Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 15: Galvanize

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Agent McCall steps out of the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to meet an ambulance driver. He tells the driver to bring the patient around the back and keep it quiet.

Inside the hospital, Mama McCall is hanging out with a Jack-o’-Lantern. Her delight at a carved pumpkin is ruined when Agent McCall and some FBI agents enter from one door, and Sheriff and some deputies enter from another. Sheriff is vehemently against admitting whatever patient Agent McCall is trying to bring in but this is the only hospital that will take him. Whoever this guy is, he needs surgery.

The guy is brought in, strapped to a stretcher, with a police escort.

MAMA McCALL: Somebody needs to do his pre-op interview.

AGENT McCALL: Who usually does that?


Thanks for the present, dickhead.

Thanks for the present, dickhead.

Stiles is walking through the unlit boys’ locker room, torch in hand. He rings Scott and tells him to get out of bed and get down here. It’s past midnight, which means it’s officially Mischief Night/Day and it also happens to be Coach’s birthday. Stiles starts pulling things out of his locker, including a drill. Scott can apparently teleport now/run faster than a speeding bullet because he appears right behind Stiles and scares the crap out of him.

I worry about you sometimes.

I worry about you sometimes.

Agent McCall gives us some back story on the mystery patient while he walks Mama McCall to the patient’s room. He’s a former electrical engineer who set off a shrapnel bomb on a school bus, leaving four students dead and a fifth with no legs. Psychiatrists have made no progress—almost every day the guy says the same thing: when he gets out, he’s going to do it again and next time he’s going to get it right.

That information puts Mama McCall very much at ease when she goes into the patient’s room. From the paperwork Mama McCall’s holding, we can see that his name is William Barrow. He needs surgery tomorrow morning because scar tissue has formed around a piece of shrapnel lodged in his body and is now blocking vital functions.

Barrow answers questions in his own time and asks if the kids still pull pranks the day before Halloween. Here, it’s called Mischief Night. Where Barrow’s from, it’s called Hell Night.

After a few more questions, Mama McCall has to listen to Barrow’s heart. She opens his shirt and finds his chest scarred from the shrapnel explosion. The deputies in the room keep a firm grip on their guns as Mama McCall uses her stethoscope.

Barrow sits up in bed, getting closer to her face, and tells her to ask the question she really wants to ask.

MAMA McCALL: Why’d you do it?

BARROW: I saw their eyes. Their eyes were glowing.

He says while looking like a vampire about to go for Mama McCall’s neck.

Barrow starts screaming and everyone in the hall outside turns to look at his room. At the nurses’ station, the Jack-o’-Lantern’s carved face suddenly looks far more sinister.


Scott arrives at school and is approached by former-Alpha twins Ethan and Aiden, who say that Scott needs a pack and they need an Alpha. Stiles joins the group, surprised that the twins want to talk instead of maim someone. He flatly refuses to let them join Scott’s pack, even though it’s not technically his decision.

The twins argue that having a pack will make Scott stronger and there’s no reason to say no. Isaac walks up as well. He can think of a reason to say no: the twins helped kill Boyd (another of Derek’s Betas) in season 3A. Isaac and Aiden look ready to come to blows but Scott grabs Isaac’s arm, restraining him.

SCOTT: I’m sorry, but they don’t trust you. And neither do I.

Scott, Stiles, and Isaac walk off to class. Aiden thinks he and his brother should go back to high school, since they never graduated. It might make Scott change his mind.

AIDEN: We’re not just Betas anymore. We’re Omegas—the bitches, remember? When everyone we screwed over finds out we don’t have a pack anymore, what do you think’s gonna happen? We’re dead on our own.

Ethan thinks being dead is better than being back in high school. He starts to walk away but sees Aiden watching something. It’s Danny, laughing and flirting with another guy. Ethan agrees to re-enrol but he’s not taking Maths classes. Aiden promises to take the class for him.

I will make sure you get a failing grade so you have to take it again next year.

I will make sure you get a failing grade so you have to take it again next year.

Scott and Stiles walk into the school and are assaulted with flying toilet paper, which I guess is part of the Mischief Day/Night activities. Stiles tells Scott that he made a good decision to refuse the twins. He notices Scott watching Kira across the hallway and tells Scott to go ask her out if he likes her.

STILES: Scott, I don’t think you get it yet. You’re an Alpha. You’re the apex predator. Everyone wants you—you know, you’re like the hot girl that every guy wants.

SCOTT: The hot girl?

STILES: You are the hottest girl.

Stiles walks away, leaving Scott with Isaac, who has just walked up again and looks confused at the conversation.

SCOTT: I’m the hot girl.

ISAAC: Yes, you are.

Scott grins and walks off.

Is anyone ever as happy as Scott McCall?

Is anyone ever as happy as Scott McCall?

Coach gets to his office and starts checking for booby traps. He finds nothing but a gift box waiting on his desk. It’s full of screws. Coach laughs at the poor prank and lifts the box off his desk. The box is attached to a hidden wire. When moved, the wire causes the blackboard and all Coach’s furniture to fall to the floor.

I should be coaching college.

I should be coaching college.

He sits down on his chair in defeat but apparently all the screws have been removed from his chair as well, because it collapses beneath him.

Coach’s shouts can be heard from the Economics classroom where Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Danny are sitting. Coach walks into the classroom, slamming the door behind him. The class giggles at his anger. Lydia, uninterested in the pranks, is looking at her phone.

COACH: Mischief Night. Devil’s Night. I don’t care what you call it. You little punks are evil. You think it’s funny every Halloween my house gets egged? A man’s house is supposed to be his castle. Mine’s a freaking omelette.

He finds another gift box on his desk and drops it on the floor, crushing it beneath his shoe. The contents of the box shatter. Coach opens the box to find a personalised mug with his picture on it with the words #1 Coach. There’s a birthday card from Greenberg, the lacrosse player we never see but whom Coach blames for everything that goes wrong.

Lydia hears a fly near her head and swats at it. Danny looks over at her in confusion. There’s nothing near her. Lydia looks up at the roof but she can’t see anything either.

Bloody invisible fly.

Bloody invisible fly.

Barrow’s surgery is in progress. The surgeon asks if he should make a minor slip and let Barrow bleed out on the table. He tells Mama McCall to relax; it’s just a little surgical humour. Whatever is lodged in Barrow’s body, it’s not shrapnel. Mama McCall leans closer. There’s something pulsating in Barrow’s body. It gets bigger until it bursts, spewing a swarm of flies into the operating room.

Barrow wakes from his anaesthesia (was he unconscious at any point? He seems to be pretty lucid for someone coming out of general anaesthesia), grabs a scalpel, and goes for the surgeon.



Agent McCall and Sheriff hear the commotion and run into the operating room but Barrow’s gone. Mama McCall is sitting on the floor with the surgeon, telling him it’s going to be okay as he bleeds out.

At the loft, Derek sews Peter’s severed ring finger back on, not bothering to use any anaesthetic. They seem to have brought the rowan wood chest back with them to use as a coffee table, even though they’re not supposed to be able to touch it. Or else Derek just has a chest that looks a lot like the one they found in their torturers’ house last episode.

Minor surgery on a surface that should, by all rights, forcibly repel us if we get too close. Best plan ever.

Minor surgery on a surface that should, by all rights, forcibly repel us if we get too close. Best plan ever.

Derek opens the carved triskele cylinder and pours out its contents. It is a gross set of fingernails/werewolf claws—Derek’s mother’s, to be precise. This was all that was left of her after the Hale house burned down. Derek has to ask his mother something and, from what he’s heard, using her claws is the only way it’s possible. He sets the cylinder in front of Peter, indicating he should put his hand in there. This is why he was nice enough to sew Peter’s finger back on.

Vintage, darling.

Vintage, darling.

At the hospital, Mama McCall tells Sheriff that the dead flies came out of Barrow’s tumour. Maggots can grow inside the body due to something called myiasis but it’s not likely to occur in the stomach, which is where Barrow’s tumour was. Mama McCall is more concerned about the ‘glowing eyes’ comment that Barrow made last night, especially since they know a few kids that fit that description.

Agent McCall calls out that the stolen ambulance (Barrow’s getaway vehicle) has been spotted three blocks from the school. The police run off to find him.

Aiden drops by Lydia’s locker. She tells him that there’s no way he can come back to school after two weeks of nothing and expect to have a make-out session in Coach’s office. Well, there is a way. Because two seconds later, they’re backing into Coach’s office while they make out. Aiden lifts Lydia up, ready to place her on Coach’s desk, but the furniture is still in pieces. They decide to try the guidance office instead.

We need structure.

We need structure.

As they close the door, Barrow is revealed to have been hiding behind it the whole time. He drops his hospital wristband on the floor and picks up a staple gun to STAPLE HIS FUCKING STOMACH CLOSED.

Sheriff arrives at the school and Stiles tags along after him to get details on the Barrow situation. Stiles shares his dad’s information with Isaac, Allison, and Lydia. When Lydia hears about the flies in Barrow’s stomach, she tells them about the buzzing she’s been hearing all day. It’s exactly like the sound of flies.

Kira is eating lunch with her dad in the History classroom, taking pictures of him on her phone. Kira’s excuse is that she’s keeping her dad company.

MR YUKIMURA: You should be embarrassed to be seen with me, not keeping me company. Kira. You must have some friends by now.

Kira says she had lots of friends ‘back home’ but here, every time she opens her mouth she starts rambling like an idiot. Mr Yukimura quotes ‘Try again. Fail again. Fail better’ and jokingly attributes the quote to Yoda instead of Samuel Beckett. He tells Kira that someone will show an interest—she’s a beautiful girl.

Scott just happens to be passing by the History classroom/stalking Kira and listening to the conversation with his wolf hearing. He hears Kira say that she doesn’t want to date, and she definitely doesn’t need a boyfriend. She just wants to make a few friends.

Maybe she'll make an exception because I'm the hot girl.

Maybe she’ll make an exception because I’m the hot girl.

Stiles and Lydia comes running down the hallway, asking where the hell Scott’s been. Scott hasn’t seen the police and has no idea what’s going on. The police are leaving, which means they must’ve searched the school building and grounds, finding no sign of Barrow. Lydia isn’t convinced. The sound of buzzing she’s been hearing is getting louder. It’s almost deafening.

Sheriff and Agent McCall are leaving to follow up an eyewitness report that Barrow was at the train station. Stiles chases down his father, warning him of Lydia’s supernatural feeling that Barrow is still at the school. Lydia stands nearby, looking completely normal. Sheriff protests that Lydia wasn’t on the chessboard Stiles laid out for him.

SHERIFF: Kanima?

STILES: Banshee.

He explains that Lydia can sense when someone’s close to death. Sheriff asks if Lydia can sense that he’s about to kill Stiles. They look over at her and she waves, smiling.

My name’s Lydia and I’m a banshee.

Sheriff has to go with eyewitness over a banshee. There will be a few deputies stationed at the school and the school is on lockdown until 3 o’clock—nobody comes in, nobody goes out.

Mama McCall brings Scott some of Barrow’s effects from the hospital (so Barrow can be tracked by scent), proving that the ‘nobody comes in’ part of lockdown is a complete lie. Mama McCall makes Scott promise to be careful. She looked right in Barrow’s eyes and it was terrifying. Scott promises and kisses his mother on the forehead before running off.

Scott has a werewolf meeting with the twins and Isaac. He hands out Barrow’s clothing so they can catch a scent.

Allison is heading home to search the Argent bestiary for something about flies instead of ringing her dad or something like a sane person would do. Lydia reminds Allison that the word for fly in Archaic Latin is muscas. Allison climbs out a window, proving that the ‘nobody goes out’ part of the lockdown is also a complete lie. She probably could’ve just strolled right out of the front doors and none of the deputies would’ve looked twice.

Stiles and Lydia are in charge of searching the entire school, starting upstairs. A clock reads 2.35 pm, which means they have to work quickly to find Barrow before the ‘lockdown’ finishes.

Scott and Isaac are searching the basement for Barrow. Scott says that just because he’s letting the twins help doesn’t mean that he trusts them.

ISAAC: Yeah, well, I don’t trust them either. Or like them. In fact, I hate them and I actually want them to die.

If Barrow’s still in the school and looking for kids with glowing eyes, Isaac might get his wish.

The twins search another part of the basement. Ethan catches a scent but it’s not Barrow’s. It’s Danny. He rounds a corner and finds Danny making out with a dude—I think that’s his ex? I feel like I remember his nose from season 2. Aiden laughs. All Ethan can say is, ‘Oh, really?’ Danny looks a bit embarrassed but says nothing.



Lydia and Stiles are in the Art classroom. Stiles says that Scott and Isaac are going to meet Ethan and Aiden in the middle of the basement, at the boiler room.

LYDIA: All of the wolves? All of the ones with glowing eyes are in the basement at the boiler room?

Stiles realises a second later that an electrical engineer like Barrow could use the boiler room to blow up the whole school. They have to get everyone out of the school and there’s only one way to do that: pull the fire alarm. The werewolves hear it from the basement and take off running.

Stiles keeps his hand on the fire alarm while Lydia does a poor job of keeping watch. Coach appears behind Stiles.

I will end you.

I will end you.

He pulls Stiles out of the school by his ear, telling him that pulling a fire alarm on Mischief Night is one thing but doing it when there’s a mass murderer nearby is insane.

COACH: If I were four years younger, I’d punch you.

Lydia sees the werewolves walking out of the school and takes Stiles’s hand, dragging him over to them. They didn’t even find a scent in the basement and it’s 3 o’clock, which means school is over. If Barrow were going to set off a bomb, he should have done it by now. He hasn’t, so that should mean that everybody’s safe. Lydia’s still unsure.

Casual Stydia hand-holding gives me strength.

Casual Stydia hand-holding gives me strength.

Coach finds Kira in the library, reading a book and listening to music turned up too loud. She pulls out her headphones and hears the fire alarm ringing. They leave the library together. In the next row, clearly visible, is Barrow. Come on, Coach. You could’ve just caught him if you’d checked one more freaking row.

*heavy breathing*

*heavy breathing*

Derek puts his mother’s claws back into the carved cylinder. Peter says he’s not fond of dangerous rituals like this unless they somehow benefit him. He says he wants to keep Talia’s claws for sentimental value. She may have been Derek’s mother but she was also Peter’s sister. Derek drops the last claw in the cylinder and puts it in front of Peter. I don’t know if that means ‘Yes, you can keep them’ or ‘Shut up and do as I say’. Either way, Peter hesitates. Derek grabs his hand and forces it closer to the nails. I guess they latch on to his hand or something because Peter’s eyes suddenly glow blue and he looks in immense pain.

I have regrets.

I have regrets.

Mr Yukimura gets home and calls out to Kira to put on something nice for dinner.

Ew, no.

Ew, no.

Mr Yukimura invited Scott over for dinner to thank him for saving Kira from the coyote. He opens the door to let Scott in and Kira scampers off to change.

Mr Yukimura, matchmaker extraordinaire.

Mr Yukimura, matchmaker extraordinaire.

Mr Yukimura has prepared sushi for dinner. Mrs Yukmura says that he’s a superb chef. Scott admits that he’s never eaten sushi before and asks if it’s all raw. Mortified, Kira says they were supposed to have lasagne for dinner. Mr Yukimura was just trying to impress Scott. Scott assures them that it’s fine and he’ll try anything. He picks up his chopsticks clumsily and Kira shows him how to use them.

I actually know exactly how to use chopsticks. I just want to hold your hand a bit.

I actually know exactly how to use chopsticks. I just want to hold your hand a bit.

Scott reaches for some sushi and drops it. Kira catches it in mid-air with her own chopsticks and holds it up for him to eat. Mrs Yukimura looks at her husband. Her face clearly says that chopsticks are too romantic for a family dinner.

This face makes me wonder how many times Mr Yukimura has set Kira up.

This face makes me wonder how many times Mr Yukimura has set Kira up.

Lydia lies on Stiles’s bed and watches as he assembles pictures on a corkboard. He’s linking pictures with a whole bunch of coloured string and Lydia asks what they mean.

STILES: They’re just like different stages of the investigation. So like green is solved, yellow is to be determined, blue’s just pretty.

LYDIA: What does red mean?

STILES: Unsolved.

LYDIA: You only have red on the board.

STILES: Yes. I’m aware. Thank you.

Our town is garbage, in case you hadn't noticed.

Our town is garbage, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Stiles has detention every day this week for pulling the fire alarm but says it’s okay because they were on to something. Lydia wraps red string around her fingers absentmindedly, close to tears. Stiles crouches down in front of her and tells her that she’s been right every time something like this has happened so she shouldn’t start doubting herself now. He unravels the red string form Lydia’s fingers, saying that if she wanted to, he’d go back to the school all night to prove that she was right. Lydia gives him a teary smile.

Stiles pulls the lid off a marker and sniffs it. Apparently that was some kind of revelation. He tells Lydia to get up now; they’re going to the school.

Allison is still trying to search the bestiary for any mention of flies on her dad’s computer. She hears a yelp from the next room and Isaac walks in, saying that Allison electrified the windows without telling him. She doesn’t seem bothered. Isaac wants to help her with the bestiary. He can’t read Archaic Latin but he can look at pictures.

One picture comes up of a scary demon face, which kind of looks like the one from the title sequence. It has nothing to do with flies but Allison and Isaac give each other a significant look anyway.

Peter is now wearing Talia’s claws. He tells Derek that this is going to be excruciatingly painful.

DEREK: Just do it.

PETER: Oh, I’m going to. I just wanted you to know. We all have our petty revenges.

He stabs his claws into the back of Derek’s neck.

FYI, I won't be bothered if I accidentally rip out your spinal cord

FYI, I won’t be bothered if I accidentally rip out your spinal cord.

Scott seems to have mastered chopsticks a bit better. He gets some backstory on the Yukimura family. They moved from New York because Mrs Yukimura has family ties to Beacon Hills going back several generations. The name ‘Yukimura’ is Japanese but Mr Yukimura is Korean. He took his wife’s name when they married, since she was the only surviving member of her family. They were married in Japan, where the law says that a couple must share the same name.

MR YUKIMURA: My wife’s lineage is quite unique. I was actually going to discuss it in class.

KIRA: Please don’t.

Mrs Yukimura tells Kira she should be proud of her heritage. Mr Yukimura says it was a profound honour to join his wife’s family.

Scott starts choking and Kira notices that he ate all his wasabi at once, thinking it was guacamole. The Yukimuras grab Scott’s glass to refill it with water.

My sweet summer child.

My sweet summer child.

Stiles and Lydia arrive at the Chemistry classroom. The storage cupboard is unlocked (which it shouldn’t be). If Barrow smelled like chemicals, the werewolves wouldn’t have been able to catch his scent. The light from Stiles’s phone shows up a spattering of blood on the floor. It looks like Lydia was right and Barrow was in the school, using Chemistry supplies to perform minor surgery on himself.

Lydia doesn’t feel good about being right, especially when she was right about Barrow being here to kill somebody. They have to figure out who the intended victim is. They start searching the Chemistry classroom for clues. Lydia moves directly to the blackboard, where a set of atomic numbers is written on the board. It’s not a formula—it’s just the atomic numbers for potassium, iodine, and radium. Lydia writes the corresponding letters beside the numbers: K for potassium, I for iodine, Ra for radium. Together, the letters spells Kira.

Hey, we know someone called Kira. Oh, wait. That's bad, right?

Hey, we know someone called Kira. Oh, wait. That’s bad, right?

Derek is in his little trance. The Nemeton is in the middle of his loft. A wolf enters and stands on the stump of the Nemeton, looking balefully up at Derek. It’s Talia Hale in wolf form—Derek’s mother.

You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life.

You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life.

Scott calls Mama McCall to tell her that he ate sushi and ask her why she didn’t change her name back to Delgado (her maiden name). Mama McCall says she kept her married name (McCall) because it’s Scott’s name as well. Scott hangs up and Kira walks in (this must be her bedroom) with pizza and some Pepsi.

SCOTT: Thank God. No offence to sushi.

KIRA: Yeah, we probably should’ve started you on California rolls.

You like my product placement?

You like my product placement?

She and Scott sit on the bed and dig into the pizza. Scott weirdly watches Kira as she eats.

Allison and Isaac have moved to Allison’s bedroom with printouts from the bestiary. Allison has found a reference to flies being able to carry messages to the dead. Isaac sits on the bed behind Allison and says that he’s found Beezlebub, Lord of the Flies. Allison turns to look at him and he leans in to kiss her.

ALLISON: Are you serious?

ISAAC: What?

ALLISON: You were just trying to kiss me.

ISAAC: No, I wasn’t.

ALLISON: Then what were you trying to do? Headbutt me?

I electrified the windows, Isaac. What does that tell you?

I electrified the windows, Isaac. What does that tell you?

Isaac admits he was trying to kiss her. Allison gets off the bed, saying that Isaac must be out of his mind if he thinks she’s going to kiss him or any other werewolf again. She says she would never kiss him.

ISAAC: All right. Fine. I won’t kiss you either.

He stands up and gets SHIRTLESS, obviously thinking that his bare chest will make Allison change her mind. Well, it kind of does. She gets SHIRTLESS as well, at least.

Do I turn you on, Allison? I turn me on. Look at my face.

Do I turn you on, Allison? I turn me on. Look at my face.

They stare at each other for a few seconds and then the bedroom door opens. It’s Allison’s father, Chris. Allison and Isaac scramble to grab their shirts again.

CHRIS: Allison, can I see you in my office? Where I keep my guns?

Allison rushes after her father, leaving Isaac alone in the bedroom. He can hear Chris shouting, ‘ANOTHER WEREWOLF?’ from the study.

Peter removes his claws from Derek’s neck, pulling him out of the trance.

PETER: Did you see her? What did you ask her? Did she say anything about me?

Why, Peter? Why do you want to know? Are you trying to make sure that Talia didn’t say anything about you? Derek turns to look at him. His expression doesn’t look promising.

BRB, have to run to the Pride Lands.

BRB, have to run to the Pride Lands.

Scott leaves the Yukimura house, thanking Kira for dinner (mostly the pizza). Kira tells Scott he seems like a nice guy, and not just because he kept her from being eaten by a coyote.

SCOTT: Did I do something else?

KIRA: Yeah. You remembered my name.

They share a smile and Scott goes to start his motorbike. William Barrow comes barrelling down the street and knocks Scott out with a crowbar.

Scott is woken by Stiles and Lydia. He’s still lying in the street, blood on his face. Barrow has taken Kira and apparently Kira’s parents haven’t looked outside in a while and seen an unconscious teen in front of their driveway.

What have I said about napping in the street, Scott?

What have I said about napping in the street, Scott?

Scott rings Isaac for a bestiary update. Isaac is wearing a shirt again, but he still has no information. Lydia still doesn’t understand how she knew Barrow was at the school. Stiles reminds her that she heard the flies.

SCOTT: What do you hear now?

LYDIA: Nothing. I feel like I can do this but I don’t know what to do. It’s like it’s on the tip of my tongue and I don’t know how to trigger it. It just—I swear to God, it literally makes me want to scream.

STILES: Okay, then scream. Lydia, scream.

She does, and it’s nearly deafening. She can hear something again but it’s not the buzzing of flies. It’s the buzz of electricity.

Lydia used banshee scream. It's super effective!

Lydia used banshee scream. It’s super effective!

Stiles remembers that Barrow was an electrical engineer and he worked at a power substation. It seems to be the same substation that Allison and Isaac visited back in The Girl Who Knew Too Much, which just seemed like a random building at the time.

Now, Barrow has Kira tied up there with dirty old extension cords. He rips out one of the large power lines and scrapes it along a chain-link fence, sending sparks cascading everywhere.

I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

He takes Kira’s phone out of her pocket, saying he wants to take a picture. I guess Barrow hasn’t been in jail for that long because he knows how to use the different settings on Kira’s phone easily enough. He says the picture is proof for all those people who never believed.

Work it, girl.

Work it, girl.

Barrow asks Kira if she’s ever seen a movie called The Village of the Damned—the original 1960 black and white masterpiece, not the crappy remake. It’s about a group of blonde-haired, beautiful children who can make their eyes glow. The children did terrible things. The tagline on the poster read: Beware the stare. It will paralyse the will of the world.

When Barrow told people about children with glowing eyes, no one would do anything about it. Barrow wants to shake them out of their paralysis. He grabs the power line again, saying he’s going to galvanise them.

Scott, Stiles, and Lydia arrive at the power substation. Stiles tells Lydia to wait in the car for the police; he only has one baseball bat to use as a weapon.

Scott runs into the building and sees Kira. He runs toward her and is hit by Barrow’s live wire. Barrow goes for Kira and Scott tries to tell him that Kira’s not the one he wants but being hit by the live wire has made Scott weak and he can’t get his eyes to glow.

Barrow touches Kira with the live wire. Kira glows white with electricity and Barrow flies backwards, unconscious and twitching from the electricity. Scott looks up to see Kira standing, somehow absorbing the electricity through her hands. She looks just as confused as Scott.

I was Pikachu all along.

I was Pikachu all along.

All of Beacon Hill is plunged into darkness. Isaac is still alone in Alison’s bedroom when the lights go out. Three figures appear out of nowhere, wearing demonic masks like the one from the title sequence. The bedroom door slams shut.

Greetings, friend.

Greetings, friend.

Hearing the sound, Allison runs toward her room and finds the door locked. Isaac is shouting and it sounds like furniture is breaking. Allison and Chris hammer on the door, calling out to Isaac.



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