Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 9: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

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Female Deputy (I don’t know her name but have developed a gradual fondness for her face) walks through Beacon Hills High School at night, hand on her gun. Students suddenly walk out of a classroom, making Female Deputy jump. Danny is among the students; they were practising for tomorrow’s recital. He sees that Female Deputy has her hand on her gun.

Female Deputy drew the short straw. No one likes being in BHHS after dark.

Female Deputy drew the short straw. No one likes being in BHHS after dark.

She tells him someone called 911 and they all need to leave now. The students disperse and Female Deputy tries to radio in to Dispatch. She gets only static, and then the serial killer chanting comes through her radio.

Female Deputy turns to see boots disappearing down the hall, as if someone were dragging a prone body. She goes to investigate and finds herself in the locker room.

Female Deputy identifies herself as Deputy Graham and calls for the person to step out with their hands in the air. There’s no response. Deputy Graham moves towards the showers and hears running water. Someone is sitting against the wall under the running water, looking pretty dead.

Wait, that’s Deputy Graham. Are there—oh, NOPE. The Darach appears and strangles Real Deputy Graham. She drops her gun and falls to the ground, turning a shower on as she does so. She dies in the same position as her hallucination self.

Scott and Stiles arrive at the school to meet Allison and Lydia. Lydia says it’s the same thing as the pool—she got into the car to head somewhere totally different and ended up at the school. And last time, Stiles told her to call if she found a dead body but she hasn’t found one yet.

STILES: Lydia, you’re supposed to call us after you find a dead body.

LYDIA: Oh, no. I’m not doing that again. You find the dead body from now on.

Scott silences them. He found the dead body this time. Deputy Graham is draped over the school sign in a pool of her own blood.

Screw this school.

Screw this school.


The next day at school, Stiles watches from behind a pillar as his dad talks to some of the teachers. Sheriff approaches and tells Stiles to stop theorising about all these people dying in threes. Stiles corrects him: they were all murdered or sacrificed. Sheriff has half the state, including the FBI, working on this. The murderer won’t get away with going after a member of law enforcement. Stiles has a connection to Deputy Graham as well. She used to help Stiles with his Maths homework while he waited at the station for his dad.

Chris enters Allison’s room to find her still in bed, under the covers. Chris asks her about tonight’s school recital to honour the losses. Allison corrects her father, saying they were murders. And she isn’t feeling up to going to the recital. Chris tells her to take as many days as she needs, and that school can wait.

You wanna be homeschooled? I can teach you how to kill things. That's a core subject, right?

You wanna be homeschooled? I can teach you how to kill things. That’s a core subject, right?

As soon as he closes the door, Allison throws back the covers and goes to her wardrobe to pick out a dagger. She’s fully dressed.

Allison hears something at her window. She walks forward, raising the dagger, and nearly kills Isaac. He was sent by Scott to check up on Allison. She says she can take care of herself. Isaac nods at the dagger she still has pressed to his throat. He’s noticed her capability more than once.

You are dangerous and you dress pretty. I like it.

You are dangerous and you dress pretty. I like it.

Ms Blake gives a talk about idioms, analogies, metaphors, and similes. She notices Lydia drawing yet another tree in her notebook.

MS BLAKE: Lydia, I wasn’t aware you had so many hidden talents.

LYDIA: You and every guy I’ve ever dated.

MS BLAKE: Well, that was an idiom, by the way.

Lydia’s look says she’s perfectly aware of this.

Oh, Ms Blake, you sweet summer child.

Ms Blake continues her speech about idioms and keeps looking at Scott and Stiles as if reminded about the werewolf thing and Boyd’s recent death.

When Ms Blake moves away, Scott tells Stiles that he’s pretty sure he can get to Ethan and make him talk. He thinks that, since druids are emissaries to werewolves, the Darach might have been an emissary to the Alphas. Stiles points out that to get to Ethan, they have to go through Angry Twin Aiden.

In the hallway, Aiden tells Ethan to stop seeing Danny. Lydia’s the one they’re supposed to be keeping an eye on and Aiden’s got that covered so Ethan doesn’t see the problem. Aiden reminds Ethan that they’re here to eliminate a threat, not hold hands in class.  Ethan can’t start liking Danny.

AIDEN: If Deucalion asks you, would you kill him?

ETHAN: If Deucalion asks you, would you kill me?

Aiden smiles but doesn’t answer. He tells Ethan that if he doesn’t stop talking to Danny, Aiden will rip the flesh off Danny’s face and eat it.

Omg, Aiden. Are you not aware that Danny looks like a real-life Disney prince?

Omg, Aiden. Are you not aware that Danny looks like a real-life Disney prince?

Scott and Stiles figure that the only way to separate Aiden and Ethan is to set Lydia on Aiden. She has a make-out session with Aiden in Coach’s office but without her usual enthusiasm. She’s barely talked to Aiden since he helped kill Boyd.

The make-out session turns into a discussion on how the Alpha pack is not a democratic system. Aiden tries to justify Boyd’s death by saying that Derek killed Ennis. He brings up the time that Derek and Body tried to kill Lydia (I think he means when they thought Lydia was the Kanima. That was technically Isaac and Erica as well). Lydia asks how Aiden knows about that. Before he can answer, someone scratches a spiral (the werewolf symbol for a vendetta or revenge) on the frosted glass window. It must be from Derek.

Scott and Stiles have managed to get Ethan alone in a stairwell. Ethan isn’t sure why they’re willing to trust him after he helped kill Boyd. As far as they know, he could kill another of their friends.

STILES: Is he looking at me? Are you threatening me? You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to grab an extra-large branch of mountain ash, wrap it in wolfsbane, roll it in mistletoe and shove it up your freaking—

Scott cuts him off. They’re talking to Ethan because they know he didn’t want to kill Boyd. And if something like that happened now, he doesn’t think Ethan would do it again. Ethan says that he and Aiden owe Deucalion. When they met the pack, they were Omegas. Lone wolves.

Aiden walks out into the locker room, calling out for Derek to fight. Lydia threatens to scream if he doesn’t stop. It’s not Derek but Cora who jumps out at Aiden and starts tearing into him.

I'm gonna punch your face off.

I’m gonna punch your face off.

Ethan tells Scott and Stiles that Omegas are like the bitches of a wolf pack. They take abuse from others, and they’re always the last to eat. Their pack was a group of killers—the kind that gives other werewolves a reputation for being monsters. And the Alpha was the worst of them. Back then, he and Aiden didn’t know how to control their ability to turn into ‘Voltron Wolf’ (Stiles’s term).

Oh my God, Karen. You can't just ask people why they don't turn into Voltron Wolf.

Oh my God, Karen. You can’t just ask people why they don’t turn into Voltron Wolf.

Deucalion taught them and the twins took down the whole pack. When they got to their Alpha, he was begging for his life. They tore him apart. Scott asks about the emissaries. Ethan’s tells him that they’re all dead. The only one left is Ms Morrell, Deucalion’s emissary.

Ethan gets a sudden pain in his chest. He’s not hurt—the pain is coming from Aiden’s fight with Cora in the locker room.

Sudden attack of the feels.

Sudden attack of the feels.

Lydia yells for them to stop. Once Aiden throws Cora off, he grabs a weight and smacks her across the face with it. She slides across the room, landing in front of Lydia.

Scott and Ethan jump in and hold Aiden back. Ethan tells Aiden that it doesn’t matter if Cora came at him; Kali gave Derek until the next full moon. Until then, Derek’s pack if off-limits. Lydia looks up at Aiden before Ethan pulls him out of the room. Stiles realises that Cora is badly injured.

At the Argent apartment, Chris seems to have left for the day. Isaac and Allison walk into the study to examine the Beacon Hills map. Allison is really hoping that her dad’s weird map marking don’t mean he’s the serial-killing dark druid who’s been slashing people’s throats.

Isaac wants to look at the big picture instead of the smaller details. Allison follows his lead and steps back from the map until she bumps into Isaac. He looks at her but Allison seems oblivious to the contact.

Allison, you just touched my shoulder. Do you wanna get married yet?

Allison, you just touched my shoulder. Do you wanna get married yet?

She takes away the map. On the desk beneath it, there’s a fivefold knot engraved on the desk (the Celtic symbol that we saw painted on the Nemeton last episode). When she and Isaac hold the blacklight over the fivefold knot, words start appearing in the blank spaces: virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers, and guardians.

IKEA was having a sale on furniture with funky Celtic symbols.

IKEA was having a sale on furniture with funky Celtic symbols.

Cora cleans the blood off her face in the mirror of the locker room. She’s unsteady on her feet but doesn’t want help from anyone. She went after Boyd because no one else was doing anything. The others are a bunch of stupid teenagers running around, thinking they can stop people from getting killed. All they really do is show up late and find the bodies. She walks out of the locker room. Stiles follows her to make sure she gets home safely.

We don't suck. You suck. Shut up.

We don’t suck. You suck. Shut up.

Ms Blake runs down a flight of stairs and meets Derek in the little concrete tunnel thing that leads to the sporting fields. She jumps into his arms and they kiss. Ms Blake acts like she’s the victim for being left alone when Derek was dealing with the death of his friend. She realises that her comment was insensitive and bitchy and that Derek really did need to be alone.

Is there any chance that I only made that bitchy comment in my head?

Is there any chance that I only made that bitchy comment in my head?

Derek knew she was safe but Ms Blake didn’t feel safe because the ‘evil twins’ are still walking around school like nothing happened. Derek promises that the twins won’t hurt her. The school bell rings and Derek suggests Ms Blake should spend the rest of the day with him. She begs off, saying that she has to teach classes and go to the memorial concert that she’s organised. They kiss again and Ms Blake walks back to class. The wind picks up, blowing dead leaves through the tunnel.

As Stiles drives Cora home, he gets a call from Allison about the fivefold knot. She thinks that, with Deputy Graham’s death, the next sacrifices will be law enforcement. Stiles agrees to warn his dad and tell him the truth about all this supernatural stuff but says he’ll need Cora’s help.

Scott shows up at Ms Morrell’s office, looking for some guidance. As always, Ms Morrell is as cryptic as her brother. Scott flat-out asks her if she’s the Darach. He listens to her steady heartbeat as Ms Morrell denies it. She is, however, all that stands between Deucalion and the lives of Scott’s friends.

You come into my office. How dare you?

You come into my office. How dare you?

Deucalion doesn’t care about the Darch’s human sacrifices; he’s more concerned about getting a True Alpha into his pack. If Scott won’t come willingly, then Deucalion will prevent him from becoming a True Alpha by turning Scott into a killer (apparently everyone knows about a new loophole where you can’t be a True Alpha if you kill someone). Scott says neither of things will happen but Ms Morrell warns him that he’s playing Deucalion’s game. While Scott is figuring out what to do next, Deucalion is thinking 10 moves ahead with checkmate already in sight.

In an empty classroom, a teacher writes notes on the blackboard about World War I. He turns away from the board for a second and turns back to find his notes erased. In their place is a Celtic fivefold knot.

The Venn diagram bandits strike again.

The Venn diagram bandits strike again.

The teacher drops his chalk. It hits the floor and rolls out into the hallway, stopping when it hits Lydia’s shoe.

Lydia picks up the chalk and walks into the classroom. Seeing the fivefold knot, she draws the number 2 in one of the knots. Lydia steps back and screams.

Sudden blackboard rage.

Sudden blackboard rage.

Later, Aiden stands with Lydia as she tries to convince Ms Blake to call the police. Students have started to watch from the open doorway.

Don't touch me, Aiden. I'm still mad at you. Why are you even here?

Don’t touch me, Aiden. I’m still mad at you. Why are you even here?

Scott pushes through the crowd but is stopped by a security guard. Ms Blake thinks that Mr Westover just didn’t show up for class. And since Lydia wrote the number 2 on the board, there’s no guarantee that Mr Westover will be the second murder in this pattern.

LYDIA: All right, fine. I’m psychic.

MS BLAKE: You’re psychic?

LYDIA: I’m something.

Ethan appears at the door next to Scott. Neither of them can see the connection between a deputy and a teacher.

Stiles paces his bedroom, trying to figure out what to say to his dad. Cora sits on the bed and Sheriff stands, Eventually, Stiles brings up the difficulty Sheriff had in season 1 with the murders around Kate Argent and last season with Matt murdering the swim team. It’s like he’s been fighting a losing game. The last thing Sheriff needs right now is a performance review from his son.

Stiles changes tack, grabbing a chess board. The reason Sheriff has been losing the game is because he hasn’t been able to see the whole board and Stiles needs to show it to him.

So glad we learned about idioms today.

So glad we learned about idioms today.

Allison gets a text saying that Mr Westover is missing. Now convinced that her dad is the Darach, she needs to stop him. Allison pulls Danny’s telluric current map from episode 7 out of her pocket and she and Isaac use it to figure out where Mr Westover will probably be sacrificed.

Stiles has laid out the chessboard and labelled the pieces with coloured Post-It strips to indicate whether the person is a WEREWOLF HUNTER, werewolf, Kanima, or emissary.

I'm too old for this shit.

I’m too old for this shit.

SHERIFF: Scott and Derek are werewolves.


SHERIFF: And Kate Argent was a werewolf.

STILES: Hunter. Purple’s hunter.

CORA: Along with Allison and her father.

SHERIFF: Yeah. And my friend Deaton, the veterinarian, is a Kanima.

STILES: What? No, no, no, no. No. He’s a druid, okay? Well, we think.

SHERIFF: So who’s the Kanima?

STILES: Jackson.

SHERIFF: No, Jackson’s a werewolf.

STILES: Jackson was a Kanima first and then Peter and Derek killed him and he came back to life as a werewolf. Now he’s in London.

SHERIFF: Who’s the Da-rack?

STILES: It’s Da-rock.

CORA: We don’t know yet.

STILES: We don’t know yet.

SHERIFF: But he was killed by werewolves.

STILES: Slashed up and left for dead.

CORA: We think.

Sheriff asks why Jackson was the Kanima. Stiles tells him that sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. Sheriff wants to know what shape an increasingly confused and angrier-by-the-second father would take. Stiles thinks that would be more of an expression … like the one his dad is currently wearing.

Sheriff tries to leave but Stiles stops him. He wants to prove it with Cora’s help. Cora stands up to try and shift. Instead, she passes out and collapses on the floor. Her head wound is open and bleeding again. Sheriff tells Stiles to call an ambulance.

Cora out.

Cora out.

Night has fallen. Allison and Isaac pull up at … somewhere. I don’t know where this is. Allison has refused to call Scott so far. She gets out of the car, holding a dagger, and tells Isaac to stay behind her and stay quiet. They walk into the building, which seems to be abandoned. Isaac, not keen on the staying quiet rule, tells Allison that if Chris tries to kill him, he’ll defend himself. Allison thinks it more likely that if Chris tries to kill Isaac, Isaac will be dead.

Isaac smells blood but doesn’t know where it’s coming from. He thinks it might be from the room directly in front of them. Makes sense, since that’s where they can see Mr Westover being strangled by the Darach. Allison runs forward, ignoring Isaac’s yells for her to stop.

Chris appears out of nowhere and yells for them to get down. He has a gun in each hand and fires them off while running like recoil doesn’t exist.

I am above the laws of momentum.

I am above the laws of momentum.

The Darach runs when guns are being fired directly at its face but by the time Allison and Isaac reach Mr Westover, he’s already dead. Not that they even check for a pulse or anything. They just see that he isn’t moving and decide that’s close enough. They were wrong—this string of victims isn’t guardians as in law enforcement. It’s philosophers, as in teachers.

They fill Scott in and he relays the information to Stiles over the phone. Stiles is at the hospital, presumably waiting for Cora to regain consciousness. Philosophers makes sense, since Deputy Graham used to be a middle school teacher. But there’s dozens of other teachers to pick from it’ll take too long to track them down at their houses. Except they’re not at home … they’re going to the memorial recital at the school.

Ms Blake greets people as they walk in. Once again, wind picks up around her and dead leaves swirl in the breeze. Easy on the foreshadowing, guys.

Chris, Allison, and Isaac are still at the empty building. Chris says he has been tracking the killer on his own all along and he would’ve caught them if it weren’t for those meddling kids Allison and Isaac hadn’t shown up. Allison and Chris start getting into a ‘you lied to me first’ argument and Isaac suggests putting the family meeting on hold; there’s still one more teacher to be sacrificed and they’ll all be at the recital.

Allison, I swear to God I will ground you for getting in the way of my hero complex.

Allison, I swear to God I will ground you for getting in the way of my hero complex.

In the hospital, Stiles tries again to convince his dad. Sheriff denies seeing anything at the vault when he saved Deaton—no healing, no magic force field, none of that. Sheriff has seen a lot of unexplainable things in this town and that doesn’t make those things supernatural or even real. He’s just gotten the call about Mr Westover’s body and that’s a real lead he can follow.

Stiles protests that another teacher will die if his dad doesn’t listen. Sheriff shouts that he has been listening this whole time and everyone around them in the hospital turns to stare.

Sheriff starts to walk away and Stiles quietly says, ‘Mom would have believed me.’ For future reference, this seems to be the best way to make Sheriff feel like garbage.

I just have a branch in my eye.

I just have a branch in my eye.

Ethan acts like a stage mum, adjusting Danny’s tie, fiddling with his hair, and giving him a breath mint. Danny goes to take his place on stage and Ethan stops him. If anything bad happens, he wants Danny to find him first. Ethan turns to see Aiden watching him.

A breath mint? What are you saying, Ethan? You don't think I'm prefect? How very dare you.

A breath mint? What are you saying, Ethan? You don’t think I’m perfect? How very dare you.

From the doorway, Scott spots the Alpha twins and Ms Morrell walking separately through the crowd. Lydia walks up to him. She can’t go home.

LYDIA: I don’t know why I am the one who keeps finding the bodies but maybe if I just stop trying to fight it, I’d find them before it happens. Maybe with enough time for someone like you to do something about it.

SCOTT: You get me the time and I’ll do something about it. I swear to God I will.

They grip each other’s hand for support.

Cora lies in a hospital bed, head bandaged. Derek immediately gets to his feet when Cora wakes. Neither of them know what’s happening to her, but Derek won’t leave her again. He presses a gentle kiss to her forehead.

Please don't die. You're my favourite resurrected family member.

Please don’t die. You’re my favourite resurrected family member.

Sheriff asks Mama McCall if he can look at some files. They’d be old, maybe over 10 years. Mama McCall points out he’d need a court order … or someone like her, who’s willing to bend the rules for a handsome face. She’ll see what she can do.

I ship us. Do you ship us?

I ship us. Do you ship us?

Chris, Allison, and Isaac arrive at the school. Allison and Isaac immediately run for the hall where the recital is being held. Chris takes a moment to notice the wind blowing through the trees.

The recital starts. Danny’s playing the trumpet. He looks beautiful. I also like the conductor’s face. Lydia gets a message from Aiden saying that he needs to see her now and that it’s life or death. She sees him looking at her from the audience and walks off to meet him.

Scott sees Chris, Allison, and Isaac enter.

Mama McCall has procured the file that Sheriff wanted and they discuss it in the morgue because it’s just where all the cool kids hang out. Years ago, a Jane Doe was found in the woods with slash marks all over her body, which seemed to be from an animal. While Jane Doe was in the operating room, hundreds of birds were flying into the walls and windows like they were committing some kind of mass suicide. Sheriff thinks it was more like they were sacrificing themselves for something.

Sacrifices, you say? Never heard of such a thing. I definitely do not know about supernatural events in this town.

At the recital, Stiles arrives. The choir starts chanting something that sounds almost like the serial killer death chants we’ve heard before. Aiden searches his pockets for his phone, saying he must have lost it.

Lydia walks to an empty and dark part of the school to meet whoever was texting from Aiden’s phone. She arrives at an empty classroom—is that the English classroom? The proper serial killer death chant starts up and Lydia hears it.

Ms Blake walks out of the shadows and asks Lydia if she recognises the sound. Before Lydia can reply, Ms Blake hits her in the face, knocking Lydia to the ground because MS BLAKE IS THE DARACH. REPEAT: MS BLAKE IS THE DARACH. Told you those leaves were foreshadowing.

Hey, girl. I'm evil.

Hey, girl. I’m evil.

Scott and Stiles have realised that Lydia is missing and she’s not answering her phone. They rush out of the hall to find her. Scott turns on some kind of wolf heat vision and starts scanning the buildings.

Lydia wakes to find that she’s bleeding from the head after Ms Blake’s little stunt. Also, Ms Blake is tying Lydia’s legs together so she can’t run. Ms Blake says she’s doing what’s necessary.

MS BLAKE: I’m still surprised none of you seem to get that. You call them sacrifices but you’re not understanding the word. It’s derived from the Latin sacrificium: an offering to a deity, a sacred right, a necessary evil.

Ms Blake wishes she could stop but Lydia doesn’t know the Alphas like she does. Ms Blake explains that Lydia isn’t a sacrifice. She’s just a girl who knows too much. She corrects herself, instead using past tense as she slips the garrotte around Lydia’s throat. Lydia thrusts her hand up to stop the cord long enough to let out a piercing scream.

Damn, girl got lungs.

Damn, girl got lungs.

All the werewolves around the school—and even Derek in the hospital—can hear the scream. They clutch at their ears like they’re being deafened.

Ms Blake lets go of the garrotte cord and walks around to face Lydia.

MS BLAKE: Unbelievable. You have no idea what you are, do you? The wailing woman. A banshee right before my eyes.

You scream too well for a normal human.

You scream too well for a normal human.

Ms Blake compares herself and Lydia, saying they both look like innocent flowers but are really the serpent under it. But it’s too late. She tapes Lydia’s arms to the chair this time so Lydia can’t block the garrotte again. Ms Blake tightens the garrotte and pulls out a knife, claiming that Lydia can be the last philosopher. So I guess the earlier remark that Lydia wasn’t a sacrifice was total bullshit.

The orchestra is officially creepy and intense and everyone in the audience has noticed it. It’s so intense and creepy, in fact, that one of the piano strings snaps and cuts the throat of the pianist. The woman drops to the floor, dead. The audience was already on edge from the performance and now they launch into panic mode and run from the hall, screaming.

The day the music teacher died.

The day the music died.

Allison runs for the stage. The dead woman has white liquid dripping from her mouth and mixing with the pool of blood. Allison identifies the white stuff as mistletoe.

CSI: Beacon Hills.

CSI: Beacon Hills.

Ms Blake is killing Lydia with the garrotte. Sheriff appears and points a gun at Ms Blake. She throws her knife at him, striking him in the shoulder. It doesn’t look like it went in deep but it’s still a fucking knife to the chest.

No more parent teacher conferences for me.

No more parent teacher conferences for me.

Scott appears in wolf mode. There’s no denying what Sheriff sees this time.

Scott parkours over some desks. Ms Blake is apparently strong enough to send Scott flying across the room with a single shove. He collapses to the ground, blood dripping from his mouth.

Stiles arrives at the classroom and Ms Blake easily shoves a desk against the door to block his entrance. Sheriff picks up his gun and points it as Ms Blake as she walks towards him.

SHERIFF: There was a girl—years ago. We found her in the woods, her face and body slashed apart. That was you, wasn’t it?

Ms Blake doesn’t answer but says maybe she should’ve started with philosophers. Sheriff shoots her in the leg and she heals instantly, listing the healer sacrifices.

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away.

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away.

Ms Blake grabs the knife in Sheriff’s chest and uses it to pull him to his feet. He screams in pain. She rips the sheriff’s badge (which symbolises both warriors and guardians) from his chest and crushes it. The last group is virgins. Ms Blake leans forward and kisses Sheriff. He opens his eyes after a second and finds himself kissing not Ms Blake but the Darach/Scarface.

Oops. Forgot to keep my lips on.

Oops. Forgot to keep my lips on.

Stiles manages to shove the desk aside and get into the room. The sound of breaking glass wakes Scott. He and Stiles stare at a broken window. Ms Blake is gone, and so is Sheriff.

Daddy, come back.

Daddy, come back.



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