Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 8: Time of Death

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Stiles tosses and turns, unable to sleep. The first time that Malia decided she was sleeping over, Stiles couldn’t get used to not sleeping in the middle of the bed. They tried spooning but Stiles’s arm fell asleep. Eventually, Malia rolled over and became the big spoon. After quickly re-evaluating his cultural gender norms, Stiles got used to it, even though he technically wasn’t in the middle of the bed anyway.

Still not in the centre of the bed, Malia. The only difference is now I can't move.

Still not in the centre of the bed, Malia. The only difference is now I can’t move.

Now Stiles can’t get used to sleeping without being the little spoon. It’s your own fault, buddy. You should’ve told Malia about Peter being her dad way earlier. You deal with a few bad nights of sleep.

At the sheriff’s station, Agent McCall is recording his preliminary notes about shooting Professor Evil last episode. Apparently he heard Professor Evil’s threat and countdown (but maybe not any of the talk about supernatural killers), saw the gun pressed to Stiles’s forehead, and, feeling that danger was imminent, responded with deadly force.

Scott sits outside his dad’s office, listening in on all this with his werewolf hearing. Agent McCall finishes up and meets Scott in the bullpen, thanking him for waiting. Scott isn’t bothered; it’s not like he’s going to school tomorrow. I’m still confused about the timeline of the last episode, because it seemed that the quarantine lasted overnight. So if we haven’t missed any time between episodes then it should be Sunday. Unless it’s not. Or unless Scott means that the school is temporarily closed after the quarantine/death of Professor Evil.

Agent McCall says he’s going to have to drive back to San Francisco tonight to do a review at the field office but he’ll be back as soon as he can. Mostly he’s upset that he might miss the first game of the lacrosse season because he promised that he’d be there.

He hesitates, looking at the evidence bag of bullets in his hand, and tells Scott that what he did was necessary and justifiable. Agent McCall has had to kill someone twice before. It’s never an easy thing to do, even if someone forces you to do it.

SCOTT: How do you deal with it?

AGENT McCALL: You look at it logically, without emotion. You compartmentalise.

Ugh. This is reminding me of Allison in season 3A when she was trying to sew up Scott’s wound, and Chris when he was dealing with Allison’s death. Shut up or I’ll cry at you.

Agent McCall admits that he used to compartmentalise by drinking. He gets emotional and gives Scott a quick hug.

AGENT McCALL: One more thing. When I do come back, we have to talk about some stuff. You and your friends—the way you guys handle things—it doesn’t seem to faze you like it should. It’s like you guys know something I don’t. When I get back, I’d like to be in the know.

Also, you have a knack for getting yourself in stupid situations and if you do it again, you're grounded.

Also, you have a knack for getting yourself in stupid situations and if you do it again, you’re grounded.

Scott, looking stunned, gives a silent nod.

Scott, Stiles, Kira, and Liam meet in the McCall kitchen with three MacBooks.

KIRA: Is three enough?

STILES: It depends on how many cameras they have but I think so.

Their plan is set for tonight. Liam is worried that their plan is kind of dangerous. Stiles assures him that it is incredibly dangerous and borderline idiotic but they’ve done dangerous and idiotic things before. Scott tells Liam that he doesn’t have to be a part of this. Liam protests that he’s not scared.

Whatever their plan is, it’s based on the visual confirmation rule set down by the Benefactor. What happens if you kill someone on the dead pool but you can’t send the proof? Obviously you don’t get paid but the Benefactor still needs to know if the target is really dead, especially if it’s someone high on the list. So if the Benefactor wants visual confirmation, he’s going to have to come get it himself.

We cut to the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where someone (we can’t see who it is, but it seems to be a dude) is being wheeled in from an ambulance. Liam’s stepfather (aka Handsome Doctor) runs to meet the stretcher and takes charge, telling them to get the patient to a trauma room. That must mean it’s not Liam since he wouldn’t be allowed to treat family, right? Not in a situation like this.

They try chest compressions and a few shocks with the defibrillator but the patient still has no pulse.

HANDSOME DOCTOR: I’m calling it. Time of death 2102 hours. Can someone please page Melissa McCall?

How am I going to tell Liam his new BFF is gone?


Just resting, tbh.


Braeden wakes up in Derek’s bed. She looks over to see Derek asleep on the couch. Um, did you get in his bed by yourself? Or did someone carry you out of the hospital and gently tuck you in?

I smell a hunk.

Well, whoever did it removed Braeden’s pants because she’s rockin’ bare legs when she walks over to the couch.

She sits down on the coffee table and carefully reaches towards Derek’s … pants. Zip? Braeden, I don’t want to give you a lecture on consent. This man is beautiful but he’s not a sack of meat. She lifts up Derek’s singlet and—oh, she’s just looking at his bullet wound. Which hasn’t healed. Okay. I won’t give you the consent lecture, then.

Derek wakes and grabs Braeden’s hands.

DEREK: What are you doing?

BRAEDEN: Protecting my investment.

Maybe 'protecting my investment' will be our 'always'.

Maybe ‘protecting my investment’ will be our ‘always’.

Braeden asks why Derek isn’t healing.

DEREK: Some wounds take longer.

BRAEDEN: And some leave scars. But not for people like you. So what’s going on?

DEREK: Maybe I’m just tired.

He rolls over, putting his back to her. Braeden asks to see his eyes and Derek, like an actual five-year-old, mumbles that she just saw them.

BRAEDEN: Show me your real eyes.

Derek rolls over again and looks at her. His eyes don’t change—not even to Alpha yellow. Braeden wants to know what’s really going on.

At the hospital, people hear a gut-wrenching scream of anguish, which is coming from Mama McCall. Handsome Doctor has delivered the news about Scott’s death and she is falling apart. I’m crying. Oh my God, Scott, WHAT have you done to your mother? You stupid little bitch. I’m going to resurrect you and kill you AGAIN.



We have a FLASHBACK to earlier tonight. Scott lies on his bed, shirt partially unbuttoned. Kira (who’s holding Scott’s hand) and Mama Yukimura stand on either side of the bed while Liam paces the room, looking nervous as hell that his new daddy is about to die.

LIAM: You’ve done this before, right?

MAMA YUKIMURA: I’ve seen it done.

LIAM: Is that just as good?


KIRA: Mom, you’re not inspiring confidence.

MAMA YUKIMURA: Good. This is a terrible idea.

KIRA: Do you want us to do it without you?

No, I want to be in the club.

No, I want to be in the club.

Mama Yukimura tells Kira to put her hand over Scott’s heart. Kira does so. Scott stops her and asks Mama Yukimura what happens while he’s out. Are you kidding me? You didn’t think to ask this before?

Mama Yukimura tells him it might feel like he’s dreaming. Whether the dreams are good or bad depends on Scott. Partially reassured, he lies back down. Kira puts her hand over Scott’s heart and zaps him with foxfire.

I thought it would tickle. I was wrong.

I thought it would tickle. I was wrong.

Mama McCall, wiping away tears, walks into the morgue to see Scott’s SHIRTLESS body.

MAMA McCALL: I still hate this plan.

The camera pans out and we see that Stiles, Kira, Liam, and Mama Yukimura are there as well. And Mama McCall is a brilliant actress and should maybe try that in whatever spare time she has. She’s still emotional, since Scott looks like he’s actually dead.

Let's just go around the circle and tell Mama McCall how her performance made us feel.

Let’s just go around the circle and tell Mama McCall how her performance made us feel.

Mama Yukimura reaches out for Mama McCall’s hand. Mama McCall looks to Stiles, who tells her that it’s okay. She puts out her hand and Mama Yukimura places it over Scott’s heart. After a moment, she can feel a single heartbeat. It’s enough to keep an Alpha alive.

They have 45 minutes. After that, Kira brings Scott back the same way. If Scott stays like this longer than 45 minutes, he dies. No one thought to fill Mama McCall in on that part. You little shits.

Stiles meets Chris in his little basement gun cage thing. Chris contacts the benefactor, saying: Scott McCall dead. Payment requested. Stiles is disappointed with Chris’s assassin speak. He wanted something like ‘target has been neutralised’ or ‘the crow flies at midnight’.

The Benefactor responds, writing that visual confirmation is required. Chris dictates another message to Stiles, saying that visual confirmation is impossible as police are coming to claim the body in 40 minutes. The Benefactor is adamant about visual confirmation.

You cheapskate lil' bitch.

You cheapskate lil’ bitch.

CHRIS: Tell him number 1 on the list is dead. I killed him. And if the wire transfer isn’t completed in 40 minutes—

He takes the computer from Stiles and completes the message: I’m coming after you.

Back at the loft, Derek is SHIRTLESS and Braeden is bandaging him up. She tells him that the bullet wound is just a graze but he has to make sure it doesn’t get infected. Unfortunately, Derek puts his shirt back on. He’s never had to worry about keeping a wound clean before (which is probably a blessing, given some of his dirty residences in the past).

You want me to kiss it better too?

You want me to kiss it better too?

He’s lost everything—glowing eyes, smell, hearing, speed. He has enough strength left to win a fight. Braeden gives him a ‘bitch, please’ look and Derek looks offended. Braeden challenges him to an arm wrestle and Derek, happy to show that he’s still tough stuff, agrees. Braeden starts counting to three but moves on two, poking Derek in the bullet wound. He recoils in pain and she beats him in the arm wrestle.

DEREK: You cheated. That’s—that’s cheating.

BRAEDEN: I won. When you’re a human facing off against a supernatural, you need to bend the rules a little bit. I’m going to teach you how to bend.

On the hospital roof, Chris attaches something to the hospital wiring and calls Stiles on his Spy Kids 2 wristwatch Samsung Gear 2 thingie. Stiles, Kira, and Liam have commandeered an empty patient room and set up their laptops. Whatever Chris put in the wiring, it seems to have given Stiles, Kira, and Liam access to the hospital security cameras.

We probably could’ve got Danny to do something like this but he’s dropped off the face of the earth.

In his dead/dream state, Scott finds himself SHIRTLESS and stuck in one of the morgue’s refrigerated vaults. He looks around and the vault seems to go on forever. He starts crawling through it, kind of like Allison’s hallucination about Kate at the beginning of season 3B.

Scott gets to the mouth of the morgue vault and falls out. He finds himself fully clothed in the high school, having just fallen out of a locker. Scott gets to his feet and starts walking down the hallway. The lights flicker.

Someone calls out, ‘Catch!’ and Scott’s hand darts up to catch a lacrosse ball.

I am amazeballs.

I am amazeballs.

He sees Liam further down the hall, dressed in lacrosse gear. Liam smiles at Scott’s reflexes.

LIAM: That’s why you’re team captain.

He runs down the hallway and into a classroom. Scott drops the lacrosse ball and follows. Liam has disappeared. The classroom is empty but for a laptop open on the teacher’s desk. Scott walks up to it and watches the Benefactor code scroll across the screen. He types in his own name for the keyword and three names are revealed: the Mute, the Orphans, and the Chemist. (I’m going to keep calling them Mouthdemort and Professor Evil because I like it better. It’s a hard-knock life.)

Scott says that he can’t kill those people. Well, good. Because they’re already dead. Liam appears beside him and says that someone has to kill them.

SCOTT: Why me?

LIAM: Because you’re the Alpha.

SCOTT: I’m not a murderer.

LIAM: But you are a predator.

SCOTT: No, we’re predators but we don’t have to …

He can’t seem to remember the line from Derek’s Intro to Lycanthropy class way back in season 1 (or from hearing it again back in season 3A). Scott slams the laptop closed and looks behind him to see Mouthdemort pulling his tomahawk out of Liam’s back. Liam reaches out helplessly and Mouthdemort lifts a finger to where his lips should be. He buries the tomahawk in Liam’s back again.

Stike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Vogue.

Malia is in the Hale vault, walking around and touching all the weird stuff that lines the shelves. She hears her phone buzzing and pulls it out. Apparently Stiles has a spare minute during their very time-sensitive plan to try and patch things up. Malia rejects his call.

She sees the big ol’ safe and just rips the handle right off. Somehow that opens the safe. If that’s a way to override combination locks, we should all turn our attention to that. There’s a manila folder in the safe. A scrappy handwritten label says that it contains Malia’s adoption records.

Looks official.

Looks official.

Malia hears something behind her and turns to see Peter.

PETER: I’ve gotta buy a better safe.

He sighs dramatically, as if this wasn’t his plan the entire time. Be real, Peter. Your handwriting is atrocious.

Chris is loitering in one of the hospital hallways. He checks the countdown timer on his watch and sees that they have only 28 minutes left until they have to revive Scott.

Mama Yukimura and Mama McCall sit in a car outside the hospital, scoping the entrance for potential Benefactors. Mama McCall checks her own timer and sees they have less than 27 minutes left.

MAMA McCALL: Why are we doing this? Why are we asking them to fight these kinds of fights?

MAMA YUKIMURA: Because otherwise we’d be asking them to run and hide.

Back in the hospital, Stiles, Kira, and Liam are still monitoring the cameras. One of them starts to lose signal. It’s the camera from the roof. Kira volunteers to check it out.

STILES: Woah. Woah. This might not be just a malfunction.

KIRA: That’s why I’m bringing this.

She shows him her bag, which contains her sheathed katana. Liam bounds out after Kira, probably happy to hang out with someone who has a sword instead of waiting around in a hospital room.

STILES: You’re both coming right back. Immediately. Kids.

In the Hale vault, Peter walks towards Malia. Are his V-necks getting deeper? I feel like they’re getting deeper. Are they being widened by his ever-increasing neck muscle? Peter says he can’t let Malia leave with the adoption records. Malia thinks she could take him.

PETER: You’ve heard rumours that I’m not as strong as I used to be.

MALIA: Something like that.

Peter punches a column behind him, spraying rock everywhere. Do you even know what you’re doing, Peter? You can’t just take out load-bearing columns, you idiot.

Malia holds out the adoption records. Peter says she can’t leave with the document; that doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to read it.

Tell me, daughter: is my neck scarily large or just plain majestic?

Tell me, daughter: is my neck scarily large or just plain majestic?

Question: has anyone told Derek and Peter about the third part of the dead pool? Derek doesn’t seem to have had any ‘Oh, so I’m dying’ moments yet and Peter’s been hanging out in the sewers with Kate. Peter could have put the adoption records there at any time, yes. But there was no sound of moving stone when he entered, which means he was already in the vault, waiting for Malia. Almost as if he knew that they had cracked the third part of the dead pool and Malia was on it as a Hale. And if he hasn’t been shown the list by any of the McCall pack, then how does he know that Malia was listed as a Hale and that she would be coming here today? This is another one of his suspicious ‘I am the Benefactor’ moves but they’re now getting so obvious that they can’t be right. It feels like a red herring.

Lydia is still at her grandmother’s lake house because no one cares that she’s second on the dead pool and, apart from having the ability to deafen people with her banshee scream, she has no means of protecting herself. I’m just saying. She’s in the middle of nowhere. She could be dead by now.

At least do this stuff in broad daylight, Lydia. Just so I don't jump at the shadows.

At least do this stuff in broad daylight, Lydia. Just so I don’t jump at the shadows.

Anyway, Lydia’s down in the boathouse. She hears floorboards creaking and picks up an oar, ready to take out her attacker. It’s just Mama Martin.

Mama Martin says that she’s getting ready for the open house tomorrow. Lydia reminds her that the open house is next week.

MAMA MARTIN: Okay, I followed you. Honey, you come up here every weekend, sometimes even during the week. And, as far as I can tell, there’s not a boy involved so I really have no clue what you’re up to.

Lydia says she’s trying to figure out something important. While Mama Martin doesn’t need to be involved in every single detail of her daughter’s life, she’d like to help if she can.

Lydia shows her mother the picture of Meredith in her grandmother’s soundproof banshee den. Mama Martin recognises her immediately as Meredith Walker. Oh really? You know her by name, huh? HMMM.

Scott wakes inside the morgue vault, SHIRTLESS, again. His dream plays out the same way: falling out of the locker, ending up in the school hallway, catching the lacrosse ball from Liam. Only this time, Scott catches the ball with his claws out.

Nailed it.

Nailed it.

LIAM: That’s why you’re the Alpha.

Scott checks out his teeth in the locker room mirror. He has more fangs; he noticed it during the quarantine but isn’t sure what it means.

LIAM: Maybe it’s part of being an Alpha. Like you’re becoming more of a werewolf.

SCOTT: Or more of a monster.

LIAM: What if it makes you stronger? What if it’s like you’re growing?


Scott turns around. Liam falls into his arms, the tomahawk buried in his back again. Mouthdemort presses his fingers to his non-existent lips.

In the real world, Kira and Liam get to the roof in time to watch some electrics go haywire. Wow, super scary. If only one of you had the power to completely subdue electricity so it wouldn’t harm anyone.

Someone has obviously tampered with the wires. It’s probably the Berserker that appears behind Kira and Liam. Kira draws her katana.

Minion 1 reporting for duty.

Minion 1 reporting for duty.

The hospital lights flicker as Chris walks down a hallway. Sensing someone behind him, he draws his gun. It’s only Stiles. Chris lowers his gun and Stiles tells him that, since the power is out in the whole building, he’s lost all of the cameras. Chris tells Stiles to stay with Scott and text him if Stiles sees or hears anything. The countdown on Chris’s watch says there’s 18 minutes left.

At the loft, Braeden gives Derek an Intro to Firearms lecture, starting with a Sig Sauer P2 26 9 millimetre. Braeden attributes Derek’s dislike of guns to him never having learned to use one. Derek thinks it’s more because he’s been shot repeatedly in his time.

Braeden goes on with her lecture, telling Derek that the legal clip size in California is 10. He needs to remember how many shot’s he’s fired: running out of bullets can get you killed. It also makes you look stupid. She puts the gun in his hand, saying it’s not just about learning how to point and shoot. An average person can move 21 feet in 1.5 seconds; if they have a knife, they can gut you before you have a chance to draw and shoot. You need distance.

Braeden stands in front of Derek and tells him to pull the gun on her. Derek does so reluctantly. Before it’s fully raised, Braeden has disarmed him. She hands back the gun for him to try again. Once again, Braeden disarms him.

DEREK: One more time.

BRAEDEN: I can do this all day.

Derek looks at her for a second, then steps in and kisses her. He presses the gun (not a euphemism) against Braeden’s stomach.

BRAEDEN: You cheated.

DEREK: Learning to bend.

Is that a gun or are you just happy to see me?

Is that a gun or are you just happy to see me?

Braeden pulls him in for another kiss. It’s important to note that Derek has enough strength left to lift Braeden up (while still holding the gun) so they can continue their make-out/sexing on his table. That’s an excellent amount of strength.

Also, Braeden put pants on at some point. She’s just going to have to take them off again. For future reference, if you want to have sex with Derek Hale (be serious: you all do) there is a proven method:

  1. Find him after he gets injured and can’t heal.
  2. Take him back to his loft.
  3. Put a Band-Aid on him.
  4. Wait.

Derek dumps the gun on the table and gets SHIRTLESS. I SHIP IT SO HARD. Just be happy, you two.

We've both been recently shot. Best to do strenuous exercise immediately.

We’ve both been recently shot. Best to do strenuous exercise immediately.

In the Hale vault, Malia opens her adoption records and finds that some of the important information seems to have a bullet hole and a nice blood smear across it. We can see, however, that Malia was apparently born on 28 November 1998. Do we even have a Teen Wolf timeline anymore? Logically, you guys should be in January of 2012. I mean, this show is always showing off what I think is reasonably recent technology so maybe the timeline means nothing. But if the timeline is accurate and Malia was born in 1998 then she would be 13 years old right now. I think not, friend. Also, Jackson was the same age as these guys and he was born in 1995. What the hell is Malia doing in classes with people three years her senior? What is she doing taking the PSAT with them?

Is this even real? Or did Peter just forge it and forget what age Malia is supposed to be?

Is this even real? Or did Peter just forge it and forget what age Malia is supposed to be?

Peter asks if Malia wants to talk about it and maybe see a family counsellor. Malia points out that there’s nothing of any use in there.

PETER: It cost me a lot of money to get that file.

MALIA: You got ripped off.

PETER: You know what happens when you only hear one side of a story? You only heard one side of the story.

Thanks for that sage advice, Peter. I’m going to carry that with me forever.

On the hospital roof, Liam goes into wolf mode and runs at the Berserker. The Berserker chucks him to the side. Kira intimidates the Berserker with her awesome katana skills while never actually hitting him. Oh, she’s into the actual hitting now. Stop going for the bone armour, woman. Go for the legs. They look vulnerable. Stab him in the freaking femoral artery.

The Berserker punches Kira out. She falls to the ground and has a SLIGHTLY HAZY FLASHBACK to earlier in the day when she and Scott were lying on Scott’s bed, talking over their plan. Well, Kira was talking about the plan. Scott was more interested in pointing out that they’ve never had a real date.

They make vague plans to go see a movie after people around them stop dying all the time. They share a cute kiss before Kira is pulled out of the FLASHBACK by Liam shaking her and calling out for her to get up; the Berserker is upon them.

Excuse me. I'm having a FLASHBACK here. Put your violence on hold.

Excuse me. I’m having a FLASHBACK here. Put your violence on hold.

Mama McCall and Mama Yukimura walk through the hospital. The lights are flickering badly now. Mama McCall says the power only goes out when the hospital’s under attack by supernatural creatures. They get to the room where Stiles, Kira, and Liam were set up. The three laptops are still there but the others are nowhere to be seen. The countdown on one of the laptops reads that they have a little over 16 minutes left.

Stiles is in the morgue, trying to call Chris. Chris isn’t answering.

STILES: Why are you not answering the phone?

Chris answers that question when he’s thrown through the morgue doors. He tells Stiles to run.

Kate Argent walks in, her hair blowing slightly in some non-existent wind. Honestly, it looks like living in the sewers is treating her well. I think her hair has done that thing where it’s gotten so dirty that it starts looking awesome again. More power to you.

KATE: Get out of the way, Stiles. I’m taking the body.

STILES: Why? Visual confirmation?

KATE: Don’t worry, handsome. I’m not the Benefactor.

Sounds exactly like something the Benefactor would say. Also, stop being overly familiar with the underage men, Kate. It’s starting to become an issue you should chat about with a counsellor.

Kate won’t say what she wants with the body. Chris moves forward and draws his gun, digging it into Kate’s throat. Kate sighs; she always forgets that her brother carries two guns.

I reserve the right to shoot you because your hair makes no sense.

I reserve the right to shoot you because your hair makes no sense.

Back in the Hale vault, Malia is distinctly unimpressed with Peter.

MALIA: You murdered people. Not killed. Murdered.

PETER: There were extenuating circumstances.

He plays the ‘I was brutally tortured by a fire’ card for the umpteenth time, going on about how sucky comas are for werewolves.

PETER: Yes, I’ve done horrible, terrible things. And so have a lot of people. And horrible, terrible things are going to keep happening, especially when there’s a dead pool with your name on it.

MALIA: But not yours.

PETER: True. But I am not the Benefactor.

Again, sounds exactly like something the Benefactor would say.

In order to prove that he’s not a bad guy, Peter allegedly spent a few thousand dollars (presumably before all his money got stolen) trying to do something nice by helping Malia find her mother. He’s pretty interested in Malia’s mother as well, since the memory was stolen from him by his sister, Talia Hale. (Read: he actually did this for himself and is spinning this to make it seem like it’s for Malia.)

PETER: I don’t have a name yet, just a particularly interesting alias. She’s called the Desert Wolf. Do you know what that means?

MALIA: Coyote.

(Read: I had sex with an actual coyote.)

Mama McCall and Mama Yukimura hear screaming and then see people running down the hall. A second later, a Berserker appears, its bone mask covered in blood.

MAMA McCALL: You still a kitsune?

MAMA YUKIMURA: Technically.

They back up as the Berserker runs towards them. Please explain this ‘technically’ business to me. When did you stop doing kitsune things? Was it when you met your husband? Is that why you somehow looked like a teenager when you were about 830 years old and then drastically aged to look middle-aged when you’re 900? Because I would really like to know how that works.

Think up an explanation for me while you run for your lives.

Think up an explanation for me while you run for your lives.

At the boathouse, Mama Martin pulls out an urn that houses Lydia’s grandmother’s ashes. Because you just keep stuff like that in a boathouse. Okay. Lydia says that her grandmother died in Eichen House. I don’t know if that’s a question or a statement.

MAMA MARTIN: Your father had a difficult relationship with his mother. But after the things she said and the way she acted—

LYDIA: He thought she was crazy.

MAMA MARTIN: Well, she said she heard things.

Don’t worry, baby. You’re not getting sent to Eichen House. You better not be. Also, what the hell, guys? Lydia’s parents are divorced. Why is Mama Martin in charge of selling off her mother-in-law’s house? Why would she get any money from the sale? UGH.

Mama Martin says that Grandma Martin left instructions to have her ashes spread across the lake. The only reason it hasn’t been done already is because Grandma Martin wanted Lydia to do it when she turned 18. Since there’s only a few weeks till Lydia’s birthday, now seems as good a time as any. (Her birthday’s in eight weeks. I’m still going by this timeline.)

I’ve got a jar of dirt and guess what’s inside it?

Lydia opens the urn.

LYDIA: Mom, these aren’t Grandma’s ashes.

MAMA MARTIN: What do you mean? Of course they are.

Lydia pulls out a handful. It’s mountain ash. She throws the mountain ash at the lake. It doesn’t hit the water; instead, it forms a perfect line across the floor. Lydia looks around and realises that the entire building is made of mountain ash. She’s just laid down the final part of the protective seal. OR HAS SHE? She’s a supernatural creature. She shouldn’t be able to do that, should she? Or is there a banshee clause?

Back in the morgue, Chris doesn’t want to shoot his sister. But he also doesn’t want Kate to get Scott’s body. He tells her that they have a plan. Stiles chimes in, saying they’re trying to get to the Benefactor.

CHRIS: If you didn’t notice, you’re on that list too. And worth more than most.

KATE: That’s why I’m here.

CHRIS: Then back off and let us do what we planned.

Kate looks at Chris’s watch and sees that the countdown has reached three minutes. Chris tells her to take the Berserkers and go.

On the roof, Kira and Liam have still not figured out this femoral artery business and are getting their butts handed to them. Kira tells Liam to run. He decides to parkour onto a cage and jump onto the Berserker’s head instead.

A wild dropbear appeared!

Scott wakes up in the morgue vault a third time. Everything plays out the same up until he goes to catch the lacrosse ball. This time it’s a bloody tomahawk that he catches.

I have some questions I need to axe.

I have some questions I need to axe.

Scott looks down and sees Liam lying at his feet, bleeding from a chest wound. Mouthdemort appears behind Scott and shows him how to swing an axe. Scott brings the tomahawk down again and again, his eyes glowing Alpha red, his fangs coming out, his face splattered with Liam’s blood. He lets out a roar.

Blood facial. So rejuvenating.

Blood facial. So rejuvenating.

Scott wakes, SHIRTLESS, in the morgue, surrounded by Kira, Stiles, and Chris. Kira kisses Scott, relieved that she didn’t kill him. Scott asks if it worked. Liam runs into the room.

LIAM: It’s your mother. She’s hurt.


It’s Mama Yukimura. She’s in Mama McCall’s arms, bleeding badly in the hall of the hospital. Handsome Doctor runs up, asking what happened. Mama McCall tells him to just help her get Mama Yukimura off the floor.

You're not allowed to die until you explain your kitsune powers.

You’re not allowed to die until you explain your kitsune powers.

Kate returns to the sewers and meets Peter.

KATE: You were right. He’s still alive.

PETER: Thank God.

But why—oh. You need to kill Scott in order to become an Alpha again, don’t you? Peter, please. Just stop this madness. And just take a break from the gym because your neck is starting to creep me out.

Thank God you're here, Kate. I've been staring at a freaking sewer wall for half an hour so I could look impressive.

Thank God you’re here, Kate. I’ve been staring at a freaking sewer wall for half an hour so I could look impressive.

Stiles arrives home and finds Malia in his room. She says she’s been off talking to Peter. If he can help Malia find her mother, she doesn’t care if talking to him is a bad idea. Stiles reminds her that being related to Peter doesn’t mean that Malia is like him.

Malia grabs some tape and walks over to Stiles’s murder board. There’s a part she didn’t tell him about how her family died.

MALIA: Right before we got in the car, my mother—my adoptive mother, I guess—we got in a huge fight. I don’t even remember what it was about but I remember what I said.

STILES: Malia—

MALIA: I said, ‘I wish you were all dead.’

Stiles tells her that killing doesn’t run in a family. Malia thinks maybe it does in her family. She tapes the final part of the dead pool to the murder board and walks out.

No spooning for you tonight either.

No spooning for you tonight either.

Derek wakes up, SHIRTLESS, after sexy times with Braeden. Braeden’s all tuckered out. Derek gets out of bed and goes to stare at guns while he’s completely naked. Oh, nope. He’s wearing boxers or something. Well, it’s close enough.

Get back in bed and snuggle with your gorgeous woman, you derp.

Get back in bed and snuggle with your gorgeous woman, you derp.

Scott and Kira sit on Scott’s bed. Kira’s mother has been taken by helicopter to a hospital in Palo Alto. She’s going to be okay; she just doesn’t heal like she used to because of whatever reasons that are still unexplained. Kira says she needs to be with her mother, especially if she’s still on the dead pool. Scott tells her to go; he needs to go back to the hospital anyway to do a bunch of tests after being mysteriously resurrected.

Kira is upset that their plan didn’t work.

SCOTT: I think maybe it did work. Not that I know who exactly the Benefactor is but we might know a lot more about him now.

KIRA: But no one came. And no one got visual confirmation, right?

SCOTT: That’s why it might have worked. Think about it: who has the power to know when someone’s dead but doesn’t need to see the body to know what happened.

KIRA: A banshee.

But then why does visual confirmation exist at all? GUYS.

Now we just need to figure out why a banshee hates us so much.

Now we just need to figure out why a banshee hates us so much.

Back in the boathouse, Mama Martin pulls out a piece of paper.

MAMA MARTIN: This is the last thing your grandmother wrote down before she died. Don’t even know why I kept it because it’s basically nonsense.

Lydia looks at the paper.

LYDIA: Are you absolutely sure Grandma’s dead?

MAMA MARTIN: Yes. I mean, she has to be.

LYDIA: This isn’t nonsense, Mom. It’s code.

It’s Benefactor code, actually. And your grandmother could still be dead; you wrote that code as well, Lydia, and that doesn’t make you the Benefactor. Unless it does. I hope it doesn’t.

This code is an invite to a banshee slumber party in the soundproof room.

This code is an invite to a banshee slumber party in the soundproof room.



3 thoughts on “Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 8: Time of Death

    • I’m glad you liked it! You’re not dumb, though. If I hadn’t just re-watched all the episodes and written up the recaps, I would probably just be watching season 4 with my eyes glazed over because of all the beautiful people on the screen (and probably weeping every so often because Danny isn’t there). I only catch random inconsistencies and possibilities because I’m writing it all down for the recap. It’s a lot of fun coming up with conspiracy theories and hoping that one of them will be right!

      • Wow, you seem to have so much free time to do that! I’ve been meaning to re watch everything but I couldn’t bring myself to miss all the new tv shows I’m missing! Coming up with theories is fun though! Sometimes I would literally talk to the screen and pause the show just to talk to myself about the conspiracies. It’s weird!

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