Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 19: Letharia Vulpina

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A group of dudes who I’m guessing are probably Yakuza (mostly because of their fancy suits) are waiting for a doctor to arrive and treat a sick puppy. Is that a puppy or a wolf? We’ll figure it out. The guy I’m assuming is the head honcho is getting annoyed and starts pointing a gun at people because the doctor is taking so long.

The dog is the real Yakuza leader.

Deaton (the doctor they’ve been waiting for) arrives and greets them in Japanese. The head honcho man asks him if he’s worked with wolves before. Deaton smirks and says, ‘Here and there.’

Dr Awesome has arrived.

Dr Awesome has arrived.

Deaton pulls on gloves and starts examining the wolf (Yuki). He thinks Yuki might have eaten some kind of bright green moss, almost neon in colour. It’s called lichen and it’s highly toxic. He can’t treat Yuki without knowing the species of lichen. He needs a sample of the plant. Head Honcho says that it’s in the garden. None of the others are willing to take Deaton and Head Honcho calls them all superstitious idiots. He shows Deaton to the garden himself.

The door to the garden is shut and locked so it seems weird that a wolf just pranced in here and started eating weird plants. Also, I think we’ve seen this garden before. It looks a lot like the one in Chris Argent’s flashback to his first gun deal with the Nogitsune and the Oni.

Deaton sees the moss on a fountain which, yep, is definitely the one from Chris’s flashback. The garden looks abandoned, almost dead. Deaton pulls out a glass bottle for a sample and hands it to Head Honcho as he starts cutting off samples of the lichen.

Here, slave.

Here, slave.

HEAD HONCHO: Do you really think Yuki got in here and ate this stuff?

DEATON: Actually, I think Yuki probably doesn’t come anywhere near here. I doubt if you could even drag him in. Some part of him probably senses what happened here … to your father and the Nogitsune possessing him.

Head Honcho pulls a gun on Deaton. Deaton isn’t the least bit worried. He tells Head Honcho that this particular lichen is called letharia vulpina—wolf lichen. In the past, people used to set out pieces of meat filled with crushed glass and lichen. When wolves and foxes ate the meat, the glass perforated their intestines and allowed the vulpinic acid to kill them faster.

Head Honcho demands to know what Deaton did to Yuki. Deaton says that Yuki hasn’t been poisoned with lichen; he’s been given a powerful paralytic agent—the same one Deaton put on the glass jar that Head Honcho is now holding. Head Honcho drops his gun and falls to the ground, paralysed.

Petrificus Totalus.

Petrificus Totalus.

Deaton, his hands still clad in gloves, takes the sample jar out of Head Honcho’s grasp and puts the lichen sample in the jar. He tells Head Honcho that this lichen, being born from the blood of a Nogitsune, is powerful.

HEAD HONCHO: What are you going to use it for?

DEATON: There’s a fox hiding inside a teenage boy and I am going to poison it.

Thanks for your help. Have fun with your paralysis.

Thanks for your help. Have fun with your paralysis.


We’re back at the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where that live wire is coming off the roof and whipping wildly at Kira like it’s possessed. An ambulance is almost hit by the wire and crashes into a pipe, which starts to fill the car park with water. As the ambulance driver struggles out of the vehicle, he steps into the water and is instantly electrocuted.

Allison and Isaac drive up and see the damage. Allison nearly steps in the water and Isaac throws her aside. Then he steps in the water—or maybe the water just reaches his feet. I feel like he can’t be that stupid that he just walked in and thought he was invincible. Anyway, Isaac gets a fair shock and falls into the water.

FYI, just found out that werewolves aren't shockproof.

FYI, just found out that werewolves aren’t shockproof.

The water keeps spreading, electrocuting more people. Some fucking idiot sees all this chaos and drives right through it, nearly hitting Kira. She jumps up on his car and parkours into the water. She’s unharmed. Scott and Derek arrive but can’t do anything. Kira, realising she’s perfectly fine, grabs the live wire and uses her new kitsune powers to I guess turn it off? Anyway, it’s not sparking anymore. And Kira’s eyes are glowing.

Exhibiting my superpowers in front of everyone isn't going to ruin my secret identity, is it?

Exhibiting my superpowers in front of everyone isn’t going to ruin my secret identity, is it?

People start walking out of the hospital, Kira’s mum among them since she’s just been in the hospital threatening Void Stiles. She seems to know exactly what Kira just did. Derek runs over to Isaac. He’s not breathing.

The next scene seems to be Scott remembering the events in HAZY FLASHABCK. Isaac, badly burned by the electricity, is wheeled into the emergency room. Mama Yukimura tells Kira that ‘now is not the time for anybody else to see’ what Kira did with the wire. She hurries Kira out of the hospital.

Deputy Parrish tells Sheriff that two people say they saw Stiles’s Jeep leaving the hospital. Agent McCall picks up the now safe wire and sees that it was cut. He tells people to keep an eye out for sabotage.

Scott is in bed, fully clothed. The last thing he remembers in his HAZY FLASHBACK MONTAGE is Derek’s voice advising Scott to tell Sheriff what’s really wrong with Stiles.

Scott goes downstairs, ready for school. Mama McCall is sitting at the kitchen table, looking rough. She tells Scott that the police are still looking for Stiles. It’s past the 48-hour mark now but if anyone were to turn up absolutely fine after being missing for two days, it would be Stiles. Mama McCall suggests going by the hospital before school to visit Isaac.

Sheriff is in his office, reading a text from Stiles. It says, Am ok. Please don’t look for me. Be back soon.

Well, it's better than 'K'.

Well, it’s better than ‘K’.

Deputy Parrish ducks his head into Sheriff’s office without knocking. A delivery man needs a signature from Sheriff; he’s just delivering printer cartridges, batteries, and supplies for the next blackout. Which, Parrish points out, is probably a good thing considering how many electrical problems the town is having.

I've got a delivery here for Sheriff Handsome.

I’ve got a delivery here for Sheriff Handsome.

Agent McCall walks in and Parrish leaves. Agent McCall asks if Sheriff has had any recent problems with Yakuza—the Japanese mafia—specifically a guy named Katashi (Silverfinger).

Allison is sleeping outside Isaac’s hospital room when Scott and Mama McCall arrive. Scott puts a hand on her shoulder and Allison wakes. She’s been here all night.

ALLISON: They won’t let me see him because I’m not family. I told them he doesn’t have any.

MAMA McCALL: He’s got us. And I’ve got a key card.

She swipes her key card, allowing Scott and Allison into Isaac’s hospital room. It seems unusually large but maybe he needs special care. (I guess that would also explain the need for a key card.)

As they walk in, Allison grabs Scott’s hand for support. They’re both surprised to see that Isaac doesn’t seem to have healed from his wounds.

Just going to sleep off my idiocy.

Just going to sleep off my idiocy.

Scott takes Isaac’s arm and absorbs some of his pain. It looks more agonising than usual for Scott so it’s probably a good thing Isaac is unconscious. Taking away some of Isaac’s pain won’t help him heal, though.

Allison asks if Stiles really did this. Scott corrects her, saying that whatever’s inside of Stiles did this.

ALLISON: Well, then how do we get whatever’s inside of him the hell out of him?

SCOTT: I’m working on it.

At school, Kira fills in Scott on more kitsune backstory. Kitsune are tricksters and they don’t tend to get caught up in right or wrong. If a Nogitsune is somehow offended, however, it can react pretty badly. So if the Nogitsune is doing something this bad, then someone really, really offended it.

In the locker room, Coach tells the boys to contact a teacher immediately if they see Stiles.

COACH: There’s a card on my desk for Isaac Lahey and every one of you losers is not only going to sign it, you’re going to write a personal message so profound and deep it’s going to bring a tear to Coach’s eye. Who’s first? Danny! That’s how you do it, buddy. Keep it PG.

Some SHIRTLESS pictures wouldn't hurt either.

Some SHIRTLESS pictures wouldn’t hurt either.

Scott talks to the twins. They’re all getting nervous about how quiet it’s been, with no sightings of Stiles or any demonic ninjas. The boys suddenly hear one of the Argent ultrasonic emitters going off. They follow the sound to the basement, where Stiles is waiting for them. He swears that it’s him and not the Nogitsune.

Please don't kill me.

Please don’t kill me.

The twins wolf out anyway and run at Stiles, lifting him by the throat. Scott throws Ethan to the ground and then Alpha roars at Aiden until he backs down. Stiles says he doesn’t know where he’s been for two days or what he’s been doing but this is definitely him.

Stiles has a bag filled with a bunch of weird things, including a blueprint of the hospital’s electrical wiring which has been marked in red with his own handwriting. He knows that he caused the accident at the hospital. And everything in his duffel bag points to another accident—something a lot worse.

I found evidence of my murderous intentions.

I found evidence of my murderous intentions.

While walking to class, Lydia sees Peter Hale hanging out in the school hallway and chatting to Lydia’s mum. He looks at her with a sly smirk but by the time Lydia gets to her mother, Peter is gone.

Stop going after everyone's mothers, you monster.

Stop going after everyone’s mothers, you monster.

Apparently Peter said he was from the Health Department and was saying that the school is scheduling hearing tests for the students.

MAMA MARTIN: He gave me his card.

LYDIA: Mom, this is a piece of paper with a phone number written on it.

MAMA MARTIN: I know. Still got it.

The twins and Scott unpack Stiles’s bag of tricks. Along with rope and a bunch of other things, there’s a map of the cross country trail. The trail leads to the Tate car where Mr Tate laid all those lovely steel jaw traps.

Coach blows his whistle and the cross country team take off. Danny is at the head of the pack and he looks good when he runs. Kira catches up and passes Danny because apparently she now has kitsune super speed.

How very dare you.

How very dare you.

Chris Argent gets home to find his apartment door unlocked and ajar. He immediately pulls out a gun and starts checking all the rooms. An ultrasonic emitter is stabbed into Chris’s study desk.

The Nogitsune is messing with your stuff, Chris. Get a better security system.

The Nogitsune is messing with your stuff, Chris. Get a better security system.

Derek jumps out and disarms Chris, seizing him by the throat. Chris pulls out the second gun he was carrying and presses the barrel to Derek’s head.

CHRIS: Why are you breaking into my apartment?

DEREK: Why are you leaving emitters in my loft?

Chris has no idea why the emitter would be in Derek’s loft. They stop trying to kill each other. Chris and Derek have both spent the entirety of the last two days trying to find Stiles but haven’t had any luck. Derek asks what Chris intends to do if he does find Stiles. Chris tells him it depends on which Stiles he finds.

Stiles pulls up at the cross country trail in his Jeep. Coach leaps up but Stiles tells him to listen close.

Back at the Argent apartment, Chris and Derek find that one of Chris’s cabinets has been broken into. Inside, someone has left a briefcase filled with cash—$150,000 worth. To be honest, it looks like a pretty basic cabinet so I don’t know why someone had to break in there to leave behind a briefcase.

Chris says the money belongs to Silverfinger. Agent McCall walks into the study because apparently Derek’s werewolf hearing is on the fritz today. Agent McCall is holding up Silverfinger’s silver prosthetic finger in an evidence bag. He removed it from Silverfinger’s dead body.

Seriously, Chris. People are just walking right in here. Up your game.

Seriously, Chris. People are just walking right in here. Up your game.

Ethan intercepts Danny on the cross country trail and tackles him to the ground. He covers for his weirdness by saying that he missed Danny, and quickly distracts him with a kiss.

Sometimes I just love you so aggressively.

Sometimes I just love you so aggressively.

Further up the trail, Scott stops Kira a little more gracefully and tells her they need to stop the others.

I want to make out with your new super powers.

I want to make out with your new super powers.

The rest of the cross country team catches up just as Stiles, Aiden, and Coach run up from the opposite end of the trail. Stiles yells for the runners to stop and unearths a steel chain. It looks like it should lead to a trap but there’s nothing on the other end.

Coach, annoyed that it was a false alarm, moves forward and triggers a trip wire. An arrow is suddenly released, hitting Coach in the stomach. He falls to the ground, blood already spreading from the wound.

Well, that's inconvenient.

Well, that’s inconvenient.

Lydia and Allison pay a visit to Derek’s loft. Still embarrassed over her banshee powers malfunctioning and leading everyone into a mental institution, Lydia wants Peter’s help—since he’s offering.

ALLISON: Peter doesn’t offer help. He offers a chance for you to be manipulated into giving him what he wants.

LYDIA: Fine. Let’s see what he wants.

They open the door to find Peter waiting for them. He invites them in politely, very much at home playing the melodramatic host.

Back on the cross country, Coach is thankfully still alive and screaming for someone to get the arrow out of him. Stiles has his hands on the wound, applying pressure. An ambulance is on its way but Coach is squirming, which can’t be any good for him with an arrow lodged in his stomach.

Aiden yells for the cross country team to give some room. Scott takes Coach’s hand and absorbs some of his pain until Coach passes out. Stiles takes his bloody hands off Coach’s wound, panicking that he could’ve killed Coach (passing out doesn’t mean that you get to stop applying pressure, buddy. Put your hands back on the wound or you may yet kill him).

I just really wanted to hold Coach's hand.

I just really wanted to hold Coach’s hand.

Sirens sound, signalling the arrival of an ambulance and Sheriff.

Derek and Chris are handcuffed to a bench outside Sheriff’s office, wondering why Stiles tried to frame them for murder. Derek says he didn’t think Stiles was smart enough for that, which I think is kind of insulting. Stiles has always been smart enough for something like that. Chris tells Derek to let Chris’s attorney represent them both. But Chris isn’t calling his attorney yet; he’s stalling for time, trying to figure out why they’re really here.

I think we were arrested for being too attractive.

I think we were arrested for being too attractive.

At the loft, Peter wants Allison to leave. Lydia refuses, pointing out that the last time she was alone with Peter, she almost bled out on a lacrosse field. Peter tells Lydia that he wasn’t trying to kill her with the bite; she was his backup plan. Plus, the bite was what brought out her nascent abilities.

PETER: I’m the spark that lit your fire, sweetheart.

Power doesn’t come without a little pain and struggle and, while Lydia didn’t ask for her powers, she’s embracing them now. That doesn’t trump consensual biting, Peter.

We're not opposed to killing you again.

We’re not opposed to killing you again.

ALLISON: How about the fact that you brainwashed her and used her to bring yourself back to life.

PETER: So that I could be here today to help you master your abilities. Isn’t it amazing how things come full-circle?

ALLISON: He’s insane. We’re leaving.

She takes Lydia’s hand and starts leading her out of the loft. Peter calls out, bringing Lydia to a halt. He tells her that it’s not the scream that gives her power—all it does is help drown out the noise, allowing her to hear what she needs to. Peter can help her focus her hearing. But he wants something in return.

Coach is loaded into an ambulance while Stiles and Sheriff reunite with a hug.

Hug it out, you beautiful people.

Hug it out, you beautiful people.

Ethan, who has been digging through Stiles’s car and his bag of tricks, finds the wrapping paper that Scott and Stiles used on Coach’s birthday present.

Remembering William Barrow’s shrapnel bomb, the boys call the school and tell them to evacuate the buses. Mr Yukimura gets all the kids off the buses—all but one: Jared, who we saw in season 3A (the dude with motion sickness). Jared tells Mr Yukimura that he didn’t know what it was when he picked it up. Mr Yukimura sees that Jared is holding a gift box, which has been carefully wrapped with Stiles’s wrapping paper.

I thought it was a game of Pass the Parcel.

I thought it was a game of Pass the Parcel.

At the loft, Peter empties the triskele cylinder, spreading Talia Hale’s claws on the table in front of him. Before Talia died, she stole a memory from Peter—something only a very powerful Alpha can do. Peter wants that memory back.

I want you to play with my dead sister's fingernails.

I want you to play with my dead sister’s fingernails.

The police arrive at the school. Sheriff wants to wait for the bomb squad but Deputy Parrish is having none of that shit. He’s a certified HDT (Google tells me that means Hazardous Detection Team), having spent two years in the army. He wants to at least find out if this thing is real. Parrish apparently just keeps his explosives kit and vest on him at all times because he’s dressed and ready to go pretty quickly.

Lydia holds Talia’s claws, trying to focus. Peter says he can see the wheels spinning behind Lydia’s eyes. Her hearing is attuned to a level of the universe no one else can hear but only if she’s listening. Peter yells at her to try harder.

He jumps off the table but doesn’t get very far before Allison pulls out her cattle prod/lightsaber/Taser thing.

This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilised age.

PETER: Your aunt had one of those. Auntie Kate.

LYDIA: Stop it. Both of you.

PETER: Didn’t do her much good as I ripped her throat out, did it?

ALLISON: She didn’t shove it up your—

Lydia screams for them to stop and throws Talia’s claws so hard they end up embedded in a wooden beam.

I don't care who started it. I'll finish it.

I don’t care who started it. I’ll finish it.

Lydia can suddenly hear whispering. Peter, who was so intent on Lydia learning to focus two seconds ago, starts repeatedly asking her if she hears something. Would you shut up, you idiot?

Lydia walks closer to the claws, listening. Eventually, she turns around to face Peter.

LYDIA: You’re not just an uncle.

Your face is ridiculous, Peter. I can't handle you right now.

Your face is ridiculous, Peter. I can’t handle you right now.

At the sheriff station, Derek and Chris could both break out of their handcuffs but Chris isn’t interested in being a fugitive. He wants a few more minutes before Derek tries to make a break for it.

DEREK: Fine. If something happens, don’t expect me to risk my life to save yours.

Mr Yukimura returns to his History classroom to find Mama Yukimura waiting for him. Kira watches them through the glass peephole thingie in the door. Mr Yukimura pulls out a heavy book, where he’s hidden … something.

Go on. Tell me that my hiding place is genius.

He tells Mama Yukimura that she needs to tell Kira. Especially about this. He opens the book, revealing it to be a hiding place for … look, I don’t know what that is. There are a bunch of holes in the book.

MR YUKIMURA: You’ve already sacrificed five. Three of the Oni are gone. How many more tails are you willing to sacrifice?

MAMA YUKIMURA: If I have to, all of them.

Ohhhh, so those are her kitsune tails. Kitsune tails are real things. Okay. Well, they look like knives but if you say they’re tails then okay. Mama Yukimura takes out two tails and snaps them in half, each sparking with foxfire. Mama Yukimura tells her husband that these Oni will be much stronger than the last.

Just keeping a book full of knives in a high school classroom. Seems foolproof.

Just keeping a book full of knives in a high school classroom. Seems foolproof.

On the school bus, Deputy Parrish asks Jared to resist throwing up on the potential explosive device. He keeps talking, trying to calm and distract Jared while he cuts open the ribbon on the gift box.

JARED: You look really—

DEPUTY PARRISH: Handsome. Thank you. For a second there, I thought you were going to say I look really young and I was going to have to launch into my explanation about how I’m actually 24 and that anyone can look young if they eat right and exercise. Although it’s probably just good genes anyway, right?

I’m not a child. I’m a qualified professional.

Excuse me. In season 2, it was a very big deal that people were 24 because that put them in the right age bracket to have been on the school swim team and thus have been involved in Matt’s drowning. Who else do we know who was in that age group and who happened to spend time in the army? Camden Lahey—Isaac’s older brother. I mean, he’s supposed to be dead but Peter was supposed to be dead as well so we know that’s not a good excuse. Has Isaac met Deputy Parrish yet? COULD IT BE? (Maybe not. I’m just throwing stuff out there. Mostly I’m a bit uncomfortable with Parrish’s super smooth face.)

Back to the episode. Parrish cuts the ribbon and opens the box. No one explodes. He radios Sheriff, saying that there’s no bomb in the gift box. Parrish moves to the front of the bus and shows Sheriff what was inside the box: it’s Sheriff’s nameplate from his desk.

You lose something, Sheriff?

You lose something, Sheriff?

Sheriff has a flashback to the delivery of batteries and printer cartridges to the station this morning. He realises that there is a bomb, but it’s not at the school.

After getting a call from Sheriff, the station erupts into chaos. People are running everywhere and screaming. One deputy takes the time to unlock Chris and Derek’s handcuffs but won’t tell them what’s happening. Everything goes into slow-mo as Derek turns to look at the unwrapped packages in Sheriff’s offices.

He yells for everyone to get down, and jumps on top of Chris, shielding him. The bomb goes off a second later, blowing out the windows of Sheriff’s office.

You guys da bomb.

You guys da bomb.

Mr and Mama Yukimura watch from the history classroom as the sun sets. At the Nemeton, more fireflies emerge from the crack in the tree stump and there seem to be some superior looking bugs in there that must have something to do with the Super Oni.

'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs.

‘Cause I’d get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs.

Sheriff gets to the station with Scott and Stiles. Sheriff rings for an ambulance immediately, saying that there are multiple officers down.

Chris is unharmed but Derek is covered in broken glass because, contrary to what he said earlier, he did risk his life to save Chris. Derek really can’t help himself.

I actually quite like you, Argent. You're capable of growing some nice facial hair.

I actually quite like you, Argent. You’re capable of growing some nice facial hair.

Stiles crouches next to a dying deputy and calls Scott over, asking him to take the man’s pain and make his passing easier. Scott takes the deputy’s hand, absorbing his pain as the he dies. Scott has gone temporarily deaf but Sheriff seems to be telling him to take Stiles away from the scene of the explosion. Kira runs into the station and tells Scott and Stiles that the Oni are coming.

At the loft, Peter advances on Lydia, looking ready to kill.

LYDIA: I said I don’t know. I don’t know its name, if it’s a boy or a girl, or if it’s some mutated wolf baby.

PETER: You’re lying. Tell me what you know. Tell me!

Peter grabs Lydia. Allison stabs Peter in the back with her lightsaber/Taser/cattle prod and Peter falls to the ground. Allison takes Lydia’s hand again and pulls her out of the loft. Writhing on the floor, Peter yells out for Lydia.

It’s raining. Stiles is driving towards the animal clinic with Scott and Kira. The animal clinic is lined with mountain ash; the Oni can get through but the ash will buy them some time. Nobody has a better idea.

In Allison’s car, Lydia pulls up a newspaper article about Malia Tate’s recent return from the woods. Allison finds a photo of Peter. They put their phones side by side, comparing them. I don’t see a super strong resemblance but Peter is Malia’s father. There you go.

But please explain how Peter made a werecoyote.

But please explain how Peter made a werecoyote.

Scott, Stiles, and Kira race through the rain to the animal clinic. The Super Oni materialise behind them. Scott throws Stiles the keys and wolfs out so he can face the Oni. Kira throws empty animal cages at the Oni and manages to use some of her new supernatural strength to knock one over and take out another with a metal pole.

Scott is busy admiring Kira’s new skills and an Oni stabs him in the stomach. Kira kicks the Oni to the ground and Stiles comes back out of the clinic to help Kira pull Scott into the animal clinic, the sword still inside him.

Kira starts to pull the sword out of Scott’s stomach when Stiles grabs her arm.

I don't usually do this with guys until like the ninth date.

I don’t usually do this with guys until like the ninth date.

By the look on his face, he’s back to being Void Stiles. He slams Kira’s head into the examination table, knocking her out cold. I guess that’s also a good indicator that he’s evil right now.

Void Stiles grabs the sword inside Scott’s stomach and twists it, making Scott writhe in pain.

VOID STILES: You really should have done your reading, Scott. See, a Nogitsune feeds off chaos, strife, and pain. This morning you took it from Isaac, then you took it from Coach, and then from a dying deputy. All that pain—you took it all. Now give it to me.

Void Stiles puts his hand on Scott’s neck, drawing all the pain out, feeding on it.

Out of context, those faces could have very different meanings.

Out of context, those faces could have very different meanings.

Void Stiles has been with Scott all day; it was never him in the school basement, or out on the cross country track encouraging him to take Coach’s pain, or in the sheriff station asking him to take the deputy’s pain.

VOID STILES: You really have to learn, Scott. You really have to learn not to trust a fox. No, ‘cause they’re tricksters. They’ll fool you. They’ll fool everyone.

Deaton steps out of the shadows.

DEATON: Not everyone.

He plunges a needle into Void Stiles’s neck.

Say 'goodnight', bitch.

Say ‘goodnight’, bitch.

Void Stiles falls to the ground. Deaton wrenches the Oni sword out of Scott’s stomach and tells him that the Nogitsune has been poisoned with the lichen but it’s not dead. Not yet.

Goodnight, bitch.

Goodnight, bitch.



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