasn’t just been texting Chris about Chris’s sister coming back from the dead. I want to see their message history: Papa Argent, I made a booboo and bit someone. Pls halp.

There’s a scream in the distance. Chris hands Scott a little remote control button thing and Scott runs off to find Liam. Liam has conveniently found himself in the clearing all by himself. He’s surrounded by ultrasonic emitters and is being deafened by them.

I thought they were just happy shiny garden lights!

I thought they were just happy shiny garden lights!

Scott uses the remote control thing to turn the emitters off. Liam’s face is human again, and he looks scared as he asks what’s happening to him.

SCOTT: Same thing that happened to me.

Kira walks through the party, looking for Lydia. She goes upstairs and finds Lydia still standing in the soundproof room, staring at the wall. The record player is still going but all Kira can hear is scratching.

KIRA: What do you hear?

LYDIA: The key. The key to break the code.

In the woods, Chris watches as Liam talks to Scott. He doesn’t want his parents to know about this. He can’t do this to his mum stepdad again.

SCOTT: What do you mean ‘again’?

LIAM: I got kicked out of school. And I deserved it. The way they looked at me when they saw what I did to that car.

He doesn’t want his parents to see him like this—like a monster.

SCOTT: You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf. Like me.

Scott stands up and his eyes glow Alpha red. Liam stops crying.

Lydia has brought her computer upstairs. The code fills the screen again and this time she enters the keyword: ALLISON.



When she presses Enter, the code rearranges itself into a list of names with numbers beside them.

KIRA: What is this?

LYDIA: It’s a list of supernaturals in Beacon Hills. It’s a dead pool and we’re all on it.





In case you were wondering, the full list reads:













But what do those numbers mean, Lydia? I’m assuming they’re dollar amounts because the Benefactor was paying for the people but are we talking regular dollars or thousands? Or millions? Kira’s name only has the number six beside it. Is Kira worth $6? Do those freshmen really get that excited about getting $6 for killing someone? Who the hell is Carrie Hudson and why is she worth more than everyone?

I looked up a dead pool and Wikipedia tells me that it’s a game that involves guessing when someone will die. So it’s not just a list of people to be killed—maybe those numbers are the odds stacked against a person.

The four Walcotts at the top can be checked off because that’s Sean (teen cannibal), his parents, and his older brother. They all died last episode. Demarco Montana is Keg Man. But if this is a list of all the supernatural and Mouthdemort already went after Peter, then why isn’t his name on the list? Peter isn’t dead yet. Girlfriend of Garrett sent photographic proof of Demarco/Keg Man’s death so I assume Mouthdemort would’ve had to provide some proof. Unless Peter is the Benefactor and this is all a clever ruse and he killed Mouthdemort to stop him from communicating the truth.

Also, surely Malia should be on there. And Kira’s mum. And probably Kate Argent, unless she’s on a list for Mexico or something. But also that Meredith chick from Eichen House last season who turned out to be a banshee.

And why is Demarco, who looked to be a regular Beta werewolf, worth more than Scott, who’s a True Alpha?

AND WHY IS THE CODE WORD ALLISON? Does that mean it’s someone who has a tie to her? Gerard’s still alive and bleeding black ooze from every orifice as far as I can tell. Or maybe Kate is the Benefactor?




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