Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 5: I.E.D.

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A young blonde girl runs through the grounds of Beacon Hills High School, pausing just long enough at the sign so we can get a good glimpse of her face. She parkours over a walkway (an obvious supernatural perk) and hides among the school buses. Her left hand has been cut off, leaving only a sizzling stump. Either Girlfriend of Garrett attacked with her thermo-cut bolo necklace or the sizzling is meant to be the sound of Blondie’s hand growing back. Can werewolves actually do that? They keep hinting at growing back limbs but show me the money.

Somebody give me a hand here.

Somebody give me a hand here.

Girlfriend of Garrett rocks up, holding aforementioned heated garrotte. Blondie hides in a school bus and her eyes glow Beta yellow to confirm her werewolf status. She crouches in one of the bus seats, muttering the same thing we heard Demarco say last episode: ‘The sun, the moon, the truth.’

Stealth moves like that are going to get you killed, Blondie.

Girlfriend of Garrett makes her way onto Blondie’s bus, playing with her necklace of death and seemingly more interested in looking cool while stalking her prey than actually taking care to look out for a lethal supernatural creature.

I hope my hunky murderous boyfriend is watching me. I’m going to look super cute while being mauled to death.

Blondie takes advantage of Girlfriend of Garrett’s idiocy and attacks her before running off the bus.

Garrett pulls up in his car and tells Blondie to get in the car because ‘she’s coming’. NO ONE IS STUPID ENOUGH TO – oh, nope. Blondie is stupid enough to fall for that. She jumps in the car and Garrett locks the door.

GARRETT: Seriously? I can’t believe you fell for that.

Garrett pulls out a knife and stabs Blondie in the chest. RIP. Hope you’re smarter in your next life.


Over the next few scenes, Stiles sets up a new and improved murder board (this one is glass instead of a basic corkboard and it looks mobile) while reminding us what we know about all the supernatural deaths. We also get handy flashbacks to remind us how things happened and make this scene more dynamic.

STILES: So the Walcotts were the first. At least the first that we know about. Four murders: Sean, his brother, and their parents. They were killed by a professional assassin called The Mute.

Since when? You just made that shit up. His name is clearly Mouthdemort.

STILES: Weapon of choice: a military tomahawk. But then The Mute was killed by Peter Hale after he tried to blow up Derek with a Claymore mine.

A mine which Deputy Parrish, former Afghanistan IED expert, helpfully dismantled.

So convenient we have an explosives expert now.

So convenient we have an explosives expert now.

STILES: Next was Demarco. He delivered a keg to the party at Lydia’s lake house and he got decapitated outside his car.

Scott and Chris crouch beside Demarco’s body. Scott can smell that Demarco was a werewolf and that he was part of a pack. Chris points out that if Demarco was part of a pack, they’d be looking for him.

Mostly I smell beer.

STILES: And then last night, 23-year-old Carrie Hudson.

AKA Blondie. Blondie/Carrie was the one who was worth 500 (still not sure if that’s just in hundreds or thousands of dollars) on the dead pool. Seems like quite a large amount of money for someone who was stupid enough to jump into a freaking car and get murdered straight up.

Scott and Stiles show Sheriff a printout of the dead pool. Apparently this is only part of it and the rest still has to be decoded, which explains why some of the key supernaturals aren’t on this list. They tell Sheriff that Lydia transcribed the code without realising it as part of her banshee abilities and the code was broken with the key word Allison.

No one is happy about that being the key but it did reveal a third of the dead pool. They need two more cipher keys to reveal the rest of the list. Lydia has been at the lake house with Kira and Malia all weekend, listening to the record player over and over again, trying to find the other two cipher keys. She looks absolutely wrecked and eventually Kira and Malia have to physically pull her away from the record player.

Tell me your secrets.

Tell me your secrets.

Stiles tapes the cracked third of the dead pool to his murder board and crosses off the rest of the names. All that remains now is Lydia, Scott, Derek, Kira, Kayleen Bettcher and Elias Town. There’s no way to know if they’re werewolves or other supernatural creatures drawn here by the renewed power of the Nemeton (magic tree stump from season 3).

Sheriff wants to know if ‘here’ means Beacon Hills or Beacon County. The population of Beacon Hills is just under 30,000 but the combined population of Beacon County is closer to 500,000 people. He’s worried that the next cipher key will unlock not just 12 names but 100.

I'm kind of responsible for limiting deaths in this town.

I’m kind of responsible for limiting deaths in this town.

Scott and Stiles tell him that there’s a limit to the number of names. Since we know that the Benefactor is transferring money to people it’s a safe bet that the combined total of the numbers will add up to the $117 million that was stolen from the Hale vault. Stiles grabs the dead pool and starts scribbling next to the names, revealing which ones seem to be thousands of dollars and which ones seem to be millions.

I’m happy to see that Kira is probably worth $6 million and not just $6 (that would be pretty embarrassing for her) but is she not freaking immortal? And is she not Thor/Pikachu? Surely that’s worth more than $6 million. Also, Derek is worth less than Lydia’s unpredictable banshee abilities? For real? Does being part of the Hale werewolf family mean nothing to you people?

Whatever. The point is that there are assassins out there using axes (Mouthdemort), thermo-cut bolo necklaces (Girlfriend of Garrett), and big knives that leave behind weird hexagonal marks (Garrett).

The mark of a manchild killer.

The mark of a manchild killer.

Since Demarco was known for delivering kegs to teenagers for a little extra cash, it seems likely that the killer called him to the lake house party—which means the killer is a schoolchild. Scott and Stiles are way more perceptive this season. Although I guess it is already episode 5 so they can’t waste much more time.

Yep, keep that right in the middle of your room so you can wake up every day and see death and misery. Nice plan.

At school, Girlfriend of Garrett has werewolf scratches on her neck that she can’t be bothered hiding with a blouse and she wants to know when they’re going for the ‘big money’. Garrett tells her they’re going for it tonight.

Mr Yukimura asks Kira if she wants to talk to him about something exceptionally important.

KIRA: We were going to tell you everything about the dead pool, the assassins, the killings … but I didn’t want you to worry.

MR YUKIMURA: I was talking about you joining the lacrosse team.

KIRA: Oh. Then never mind.

She walks away and her dad seems only mildly surprised that his daughter’s caught up in dead pools and murders.

Go team?

Liam and Mason work out in the gym. Liam is bench pressing stupid amounts of weight while Mason lets us in on some goss. Garrett supposedly lives in a housing development in Beacon Hills but that particular housing development is still in development. As in, there are no houses there. Mason points out that Liam’s been acting weird as well and, from the amount of weights he’s trying, looks like he’s on steroids.

I just escaped the womb last week but I can bench more than my body weight.

Mason asks if Liam is worried about the lacrosse game tonight, since the scrimmage is against Liam’s old school—Devenford Prep.

Liam walks into the locker room to find his lacrosse stick missing. Derek shows up, wielding the penis metaphor. He breaks it in half and throws the pieces to Liam. Liam immediately responds with glowing eyes and a growl. Derek just grabs Liam by the throat and shoves him against a row of lockers. Scott arrives and his voice cuts through Liam’s haze of anger, immediately calming him.

DEREK: You’re right. He is angry.

Derek lets Liam go and Scott hands him back his lacrosse stick. Apparently Derek broke someone else’s equipment for fun.

Take your penis metaphor and go.

Take your penis metaphor and go.

The school bell rings and Scott tells Liam to get to class. Liam’s a more attentive Beta than Scott ever was, because he walks off without comment, leaving Scott and Derek behind.

Derek grins at Scott like a proud dad and tells him that he’s going to be good at this. Scott feels completely unprepared and wants a training manual.

My baby's all grown up and biting people.

My baby’s all grown up and biting people.

DEREK: I’ll tell you one thing. That anger he’s got? It’ll make him strong.

SCOTT: And dangerous.

DEREK: Very.

Oh, what’s that? Seeing a bit of yourself in Liam, are you, Derek? Scott is upset. He wanted to focus on school this semester but everything’s spiralling out of control again. Derek is still being weirdly supportive. He tells Scott that, since all their names are on the dead pool, they should be focusing on that. Scott says that Lydia’s working on getting the second cipher key.

Lydia is in the empty Art classroom with Malia, trying to do a bit of her banshee drawing. It’s not working like the tree/Nemeton drawing last season; she can barely put pen to paper. Malia wants to know if someone’s coming to take her head off and Lydia tells her to stop hovering.

Draw me like one of your French girls.

Lydia finally looks ready to draw something when Malia interrupts her again, asking if they could use help from another banshee—something like Meredith from Eichen House.

Economics class is the perfect public place for Stiles to look through graphic crime scene photos. Coach, who’s wielding a shabby lacrosse stick as an example of economic disparity, sees the photos.

COACH: Stilinski, if I could grade you on how profoundly you disturb me, you’d be an A-plus student.

Coach starts to walk away and Stiles seizes the lacrosse stick, comparing the bottom of it to the markings on Carrie Hudson’s stab wounds. Stiles is apparently way stronger than we thought because he has no trouble holding the lacrosse stick in place one-handed while Coach tries to yank it back.

Do you even lift, Coach?

Do you even lift, Coach?

As Coach gets the stick back, Stiles leans across to Scott, confirming that the hexagonal end of the lacrosse stick matches Carrie’s stab wounds. The killer must be on the lacrosse team.

Scott, Stiles, and Kira look for a hidden knife in the school’s lacrosse sticks. Scott points out that most players use their own gear and Kira thinks that instead of trying to find the weapon, they should be finding a way to get the game cancelled.

SCOTT:  The game is the best way to catch him red-handed.

STILES: But what if he’s red-handed because his hands are covered in the blood of the person he just stabbed to death? Which, by the way, could be either of you guys.

Scott is worried Liam might be on one of the other coded lists. They don’t know how the list is made or if it’s regularly updated. Scott isn’t scared of playing tonight and neither is Kira (omg, lack of fear is so romantic).

STILES: Well, I’m terrified and I’m not even on the list. Guys, these are professional killers. It’s their profession. One of them’s got a thermo-cut wire that cuts heads off. Who knows what else they have?

Garrett and Girlfriend of Garrett have a funky species of wolfsbane which is yellow instead of purple. It’s very rare and very expensive so Garrett can’t afford to miss (that’s probably a lie, considering how much the Benefactor is paying people). All he has to do is nick the werewolves with the wolfsbane. It’ll work fast even on an Alpha.

GIRLFRIEND OF GARRETT: I’m just saying I don’t know why we’re going after a Beta when there’s an Alpha on the field.

GARRETT: Because an entire pack of Alphas went after McCall and he was the one left standing.

He’s no match for my killer bolo necklace. I got this thing on Etsy!

Garrett reminds his girlfriend that the Beta is also worth a lot of money. She seems okay with that because she lubes up Garrett’s lacrosse shiv with some urine-coloured poison juice. (That knife has got to be detachable, right? There’s no way he had enough room to knife Carrie in the car with a full lacrosse stick attached to it.) Oh, P.S: they’re in a Chemistry classroom where anyone could see them through the glass peephole thing in the door.

Just going to kill the whole school when they see us plotting murders.

Meredith (the Eichen House banshee) is not allowed visitors without permission from a relative. Which, Malia points out, will be super difficult considering Meredith’s whole family is dead. Malia suggests going back to the Art or Music classrooms to try more banshee tactics.

LYDIA: I’m not plucking piano strings waiting for some supernatural inspiration.

MALIA: Fine. What else do banshees do?

LYDIA: You think I know? I can’t just turn this on. I’m not like you guys. I don’t have claws or glowing eyes or super senses. I just have voices in my head.

The Devenford Prep lacrosse team has just arrived by bus. Liam strides out to meet them and Mason chases him, worried Liam is going to do something stupid. Instead, Liam goes up to a dude called Brett and tells Brett to have a good game, holding out his hand to shake. Brett laughs in Liam’s face like a lil’ bitch.

Look, friends! A peasant! To industry!

BRETT: That’s cute, Liam. Is that what they told you to say in anger management? Apologise and everything’s fine? You demolished Coach’s car.

LIAM: I paid for it.

BRETT: Yeah, you’re gonna pay for it. We’re going to break you in half out there and it’s going to be all your fault.

Scott, who’s been watching from a distance, sees that Liam is clenching his fist and drawing blood. He races over and pulls Liam aside. Stiles plays Welcome Wagon, telling the prep students they’re excited for the scrimmage tonight but they should all keep it clean on the field.

Scott and Stiles drag Liam into the locker room and hold him under the shower until Liam calms down and stops roaring. Scott calls Liam on his white lie: Liam told them that he smashed a teacher’s car. The teacher also happened to be Liam’s coach, who benched him for a whole season after Liam got one too many red cards. After Liam was expelled, he was sent to a psychologist for evaluation.

SCOTT: What did they call it?

LIAM: Intermittent explosive disorder.

STILES: IED? You’re literally an IED? That’s great. That’s great. You gave super powers to a walking time bomb.

Look at your life, Scott. Look at your choices.

Look at your life, Scott. Look at your choices.

Liam has some antipsychotic medication but he doesn’t take it because it makes him too tired to play lacrosse. Scott thinks Liam should bail out of the game and tell Coach his leg’s still sore.

LIAM: No! No! I can do this, especially if you’re there.

Well, that’s adorable. But irrelevant. Scott tells Liam that they think Demarco’s killer might be on their lacrosse team. Liam, who spent most of last episode wolfing out for the first time, doesn’t know Demarco by name and requires some extra explanation. Liam doesn’t know who ordered the keg but he does know who paid for it … which is kind of strange considering, like I just said, Liam spent most of last episode wolfing out for the first time. But I guess maybe Garrett brags about being a rich assassin or something. Who knows?

Scott and Kira chat before the lacrosse game. They can’t do anything about Garrett because they don’t have proof he’s the killer. Instead of doing something obvious like grabbing his lacrosse stick and finding a shiv inside it, they’re just going to let him play and maybe murder someone.

Girl, you look so fine in your lacrosse uniform that I can’t think rationally and now Garrett’s probs gonna kill me.

Kira’s nervous about someone trying to kill them and also about playing her first lacrosse game. Understandable, since she’s the smallest person playing tonight. But how many other ninjas are playing? Probably less than six.

Stiles, who’s apparently on the team and going to be playing tonight despite his dismal tryouts, calls Sheriff to ask why he’s not already in the stands to cheer Stiles on. Also, I just noticed that the stands have a roof now. I’m pretty sure we saw that roof during tryouts but congrats on getting a little extra in your budget, BHHS.

As Sheriff leaves the station, he’s stopped by Deputy Parrish. Apparently while out on patrol, Parrish found someone trying to walk the 15 miles from the coast to the high school.

DEPUTY PARRISH: She was pretty determined.

It’s Meredith! YAY! And she’s looking for Lydia.

Can’t be tamed.

Brett gets changed on the field because being SHIRTLESS is a necessity for Teen Wolf newbies. Liam is getting psyched up to take Bretton. Mason is getting psyched up at the sight of Brett’s abs. Where’s Danny? Why can’t Danny admire abs? I miss Danny.

LIAM: He wants to destroy me.

MASON: I think you could definitely take him. And then give him to me.

Public school locker rooms are beneath me.

Public school locker rooms are beneath me.

Derek reunites with Chris to show him his special vault (not a euphemism) and so they can appreciate the extra facial hair they’ve each acquired this season. Or maybe Derek is just showing Chris the triskelion medallion that Kate was after.

You look fierce, bro. I'm so glad you're back. No one else can grow facial hair like you.

‘You look fierce, bro. I’m so glad you’re back. No one else can grow facial hair like us.’ ‘Thanks, bb, ily.’

Chris has suspected that Kate was alive ever since season 3B when Derek showed him a shotgun shell he found in the woods. Apparently the marking means that it’s one of Kate’s.

Good gracious, it’s a fleur-de-lis! No one else in the world could possibly mark their bullets with this well-known and ambiguous symbol!

When Chris finds Kate, he’s going to take her to werewolf jail. He doesn’t expect her to go quietly but he’ll do what’s necessary. (By ‘werewolf jail’ do you mean ‘death?’)

DEREK: What if I asked you not to? She took something from me.

Derek shows Chris his yellow Beta eyes.

DEREK: At first I thought it was a part of my past. But I started to lose something else—my sense of smell. I’m losing my power.

Well, I just assumed that the blood was food colouring designed to make Sheriff and Derek open the booby-trapped door. I don’t know why Derek’s worried; if he’s losing his powers, he can always get the bite from Scott, can’t he? I mean, yeah, it’s probably a little scary for him because he was born a werewolf but there are other options, man. Pull yourself together. (In saying that, there’s probably some werewolf loophole about not being bitten twice but that’ll come to the fore soon enough.)

Back at the lacrosse field, the game’s about to start. Scott asks to bench Liam because his leg is still hurting. Coach brushes him off.

SCOTT: As captain, I’m suggesting Liam sit out the game.

COACH: And as President of the United States, I’m vetoing that suggestion.

SCOTT: What if he gets hurt?

Brett throws a lacrosse ball at Liam. He catches it with werewolf speed. There’s no way Coach is letting him off after that display of skills.

The game starts with a close-up of some dude not wearing socks when everyone else is wearing knee-highs. That dude is going to blister. Devonford Prep scores against a goalie who is not Danny. Scott tells Kira to keep an eye on Garrett; Scott’s going to watch out for Liam. Stiles is just going to focus on playing lacrosse. Everyone looks the same in this lighting with their lacrosse masks on and Danny’s not here so don’t expect me to recognise everyone.



Scott faces off against Brett and asks him to hold off on Liam’s payback for one night. Brett, being a lil’ bitch, laughs in Scott’s face. Someone smack some manners back into this kid. Brett gets the ball and shoulder-charges Liam on his way to score a second goal because Danny isn’t here to be goalie.

Liam throws off his helmet and gloves, ready to fight. Scott and Stiles restrain Liam. Garrett plays with his stick (still no euphemisms here) and looks ready to knife someone.

LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS TO DEFEAT the supernatural creatures so I can have a huge joint bank account with my girlfriend even though I’m 12. Gotta save for Assassin College.

Sheriff didn’t make it to the lacrosse game. Assuming that Meredith showed up because of the dead pool, Sheriff called Lydia (and, by extension, Malia) to the station to talk to her. Sheriff can’t let Meredith leave the station and he’s going to have to call Eichen House soon. Lydia asks for an hour. Sheriff gives her 15 minutes.

Deputy Parrish sees Lydia and walks up to Sheriff, asking if Lydia’s here because Meredith asked for her or because of the other thing—the psychic thing.

SHERIFF: You think Lydia’s psychic?


Sheriff sidesteps, saying he thinks Lydia’s intuitive. Parrish points out that psychics used to be called intuitionists. He brings Parrish into his office to be part of the banshee conference.

Parrish probably would’ve walked in to the supernatural club meeting anyway. Dude never knocks.

Lydia hands Meredith her phone, expecting her to answer it like she has done in the past. Meredith tells Lydia that the phone’s not ringing and gives her a look that says, ‘My condolences for your stupidity.’

Stiles faces off against a random from Devenford Prep and asks him what kind of steroids he’s on, since Devenford Student seems to have an unusual amount of facial hair for a teenager. His snarky comments distract Devenford Student enough for Stiles to get the ball and pass it to Kira.

Kira runs toward goal, ignoring Coach’s calls for her to pass the ball. She scores Beacon Hills’s first goal and runs up to Scott, super proud of herself. Coach calls her off the field and benches her, saying that she should’ve listened to him and passed the ball even though she had an open shot. This is a scrimmage; it’s about teamwork. Tell that to the kid who’s walking around with a shiv, Coach.

Lydia is having a hard time getting information out of Meredith. Meredith says she heard Lydia calling her. Parrish steps in and Meredith seems pretty pleased to have an excuse to look at his face.

I actually just broke out of Eichen House for some eye candy.

I actually just broke out of Eichen House for some eye candy.

DEPUTY PARRISH: When you need help—when you need to find something, is there someone you reach out to? Maybe someone you call?

MEREDITH:  It depends. Different people for different things.

DEPUTY PARRISH: So maybe there’s a number that can help us? Someone we can call?

Meredith says there is. The number is 2436. That’s nowhere near the right length for a phone number but Meredith insists that’s the number they need. Lydia turns on Meredith, yelling for her to concentrate. Meredith starts tearing up, screaming that that’s the number.

Chris is hanging out with his weapons when he hears someone sneaking around. Chris activates an electric shock booby trap thing, which takes out one intruder. But there are two more people stopping in for a casual chat: Araya Calavera and one of the Calavera dudebros who I think is called Severo. Severo and Chris face each other, guns drawn.

ARAYA: In Mexico, we just call this a standoff.

On the lacrosse field, Liam and Brett collide, both crying out in pain.

I’m going down. I’m yelling, ‘Timber!’

Liam tells Scott that Brett was the one who hit him, showing a broken arm. Scott tells Liam to close his eyes and twists Liam’s arm back into place so it can heal.

Brett is still whimping out on field like a lil’ bitch. Scott sees Garrett sheath his lacrosse knife and quickly turns to Liam, asking if he’s been cut anywhere. Liam’s fine. Which means Garrett missed or … he didn’t miss and there’s more than one Beta on the field (that’s my thought process, not theirs. They just think Garrett has sucky aim).

Sheriff and Deputy Parrish take care of Meredith. Parrish hands Meredith his coat, which I’m sure she’s pleased about. Malia and Lydia are still in Sheriff’s office, puzzling over the four numbers. Malia spots the desk phone and wonders if the numbers are actually letters like in Algebra.

Lydia grabs a notepad and pen and starts writing down the corresponding letters from the phone’s keypad. We’ve got ABC GHI DEF MNO. Lydia immediately spots a name. It’s Aiden. She pulls out her laptop and types in the cipher key. Bingo.

This part of the dead pool includes Kate Argent ($12 million), Noshiko Yukimura (Kira’s mum, who’s worth $5 million despite being another immortal kitsune who also survived World War II so that’s bullshit) … and Brett Talbot/lil’ lacrosse bitch ($1 million).

Please explain your weird value system.

Please explain your weird value system.

Concerned that he’s the one Garrett’s after, Liam talks to Coach and gets himself benched for the rest of the game. Scott is concerned they’re missing something and he gets his answer when Stiles comes up with a message from Lydia about the dead pool.

LIAM: Am I on it?

STILES: No. But someone else is.

(Also someone like Kira’s mum but she’s not here right now so whatever, let’s go save the lil’ bitch.)

Brett crawls around the locker room while Girlfriend of Garrett tells him about the wolfsbane-laced blade used on him. It won’t kill him but her thermo-cut bolo necklace will. She tells Brett that he’s worth a lot of money and wraps her thermo-cut wire around his neck, pulling tight.

Parrish walks into Sheriff’s office without knocking (I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy knock) and Lydia quickly tilts her laptop lid so he can’t see the dead pool. Parrish offers Lydia a ride home but she says she’ll be fine. Malia is out in the bullpen, talking to someone on the phone. Maybe it’s her dad? Does she still live with her dad? What is Malia’s situation these days? Please confirm.

Parrish leaves and Lydia looks back at the dead pool. At the bottom of the list is the name Jordan Parrish. And he’s worth $5 million.

Well, I guess he really does get to be in the club.

Well, I guess he really does get to be in the club.

That’s the same value as Kira’s mum so Parrish had better be another immortal World War II survivor. Also, Peter isn’t on this list either, which means that either he’s on the third list or he’s involved in this plot. Maybe Danny’s the Benefactor and that’s why he’s missing. That means that, as the season’s baddy, Danny might be killed off and I’m not cool with that.

Scott runs to the locker room and finds the first aid officer unconscious. Also, congratulations to Brett on not being decapitated yet. Oh, wait. This was all part of Girlfriend of Garrett’s plan. She jumps out of the shadows and wraps her thermo-cut wire around Scott’s neck.

GIRLFRIEND OF GARRETT: He said we shouldn’t try but now I’ve got you. I’ve got an Alpha.


Scott pulls the thermo-cut wire away from his neck, his eyes glowing red.

Somebody please tell her who the eff I is.

He knocks Girlfriend of Garrett out. Stiles arrives and sees the situation.

SCOTT: I think you better call your dad.

Back at Chris’s basement/garage/gun place, Araya tell Chris that they haven’t heard from Braeden in days and are starting to think she’s been killed by Kate. They seem to be pointing out that Kate is Chris’s sister and therefore his problem. Araya reminds Chris of the WEREWOLF HUNTER code: We hunt those who hunt us.

ARAYA: Say it, Christopher. Say it for your wife, Victoria. For your daughter, Allison. Say the code. Speak the words. Say it. What is our code?

CHRIS: We hunt those who hunt us.

Cool, except that’s not the Argent code anymore. Remember how Allison changed it to We protect those who cannot protect themselves? Sort out your amnesia, Chris. Allison would probably punch you in the face right now.

Allison would punch you in the face right now, Chris.

My beard is 40% facial hair and 60% pure rage.


P.S: If anyone wants a running tally, I’m pretty sure we’re up to $95 million on the dead pool. Which means the next list should add up to $22 million*. Peter, Malia, and Meredith are the last well-established supernaturals we know of who haven’t appeared on a list yet.

Lydia is worth $20 million and she isn’t even as good a banshee as Meredith yet so Meredith should be worth a fair whack. And since resurrected former-Alpha werewolves and werecoyotes aren’t too common, Peter and Malia logically shouldn’t be chump change. So I don’t know how they can all be on the list when we’ve only got $22 million to play with.

In saying that, no one values immortal kitsune very highly and Carrie Hudson was worth $500,000 even though she was dumb enough to just jump into the car of death with a stranger. I don’t know what value system these guys are working with.

*I mean, I did Maths A in high school but I’m pretty sure I understand the basic principles of addition.


2 thoughts on “Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 5: I.E.D.

    • I’m aware that her name is Violet but I’m not using it until someone says it on screen. She’s been a significant character in the last two episodes and no one has bothered to say her name, whereas we got Mason, Garrett, and Liam’s names within about a minute of them appearing for the first time.

      Anyone who doesn’t specifically go and look up the name of Samantha Logan’s character would have to refer to her in vague terms and my point is that they shouldn’t have to look up the name of a significant character.

      I’m purposely writing my recaps from the perspective of a basic viewer who is only introduced to new concepts as they appear in the episode. I did the same thing for season 1 recaps even though I’ve watched those episodes multiple times and know everything that’s about to happen.

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