Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 6: Orphaned

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Four weeks (or, you know, a month) ago, on a rainy night, Kate Argent is curled up in the back of a (presumed stolen) car after escaping the Calavera WEREWOLF HUNTER family. She wakes, hearing static from the car radio. Kate pokes at it with her gun and a cassette tape pops out. A tape she’s never seen before. A message on the tape simply says, PLAY ME.

Thank God I stole a car that still has a cassette player.

Thank God I stole a car that still has a cassette player.

Kate sticks the cassette back in the player and a radio announcer/reporter starts speaking.

RECORDING: …eventually settling in a small town in Northern California, this family used their wealth to rebuild the community around them while remaining isolated from it. This was sometimes more a choice than a necessity as not all of their children would become werewolves. The ones that did—these born wolves—had to be trained. They needed to learn control. They had a practice for the training of Betas; a tradition passed down through generations. It involved the use of a sacred object called a ‘triskelion’. Without control, violence—extreme violence—is inevitable.

Well, that sounds like a report on the Hale family if ever I heard one. But why does something like that exist? Kate’s just as curious as I am. More curious, actually, because in the next scene—which must take place closer to present day—she seems to have killed a bunch of people to try and get answers.

The streets are alive with the sound of a violent killing spree.

The streets are alive with the sound of a violent killing spree.

Cars are on fire, motorcycles have been overturned, and torn-up bodies are lying on the road. The Berserkers (who are clearly working with/for Kate, which was kind of debatable based on the last time we saw them) hold up a bleeding man for her to question. So far, people have been telling her that they don’t know who or where the Benefactor is and it’s all done electronically. But she seems to believe that every potential assassin got one of the ‘mix tapes’. Not quite sure why Kate got one, since she’s actually on the dead pool but whatever.

KATE: It’s been a long time since someone’s made me a mix tape. You got one too, didn’t you?

BLEEDING MAN: No, no. But I know who did. They look like kids. Like teenagers. They’re called the Orphans.

Suddenly, one of the dudes who was supposed to be dead fires at Kate, hitting her in the back. She turns and walks towards him, gun drawn.

Resurrection is an exclusive club. You can't join, dude.

Resurrection is an exclusive club. You can’t join, dude.

Before she can pull the trigger, Kate starts to lose control. The man tries to reload his gun so he can finish her off but Kate shifts into werejaguar mode and kills him, ripping him to shreds.

She turns back to the man being held by the Berserkers. He begs for mercy but Kate kills him too, splattering the Berserker’s bone mask with the man’s blood.

Maybe she's born with it.

Maybe she’s born with it.


Coach is trying to keep the lacrosse team out of the locker room because it’s a crime scene. I don’t know what they did with Brett (the Beta that Garrett poisoned last episode) but there doesn’t seem to be any dead bodies lying around so I assume he got out safely. Coach tells everyone to keep an eye out for Garrett. If they see him, they should call the police and also tell Garrett he’s off the lacrosse team.

Liam arrives at the locker room and sees Scott talking to his dad. Agent McCall feels like garbage for missing Scott’s game; he was supposed to come to games so Mama McCall could take on extra shifts at the hospital. Scott protests that it was just a scrimmage and he hadn’t even told his dad about it. Besides, it’s okay because his dad is here now.

Deputy Parrish walks a handcuffed Girlfriend of Garrett down the hallway. She sees Parrish’s badge and recognises him as the Jordan Parrish on the dead pool. Parrish corrects her, putting emphasis on his deputy title.

You're all giant walking dollar signs to me.

You’re all giant walking dollar signs to me.

Girlfriend of Garrett smirks at Scott as they pass him. Sheriff shows Agent McCall the thermo-cut bolo necklace and Agent McCall rushes after Girlfriend of Garrett.

Liam tells Scott that Kira went home after finding out her mother was on the second part of the dead pool. She probably also went to console her mother about her immortality being worth nothing to these people. Liam is worried that he’ll be on the third part of the dead pool. You’ve been a Beta for five seconds, kid. Calm yourself.

Scott listens in as Agent McCall stops Girlfriend of Garrett to ask her about the thermo-cut bolo necklace. Apparently something similar has been used in a dozen other murders.

GIRLFRIEND OF GARRETT: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just go to school here.

AGENT McCALL: Maybe we should call your parents, then. Oh, no, that’s right—you don’t have any parents. That’s why they call you the Orphans.

Girlfriend of Garrett does not seem happy about losing her secret identity. Maybe you should’ve been more careful where you swung your damn necklace, girl.

Agent McCall tells Sheriff that they need to find her boyfriend, Garrett. I don’t know if Agent McCall knows that from his FBI file or if he heard about Garrett from Scott/Coach. Sheriff asks Coach for Garrett and Girlfriend of Garrett’s locker numbers and a pair of bolt cutters.

It seems Stiles drove Brett over to the animal clinic. He’s still suffering from the aftermath of the special wolfsbane poison. Stiles and Derek are trying to hold Brett down so Deaton can make an incision. Derek may be losing his werewolf strength next because he can’t keep Brett still. He covers, saying that Brett has werewolf strength as well so it’s difficult to hold him.

Brett slips out of Stiles’s grasp and then pushes everyone away. He starts to make a break for it but is stopped by Peter. Peter punches Brett in the face, knocking him out cold.

$117 Million Dollar Baby.

$117 Million Dollar Baby.

PETER: I guess I still have a little werewolf strength myself.

DEREK: Yeah, maybe more than a little.

Derek looks down at his own arm, where Brett scratched him. It’s not healing.

Deaton quickly makes an incision on Brett’s torso, which was apparently just to let his chest fart out some noxious yellow gas. Deaton thinks Brett will be fine but he’ll probably be out for a while.

That does not look healthy.

That does not look healthy.

Derek’s arm finally heals and he breathes a sigh of relief.

Brett starts whispering the same thing we heard Demarco and Carrie say: ‘The sun. The moon. The truth.’ Deaton recognises it as a Buddhist saying. We get a HAZY FLASHBACK to 1943 and the werewolf woman that was in the internment camp with Kira’s mum. Peter realises that these werewolves must be part of Satomi’s pack.

I'm probably an Alpha by now.

I’m probably an Alpha by now.

Once everyone else seems to have gone home, Liam keeps a lookout while Scott breaks into Garrett’s gym locker. He finds a bag full of money but tells Liam he found nothing.

Nothing but my college fund.

Nothing but my college fund.

Mama McCall is on the phone to someone. She’s three months late on her electricity payments and her power has been switched off. She asks the power company to turn the power back on for a few hours so that all the food in the refrigerator doesn’t go bad since she obviously doesn’t have enough money to replace it. She’s more than happy to beg.

I have a reputation as an adorable TV mother and an amazing provider. Don't ruin that.

I have a reputation as an adorable TV mother and an amazing provider. Don’t ruin that.

Scott listens to the conversation from upstairs. He’s brought Garrett’s bag of money home and stashed it under his bed. Can I just—why are you having money problems? I thought, based on the cash you were waving at the Calaveras in Mexico, that you guys had stolen Silverfinger’s $150,000 from season 3B and were living off that. So maybe the Calaveras took the $50,000 you had in Mexico. Where is the other $100,00? Why aren’t you using it to pay your electricity bills and Stiles’s hospital bills?

Liam and Mason are out for a run in the woods. Mason is hung up on the fact that professional killers Garrett and Girlfriend of Garrett were using their friendship as a cover and not on the fact that they were 15 years old and killing people, y’know, professionally. Liam says he’s freaking out about it as well. His freak-out manifests when he zooms off down the trail at wolf speed, leaving Mason behind.

With that little burst of energy done, Liam turns around and realises that he left his friend a while back. Suddenly, a car drives up and hits Liam, sending him flying. Garrett steps out and walks toward him with a knife.

This is for your own good. Stop showing off your new superpowers in front of your friend.

This is for your own good. Stop showing off your new superpowers in front of your friend.

GARRETT: Sorry about missing movie night. Don’t worry; I’ve got something else planned.

He lunges forward with his knife.

Mason finally jogs up to the same place but Liam’s gone. All that’s left is a little (almost imperceptible) patch of blood. Or wolfsbane poison. Either way, it isn’t a patch of something good.

In Maths, the teacher notices that Stiles, Lydia, and Kira are missing. She asks Malia where her friends are.

MALIA: I could try catching their scent.

TEACHER: Right. How about I just mark them down as absent?

Malia, did you just take a giant leap back developmentally? Because I know you didn’t just suggest tracking someone by scent like it was a thing normal humans do. You know what? Forget it. Malia suddenly hears a creeper whisper and stands up to leave class and follow it. The teacher asks if Malia needs to be excused and Malia nods like it’s obvious that she has to go and track down the person who’s been whispering at her.

Derek is standing in the hallway, waiting for her. Brett’s still out of it and Derek wants to go warn his pack about the dead pool. Obviously Derek is worried that he can’t track by scent because of his mysterious loss of powers but admitting that would be admitting WEAKNESS so he covers by saying that he knows Satomi’s pack hangs out in the woods. Since Malia has spent a lot of time in the woods, he wants to trade in on her expertise.

Derek throws Brett’s lacrosse shirt to Malia and tells her to try and get his scent. She’s not good at that yet but he’ll teach her. Yeah, just pretend this is an Intro to Lycanthropy class, mate. That’ll work.

I smell prep school BO.

I smell prep school BO.

Stiles and Lydia visit the sheriff’s station and ask to talk to Deputy Parrish in private (no one cares that they’re cutting school). They go into Sheriff’s office (Sheriff is out doing sheriff-y things) and give Parrish a piece of paper.

DEPUTY PARRISH: This is a hit list?

STILES: We call it a dead pool.

I find dead people in a game locker one time and now I'm in with all the teens.

I find dead people in a game locker one time and now I’m in with all the teens.

(It’s actually a hit list but dead pool sounds cooler so let’s just keep doing that.) Apparently Sheriff asked Parrish to run a search on a bunch of the names last night but none of them came up with matches. Lydia turns the piece of paper over. Parrish recognises his name under the fold.

DEPUTY PARRISH: Okay. That’s kind of terrifying. What’s the number?

LYDIA: That’s how much you’re worth.

DEPUTY PARRISH: I’m worth five dollars?

STILES: Five million.

DEPUTY PARRISH: I only make 40,000 a year. Maybe I should kill myself.

Parrish doesn’t understand why he’s on the list and Stiles and Lydia seem reluctant to ask him what kind of supernatural creature he is. They’re really only here because they want to talk to Meredith again and see if they can get the third cipher key from her.

DEPUTY PARRISH: The last time you saw her you almost gave her a nervous breakdown.

LYDIA: Almost.

Back at school, Scott and Mason find out that Liam skipped Coach’s Economics class. He looked fine on the run with Mason so it doesn’t seem to be the virus that’s going around. Scott sends Mason back to class, telling him to text if he sees Liam.

As Mason walks away, Scott gets a call from Liam’s phone. It’s Garrett on the other end. He’s not going to tell Scott where Liam is unless he gives back the money from Garrett’s locker and helps break Girlfriend of Garrett out. Girlfriend of Garrett’s name is finally revealed to be Violet. WELL, she’s only been a significant character for the last two episodes so of course we shouldn’t get her name until now. That would be ridiculous.

Scott goes to meet Garrett near the school buses. He offers to go to Sheriff or Agent McCall to try and get Violet out but Garrett doesn’t want anyone with a badge involved.

GARRETT: I’m not getting help from a werewolf because I want him to talk to someone.

Be serious, Scott. You're only here for your werewolf perks.

Be serious, Scott. You’re only here for your werewolf perks.

Violet is being transferred to a federal facility. Garrett and Scott will follow the transport vehicle and Scott will jump out and stop it. I am strangely focussed on Garrett’s ears in this scene because they seem to be wiggling a lot. Garrett pulls out his lacrosse shiv and tells Scott that Liam’s been poisoned with wolfsbane. Once it gets to the heart, bad things happen. If Scott doesn’t help, he’ll never see Liam again.

Are y’all serious with this? Scott, find Liam’s damn lacrosse gear and start sniffing him out. Roar. Do something.

We see that Liam’s been dropped in a deep well, and the cut from Garrett’s shiv is right above his heart anyway. I don’t know if that’ll speed up the process or if it’s just for dramatic effect. Either way, Liam yells out for help but there’s no one to hear him. The well is in the middle of the woods. Liam, start scaling the damn wall. Even before you were bitten you had freakish upper body strength so start climbing up that thing.

Well, well, well. We are in trouble, aren't we?

Well, well, well. We are in trouble, aren’t we?

Derek and Malia go to the woods to track Brett’s pack. They don’t seem to be anywhere near Liam so they don’t hear his calls for help. Derek tells Malia that Satomi is one of the oldest werewolves alive. She was a bitten werewolf and learning control wasn’t easy but after accidentally setting Corporal Rhys (Mama Yukimura’s old WWII boyfriend) on fire, she seems to have calmed way down. The mantra about the three things that cannot be long hidden is supposed to help with control.

Malia suddenly picks up the smell of gunpowder. Derek crouches down and finds shell casings on the ground. He’s starting to think it’s more likely that Brett’s pack is hiding.

Scott tries to persuade his dad not to be part of Violet’s escort to the federal facility. After losing evidence from an armoured truck last season, Agent McCall isn’t letting this out of his sight. Scott was instrumental in stealing some of that evidence so this has really just come around to bite him in the butt.

AGENT McCALL: If you’re still worried, you should know I’ve got Beacon Hills’ finest coming with us.

That would be Sheriff, who’s escorting Violet out to the truck right now. Congrats, Scott. Good luck teaming up with a psycho assassin and trying not to get your dad and your best friend’s dad killed.

Later, Scott is in Garrett’s car and having second thoughts. (Aren’t you 15, Garrett? What are you doing driving? Or was your age a lie as well?)

GARRETT: All you have to do is stop the car. I’ll take care of the rest.

But what if my dad doesn’t like my werewolf face?

The transport vehicle drives past and Garrett pulls onto the road to follow it. Scott pulls up his hood so he can be extra stealthy.

An orderly is about to let Deputy Parrish, Stiles, and Lydia in to see Meredith when Brunski, that butthead orderly from last season, appears. He berates the other orderly for opening the door ‘for anyone with a badge’. The orderly skulks away.

Parrish tells Brunski that they need to talk to Meredith about a murder investigation. Brunski says Parrish can talk to her but Stiles and Lydia are barred. Parrish protests that Stiles and Lydia are crucial witnesses in the investigation. Brunski invites him to come back with a court order.

Patients steal things from you all the time, Brunski. You aren't so tough.

Patients steal things from you all the time, Brunski. You aren’t so tough.

BRUNSKI: As for you, Mr Stilinski, how about you come back with payment in full? That’s right. Daddy may be the sheriff but he’s late on the bills. I guess those government jobs aren’t as reliable as they used to be, huh?

DEPUTY PARRISH: Well, they do help when you need a favour. Like how, a month ago, Canaan PD helped you get home after blowing a .1 on a breathalyser.

Stiles doesn’t even try to control his glee. Brunski gives Stiles the keys and walks away. Lydia flips him off as he goes.

Lydia expresses how everyone feels about Brunski.

Lydia expresses how everyone feels about Brunski.

Stiles turns to Parrish.

STILES: You. You? I like you. I’m going to keep you.

Parrish unlocks the door in two seconds because apparently he knew exactly which key it was. Meredith is inside, waiting for them.

Step into my office.

Step into my office.

Back in Garrett’s car, Scott realises that he looks a bit too 8 Mile and puts his hood down. Garrett says there’s a stop sign half a mile ahead. Scott can take out the tyres with his claws, teeth, heat vision—whatever.

Suddenly, the transport vehicle comes back into view. It’s turned on its side and there are bodies in the middle of the road. Garrett slams on the brakes and Scott jumps out, running towards the transport vehicle. Agent McCall is unconscious but Sheriff is awake and trying to drag him off the road.

Garrett pulls out his lacrosse stick and handles it like Darth Maul’s double-sided lightsaber. Scott calls out to him that Violet’s gone but Garrett still comes towards him.

SHERIFF: Scott, listen to me. Listen to me. They’re still here. They’re still here.

Who? Oh, the Berserkers. Super. Garrett sees one and throws some tough-guy talk at the Berserker, swinging his lacrosse stick around. He’s got some skills which could probably translate into baton twirling or colour guard but the Berserker doesn’t seem bothered.

Nor does his mate, Berserker 2, who runs up and stabs Garrett in the back with his bone knife, killing him. Maybe. I mean, he looks pretty dead but I don’t trust anyone these days. Scott rushes to Garrett like an idiot and Berserker 1 takes him out.

Berserkers have no time for arrogant teenagers.

At Eichen House, Meredith says she can’t tell them the third cipher key.

LYDIA: Then why did you give us the second key?

MEREDITH: I wanted to help. That’s what I want to do—I want to help.

But things have changed and she can’t help them anymore. Stiles and Lydia are getting frustrated and Parrish reminds them to go easy on her. Meredith apologises, saying that ‘he’ doesn’t want her to tell them.

LYDIA: Meredith, who doesn’t want you to tell us the third cipher key?

MEREDITH: The Benefactor.

Scott wakes up in the animal clinic with Deaton standing over him. Deaton was hoping Scott would be out for a few more minutes—or long enough for him to pull the giant bone knife out of Scott’s stomach, at any rate.

Chris Argent is there as well. He pulls out the knife. Scott cries out in pain and slides off the examination table. Chris helps steady him. Deaton grabs some gauze and tells Scott to hold it to his wound. Scott does, and Chris puts his hand over Scott’s to keep the gauze in place (or maybe just to hold Scott’s hand). Deaton assures Scott that Agent McCall and Sheriff are at the hospital and they’re both doing fine.

Scott says that it was Kate and the Berserkers who attacked the car. Chris already knows that but they move fast and don’t leave much in the way of tracks. If Kate has Violet and Violet knows where Liam might be, Scott needs to find her. Deaton offers him the bone knife to try and catch a scent. Maybe this should remind him that he could track Liam by scent by it doesn’t. I know Beacon Hills isn’t the tiniest town but come on. At least try catching Liam’s scent and tracking him from where he disappeared on the trail this morning.

Has Scott noticed me holding his hand yet? No? Good.

Has Scott noticed me holding his hand yet? No? Good.

Derek and Malia get back in Derek’s truck. Malia apologises for not being able to find Satomi’s pack but Derek says it’s okay; some werewolves have a kind of mastery over their bodies allowing them to actually inhibit their scent if they don’t want to be found. They can hide from anyone, even other werewolves; this is why no one knew about Brett or Demarco.

MALIA: Maybe we need to try something different. Maybe we need to think like Stiles?

DEREK: Like a hyperactive spaz?

MALIA: Like a detective. If they’re really Buddhists then maybe instead of asking where werewolves hide, we should be asking—

DEREK: Where would Buddhists hide.

Derek looks at his truck’s compass and says that when Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree, he looked to the east for enlightenment. The easternmost point of Beacon Hills is Lookout Point, so that’s where they’re going.

Liam has finally started trying to climb up the wall of the well.

Make the climb as the child did. Without the rope. Then fear will find you again.

Make the climb as the child did. Without the rope. Then fear will find you again.

He’s doing all right until his hands, still wet from the well water, start to slip. He falls backwards and lands in the water again. He punches the wall in anger, making his knuckles bleed.

Liam has a HAZY FLASHBACK to the night of his first full moon. After Liam had calmed down and turned human again, Scott showed him the window in the boathouse that he jumped through. The cuts on his hands healed while he was in wolf mode. Liam confessed he’s been trying to control his anger for years. His dad (step-dad, I’m assuming) always says that when kids get angry, they deal with it in one of two ways: they either hurt themselves or they hurt someone else.

Remembering such an inspirational line gives Liam the strength to try scaling the wall again. His knuckles have stopped bleeding but they look like they’re sporting yellow wolfsbane grossness.

At Eichen House, Lydia demands to know what the Benefactor’s name is. Meredith is shaking her head but they can’t tell if she doesn’t know the answer or just doesn’t want to help.

Can you stop yelling at me and just be my friend? What is wrong with you people?

Can you stop yelling at me and just be my friend? What is wrong with you people?

Meredith starts freaking out, shaking her head. Deputy Parrish tries to calm her but Meredith screams.



No one else seems affected but Lydia stumbles back. Stiles grabs her protectively and sees that Lydia’s ears are bleeding.

Scott maybe just did a wolf-run across town and met up with Chris at some abandoned warehouse. Seriously? Could you not have just gotten in the car with him? Faded writing on the building reads Argent Arms International. Chris explains that he used to work here; the Argents used to own the building as part of their business.

Why drive when you can get who knows what kind of diseases on your bare hands?

Why drive when you can get who knows what kind of diseases on your bare hands?

Scott suddenly seems worried and reminds Chris that the Berserkers are strong. Well, Chris has fought them before too (he said so back in season 3B) so he should know that for himself. He opens the back door of his car and pulls out a big gun, which he seems to think will do the job. I think that will probably turn out to be a lie.

Derek and Malia get to Lookout Point. Malia smells something funky and Derek goes to investigate. He finds a bunch of dead bodies with black grossness leaking from their facial orifices. They look kind of like Gerard when he was poisoned with mountain ash to me but I’m probably wrong.

Um, guys? Does anyone know Satomi?

Um, guys? Does anyone know Satomi?

Scott and Chris walk into the warehouse. Kate’s voice rings out, telling them they shouldn’t have come. Scott says he needs to talk to Violet. Kate’s silhouette appears behind a drop sheet thing.

KATE: I knew you would find me. I was hoping we could do this later. I just needed a little more time.

CHRIS: For what?

KATE: To learn control.

Two Berserker silhouettes join her and Kate steps through the drop sheet. She’s got her claws out and her werejaguar face on. If Chris lowers the gun and he and Scott walk away, no one has to get hurt. But Scott’s not leaving without Violet.

The Berserkers start to move closer, making threatening growling sounds, and Chris’s finger is poised on the trigger. Chris, come on. Derek has already asked you not to do this so he can figure out why he’s losing his powers. The fact that Araya asked you to kill your sister is not good enough. In fact, it’s less of a reason because that bitch cray.

Walk, walk, fashion baby.

Walk, walk, fashion baby.

Chris can’t hear my argument so he starts firing at the Berserkers. Kate punches Chris in the face for trying to shoot her monster buds. Scott fights with the Berserkers, impressing them with his ability to backflip. Kate steps out of the fight and one of the Berserkers goes for Chris.

At Lookout Point, Malia joins Derek and sees all the bodies. Derek says they might have been poisoned.

MALIA: That’s great. If assassins with guns don’t get you then the ones with wolfsbane poison will. Or maybe one with no mouth. Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills-running for our lives as fast as we can.

Derek looks close to tears at all the death. As he and Malia start to leave, Derek hears movement. Someone’s bloodied hand raises and Derek rushes over to find Braeden lying on the ground, badly wounded. What are you doing there, girl? Did you poison this pack? Did you try to stop someone from poisoning this pack? Derek, stop being interested in girls with killer tendencies and I won’t have to ask these questions.

But do I comfort you or punch you in the face?

But do I comfort you or punch you in the face?

At the warehouse, a Berserker backhands Scott, sending him flying through three walls. Scott jumps to his feet and the Berserker pushes him through another two walls. Chris has abandoned his useless gun and is now trying to box the other Berserker. Are you kidding me with this?

Scott’s Berserker throws him through another wall (this one’s more structural instead of a divider). Scott lands in a room and looks up to see Violet sitting in a chair. She’s dead. She is so dead.

I'm like 92% sure she's not coming back to life.

I’m, like, 92% sure she’s not coming back to life.

Chris’s Berserker is about to finish him off when Kate roars at it. She and the two Berserkers sashay out of the warehouse. Scott helps Chris to his feet. Chris apologises but Scott says they’re not going to find Liam. Chris tells him there’s still time.

Liam is starting to really feel the effects of wolfsbane now. He’s coughing and struggling to hold on to the wall, even though he’s only a few feet from the top. He roars in frustration and Scott, all the way over in the warehouse, hears him.

In Stiles’s room, he and Lydia are trying to work out the third cipher key for themselves. Both names so far have belonged to dead people and they’ve tried plugging in every other dead person’s name they could think of. Stiles notices Lydia’s expression and asks if she’s okay.

LYDIA: The only other banshee I’ve ever met and I think I might have just drove her over the edge.

STILES: Lydia, it wasn’t your fault. I was there too. And you’re probably not the only—

Stiles is struck with a sudden realisation: banshees predict death so maybe the third key isn’t someone who’s dead now but soon will be. Stiles stands over Lydia’s shoulder and she lets her hands hover over her computer keyboard, slowly typing in letter after letter. When she opens her eyes, she realises that she’s typed Derek.

The last of the dead pool is decoded. Satomi is on the list, as well as Malia (under the name Malia Hale) and Liam.

Rest assured, there's about this at the bottom of the recap.

Rest assured, there’s a rant about this at the bottom of the recap.

Peter’s still missing but there’s another person we know further down the list: Meredith Walker.

Just as Liam starts to slip from the wall, Scott reaches into the well and grabs him. He lifts Liam out and sets him on the ledge, assuring him that he’s okay. Liam looks close to tears. Scott pulls him into a hug.

Daddy, I was so scared.

Daddy, I was so scared.

Lydia calls Parrish but he has some bad news: Meredith was found an hour ago in a room, having hanged herself.

We see Brunski untying the knotted sheet from Meredith’s neck. Is it just me or does he look upset? Maybe he really does care about people. Spoiler: if he does, I don’t believe it and I don’t care because it doesn’t excuse his past behaviour. Or maybe he’s crying because he’s actually a secret assassin and was going to kill Meredith and she killed herself before he could collect payment. That seems far more likely.

RIP, Meredith. You were one of my favourites.

RIP, Meredith. You were one of my favourites.

Lydia hangs up and turns to Stiles in disbelief. He immediately wraps his arms around her.



Scott and Chris get Liam to the animal clinic and Deaton makes the incision to let the wolfsbane gas come out of Liam’s chest. Deaton has an excellent stink face. Scott puts his hand on Liam’s forehead as if checking his temperature. Liam’s unconscious.

You're okay now, son.

You’re okay now, son.

SCOTT: I don’t want to keep watching people die.

CHRIS: I’m not sure you have much choice about that.

SCOTT: Maybe I do.

Deaton says it’s a large burden to carry but Scott doesn’t care.

SCOTT: No one else dies. Everyone on that list—everyone on that dead pool—it doesn’t matter if they’re wendigos or werewolves or whatever. I’m going to save everyone.

Mama McCall sits at her kitchen table, sorting through a stack of paperwork and bills. Apparently the power company was kind enough to turn the power back on because there’s a light on above her head.

If only I had thousands of dollars lying around in a bag somewhere in my house.

If only I had thousands of dollars lying around in a bag somewhere in my house.

Lights are on upstairs in Scott’s bedroom as well. He and Stiles sit on the floor, looking at Garrett’s bag full of money. Stiles says they should probably count it.

How cool are you with not telling Derek and using this to help our parents?

How cool are you with not telling Derek and using this to help our parents?

They tip out the bag and something else falls out with the money. It’s a cassette tape. The same one Kate got. It just says PLAY ME.

What is this relic?

What is this relic?

Kate and the Berserkers are hanging out in a storm drain. Kate is washing her face when Peter Hale’s voice rings out. Kate grabs a gun but holds up a hand to warn the Berserkers off.

PETER: I suppose you’re hiding down here because it will cover your scent but I can smell a rat even in a sewer. It’s getting worse, isn’t it? The surges of anger, the loss of control. You know, I used to get angry. As a kid I would even break my own toys in little fits of rage. And then I asked myself, ‘Why break your own toys when you can break someone else’s?’

KATE: Stop pitching and just tell me what you want.

Peter thinks they’re in a position of mutually assured destruction. Kate, who has bulletproof monsters on her side, isn’t so sure the scales are that balanced. Peter knows that Kate wants to get the family back together again. She wants the Argents to return to their glorious power. Maybe she hasn’t heard that Allison’s dead and her dad’s in a nursing home because he ate bad magic pills.

AGM of the Resurrection Club. Someone tag Allison in as a member and everything will be better.

AGM of the Resurrection Club. Someone tag Allison and Meredith in as members and everything will be better.

Kate can’t go back to Chris unless she can exhibit absolute and total control and Peter can teach her that. Kate wants to know what Peter wants in return. Maybe wanting his money back is part of it but it’s not all he wants. Peter starts moving closer to Kate until they’re totally within kissing range. I can’ tell if Kate’s into it or if she’s thinking about killing him.

PETER: I need the money, yes. But I’ll admit money only gets you so far. What I want is what I’ve always wanted: power.



Let’s take a timeout to talk about the dead pool. Satomi is probably like 100 freaking years old and the oldest living werewolf so don’t shit me with your ‘She’s only worth $10 million’ spiel. I don’t believe it.

Liam is on the list already and he’s worth $3 million? If he’s on the list then Peter has to be. Mouthdemort went after Peter and had no guarantee that Peter was actually dead so his name can’t have been removed and anyway it would throw out the $117 million figure everything’s supposed to add up to. And Mouthedmort went after Peter before we knew for certain that Liam was going to survive the bite. So don’t even try and tell me that they thought Peter was dead. You can spot his V-necks a mile away.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, Malia was on the list as Malia Hale instead of Malia Tate. How many people knew the truth about Malia’s father? I know of only one person who knows the truth who I already deeply mistrust and that is Peter.

And why is Liam worth $3 million when all other Betas have only been $250,000? The only exceptions are Derek (who used to be an Alpha and is a born wolf from the Hale family) and Carrie Hudson. To be honest, I’m still not sure why Carrie was worth $500,000 when she was dumb enough to jump right into an obvious death trap.

And why is Meredith only worth $1 million when she’s clearly more in control of her powers than Lydia? YOU HAVE NO LOGIC. You can’t just put exorbitant price tags on your favourites without any good reasoning.

This is a Maths equation, Jeff Davis, and you have six more episodes to show your work or you get half points.

A really excellent human on Tumblr has done up a comprehensive dead pool list. Click on the image if you want to see the original.




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