Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 17: Silverfinger

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Allison treats her father’s wounds in their study while Chris tells her, Scott, and Isaac about the first time he met the Demonic Ninjas.

Chris’s first gun deal was supposed to be a simple exchange. He was only 18 but Gerard (Chris’s psycho father), didn’t tell him that the buyers were Yakuza. (Google tells me that means a Japanese organised crime syndicate.)

The Demonic Ninjas go after anyone with a connection to the supernatural. The moment the sun went down, they materialised from the shadows and went after Akumicho, the Yakuza boss. The Yakuza started firing on the Demonic Ninjas but the bullets did nothing: the Demonic Ninjas cut down every living thing in their way.

Akumicho leapt out from where he’d been hiding near a fountain, his eyes glowing white and fangs (which are weirdly metallic-looking) exposed. The Demonic Ninjas stabbed him repeatedly, spilling his blood into the fountain.

Well, don't you look terrifying?

Well, don’t you look terrifying?

Chris still doesn’t know what kind of creature Akumicho was but there were a few other survivors. There was a man named Katashi, nicknamed Silverfinger because of an unusual prosthetic. Silverfinger was about to take on all the Demonic Ninjas by himself when Chris jumped up and fired his gun right into a Demonic Ninja’s mask.

Guys, please. This is my first day.

Guys, please. This is my first day.

Silverfinger is in the country now and Chris spent all yesterday trying to track him down. Based on Chris’s injuries, it seems Silverfinger doesn’t want to be found. But he might know what the Demonic Ninjas are and what they want. If Silverfinger doesn’t remember Chris then he’ll at least remember the shattered demon mask that Chris has in his possession.

CHRIS: I know I didn’t kill it. I’m not sure you can. But I slowed it down long enough for us to get out of there.

SCOTT: What was behind the mask?

CHRIS: Darkness. Absolute darkness.

Someone cast Expecto Patronum on it.

Someone cast Expecto Patronum on it.


Kira sneaks home the next morning, careful not to wake her parents. She lies on her bed and thinks back to when Scott dropped her home. He had filled her in on the fact that most of his friends are werewolves and he’s an Alpha.

Scott is worried that Kira won’t want anything to do with him anymore. Kira surprises him by getting off the bike and asking if she can see his werewolf face. Scott looks around but the street is pretty much deserted. He pulls down his visor so he can transform without costing the CGI department an arm and a leg. When he pulls off his helmet, Scott is wolfed out, including his bumpy forehead and extreme sideburns.

Kira, like almost every other heroine when faced with her beau’s supernatural facial weirdness, reaches up to feel his face and pretty much assure him that she’s not fucking terrified. It works. Scott looks instantly relieved.

Works every time.

Works every time.

Scott drives to school, unwillingly flanked by the twins. When they park at school, the twins assure Scott that this isn’t about being in his pack. It’s about him being targeted by Demonic Ninjas who pulled swords out of their chests and completely kicked the butts of Scott and his mates. Even though Chris has indicated that the Demonic Ninjas only come out at night, Ethan and Aiden aren’t taking no for an answer.

Scott agrees to their protection but says that first he needs to talk to Stiles about what happened last night without them listening in with their wolf hearing. He tells them that, as a True Alpha, he’ll be able to know if they’re listening in. I call bullshit. And so would anyone else who could see Scott’s face, so he’s lucky that the twins are standing behind him and aren’t quick enough to do the werewolf lie detector trick.

In the Chemistry classroom, Stiles tells Scott about the mystery key having phosphors and how his handwriting matched the death message on the board. The blackboard has been wiped clean. Stiles says it doesn’t matter; he still has the key and can show Scott that it fits in the lock of the Chemistry cupboard. Only the key is missing.

Damn it, keys. Stop trying to make me look crazy.

Damn it, keys. Stop trying to make me look crazy.

Scott remembers being told about the key at the party last night but he never actually saw it. Stiles knows it sounds terrible but he does think that he was the one helping Barrow. He pulls out an old newspaper article about Barrow’s shrapnel bomb on the school bus.

The shrapnel bomb was composed of nuts, bolts, and screws. The bomb and the detonator were hidden in a box that was wrapped as a birthday present. It sounds exactly like the joke they played on Coach, and that was Stiles’s idea. It can’t be a coincidence.

SCOTT: I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to tell you that you’re wrong but I don’t think you’re trying to kill people either.

Stiles crumples up the newspaper article, looking devastated that his best friend doesn’t think he’s capable of an elaborate murder plot. Scott tells Stiles that he looks really tired and Stiles admits that he hasn’t been sleeping well lately. Scott suggests that Stiles take a sick day and go home to rest.

Scott meets up with the twins again. He didn’t tell Stiles about the Demonic Ninjas because Stiles has enough on his mind right now. Scott wonders if he’s really the target of the Demonic Ninjas. There is, after all, another person with supernatural affiliation walking around the school now: Kira.

Why my new boo gotta be supernatural?

Why my new boo gotta be supernatural?

Isaac and Allison are both skipping school to hang out with Chris and figure out how to get in touch with Silverfinger. He’s become a paranoid recluse who rarely steps outside the gates of the estate but he does have a thing for rare antique weapons.

Chris has put out word that he’s selling a French flintlock turnover pistol from 1645. Allison doesn’t want her dad going to this meeting alone and Isaac goes where Allison goes these days. If Scott is the one the Demonic Ninjas are going after, they might only have until nightfall to come up with a plan to protect him.

You guys can totally skip school to stare at my gun.

You guys can totally skip school to stare at my gun.

Agent McCall is on the phone when he walks into the sheriff’s station. He tells the person on the phone that he’s a week or two away from a formal review. McCall has enough evidence to put Sheriff ‘so far out of government work he won’t be able to get a job riding the back of a garbage truck’. Agent McCall opens his laptop and find a security pop-up. Apparently he has some kind of funky laptop security that takes webcam pictures of unauthorised users. At least that’s what I’m assuming it is, because there’s a picture of Scott and Kira from when they were charging Kira’s phone.

Omg, Scott must’ve seen my wallpaper. Did he like it? Are we besties again?

Stiles visits the hospital and is told by Mama McCall that his regular doctor will be away for another week. He can wait for one of the urgent on-call doctors but Stiles looks agitated and on the verge of tears. Mama McCall takes him into an examination room and asks him about his symptoms.

He’s being having blackouts, bad anxiety, and has started sleepwalking again, which he used to do as a kid.

STILES: Oh, I temporarily lost the ability to read but that might have had more to do with this giant magic tree and the whole human sacrifice thing.

MAMA McCALL: I recall something vaguely about that, yes.

Stiles says he’s had eight hours of sleep over the last three days. Mama McCall asks if he’s been suffering from irritability, inability to focus, impulsive behaviour, and vivid dreams during the day. He has. Mama McCall fills a needle with a sedative called midazolam, saying that he’s profoundly sleep deprived. He needs rest and he needs it now. The midazolam takes effect almost immediately and Mama McCall tucks Stiles into the hospital bed. He keeps hold of her hand as he passes out and says, ‘Thanks, Mom’ because we all just needed to hear our hearts breaking right then.

*Audience wails*

*Audience wails*

Chris gets a message saying that Silverfinger won’t buy the gun in person. Isaac points out that Silverfinger is a paranoid recluse so it’s really not that surprising. They’re going to have to go to Chris’s Plan B.

When school lets out, the twins are ready to flank Scott on their bikes back to his house.

SCOTT: Guys, I appreciate you wanting to protect me but I have to be alone for a bit. So … sorry about this.

The twins’ bikes won’t start. Scott picks up Cora, who’s holding the missing bike parts. She drops them in the car park as they drive off.

Chris’s plan involves a blueprint and Isaac dressing up in a suit (which I assume must be one of Chris’s since I highly doubt Isaac owns one of his own). Isaac doesn’t think the plan is going to work. He looks like he just stepped out of a Catholic prep school and there is no way that he’s going to remember all the notes that Chris has given him on the pistol.

Chris tells Isaac he just needs to keep the buyers talking long enough for Chris to break in and find Silverfinger. Allison pulls Isaac aside.

ALLISON: You can do this. You’re not a boy if you walk in there acting like a man. Okay? Go in there with confidence and all they’ll see is a boyish looking man.

She tucks Isaac’s shirt in for him, tidying him up. When Isaac still looks flustered, Allison pulls him in for a kiss. She guides Isaac’s hand to her backside and lets him have a squeeze. When they break apart, Isaac is looking much more confident.

Desperate times call for desperate make-out sessions in front of my dad.

Desperate times call for desperate make-out sessions in front of my dad.

He swaggers in for the meeting wearing ridiculous sunglasses. Silverfinger is nowhere in sight. Instead, Isaac will be dealing with a veritable giant sporting werewolf claws and a seriously deep voice.

'Do you think these glasses make me look smarter?' 'Nah, I can still see your face.'

‘Do you think these glasses make me look smarter?’ ‘Nah, you can still see your face.’

Scott takes Kira back to his house to wait for Allison, Isaac, and Chris to come through with a plan. In the meantime, they’re going to rely on the security system that Scott’s boss helped him install

KIRA: Your boss. Do you work for a security company or something?

SCOTT: No, he’s a veterinarian.

KIRA: You had a vet put in your alarm?

Scott can’t arm the security system; only his mum can, and she’s not here yet. Kira follows Scott around the house as he locks windows and doors. Whatever supernatural system Deaton helped with, Scott’s still lacking in actual security screens. Get some Crimsafe, mate.

Kira points out that Scott left the twins behind so they wouldn’t get hurt. If the Demonic Ninjas are after Scott then, logically, Kira should be somewhere far, far away. Even though Scott tried to keep it from her, Kira has figured out on her own that the Demonic Ninjas might be after her as well. She pulls out a book on Japanese mythology.

KIRA: Have you ever heard of something called a kitsune?

tw3x17 12

Kira, he hadn’t even tasted sushi until the other day. I’m betting he hasn’t heard of many Japanese mythical creatures.

Mama McCall goes to check on Stiles and finds him sleeping like a baby. She looks over his chart and starts highlighting some of his symptoms. Mama McCall heads to the records room and finds a file listing the same symptoms. Only this file bears a sticker saying Deceased 2004. The file is for Stiles’s mum, Claudia Stilinski.



Chris and Allison start taking down guards in other rooms while Isaac starts his spiel on the French pistol. His make-out session with Allison has given him an excellent memory. Mr Deep Voice doesn’t waste any time—Silverfinger knows all about the pistol and is willing to pay $150,000 for it. Mr Deep Voice hands over a briefcase full of cash and, stalling for time, Isaac pulls out an electric money counter.

Well, thanks. But that doesn't help with my stalling.

Well, thanks. But that doesn’t help with my stalling.

The Japanese mythology book comes with handy picture. The kitsune is illustrated to look like a fox with multiple tails/a cross between a Vulpix and a Jolteon Pokémon. In one of the pictures, the kitsune is glowing white and surrounded by electricity—the same thing that happened to Kira at the power station. Kira tells Scott that when a kitsune rubs its tails together, it can create fire or lightning. It’s called foxfire.

Get out your Pokédex, kids.

Seeing Scott’s face, Kira is quick to assure him that she doesn’t have any tails. She says that kitsune are also psychic and she can hear all of Scott’s thoughts. He looks mortified until Kira tells him that she’s joking. Kira notices the sun setting and tells Scott she has to be home before dinner.

SCOTT: Say you’re going on a date.

KIRA: Are you sure that’s a good idea? You know, foxes and wolves don’t really get along.

Kira turns a page to show a drawing of the kitsune surrounded by wolves. Scott closes the book, telling her it’s just a drawing in a children’s book. They lean in to kiss.



Scott pulls back when he hears a car pulling up outside. Thinking it’s Mama McCall, he and Kira run downstairs. Agent McCall is standing in the kitchen. Scott demands to know why he still has a key to their house. Speaking of keys, Agent McCall asks how Scott and Kira got a key to his office. He opens his laptop, showing them the webcam photo.



Isaac is almost finished counting the money when Mr Deep Voice shuts the briefcase. He tells Isaac the real story behind the French pistol: when a man was bitten by a werewolf, his brother had to abide by the family code and kill him. Isaac tries to cut loose but Mr Deep Voice is having none of that. He grabs Isaac’s arm and Isaac turns on him with fangs and glowing eyes.

Silverfinger is watching his surveillance footage on an iPad in another area of the building. He watches Isaac and Mr Deep Voice in their stare off, and sees Chris and Allison taking out other guards. Silverfinger draws a gun, pointing it at the door that Chris walks through a few seconds later, holding his own gun.

We've all got guns, Chris.

We’ve all got guns, Chris.

Chris assures him that he just wants to talk and realises that Silverfinger doesn’t remember him. Allison enters through another door and uses a funky whip thing to disarm Silverfinger.

Isabelle Lightwood reporting for duty.

Any conversations are put on hold when Mr Deep Voice walks in, his claws digging into Isaac’s throat.

They have a better werewolf than we do.

Agent McCall says he’s not leaving without a satisfactory explanation.

SCOTT: Go get a warrant.

AGENT McCALL: I don’t need a warrant. I’m your father.

SCOTT: No, you’re a gene donor. I got my hair colour from you and that’s all I got. So you’re not allowed to play tough dad with me.

Mama McCall arrives and asks what’s going on. Agent McCall suggests that Scott or Kira explain the situation but the sun is going down fast. One of the Demonic Ninjas appears in the next room and Agent McCall walks toward it. Another Demonic Ninja appears and stabs Agent McCall in the chest.

This is what you get for being a nosy git.

This is what you get for being a nosy git.

Mama McCall drags him out of the way. Scott wolfs out and Derek slides in through the front door, in wolf mode as well. Fighting ensues. Scott yells for his mother to arm the security system (which, in case you haven’t figured it out, involves mountain ash).

A Demonic Ninja materialises behind Kira. The twins, who have no patience for front doors, leap through a window in wolf mode and take on the Demonic Ninja going after Kira.

The werewolves manage to force the Demonic Ninjas out of the house and Mama McCall runs forward and smashes a bottle of mountain ash on the threshold, setting up the magical barrier.



Kira, who doesn’t really understand what just happened, presses her hand against the barrier and is pushed back with a flash of light, indicating that she’s supernatural.

Chris presents Silverfinger with the shattered demon mask, reminding him of the events that took place 24 years ago. Silverfinger nods for Mr Deep Voice to let Isaac go. He tells Chris that the Demonic Ninjas are called Oni. They are demons and they are unstoppable.

Derek is impressed with the new security system. All the baseboards have been replaced with ash wood on Deaton’s suggestion.

SCOTT: Where the hell did you come from?

DEREK: I’ve been following you.

SCOTT: For how long?

DEREK: All day.

I actually follow you every day even when you're not in mortal danger.

I actually follow you every day even when you’re not in mortal danger.

Mama McCall calls out to Scott. Agent McCall is not looking good. By the way that his arm is rotated, Mama McCall thinks that his tendon is torn and he could be on his way to a collapsed lung. The Oni aren’t leaving until sunrise but Agent McCall won’t make it that long. They have to get him to the hospital. They can’t just call the Sheriff—guns don’t work on the Oni.

Silverfinger tells Chris that no manmade weapon works on the Oni.

SILVERFINGER: The Oni are a force of nature. You don’t fight a tsunami; you endure it and you hope that you’re not destroyed in its path.

Silverfinger points out that Isaac has already endured the Oni. The backwards number 5 behind Isaac’s ear is actually the Japanese kanji symbol for ‘self’. It means that the Oni have determined that Isaac is still himself. The Oni are looking for someone who has been possessed by a dark spirit.

Oni: Distributors of Unwelcome Tattoos since 382 B.C.

Oni: Distributors of Unwelcome Tattoos since 382 B.C.

At Casa McCall, Aiden wants to know what Kira is. He presses her hand against the mountain ash barrier again, proving that she’s deflected by it. That only happens with supernatural creatures.

DEREK: She’s a kitsune, idiot. Use your eyes. You can see it all around her. The younger ones give off an aura. She just hasn’t learned how to conceal it yet. She probably doesn’t know what kind she is, either.

Silverfinger is on to the kitsune part of the story now. He says there are 13 kinds of kitsune, including types like celestial, wild, ocean, and thunder. But there is one dark kitsune called Void or Nogitsune. Akumicho, the Yakuza boss from Chris’s first gun deal, was possessed by the Nogitsune, which draws its power from pain and tragedy, strife and chaos.

Kira is worried that the Oni are after her. The light that Scott sees around her doesn’t look evil but the kitsune is a shape shifter—a trickster spirit. She could still be the bad guy.

Aiden tells Derek he wasn’t going to hurt Kira. They’re here to fight for Scott—to protect him.

DEREK: I’m sure you are. I’m sure you’d kill for him. But are you willing to die for him?

Silverfinger explains that removing the joints on the little finger weakens a person’s grip on a sword. When a katana is gripped properly, the little finger is the strongest. The Yakuza have a ritual where they remove their own little finger joints and offer it to their superior. It was penance for a mistake.

Mistakes were made.

Mistakes were made.

Maybe it was the way Silverfinger moved or stood that suggested he was going to take on the Oni. Actually, he was preparing to run for his life. When Chris shot the Oni in the face, he stopped Silverfinger from looking like a coward in front of the other survivors. For a humiliation like that, he wouldn’t have given up his finger: he would have had to give up his head.

He wraps the Oni mask and slides it back to Chris. He owes Chris more than his life. He owes him his honour. But he can’t give Chris the answer he needs. He can only tell Chris one thing.

SILVERFINGER: If there is a Nogitsune among you, let the Oni destroy it. Even if it is your own daughter.

Casa McCall starts to shake as the Oni bang against the mountain ash barrier with their swords, trying to find a weakness. They find one and start to force it open. Look, this is the second time that a supernatural being has been able to just force its way through a mountain ash barrier (the first being Scott when he became a True Alpha). I feel like mountain ash is sick of doing its job.

Agent McCall asks to speak to Scott, saying that Mama McCall knows why he really came back. She points out that his timing, as usual, sucks. He’s not talking to Scott like this—not when he looks on the brink of death. She tells Agent McCall to stay awake. They’re going to get him out of here as fast as possible.

I'll just stop bleeding then, shall I?

I’ll just stop bleeding then, shall I?

Scott calls Allison, asking if she has any answers since the Oni are starting to break through the barrier. Allison fills Scott in on everything that Silverfinger has said. In theory, the Oni shouldn’t hurt Scott. They just want to check all the supernatural people for possession and move on. Kira hears and thinks that they’re after her—that she’s the Nogitsune.

The Oni break through the barrier and Scott tells everyone to stand down. He takes Kira’s hand, telling her to trust him. Together, they walk towards the Oni and submit themselves for a supernatural security check.

Tattoo me.

Tattoo me.

Two Oni step forward and grabs Scott and Kira by the head, turning on their firefly eyes. Scott and Kira’s hands break apart. The Oni take their damn time with this check but eventually Scott is branded, and then Kira. They’re safe.

Are you carrying any aerosols or laptops? Fess up now.

Are you carrying any aerosols or laptops? Fess up now.

The Oni disappear and Derek and the twins rush forward, assuring Scott and Kira that they’re going to be okay.

Stiles wakes up in his hospital bed, looking well-rested. He wanders out of the room, looking for Mama McCall.

Mama McCall and Scott rush Agent McCall into the hospital. His pulse is weak. Scott says that he’ll go find Stiles.

Stiles is walking around deserted and unlit parts of the hospital. The Oni suddenly appear, surrounding him to do their supernatural security check. When an Oni reaches out to Stiles, he grabs its wrist, forcing it back. He shoves his hand into the Oni’s chest and pulls out a dying firefly.

Stiles woke up with superpowers.

Stiles turns to the other two Oni and they run at him.

Scott finds Stiles standing alone in the room, staring off into space. He asks if Stiles is okay.

STILES: Yeah. Fine. What’s been going on?

Just had a nap and killed some invincible creatures. Average day, really.

Just had a nap and killed some invincible creatures. Average day, really.

As Scott and Stiles leave the room, a firefly lies on the ground. Its light flickers out and it disappears in a small puff of smoke.

Brb, having traumatic flashbacks from The Princess and the Frog.

Brb, having traumatic flashbacks to The Princess and the Frog.



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