Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 18: Riddled

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Scott gets a call in the middle of the night from Stiles. At first the line is nothing but static. Then Stiles starts whispering, sounding on the verge of tears. He thinks he was sleepwalking and ended up in some unknown place. Wherever he is, it’s dark and hard to see. The line goes dead and Scott tries to call Stiles back but just gets his voicemail over and over again. When he finally gets Stiles back on the line, Stiles says he can’t move. There’s something wrong with his leg. It’s bleeding.

tw3x18 1

Here’s my crisis. So call me maybe.

STILES: There’s some kind of smell down here. Something smells terrible. It’s brutal; my eyes are watering.

Stiles begs Scott not to call Sheriff, saying that he already worries too much. Scott can’t make a promise like that when he doesn’t know if he can find his best friend. Stiles hangs up once more and Scott calls out to Isaac for help. Isaac bursts in, asking what’s wrong. Scott has no idea.

Lydia is sketching Aiden in the Art classroom. Aiden has a hard time keeping still and asks if they’re allowed to be here this late. Lydia assures him that, due to the number of homicides at the school, no sane person will ever take a night job there again.

Aiden gets SHIRTLESS. He’s more interested in nude modelling. Lydia tells him that’s usually done without the pants. He tosses his jeans at her. Before he can strip off anything else, Lydia stands up abruptly. Instead of music playing through the radio, she can hear Stiles’s tearful voice begging for someone to come find him.

tw3x18 2

Put your clothes back on. This just became a rescue mission.

Scott and Isaac are rushing out of the house when Stiles calls again. He says he’s in some kind of industrial basement. It’s freezing down there. He has to turn the phone off so it doesn’t go flat.

SCOTT: Stiles, why are you whispering?

STILES: Because I think there’s someone in here with me.

tw3x18 3

Isaac, you have wolf hearing. Back up.


Kira lies on her bed, studying. She reaches up to turn on her bedside lamp and finds the bulb dead. As Kira pulls off the lampshade, she calls out to her mum, asking if they have any spare bulbs. The bulb flickers back to life in her hands. Kira tries again and electricity flares from her fingers, lighting the lamp.

tw3x18 4

Electricity sparks inside of me and I’m free! I’m free! *dance solo*

The bulb smashes as Kira’s mum walks in with a replacement. Mrs Yukimura tells Kira it’s after midnight and she should be asleep. She screws in the replacement bulb and for a second it looks as though she has electricity sparking from her fingers as well. Mrs Yukimura scoops up the broken glass and leaves the room.

Scott and Isaac find Lydia and Aiden in Scott’s room. Lydia tells them Stiles didn’t call her but she did hear him. Red string from Stiles’s murder board is tied around the handle of a pair of scissors that are plunged into the centre of Stiles’s bed.

tw3x18 5


LYDIA: He uses red for unsolved cases.

AIDEN: Maybe he thinks he’s part of an unsolved case.

ISAAC: Or is an unsolved case.

Scott and Isaac fill Lydia in on Stiles’s phone calls, saying they’re here to get a better scent. Aiden points out that it’s the coldest night of the year and Stiles can’t have just been sleepwalking; his Jeep is gone. Lydia is horrified that Stiles is somewhere bleeding and freezing and they haven’t called his dad. Since she never promised to not call Sheriff, she pulls out her phone. Scott protests that they can bring in more werewolf reinforcements and even Allison.

LYDIA: Everyone except for the cops. Great idea.

AIDEN: You guys remember she only gets these feelings when someone’s about to die, right?

SCOTT: You don’t have to call his dad. It’s five minutes to the station.

Lydia tells them she’ll catch up. She feels like there’s something she needs to find in Stiles’s room and it’s not just evidence of total insanity.

Stiles uses the light on his phone to see that his leg is caught in a bear trap. He screams in pain. There’s a noise in the dark but the phone light isn’t strong enough to show who’s in the basement with him.

tw3x18 6

Why is there a bear trap in a basement? What kind of establishment are you people running?

Stiles catches a glimpse of someone lurking in the shadows, drawing on a wall with a piece of chalk. The person’s hands and face are wrapped in bandages.

Stiles sees that the chalk drawing on the wall is the Japanese kanji for self—the backwards 5. The person has disappeared. The kanji symbol fades off the wall, billowing away in smoke.

tw3x18 7

Listen with your heart. You will understand.

Scott and Isaac tell Stiles’s dad that he’s missing. Sheriff struggles to control his fear for a moment, and then launches into police mode. He tells Deputy Parrish (we’ve never seen him before but he looks kind of like a weird man-child in a mildly attractive way) to get an APB out on Stiles’s Jeep. He tells another deputy to compile a list of any industrial basements or sublevels that Stiles could’ve gotten into while sleepwalking. It’s the coldest night of the year so far so if Stiles is out there barefoot and wearing only his pyjamas, he could already be hypothermic. They need to move fast.

tw3x18 8

Find my son or you’re all fired.

Sheriff takes Scott and Isaac into his office and asks them if they have any other information he can’t share with his deputies. Scott tells him that Lydia knew he was missing and she’s working on finding him. Scott also called Derek and Allison for help. Sheriff asks if they can find Scott by scent.

Deputy Parrish walks into Sheriff’s office without knocking, saying that they’ve already found the Jeep.

The Jeep is parked at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital and the battery is dead. Stiles must’ve left the lights on. Inside the hospital, Mama McCall already has security doing sweeps of every floor. She tells Sheriff to follow her down to the basement.

Derek is on the hospital roof when Scott and Isaac find him. He tells them that Stiles isn’t in the building anymore.

tw3x18 9

Come, step into my office.

Isaac runs off to tell Sheriff and find Allison, since she’s not answering her phone.

Derek makes time for a quick Intro to Lycanthropy class and tells Scott that the scent on the roof is strong and it carries an emotional message. Scott takes a deep breath. He can smell stress and anxiety. There was some kind of struggle on the roof.

SCOTT: With who?

DEREK: Himself.

Agent McCall walks into the station, distinctly not dead after being stabbed in the chest by an Oni last episode. His arm is in a sling, though, so that’s something. He asks Deputy Parrish if the station’s deserted because they’re out looking for the sword-wielding maniac who stabbed him.

Deputy Parrish tells Agent McCall that they’ve got posters up all over town and nods at a few completely different sketches.

tw3x18 10

Is one of those V from V for Vendetta? A guy was STABBED, people. Maybe we don’t like him but don’t just draw cartoons.

It’s not exactly how Agent McCall described his attacker but he’s not the highest priority of the night.

AGENT McCALL: What does that mean? What’s the high priority?

Lydia and Aiden are still in Stiles’s room. Aiden is leafing through Stiles’s things. He finds a framed copy of one of Lydia’s Nemeton sketches.

AIDEN: He likes you a lot, doesn’t he?

LYDIA: Maybe he likes the drawing a lot.

Aiden turns the frame over. There’s a note that says it’s for Lydia. Lydia takes the frame away from him and picks up her phone to read a text update from Scott. Derek’s headed to the high school and Isaac is off finding Allison. Scott is with Sheriff.

Aiden leans over to inspect the red strings coming off the walls. When he lets it go, Lydia hears whispering. She pulls on one of the strings herself and hears the whispering again. Aiden can only hear the sound of a string being pulled. Frustrated, Lydia leans over and keeps tugging at the strings. The whispers are saying something about a house.

tw3x18 11

I’ve got the world on a string.

When Lydia follows the string path back to the board, she sees a picture of Eichen House, a mental health centre. It’s where William Barrow, the shrapnel bomber, was committed. Lydia says that’s where Stiles is.

tw3x18 12

You are cordially invited to horror.

Back in the basement, Stiles gives up on his phone and instead tries to pry open the bear trap around his leg. He screams in pain and the bandaged person returns. Stiles yells out, asking who the person is. Judging by the voice, it’s a guy. He’s not speaking English, though. Stiles can’t understand him and the Bandaged Dude responds in English this time.

BANDAGED DUDE: Not ‘who are you’, Stiles. ‘Who are we?’ It’s getting colder, Stiles. Did you notice that we stopped shivering? Do you know why that’s a bad sign?

Stiles says it’s because his body is trying to conserve energy. He learned it when doing a fifth grade science report on hypothermia. Bandaged Dude notes that Stiles’s speech is also starting to thicken. Then comes fatigue and confusion. They are going to die if they don’t get out of here. Stiles tells Bandaged Dude to stop using ‘we’.

BANDAGED DUDE: We’re trying to keep you from freezing to death. You better get out, Stiles.

STILES: How? There’s a freaking steel-jaw trap on my leg!


Bandaged Dude is closer now, and his teeth look metallic and gross—like the Nogitsune’s teeth in the last episode. Is this the Nogitsune? I’m going to assume it’s the Nogitsune because why else would we be spending time with a snaggle-toothed mummy? Stiles looks at the trap and realises that it’s not on the same leg anymore. The Nogitsune says that he’s trying to save Stiles’s life.

tw3x18 13

You are a dentist’s nightmare right now, dude.

Sheriff meets Lydia and Aiden at Eichen House. Lydia swears that Stiles is in there. Sheriff bursts into reception, demanding access to all basement rooms.

At the station, Agent McCall is looking over the transcript of Scott and Stiles’s phone conversation about the smell in the basement. Deputy Parrish confirms that the transcript is what Scott told them. Agent McCall hears Mama McCall in the reception asking to see him. Her shift is over and she wants to help.

Lydia runs through the building, guiding Sheriff, Aiden, and Isaac to where she can sense Stiles. They emerge in a basement that looks like where Stiles has been but he’s not there. The basement’s empty. Sheriff turns on Lydia, yelling at her for being wrong. She backs away, on the verge of tears from frustration and worry. Sheriff apologises instantly.

LYDIA: I don’t understand.

tw3x18 14

I will trade you wolf claws for lying voices in your head.

Aiden takes Lydia’s hand and leads her out of the basement. As they walk back up the stairs, light falls on a section of the wall. The kanji symbol for self is exactly where the Nogitsune drew it. Only it’s not drawn in chalk—it looks like it’s carved into the cement.

tw3x18 15

Psst. Lydia. Oi, come back and look at the convenient shaft of moonlight.

Agent McCall drives along with Mama McCall, saying that he thinks Stiles might still be asleep and has been the whole time. Sleepwalkers do crazy things. Agent McCall reminds Mama McCall of one night when he came home drunk and, while sleepwalking, mistook the laundry basket for the toilet and peed all over the clothes. Mama McCall makes a comment about it being ‘one night’ that indicates Agent McCall came home drunk fairly often. Maybe that’s the reason they split up.

tw3x18 16

I want to help Stiles but I guess swapping stories about our failed marriage is just as useful.

Since Agent McCall was, in his sleep, convinced that he was in the bathroom, how do they know Stiles isn’t still asleep and just convinced that he’s in a basement? After reading the transcript of Scott and Stiles’s conversation, Agent McCall has an idea of where Stiles might be.

Stiles is still in the basement, talking to the Nogitsune, who is back to drawing on the wall. He tells Stiles this is all a riddle and starts asking him some basic riddles, including the one about when is a door not being a door from the beginning of season 3B.

NOGITSUNE: Everyone has it but no one can lose it? What is it?

Stiles is stumped by this and the Nogitsune keeps repeating the riddle, walking closer and closer to Stiles as he speaks, until he’s screaming in Stiles’s face.

tw3x18 17

You have corpse breath.

The Nogitsune grabs the steel trap attached to Stiles’s leg and starts dragging Stiles along the ground. Stiles screams as he’s dragged through the basement and then across the ground of the woods.

He wakes screaming in Mama McCall’s arms. He was in Malia Tate’s coyote den and Agent McCall just pulled him out.

tw3x18 18

Mama McCall is everyone’s mother. Don’t lie.

Isaac bangs on the door to the Argent apartment. Allison answers it. She’s been asleep the whole time. Her phone had been switched off (though apparently not by her) and she missed all the messages. Isaac tells her that they found Stiles a few minutes ago.

Allison has multiple missed calls from an unknown number. She listens to her voicemail and hears some men speaking in Japanese.

tw3x18 19

Bloody telemarketers.

Derek and Aiden are giving Stiles’s Jeep a jump start. Aiden asks if Derek thinks there was more to Stiles’s sleepwalking episode. Derek tells him that, in Beacon Hills, there’s always something more.

Aiden admits that he listened in on Stiles telling Scott that he was the one who wrote the message to Barrow on the school blackboard.

DEREK: You think Stiles—skinny defenceless Stiles is the Nogitsune? A powerful dark spirit?

He thinks the Nogitsune would choose someone bigger and stronger with a little more power. As he says ‘power’, Derek looks down at the jumper cables in his hands.

tw3x18 20

I should put these sparks right up in my eyeball next time. Sounds good.

Lydia, Scott, and Mama and Agent McCall are waiting for an update. Sheriff emerges from Stiles’s hospital room and tells them that he’s sleeping and he’s fine. He doesn’t remember much—it’s all like a dream to him. He thanks Agent McCall for finding his son.

tw3x18 21

Surrogate family, be calm.

AGENT McCALL: It was that repellent we sprayed in the coyote den to keep other animals out. I couldn’t go near it without my eyes watering. It’s just a good thing he mentioned it over the phone.

SHERIFF: It was more than that. Thank you.

AGENT McCALL: It was a lucky connection.

SHERIFF: McCall, can you shut up, please, and accept my sincerest gratitude?

They shake hands. Mama McCall hugs Scott and sends him and Lydia home, saying they’ve got school in less than six hours. Lydia still doesn’t know why she got it so wrong. Scott says it doesn’t matter as long as Stiles is okay. Lydia looks back, hearing a banging noise. Scott apparently hasn’t heard it and Lydia, who’s starting to mistrust her abilities, lies and said she didn’t hear anything.

tw3x18 22

Like I’m going to listen to the voices in my head again. Pfft.

In the locker room the next day, Scott texts Deaton, asking if he has anything. Deaton replies that he’s still working on it.

Scott walks through the hallway in a daze and doesn’t hear when Kira calls out to him. Kira watches him walk away, thinking he’s ignoring her. Derek walks up to Kira.

DEREK: He’s a little preoccupied but I can help you.

KIRA: Why would you want to help me?

DEREK: Because I want you to tell me everything that happened at the power station with William Barrow. Actually, I want you to show me.

tw3x18 23

You terrify me, sir. But you are also very attractive.

At the hospital, Sheriff and Mama McCall have changed out of their uniforms and into civilian clothes. Stiles is still asleep in his hospital bed. Mama McCall tells Sheriff about Stiles’s hospital visit the other day. She can’t bring herself to tell Sheriff that Stiles’s symptoms matched his mum’s. Sheriff already knows what she’s talking about. He pulls out a notebook where he’s been writing down Stiles’s symptoms for the past two weeks. He’s already put two and two together and he wants to run some tests.

Derek and Kira go to the power station where Barrow tried to kill Kira. Derek notices a baseball bat magnetised to a metal cabinet. Derek recognises it as Stiles’s aluminium bat. Derek wants Kira to tell him everything she knows about foxfire.

tw3x18 24

Behold the mighty Excalibur.

Allison and Isaac share the voicemail recordings with Mr Yukimura. He confirms that the men are speaking Japanese and says that the man speaking is giving instructions, telling evacuees to stay at least 10 feet away from the outside fences.

ISAAC: What does that mean? What fences?

MR YUKIMURA: Fences surrounding a Japanese internment camp during World War II.

He tells them that after the events of Pearl Harbour, Japanese-Americans were rounded up and put into camps. The man in the voicemail is reading instructions to prisoners upon their arrival. He tells them that the recording must be fake, saying that the Oak Creek camp they’re talking about didn’t exist in California.

tw3x18 25

JK, it was actually me prank calling you.

Lydia is hypersensitive to loud sounds today, and every slamming locker is deafening for her. Scott tells Lydia that they’re doing tests on Stiles in the hospital all afternoon. He’s going to visit Stiles around 6pm and asks if Lydia wants to come. Lydia says she should just go home. She walks away, cringing at every sound.

tw3x18 26

These sounds are just getting rude.

At the hospital, the doctor that William Barrow stabbed is apparently fully recovered and supervising Stiles’s MRI. He’s stumped by the spelling of Stiles’s actual first name. Sheriff tells the doctor to just call him Stiles. Doctor talks to Stiles about how the MRI works, saying that it’ll be super loud and offers him some earplugs. Stiles says he doesn’t need anything.

As Doctor, Sheriff, and Mama McCall walk into the observation room, Stiles tells Scott that they’re looking for frontotemporal dementia.

STILES: Areas of your brain start to shrink. It’s what my mother had. It’s the only form of dementia that can hit teenagers. And there’s no cure.

Scott wipes away tears, saying that if Stiles has it then they’ll do something. Based on that sad puppy dog face, I think Scott means that he’ll give Stiles the bite of an Alpha to try and cure him. Scott pulls him into a hug and Stiles starts to cry.

tw3x18 27

Shut up. You’re crying.

Derek drives Kira to the hospital. She points out that Derek’s about to tell Scott that Barrow might have used Kira’s foxfire to jumpstart the Nogitsune’s power inside Stiles—basically, Kira helped a dark spirit take control of Scott’s best friend. Derek agrees that she should probably wait by the car.

Stiles slides into the MRI and the doctor warns him this will take up to an hour and he can’t move even a little bit. The MRI noise starts up. It’s the same one that Lydia heard at the hospital last night.

Lydia sits in her car, hearing that sound again. She turns up her radio to try and drown out the noise.

tw3x18 28

Personally, I find MRIs relaxing. I fell asleep in one. I have since been told that I am one of few.

In the waiting room, Scott and Derek have a conversation about their various Intro to Lycanthropy lessons and how they’ve each taught each other something. Derek tells Scott that he took Cora back to South America, which is where she spent most of her time after the Hale fire. He also left so he could talk to his dead mother. Talia Hale told Derek something that changed his perspective on a lot of things: the Hales didn’t just live in Beacon Hills; they protected it.

Beacon Hills still needs protection from someone like Scott.

SCOTT: And someone like you to teach me a few trade secrets?

tw3x18 29

Werewolf teacher conference.

Scott stands up with the sudden realisation that Stiles was trying to protect them from himself the other night. Scott and Derek return to the hospital roof. Scott thinks Stiles wasn’t just up there struggling with himself; he was struggling not to do something. They find a duffel bag of tools and, above them, a partially-cut electrical wire with sparks still flying from it.

tw3x18 30

Just letting you know I’m still capable of killing everyone.

In her car, Lydia lets out a banshee scream inaudible to human ears.

Doctor explains Stiles’s MRI to Sheriff and Mama McCall.  There is indication that tissue is already showing signs of atrophy—deterioration. Sheriff looks broken.

tw3x18 31

This is garbage. Mama McCall, take him home and wrap him in blankets and give him hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Stiles is still in the MRI, struggling not to move. He squeezes his eyes shut. When he opens them, he’s standing outside the MRI. The room is dark and hazy and the Nogitsune is back, asking if Stiles has figured out his riddle.

NOGITSUNE: If you answer correctly, we might consider letting them go.

STILES: Letting who go?

NOGITSUNE: Your friends. Your family. Everyone who ever meant something to you. We’re going to destroy all of them, Stiles. One by one.

tw3x18 32

You walk like a Thunderbird, mate. If this comes to physical fighting, you will probably lose.

Tears stream down Stiles’s face as he asks why. The Nogitsune repeats his riddle: everyone can have it but no one can lose it. What is it?

The Nogitsune repeats the riddle again and again, tearing his bandages off. Stiles finally realises the answer. It’s a shadow.

He turns around as the Nogitsune takes off the last of his facial bandages, revealing himself to be Stiles—or, I guess, a shadow of Stiles.

tw3x18 33

EXCUSE YOU. Stiles’s teeth are not as bad as yours, sir.

In the MRI, Stiles wakes up, looking evil. Looking like a Nogitsune. The light in the MRI and the observation room cut out. When the lights come back on, Sheriff sees that Stiles is no longer in the MRI.

tw3x18 34

Just totally fucked up all my scans by moving around. No1curr.

Up on the roof, the electrical wire suddenly explodes, spraying sparks everywhere and arcing wildly towards the edge of the roof.

tw3x18 35

Aw, shit.

The Nogitsune seems to have taken over Stiles’s body now. The other name for a Nogitsune is ‘Void’ and since that’s less of a mouthful, he’s going to be called Void Stiles. He’s in a hospital room, pulling on his shoes. He walks out into the hallway and sees Mrs Yukimura emerging from the elevator. Why do you people always use elevators when the power is cutting in and out?

Mrs Yukimura asks Stiles if he knows who she is. Void Stiles nods.

MRS YUKIMURA: Then you remember that I won’t be deterred by your choice of host, even if it’s an innocent boy.

VOID STILES: Are you threatening us?

Two Oni materialise behind Mrs Yukimura.

MRS YUKIMURA: Now I’m threatening you.

tw3x18 36

You wanna go?

Void Stiles says that he’s not afraid of her ‘little fireflies’. He starts to walk away and Mrs Yukimura tells him that if the Oni can’t defeat him then she knows someone who will. Void Stiles smiles slightly.

tw3x18 37

Maybe later.

Outside, Kira watches as the severed electrical cable flies off the roof and straight at her face.

tw3x18 38

I’M GOING TO DIE. Oh, wait. I can control electricity now. Super convenient.



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