Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 10: The Overlooked

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A storm rages over Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Mama McCall is organising the evacuation of patients. The weather only called for minor thunderstorms this morning but now several towns have lost power and a town called Hill Valley is under flood watch.

Thanks for evacuating your hospital so we can hang out here for this episode.

Thanks for evacuating your hospital so we can hang out here for this episode.

Cora Hale is still hospitalised and hasn’t been evacuated yet. Peter is dabbing at her sweating forehead with a towel. He yells at passing staff, asking when Cora will be evacuated. Obviously Derek’s promise to never leave Cora again was not literal because he’s nowhere in sight.

Guys, come on. I'm not used to playing concerned uncle.

Guys, come on. I’m not used to playing concerned uncle.

Mama McCall walks in, apologising for confusion. She looks at Peter in shock. Obviously she hasn’t been briefed on his resurrection last season, which seems like a bit of an oversight on Scott’s part since Peter did try to date his mum in a threatening manner.

Cora wakes and leans over the bed, vomiting up black blood and what looks like mistletoe. When did you eat mistletoe, girl?

Ms Blake runs into Derek’s loft, and into his arms, acting like she’s a damsel in distress instead of a psycho serial killer. I mean, she could be both. But I’m not that lenient with her right now. She’s wearing the same clothes as last episode (you can tell by her lacy sleeves) so maybe this is the same night. She tells Derek something happened at the recital and she needs to tell him before he hears any of it from Scott or Stiles. He has to trust her over them.

Ms Blake goes in for a kiss and Derek isn’t as eager as usual. Maybe that’s because Scott and Stiles are already HERE and have already told Derek that you’re the one killing people because you SUCK.

You know we have mobile phones now, right? Probs could've called ahead to try and counteract your villainy.

You know we have mobile phones now, right? Probs could’ve called ahead to try and counteract your villainy.

MS BLAKE: Oh, that’s right. Committing human sacrifices—what, cutting their throats? Yeah, I probably do it on my lunch hour. That way I can get back to teaching high school English the rest of the day. That makes perfect sense.

Stiles is crying but he keeps his voice steady when he asks where his dad is.

Ms Blake denies knowing anything and begs Derek not to believe them. It looks like Derek’s on the fence. Come on, man. Find someone else to have sexy times with (I volunteer as tribute) and kick this psycho to the kerb.

Boys, please. Derek and I had sexy times together. Of course he's going to believe me.

Boys, please. Derek and I had sexy times together. Of course he’s going to believe me.

Scott has proof that Ms Blake’s the Darach, though, which totally foils her plan. Deaton gave him something from his magical spice rack: mistletoe, which can be used against the Darach. He throws some on Ms Blake and she spazzes out in a tiny tornado, showing her true messed up face.

I did not have a planned explanation for this.

I did not have a planned explanation for this.

Derek looks less keen to be kissing her now. Ms Blake tries to run and Derek grabs her by the throat. Ms Blake says she’s the only person who can save Cora and they should call Peter (because she’s omniscient and just knows that he’s the one with Cora right now). On the phone, Peter confirms that Cora is vomiting up black blood and mistletoe.

Derek keeps a firm grip around Ms Blake’s throat and lifts her off the floor, choking her despite the fact that she claims to have Cora’s life in her hands and that they’ll never find Sheriff Stilinski without her.

Going out of my mind, I thought she was fine. Don't know if her body is hers.

Going out of my mind, I thought she was fine. Don’t know if her body is hers.

Scott yells at him and Derek finally drops Ms Blake to the floor. She’s looking pretty pleased with herself for making sure she still has value.


Derek seems to have bought a new four-wheel drive at some point. He’s driving it through the storm, Ms Blake riding shotgun. Because that’s totally safe to have no one else in the car to make sure that she doesn’t kill you while you’re driving.

MS BLAKE: You should know I’m not doing this because I have to. I want to. I could still run and you wouldn’t have an easy time stopping me. But I don’t want your sister to die. I’m only doing what I had to do.

Derek tells her to shut up but Ms Blake wants him to hear the whole story. He has to know how connected the two of them really are.

Stiles and Scott follow in the Jeep.

STILES: I don’t know. Something feels wrong about this. We proved it to Derek but she still had this look like it didn’t matter. You know, like it was all still going according to plan.

Maybe because she’s in a car with no one to stop her KILLING DEREK. But I guess Ms Blake just developed a conscience or wants to have sexy times with Derek in future because they get to the hospital without her killing anyone. Stiles has a baseball bat as his weapon. Do you even play baseball? Where did you get that? Did you steal Mama McCall’s bat?

The four of them walk into the hospital, Derek keeping hold of Ms Blake’s arm. Mama McCall sees them and runs up, asking what Scott’s doing here. He tells her they’re here for Cora.

MAMA McCALL: What, all of you? Why does Stiles have my bat?


Scott tells his mum to trust him on this and leave the hospital. The hospital is supposed to be cleared in 30 minutes. Two ambulances are on their way back; one’s 10 minutes out and the other is 20 minutes out. Cora needs to be on one of those ambulances. They’ll be picking up from the basement garage.

With this knowledge, the four of them continue into the elevator. Ms Blake says she doesn’t need to be kept on a leash; she’s going to help. Derek keeps hold of her arm. Scott glares at her from one side and Stiles is standing behind her, holding the bat. Despite the fact that lights are flickering almost constantly because of the storm, the elevator has a smooth ride up to Cora’s floor.

This is not the way I wanted Derek to be grabbing me tonight.

This is not the way I wanted Derek to be grabbing me tonight.

Derek sees Cora’s puddle of black vomit and Scott points at the drops of black blood that lead to another door down the hallway. Peter comes sliding out of the door as if pushed. They have a problem: the Alpha twins are here and they’re in Voltron Wolf form.

They broke pieces of me.

They broke pieces of me.

Derek runs at Voltron Wolf and Scott rushes in to help, parkouring off a wall. Stiles sees Cora collapsed on the floor further down the hall. Voltron Wolf is busy choking Scott and doesn’t pay attention to Stiles and Peter running over to Cora.

Scott pleads with Ethan and Aiden to stop but Voltron Wolf says all they want is her. In the background, Ms Blake backs into the elevator, sharing a lingering look with Derek as the doors close.

Downstairs, Mama McCall is still evacuating people when Deucalion and Kali arrive. They get to the elevator just as Ms Blake steps out and Deucalion pulls the tip off his white cane to use it as a javelin. It slams into the wall near Ms Blake’s head and she backs into the elevator again.

On second thought ... NOPE.

On second thought … NOPE.

Kali runs at her and just manages to catch the doors before they close but Ms Blake’s eyes glow white and she uses some kind of Darach power to send Kali flying off.

You thought red Alpha eyes were scary? Check my white eyeballs, Kali.

You thought red Alpha eyes were scary? Check my white eyeballs, Kali.

Peter carries Cora away from Voltron Wolf, the other guys trailing after him. Stiles pauses, thinking he can take Voltron Wolf by surprise and concuss it with the baseball bat. He’s wrong. The bat just explodes into splinters. Scott jumps up and rips a light out of the ceiling, swinging it at Voltron Wolf’s face.

Mistakes have been made.

Mistakes have been made.

Allison is still at the high school. Isaac can’t get hold of Derek or Scott by phone. Allison wants to take Lydia to a hospital downtown to get someone to look at the bruising caused by Ms Blake’s garrotte. She’s heard about the evacuation from Beacon Hills Memorial and she overheard an EMT saying that the backup generators might be too old to last if the power goes out. I guess the EMTs are there because of the weird piano death from last episode.

Chris appears, saying that he wants to take Allison and Isaac home. Isaac realises that Cora is at Beacon Hills Memorial and he can’t leave her there with just Peter. Chris says he’ll drive. I guess Lydia can just go get her own damn bruising checked out.

Lydia just survived being strangled. She can survive driving herself to a hospital.

Lydia just survived being strangled. She can survive driving herself to a hospital.

Mama McCall heads for the elevator and sees Deucalion’s white cane embedded in the wall. She pulls it out and stares at the arrow tip. Deucalion appears and takes it from her, replacing the tip and thanking her by name.

MAMA McCALL: You’re him, aren’t you?


MAMA McCALL: The bad guy.

The lights flicker out and Deucalion’s Alpha eyes glow red in the dark.

Weaponised canes just don’t scream ‘good guy’ to me.

Ethan and Aiden are in their separate bodies, still SHIRTLESS, and arguing because Ethan pulled back, reluctant to hurt any of the others, even though they’re protecting Ms Blake.

ETHAN: They don’t have a choice.

AIDEN: Neither do we. If all these sacrifices, all these bodies piling up—if it’s actually giving her the power to get rid of us then we need to take any chance we can to get rid of her.

The lights flicker back on but they’re hesitant, like it’s the work of the crappy backup generators.

Peter puts Cora down for a while in an empty operating room. They seem to have lost their Alpha pursuer but they’ve also lost Ms Blake and Stiles is not okay with that. Derek tells him to be quiet.

STILES: Me? Me be quiet? Me? Huh? You’re telling me what to do now? When your psychotic mass-murdering girlfriend—the second one you’ve dated, by the way—has got my dad somewhere tied up, waiting to be ritually sacrificed?

But all the sane girls get scared off by my wolf face.

But all the sane girls get scared off by my wolf face.

Scott tries to shush him, saying that the Alphas are still out there. Stiles points out that the Alphas want Ms Blake. So if they don’t have her either then his dad and Cora are both dead. Peter confirms that Cora isn’t getting any better and Scott thinks there has to be some way they can help her.

The doors swing open and Ms Blake walks into the operating room. She’s the only one who can help Cora. She can save her and tell them where Sheriff Stilinski is but only on the condition that they get her out of this hospital and safe from the Alpha pack.

Derek lunges forward, ready to throttle her for trying to escape in the first place. Ms Blake says that she was only trying to keep from being killed and no one can blame her for that. She won’t heal Cora to prove that she’s one of the good guys and Peter suggests torturing her instead. Derek’s all on board.

Before anything happens, the intercom blares and Mama McCall’s voice comes over the speakers. She sounds shaken and fearful.

MAMA McCALL: Um, can I have your attention? Mr Deucalion—excuse me, just Deucalion—requests you bring the woman calling herself Jennifer Blake to the ER reception. Do this and everyone else can leave. You have 10 minutes.

You stay quiet when Mama McCall is speaking.

You stay quiet when Mama McCall is speaking.

Chris, Allison, and Isaac arrive at the hospital. It’s completely dark and it looks like the evacuation’s over. Isaac can’t catch a scent when the rain’s this heavy.

Ms Blake says that Deucalion won’t hurt Mama McCall and Scott knows why. He won’t say but Ms Blake reveals that Derek isn’t the only Alpha Deucalion wants in his pack. He wants perfection, and that means adding a True Alpha—the rarest Alpha there is.

Stiles doesn’t know what a True Alpha is and Peter tells him it’s the kind that doesn’t have to steal his power from another; one that can rise by the force of his own will. Scott says it doesn’t matter. They need to get Ms Blake out of here. The last ambulance may not have arrived yet and they might still have time to get down to the garage and use the ambulance to get out. He seems to be trying not to think about his mum being held hostage at the moment.

Scott says he’ll hold the twins off and Derek offers to help. Ms Blake refuses to go anywhere without Derek. Stop being clingy, girl. Peter will go instead, but he wants to have an advantage—something better than a baseball bat. They search the medical supplies and Stiles turns up a defibrillator.

STILES: What about these?

DEREK: Do you know how to use those?

STILES: Well, no.

DEREK: Put them down.

Scott finds some epinephrine but Derek says it will only make the twins stronger. Peter wants to know how strong. Apparently strong enough to stick a giant syringe full of epinephrine into his own chest and walk out to fight.

And best facial expression of the episode goes to ...

And best facial expression of the episode goes to …

The twins merge and fight. To be honest, I don’t see how that the epinephrine is giving Peter much of an advantage but it’s enough to let Ms Blake, Stiles, and Derek (carrying Cora) sneak past and down to the basement garage where the ambulance is still waiting. They load Cora into the ambulance but Ms Blake sees that the ambulance driver is dead on the ground.

Kali walks around the front of the ambulance, swinging the keys in her hand. Her bare feet are covered with the driver’s blood. She calls out to Julia and, upon seeing Ms Blake, says, ‘It is you.’

Ms Blake shrinks back behind Derek. Stiles locks himself and Cora in the ambulance. Ms Blake tells Derek that he can’t beat Kali on his own. Derek’s more interested in running. They make it into an elevator, which for some reason is still working. Do those things not actually run on electricity?

Well, they run on something because up on the roof, Mama McCall shows Deucalion how to switch them off.

It's just not safe for them to keep riding the elevators at a time like this.

It’s just not safe for them to keep riding the elevators at a time like this.

He thanks her for helping and sends Mama McCall off to Scott as his gesture of good will. As Mama McCall runs back into the hospital, Deucalion warns her to be careful out there.

In the ambulance, Stiles realises that Cora’s not breathing and starts performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Mmm, mistletoe vomit. My favourite flavour.

Mmm, mistletoe vomit. My favourite flavour.

Derek manages to open the elevator doors and finds that they’re stuck between floors and there doesn’t seem enough space to wriggle out. Ms Blake dissuades him from trying to break open the service hatch, saying it will create too much noise and tell everyone exactly where they are. Derek pulls out his phone, saying that someone needs to get the backup generator running again.

Cora coughs and finally starts to breathe again.

STILES: You know, next time I put my lips to your mouth, you’d better be awake.

The effects of the epinephrine on Peter have worn off. Scott helps him into a laundry room. They’re having no luck fighting off the Alpha twins so they use the laundry chute to get to the lower floors. Scott doesn’t waste any time waiting for Peter to get out of the way before sliding down the chute and falls directly on top of him. He gets a text from Derek and Peter realises the others haven’t escaped the hospital. Scott texts back, saying that he and Peter are on their way.

Stiles urges the still-unconscious Cora to hold on a little longer. If anyone can get them out of this mess, it’s Scott—which is surprising, considering Stiles always used to be the one with the plan. He thinks maybe Cora was right when she told them they were only good at showing up too late and finding bodies. Stiles doesn’t want to find his father’s body. He brushes away tears and tells Cora she’s easier to talk to when she’s completely unconscious.

Thanks for being nearly dead. I can’t afford a shrink right now.

Stiles hears growling outside and peers out of the ambulance to see Voltron Wolf moving through the garage.

In all this time, Chris, Allison, and Isaac have moved like three feet. Chris chambers a round in his gun and tells the other two to stay close. Isaac’s wolf hearing picks up noise from downstairs. He presses his ear to the floor and hears movement in the basement.

Their pace has quickened. They must have caught our scent. Wait, wrong franchise.

Their pace has quickened. They must have caught our scent. Wait, wrong franchise.

In the ambulance, Stiles is basically waiting for Voltron Wolf to find him. He almost has a heart attack when Scott shows up, half-carrying Peter. They load Peter into the ambulance but Scott has to go back and find Derek, Jennifer, and his mum. Stiles tells Scott that the twins are close and Kali has the ambulance keys. Scott tells him to stay with the ambulance.

He goes back into the hospital and is almost immediately attacked by Voltron Wolf, which grabs Scott by the throat and slams him against a wall, demanding to know where Ms Blake is.

VOLTRON WOLF: We’re trying not to hurt you.

SCOTT: Try harder.

MAMA McCALL: Hey! I’d like to try something.

She leaps forward, slamming charged defibrillator paddles into Voltron Wolf’s chest. The shock separates the twins into their own bodies and seems to knock them unconscious. Mama McCall hauls Scott to his feet and they take off running down the hallway.

Did you see that, son? I was shockingly brilliant.

Did you see that, son? I was shockingly brilliant.

Derek is staring intently at his phone and trying to ignore Ms Blake.

MS BLAKE: Derek, I know what you’re thinking. That I’m using you. That everything that has happened between us is a lie or that I’m evil … a bitch. But I hope you’re not thinking the most superficial thought: ‘Is that her real face? The slashed, mutilated face revealed by the mistletoe—is that what she really looks like?’

*Kasey Chambers music intensifies*

Am I not pretty enough? Is my face too broken?

In the morgue, Kali berates Deucalion for letting Mama McCall go, saying that Deucalion has a soft spot for Scott. Deucalion says he’s trying to mature an investment. If Kali wants to talk about soft spots, they should instead talk about Jennifer Blake—or Julia Baccari, as she used to be called.

In the elevator, Derek tells Ms Blake that he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to hear her story. Ms Blake tells him her real name anyway, saying that a person’s name is so tied to their sense of self, much like a person’s face. She’s talking about her real face—the one that’s supposed to be staring back at her in the mirror, not some hacked up atrocity she doesn’t even recognise. Derek might not care but Ms Blake thinks he’s curious. She bet he’s wondering exactly how it happened.

Ms Blake reveals she was Kali’s emissary and while Kali severely injured Ms Blake, she couldn’t bring herself to strike the final blow.

I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Kali tells Deucalion that she didn’t see the point in killing her emissary because she was harmless, But she did it because Deucalion wanted her to. She’s done everything Deucalion asked so she could be part of the Alpha pack. Deucalion isn’t interested in her accusatory tone; he knows she did all those things so she could be with Ennis. And Ms Blake definitely doesn’t look harmless now.

Kali protests that she thought Ms Blake was dead. Deucalion isn’t sure.

KALI: Are you asking if maybe there was a moment of uncertainty? That when I walked away thinking she was dead that maybe I turned back and maybe I saw her there, lying perfectly still, but I focused my hearing anyway, listened to the sound of her heart still beating, still fighting for life and I thought, ‘I could go back and finish it or I could let someone I love die peacefully.’ And maybe I just kept walking.

DEUCALION: My heart bleeds for you, Kali. Apparently hers could have bled a little more.

You are garbage, Kali. Garbage.

You are garbage, Kali. Garbage.

In the flashback, Ms Blake crawls towards the Nemeton. For years, its power was virtually gone but a few months earlier, without knowing it, Derek had given the Nemeton the sacrifice of a virgin when he killed Paige in the root cellar. The Nemeton drew power from Paige’s virgin blood and that, in turn, gave Ms Blake enough to hold on to life a little longer so she could be found.

But I know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

But I know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

It was Stilinski who found her back then, back when he was a deputy.

Mama McCall tells Scott that her freedom was a gesture of good will but Scott says Deucalion does everything for a reason.

MAMA McCALL: Well, if that means I should continue to be profoundly terrified, then don’t worry about it. I’ve got that covered.

Mum, chill. You just took out a giant werewolf with a defibrillator. You got this.

Mum, chill. You just took out a giant werewolf with a defibrillator. You got this.

Scott hears a noise and rounds the corner to find himself face-to-face with Chris, Allison, and Isaac.

In the elevator, Ms Blake tells Derek about mistletoe. I’m honestly not sure if this means anything or if she’s just going to keep talking until Derek stops hating her. Anyway, mistletoe is important to druids but the reason people kiss under mistletoe is because of a Norse myth.

MS BLAKE: Baldur, the son of Odin, was the most beloved by the other gods. So much that they wanted to protect him from all the dangers in the world. His mother, Frigg, took an oath from fire, and water, metal, stone, and every living thing that they would never hurt Baldur. At a gathering, they tested him. Stones, arrows, and flame were all hurled at him. Nothing worked.

But there was one god who wasn’t so enamoured with Baldur. The god of mischief: Loki. Loki discovered that Frigg had forgotten to ask mistletoe, a tiny, seemingly harmless plant, and completely overlooked. Loki fashioned a dart out of mistletoe and it killed Baldur. Frigg was heartbroken. She decreed that mistletoe would never again be used as a weapon and that she would place a kiss on anyone who passed under it. So now we hang mistletoe underneath our door during the holidays so that we will never overlook it again.

Derek is finally looking at her. Ms Blake is finished talking quietly about seemingly inane things. Her eyes harden and she says that they, the emissaries, were the overlooked. It was a mistake that the Alphas should never have made because Ms Blake made an oath of her own from virgins. warriors, healers, philosophers, and guardians to loan her their power so she could teach these monsters that their monstrous actions would never be overlooked.

DEREK: You killed innocent people.

MS BLAKE: So have you. I know the real colour of your eyes, Derek, and I know what it means. I’m not asking you to save just my life. I’m asking you to save everyone they’ll ever hurt again.

DEREK: You can’t beat them.

MS BLAKE: Are you sure about that?

Before he died, Boyd asked Derek what happens to werewolves during a lunar eclipse. Boyd died before Derek could tell him that, during the total lunar eclipse, werewolves lose all their power.

Scott plots with the others to try and make sure they can all get out safely. They can’t turn the power back on without the Alphas hearing the elevator moving. That means Derek and Ms Blake would be attacked as soon as the elevator stops. They can’t risk letting Ms Blake die because she’s the only chance they have to heal Cora and find Sheriff Stilinski.

Chris isn’t sure which teacher they’re talking about. Isaac tells him that she’s got brown hair and is ‘kinda hot’. Everyone turns to look at him and he says it’s just an observation. Allison sees her reflection and notices that she too has brown hair and is kinda hot.

We can use this terrible lighting to our advantage.

We can use this terrible lighting to our advantage.

Deucalion and Kali can hear the others plotting.

Scott texts Derek the plan. Derek pulls the elevator doors open wider and Ms Blake starts taking off her shoes. The twins, who are still walking around SHIRTLESS, hear the elevator doors.

Isaac is in a car. He has a video call with Allison to coordinate the plan. Allison asks if Isaac is nervous. He asks if he looks nervous and Allison says no. She tells Chris, who can’t see Isaac’s face, that Isaac looks terrified.

ISAAC: Yeah, I can still hear you very, very clearly.

If I'm scared, I'm probably the only sane one.

If I’m scared, I’m probably the only sane one.

Allison puts her phone on the floor and tells Isaac to go as soon as he seems ‘them’.

‘Them’ seems to be the Alpha twins, who hear someone running down the hall. Someone wearing high wedges just like Ms Blake was wearing. The twins see her from behind and give chase, running down the corridor where Allison left her phone. Isaac sees the twins on the phone and accelerates. ‘Ms Blake’ runs out of the hospital and Kali jumps through a window to get to her, landing in front of the twins.

Ms Blake is actually Allison, who grabs a bow and shoots it at the Alphas.

Surprise! Welcome to the Hunger Games, bitch.

Surprise! Welcome to the Hunger Games, bitch.

Chris comes out, doing his ‘I have two guns firing and no recoil’ walk towards them. Kali and the twins run away and Mama McCall runs to the roof to turn on the power again. The elevator starts up and Derek presses the button.

Behind him, Ms Blake pleads for him to look at her. He catches her reflection in the elevator doors. She’s wearing her scarred Darach face and screeching.

Isaac drives into the basement garage and Stiles and Peter transfer Cora into Chris’s car. As Stiles is hopping out of the ambulance, he sees a bunch of medical history forms hanging on the door. The bottom line requires the signature of a parent or guardian.

Instead of climbing into the car with the others, Stiles takes off running.

Scott finds Derek in the elevator, unconscious and alone. The safety hatch is open. Scott realises that his mother is in danger and takes off up the stairs. Stiles sees Scott and goes after him.

Isaac doesn’t want to drive off without Scott. They hear gunshots and Peter asks if Isaac wants to get the Argents killed as well. The Alpha twins appear in the car’s rear view monitor and Isaac floors it.

Is this a bad time to tell you I've never driven before?

Is this a bad time to tell you I’ve never driven before?

Scott races up the stairs to the roof and finds his mother missing. Deucalion is on the roof, though. He knew all along that ‘guardian’ meant ‘parent’. If Scott had joined his pack, Deucalion would’ve told him that. Deucalion says they could help each other: if Scott helps Deucalion catch her, Deucalion will help Scott get his mother and Stiles’s father back.

With tears in his eyes, Scott steps forward. Stiles makes it to the roof and begs Scott not to go with Deucalion. Scott doesn’t know what else to do. There’s no Plan B this time. He promises to find Stiles’s dad and walks over to join Deucalion. Stiles watches them walk away, still calling after his friend.

I don't want to hang with the baddies but we gotta do what we gotta do.

I don’t want to hang with the baddies but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Mama McCall wakes to find herself completely bound. Sheriff is with her. He thinks they’re in a root cellar.

SHERIFF: She called it something different. She called it a Nemeton.

Mama McCall looks around. They are definitely in the now-familiar root cellar. The serial killer chanting starts up in the background.

Soz, no five star accommodation for future human sacrifices.

Soz, no five star accommodation for future human sacrifices.



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