Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 16: Illuminated

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The power is still out around Beacon Hills. Some little shits smash a bunch of Jack-o’-Lanterns on their street. They look up and see a bunch of those ninja demon mask-wearing dudes walking down the street.

There’s a new Neighbourhood Watch in town.

Allison and Chris finally manage to get into Allison’s room and find Isaac lying on the floor, freezing. Chris tells Isaac he needs to trigger the healing process by turning. He punches Isaac in the face until his eyes glow and Isaac is more responsive. He tearfully asks Allison and Chris if they saw his attackers. He says there were five of them but their faces were covered by masks. All he could see was there eyes. They were greenish-yellow like a firefly.

No, not FIREFLIES! Say it ain't so, Isaac!

No, not FIREFLIES! Say it ain’t so, Isaac!

Chris checks Allison’s windows, saying the security system wasn’t triggered. Isaac says they appeared out of the shadows. Chris looks like he might know what that means but he’s not sure. He asks Allison and Isaac to keep this quiet for 24 hours.

ALLISON: They could’ve killed him, Dad.

CHRIS: But they didn’t. And I think there was a reason why. I think they might have been after me.

He goes to a wooden cabinet and pulls out a box containing the shattered pieces of a demon mask.

When will my reflection show that I'm a Demonic Ninja inside?

When will my reflection show that I’m a Demonic Ninja inside?

The TITLE SEQUENCE is on crack tonight. Someone sped it up and dropped the bass and it’s going fucking nuts. I’m going to assume that was because this is a Halloween episode.

At the sheriff’s station, Agent McCall questions Scott, Kira, Stiles, and Lydia about the incident at the power substation. The kids are being deliberately unhelpful. Sheriff is loving this. Agent McCall reads off his notepad, summing up what he’s learned so far.

And there was definitely no crazy electricity-absorbing going on.

And there was definitely no crazy electricity-absorbing going on.

AGENT McCALL: Barrow was hiding in the Chemistry closet at the school. Someone left him a coded message on the blackboard telling him to kill Kira. Then Barrow took Kira to a power substation and tied her up with the intent of electrocuting her, which blacked out the entire town.

STILES: Sounds about right.

AGENT McCALL: How did you know he’d take her to a power station?

STILES: Well, because he was an electrical engineer so where else would he take her?

AGENT McCALL: That’s one hell of a deduction there, Stiles.

STILES: Yeah, what can I say? I take after my Pops. He is in law enforcement.

Sheriff sniggers in the background and disguises it as a cough. Agent McCall isn’t getting anywhere with his questions. Sheriff says he thinks that Scott, Stiles, and Lydia were in the right place at the right time and Kira is lucky for it.

Kira asks to have her phone back. Agent McCall refuses, and puts the phone in the locked evidence room. As a deputy takes Kira to fill out some paperwork, Agent McCall tells Scott to remember that if any of their tale about Barrow is true then not only did someone help set him loose but he’s also a pawn in someone’s game. A mass murderer is bad enough; a mass murderer being controlled by someone is far worse.

Back at home, Kira lights candles on her dresser. She uses a digital camera to take a mirror selfie. The picture makes it look like Kira is engulfed in flames.

The selfie game is strong with this one.

The selfie game is strong with this one.

The next day at school, power is still out. Coach is roaming the halls, shouting into a megaphone that there’s five minutes until class starts. Stiles finds a key on his keyring that he doesn’t recognise.

Kira sees Scott in the hall and turns her back to him, busying herself with her locker. Stiles grabs Scott and reminds him that someone left a coded message telling Barrow to kill Kira. Until they figure out if she’s another psychotic murderous Beacon Hills monster, Scott should stay away from her.

SCOTT: But what if she’s like me?

STILES: That girl walked through 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. She’s not like you.

Scott walks away and Stiles resumes staring at the mystery key on his keyring.

In the locker room, there are multiple SHIRTLESS boys. SHIRTLESS Ethan listens as Danny makes a phone call. Because of the power outage, the Halloween blacklight party Danny organised is going to be cancelled. Ethan offers to help Danny find a new venue. Danny thanks him but every venue is going to be out of power.

SHIRTLESS Aiden walks up to his brother and teases him for trying to help throw a Halloween party. Ethan reminds Aiden that Scott doesn’t care about power; he cares about people. If they want to be wolves in his pack, they have to first be humans in high school.

Okay. But only if we can be SHIRTLESS all the time.

Okay. But only if we can be SHIRTLESS all the time.

Aiden sits next to Lydia in Physics. Lydia’s mum is taking over Mr Harris’s science classes. She hasn’t taught in five years and jokingly asks Lydia not to embarrass her. Lydia teases that her mother should have thought about that before wearing those shoes.

Aiden tries to talk to Lydia but she’s reluctant.

LYDIA: The other night, I helped save someone’s life. That felt really good. And I look at you and all I can think is that you helped Boyd. You’re not just a bad boy, Aiden. You’re a bad guy. And I don’t want to be with the bad guy.

We can still make out though, right?

We can still make out though, right?

Remembering his brother’s advice, Aiden leans over to Danny and says he might know a place to hold the blacklight party. I’m guessing that place is Derek’s loft, since we just got a totally random scene of Derek leaving it empty.

Kira eats lunch by herself in the hallway. Scott sits down next to her, trying to strike up conversation about their Precalculus test on Friday.

Precalculus makes me want to vomit, Scott.

Precalculus makes me want to vomit, Scott.

Kira wants to show Scott something no one has ever seen—no one except William Barrow. She tells Scott to take a picture of her using the flash on his phone. He does, and looks at it. Once again, Kira looks wreathed in flames.

KIRA: It just started showing up a couple of months ago. It only happens with the flash on and I don’t know how but Barrow knew about it. He used my own phone to take pictures of me.

Scott tells Kira they need to get her phone back.

Derek parks outside his loft that night and is accosted by three kids in Halloween costume. For a second, Derek looks disgusted. Then he reaches into his truck and pulls out some M&Ms for the kids. Once they have their chocolate, he makes his eyes glow blue and roars at them. The kids run away screaming.

I don't know why more people don't ask me to babysit.

I don’t know why more people don’t ask me to babysit.

Derek smiles to himself. He turns back to his truck when a Demonic Ninja materialises out of shadows.

Aiden’s plan was definitely Derek’s loft. Apparently he doesn’t know that Derek’s back from his little vacation with Cora. Speaking of which, where is Cora? She didn’t come back with Derek. The twins set up a gas-powered generator on the balcony and test the blacklight feature. It works perfectly.

Scott takes Kira to the sheriff’s station on his bike. Stiles is waiting for them in his Jeep. He gives them swipe cards to get into the perimeter doors, the evidence room, and Sheriff’s office.

SCOTT: You didn’t steal these, did you?

STILES: No. I just cloned them using a RFID emulator.

SCOTT: Is that worse than stealing?

STILES: It’s smarter.

Kira pulls Scott aside to ask what he told Stiles about the pictures on her phone. Scott told Stiles that Kira had naked photos on her phone she didn’t want anyone to see. Kira’s happy with that lie. She and Scott move back to Stiles’s Jeep. He tells them to use the service door by the dumpster; while most of the deputies will be out dealing with the blackout, there’s always somebody at the front desk. He’ll text them if anyone comes out but if they get caught, Stiles can’t help them.

STILES: My dad’s under investigation for impeachment because of your dad so if anything happens I will run and leave you both for dead.

Scott and Kira get into the evidence room easily enough and find Kira’s phone. It’s flat and there’s no way to charge it with the power out. Scott sees a laptop on the desk and they find a charger cable in the desk drawer. Scott opens the laptop and sees that the desktop picture is a picture of baby Scott with his dad. He looks touched. Kira plugs her phone into the laptop but it’s taking a while to start up.

I was a really adorable baby.

I was a really adorable baby.

Outside, Stiles is looking at the mystery key again when another car pulls up. It’s Agent McCall. He texts Scott and then, getting no response, runs after Agent McCall to delay him. Scott hears his dad talking to Stiles outside. Stiles babbles, saying he thinks whoever left the coded message for Barrow at the school might actually be someone from the school.

Kira’s phone finally starts up. Agent McCall tells Stiles that they’re already looking for links between Barrow and any staff or students at the high school. It was Sheriff who thought to check that out.

AGENT McCALL: His one useful suggestion.

STILES: Hey, you know this attitude that you have towards my dad? You can dress it up to all the professional disapproval that you want but I know the real reason you don’t like him.

AGENT McCALL: Is that so?

STILES: Yeah. Because he knows something that you don’t want him to know. And guess what? I know it too.

xoxo Gossip Stiles.

xoxo Gossip Stiles.

Agent McCall looks uncomfortable. He tells Stiles to go home. There’s a curfew. Agent McCall finds the door to the evidence room ajar.

Scott and Kira are already outside. Kira says that it was completely terrifying but kind of awesome. Scott offers to take Kira home. Once on the bike, he thinks better of it and asks her if she wants to go to a party.

Isaac opens the loft door to reveal the blacklight party in full swing, the loft filled with half-naked and luminescent teenagers dancing. Allison looks shocked. Isaac tells her that Derek can never know about this.

We do this every week, actually.

We do this every week, actually.

Ethan is SHIRTLESS and covered in glow-in-the-dark paint. He walks up to Danny and makes sure that he’s happy with how the party’s going. Ethan drags Danny to get painted up, ripping open Danny’s shirt so that he can get painted on his SHIRTLESS body. I love it when Danny’s SHIRTLESS. It’s just the best.

Every time Danny gets SHIRTLESS, God saves a kitten.

Every time Danny gets SHIRTLESS, God saves a kitten.

While Danny’s getting painted up with what looks like oversized Shadowhunter marks, Ethan goes off to get more ice for the drinks. A Demonic Ninja appears and Danny catches a glimpse of it in the corner of his eye. When he looks, the Demonic Ninja has disappeared again.

Ethan grabs more ice from the storeroom. The single light bulb keeps flickering and turning off. When it flickers back on for a final time, Ethan is surrounded by Demonic Ninjas. The door slams shut as they converge on him.

Scott, Stiles, and Kira get to the blacklight party. Stiles tells Scott about the mystery key. He asked his dad about it and Sheriff didn’t know anything. Stiles doesn’t know how the key got on his keyring or what it’s for. Scott offers to leave the party so they can figure it out. Before Stiles can answer, a girl walks up and kisses Stiles on the cheek, leaving him with a glow-in-the-dark lip print before dancing off into the crowd. Stiles follows her, saying the key can wait.

Things to do, randoms to kiss.

Things to do, randoms to kiss.

When the crowd nearly separates them, Scott leans over and grabs Kira’s hand. She smiles and thanks him.

SCOTT: For what?

KIRA: For everything.

Scott sees Allison in the crowd. Allison looks at Scott and Kira’s joined hands. Kira drops Scott’s hand and disappears into the crowd. Allison and Scott share a small smile. Scott looks around for Kira but can’t see her. He turns on his Alpha eyes and scans the crowd. He sees Kira standing by herself, wreathed in those flames in his wolf vision.

This photo is legit the only time I have seen Kira's flames look like a fox so pay attention.

This photo is legit the only time I have seen Kira’s flames look like a fox so pay attention.

Stiles finds the girl who kissed him. She introduces herself as Caitlin and Stiles realises that she’s the same Caitlin he met in season 3A—the one whose girlfriend was taken as a virgin sacrifice. Caitlin seems completely fine with her girlfriend’s recent death but then, she is really drunk. She asks Stiles to dance.

Aiden runs up to Lydia, SHIRTLESS and wearing glow-in-the-dark fangs. He takes them out, saying they’re not as good as the real ones.

LYDIA: Or as lethal.

AIDEN: Okay, sure. I deserve that. I deserve basically everything you say about me. But, you know, I was pretty instrumental in setting this up.

Lydia tells him that if she wanted to go to a rave, she’d get into a time machine and go back to the 90s. She walks off and Aiden’s eyes glow for a moment and he growls in frustration.

Ooh, see that, there. Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?

Ooh, see that, there. Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?

Allison meets up with Isaac again, saying she saw Scott but didn’t tell him anything. They promised Chris 24 hours and he has a few left. Isaac points out that he didn’t promise Chris anything. He doesn’t like keeping secrets from Scott.

Allison turns that comment into a discussion about ‘whatever we are’. Isaac thinks Allison is mad. She says she isn’t mad; she’s frustrated.

ISAAC: Sexually?

Allison smiles at him and walks over to grab a paint brush. She gets SHIRTLESS, her bra glowing in the blacklight.

ALLISON: Do you want to talk about Scott or do you want to paint my body?

ISAAC: I want to paint your body.

Allison hands him the paintbrush.

You chose wisely.

You chose wisely.

Lydia watches the party from her corner. She sees Allison and Isaac dancing with each other, both sporting glow-in-the-dark paint, and says, ‘Finally.’ Stiles dances like a spaz with Caitlin and Lydia says, ‘Awkwardly.’ She spots Aiden grinding on some other girls and says, ‘Predictably.’

Lydia hears a weird clicking (kind of like the sound that predator makes?) and growling as the Demonic Ninjas start to materialise in the room. Lydia calls out for Scott but the music is too loud. Lydia runs out of the loft and onto the balcony.

The clicking noise follows her and she turns around to see a Demonic Ninja rising out of the ground.

A little party never killed nobody.

Lydia starts to let out a banshee scream but another Demonic Ninja holds up his hand and somehow takes her voice away like he’s a sea witch. The Demonic Ninja puts a hand on Lydia’s face and looks into her eyes with his firefly eyeballs.

Back inside, Danny grabs Aiden, mistakenly thinking that he’s Ethan. God, Danny. They are wearing completely different glow-in-the-dark paint. This is like the most recognisably different that they have ever been and now you can’t tell which one’s which? Danny hasn’t seen Ethan for half an hour and Aiden says he’s looking for Ethan as well. He walks off, looking worried, and Danny follows.

Caitlin procures some drinks for herself and Stiles. He uses his bottle opener keyring to open the drinks and Caitlin points out that the mystery key has phosphors on it. Stiles can’t dwell on it for too long because Caitlin leans over and kisses him.

Forget your plot point, please. Time for smooches.

Forget your plot point, please. Time for smooches.

STILES: I thought you liked girls.

CAITLIN: I do like girls. Do you?

STILES: Absolutely.


STILES: So you also like boys?

CAITLIN: Absolutely. Do you?

Stiles looks confused for a second before Caitlin starts kissing him again. Stiles can’t stop thinking about the mystery key. He asks Caitlin what she meant by phosphors and she explains that phosphors are any substance that luminesces. It’s in teeth, fingernails, and laundry detergent—and the lipstick that Caitlin is wearing. It reacts to the UV light. That’s why it glows.

Fair enough. Stiles kisses her again and then starts wondering how he got phosphors on his key. Caitlin asks if he’s been handling chemicals. Stiles stares at the key and then stands up. He apologises profusely, saying that he really wants to stay and doesn’t want to offend her but he has to go. He hands Caitlin a bottle of water, telling her to drink the whole thing. She does, as Stiles shoves his way to the exit.

Scott leads Kira up to the roof of the building. They can still hear the music from the party but it’s not deafening anymore. Kira points out some glow-in-the-dark paint on Scott’s cheek. He can’t get it off so Kira licks her finger and wipes it off for him.

This is different to the face touching I'm used to.

This is different to the face touching I’m used to.

Scott and Kira laugh at the motherly move before Kira turns to a more serious topic.

KIRA: How are you so okay with all this? I just showed you a picture that would send anyone else running the other way.

She thinks her picture looked like a demon from hell. Scott says he must’ve seen something different because the light looked like it was protecting Kira, like armour. And it doesn’t look like a demon to him; it looks like a fox.

Allison and Isaac dance together, getting super close but never kissing. Allison notices something on Isaac’s neck, behind his ear, and drags him to a mirror to inspect it. It looks like a backwards number 5 has been branded on him.

Forgot to tell you about my new tattoo.

Forgot to tell you about my new tattoo.

Isaac hears something and looks around. We see that he and Allison are actually in the storeroom where Ethan went to get ice. They find Ethan in the corner, despondent, and shivering.

Oh, hi. Sorry to interrupt but I'm dying.

Oh, hi. Sorry to interrupt but I’m dying.

Isaac breaks Ethan’s arm to trigger the healing process. Ethan’s eyes glow blue and he roars in pain. Allison finds the same backwards number 5 behind Ethan’s ear.

Back at the party, Danny and Aiden find Lydia out on the balcony. She’s freezing. Aiden carries Lydia inside and sits with her next to a heating vent. Danny runs off to find a blanket. Lydia whispers that ‘They came out of the dark’. She has the same branding behind her ear.

Baby, it's cold outside. Darling, you'll freeze out there.

Baby, it’s cold outside. Baby, you’ll freeze out there.

Out near his car, Derek seems to have recovered. He feels behind his ear and finds that he too has the branding. Derek roars and, up on the roof, Scott hears him and recognises the voice.

Derek returns to the loft and walks towards the DJ. A bouncer tells Derek to back off. Derek throws the bouncer aside and upturns the DJ table. The music stops and everyone turns to stare. Derek yells for everyone to get out. The kids scarper but the Demonic Ninjas are standing in the crowd and they’re not moving.

Well? Face or body paint?

Well? Face or body paint?

Aiden hands Lydia over to Danny, who helps her out of the loft. Allison and Isaac return, carrying Ethan between them. Scott and Kira come back down the stairs from the roof.

Do you think my paint looks like real wounds? Can I just lie back down?

Do you think my paint looks like real wounds? Can I just lie back down?

The Demonic Ninjas turn to look at Aiden and advance on him. Scott and Derek leap in to fight. Derek breaks a Demonic Ninja’s neck but the dude just twists his neck back into place and throws Derek aside. Scott gets thrown to the ground as well.

Isaac steps in, ready to fight. One of the Demonic Ninjas pulls a sword out of his chest (no, not like he was impaled. Like that’s where he was keeping his sword this whole time. His chest is a cabinet). He does some fancy shadowy sword moves and Isaac backs up.

The Demonic Ninja looks into Aiden’s eyes and lets him drop to the ground, having branded him like the others.

Caught ourselves a hunk.

Caught ourselves a hunk.

They turn and head for Scott. His eyes light up and his fangs come out, showing Kira his werewolf face. Before another fight can break out, sunlight streams in through the windows and the Demonic Ninjas fade away like they can’t exist in the sun.

Ethan has recovered enough to run over to his brother. Scott wants to know what the hell those things were. Isaac tells Allison that her father’s 24 hours are up.

Demonic Ninjas are scarier than the girlfriend's dad. Soz.

Demonic Ninjas are scarier than the girlfriend’s dad. Soz.

Chris returns to the Argent apartment, badly wounded. Allison starts calling him but Chris collapses before he can answer the phone.

Nice contact photo, Chris. I especially like that it's a screencap from season 2 and you weren't even there for that scene.

Nice contact photo, Chris. I especially like that it’s a screencap from season 2 and you weren’t even there for that scene.

Stiles goes to the school and tries the mystery key on the Chemistry cupboard. It unlocks and swings open. Stiles remembers their earlier conversation with Agent McCall about how Barrow was hiding in the Chemistry closet at the school and someone left him a coded message on the blackboard telling him to kill Kira.

Scott goes to the blackboard. The message is still there. Stiles picks up a piece of chalk and writes the same atomic numbers on the board. His handwriting matches.

Oh, shit. I did the thing.

Oh, shit. I did the thing.



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