Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 22: De-Void

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Scott and Kira race towards Derek’s loft on Scott’s bike.

In Derek’s loft, Sheriff is facing Stiles for the first time. Sheriff pulls out a pair of handcuffs, saying that if any part of Stiles still exists, he’ll put the cuffs on willingly because he knows Sheriff is here to protect him from himself and from others.

Stiles holds up his hands and lets Sheriff handcuff him. Stiles looks up.

SHERIFF: You’re not my son.

The Nogitsune is back. He breaks through the cuffs easily and Allison, Chris, and Derek walk into the loft.

Allison whips out her Taser but Void Stiles grabs the wire and deflects it like it’s nothing.



Derek tries to attack and gets tossed around like nothing. Chris pulls out a gun and levels it at Void Stiles. He’s done this before with werewolves and Berserkers; he’s not fussed if he has to add a Nogitsune to the list.

Sheriff pulls out his own gun and points it at Chris’s head. He doesn’t want Chris shooting his son.

CHRIS: You said it yourself, Sheriff: that’s not your son.

Void Stiles first starts pleading with Sheriff not to let Chris shoot him. When Sheriff starts shouting for Chris to put the gun down, Void Stiles starts egging Chris on, telling him to pull the trigger. Allison realises that the Nogitsune is just trying to fill the room with strife and chaos so it can become stronger.

The sun sets and Allison tells them to stop; they’re giving the Nogitsune exactly what he wants.

VOID STILES: Not exactly. I was kind of hoping Scott would be here. But I’m glad you all have your guns out because you’re not here to kill me. You’re here to protect me.

Should've brought popcorn.

Should’ve brought popcorn.

Four Oni materialise, drawing their swords. Void Stiles steps behind Sheriff and Chris, using them as human shields. Sheriff and Chris start firing on the Nogitsune (Chris’s first gun is apparently useless so he swaps it for the second one he’s packing). Allison and Derek form a barrier on the other side of Void Stiles as two of the Oni try to attack from behind.


Kira and Scott finally pull up outside Derek’s building to see and hear gunfire from the loft above. When they get up to the loft, the Oni are gone and so is Stiles. They all just literally vanished.

Mama Yukimura takes a trip to the Eichen House basement, entering through the door that apparently no one has a key to (you’re such a liar, Brunski). She sees the hole in the wall where Corporal Rhys’s skeleton is buried and looks at the bits of wall that Stiles broke through. She pieces some fragments back together and sees the kanji for ‘self’ that was carved into the stone.

Void Stiles appears behind her, asking her why she used that specific kanji. Mama Yukimura says it was to signify that Rhys died as himself. She draws her kitsune tail dagger thingie and says that Rhys wasn’t a monster—not like the Nogitsune.

That hurts my feelings.

VOID STILES: If I’m such a monster, why did you call off the Oni? What happened to the woman who called out for chaos, strife, and pain to descend upon everyone and everything? What happened?

MAMA YUKIMURA: I don’t want that anymore.


He rips the kitsune tail dagger out of her grasp. If she thought she could hide it from the Nogitsune here, she was wrong. He stabs himself in the stomach with the dagger and stumbles backward, bleeding. He tells her that chaos has come again and then a fucking SWARM OF FLIES comes out of his stomach wound and buzz at Mama Yukimura’s face. When she swats them away, Void Stiles is gone.



A fly buzzes through the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital and hangs out with Mama McCall while she returns Isaac’s file to its place outside his room. Isaac’s electrical burns have healed but he still seems unconscious. Or just sleeping. After all, it’s night time. The fly lands near Isaac’s cannula and crawls under the tape and into Isaac’s body. GROSS. Isaac’s eyes open, glowing yellow.

Wtf are these new meds?

Wtf are these new meds?

Scott takes Kira back to his house. She doesn’t feel ready to go home yet after hearing her mother’s story last episode. Scott offers the bed to Kira, saying he’ll sleep on the chair. She lies down facing him and they both close their eyes. After a second, Kira opens her eyes again.

KIRA: Scott? I don’t want you to sleep in the chair.

SCOTT: I’ve woken up plenty of times in this thing. It’s okay.

KIRA: Please don’t sleep in the chair.

She smiles shyly and moves over to make room for him on the bed. Scott lies down facing her. Kira tells Scott that they’ll figure out how to save Stiles. Scott leans in and kisses her. It’s fairly chaste but very cute. Kira rolls over so she can be the little spoon and they go to sleep wrapped up in each other’s arms. Outside, a fly buzzes against the window.

Would you lie with me and just forget your best friend is a murderous monster and people we love are probably going to die?

Would you lie with me and just forget your best friend is a murderous monster and people we love are probably going to die?

Chris and Allison return home. Allison asks her dad if he really would’ve pulled the trigger on Stiles. Chris admits that he’s not sure. Allison tells him that she removed the firing pin anyway, which is why his first gun didn’t work. Chris smiles, telling her that’s why the women are the leaders in their family.

Allison goes to her room and finds Isaac sitting on her bed. He’s being weird and distant but apparently he just walked out of the hospital because he feels a lot better. That could have something to do with an evil bug in your arm, Isaac. Allison says that giving Isaac the alarm code was a bad idea. Probably a lie, since she leans in and kisses him.

Demonic flies are an aphrodisiac.

Demonic flies are an aphrodisiac.

Back in his loft, Derek is messing around with a chessboard. Peter hears him and asks what he’s doing and why the gash on his back isn’t healing (do you two live together now? I guess maybe Peter either gave up his loft downtown or he’s just a frequent visitor). Derek tells him the gash is from one of the Oni’s swords and it’ll heal in time. He’s using the chess pieces to try and figure out what game the Nogitsune is playing.

Even the Nogitsune doesn't know what game it's playing. Jackson was still on the board.

Even the Nogitsune doesn’t know what game it’s playing. Jackson was still on the chessboard.

Peter points out that the Nogitsune has lived too long to waste time with human rules. Supposedly, Nogitsune can only become human after about 100 years. He then basically says that Nogitsunes are bad news. Thanks, bud. Already had that one figured out. And Mama Yukimura has about 800 years on the Nogitune so whatever. As Peter leaves, he says that chess is Stiles’s game and not the game of a Japanese fox. He tells Derek to treat the wound before it gets infected by something like A FUCKING FLY CRAWLING INTO HIS OPEN WOUND. More grossness.

Danny and Ethan return to the locker room after practising lacrosse together. Danny tells Ethan that he’s good enough to make the team next spring if he wants to. Ethan does want to make the team but he’s not sure that this high school is the place for him or his brother.

Ethan cups water in his hands to wash his face. A fly lands in the water and is somehow splashed into Ethan’s nose, I guess? Or eyeball? Suddenly, Ethan’s acting weird. Danny asks if Ethan wants to leave school again because of Aiden. Ethan says angrily that it’s always about his brother. He gets SHIRTLESS.

We need a new janitor. I can barely see my awesome SHIRTLESS self in these mirrors.

We need a new janitor. I can barely see my awesome SHIRTLESS self in these mirrors.

DANNY: Are you all right?

ETHAN: I think I’m just going to take a shower.

DANNY: Okay.

ETHAN: So are you.

DANNY: Okay.

He grins excitedly and gets SHIRTLESS, following Ethan into the showers.

Lydia is driving Aiden somewhere. He has no idea where they’re going but Lydia needs to check on something. Aiden finds a note with Malia Tate’s name and address but Lydia tells him to ignore it. Aiden points out that Lydia has just made her fourth right turn, which means they’re going in a circle.

LYDIA: It’s a brand new car. And the GPS was fine before.

AIDEN: Well, maybe the GPS would work better if it was on.

You want to check on how your car handles driving in circles?

You want to check on how your car handles driving in circles?

Lydia looks down and realises that the directions she’s been following have been in her head. She pulls over and she and Aiden sees a body lying in the middle of a car park. It’s Stiles.

Nap time.

Nap time.

A fly lands on Aiden’s cheek and crawls into his ear. What is wrong with you people? Do you not feel things landing and crawling on you? That’s got to at least tickle.

Allison wakes up to find Isaac at her dresser, inspecting her weapons. I guess he stayed the night for some sexy times or snuggling. I don’t know how I feel if the Nogitsune is just making everyone have sex with each other. That seems a little twisted.

Isaac asks about Allison’s weapons—the Argents’ new code is supposed to be about protecting people. Allison points out that most of her weapons are non-lethal. Isaac thinks she should keep some of her lethal weapons, since there are a few people out there who aren’t quite non-lethal, like the twins. Isaac doesn’t think the twins deserve a second chance. He takes a bag of weapons and walks out. Allison tries to follow him but finds that her ankles have been handcuffed to the bed.

I could've sworn I put these away after we finished with them last night.

I could’ve sworn I put these away after we finished with them last night.

Aiden and Lydia take Stiles to Scott’s house, where they meet up with Scott, Mama McCall, and Deaton. They’re not keen on taking Stiles to the hospital after what happened last time. Deaton checks out Stiles’s stomach wound and finds that it’s healing supernaturally fast. It’s good for Stiles but not so good for the rest of them.

My medical diagnosis is that this is one creepy hunk.

Mama McCall calls Sheriff to let him know what’s going on. Agent McCall sees the incoming call and declines it, saying Sheriff has some priorities to attend to—like his preliminary hearing. If he doesn’t show up, Sheriff will be out of a job. Sheriff grabs his gun and badge. He’s taking them to the hearing in case he needs to turn them in. Another incoming call from Mama McCall goes unnoticed.

Deaton pulls out a vial of liquid from his Mary Poppins bag and puts a dropper-full into Stiles’s mouth.

Here comes the choo-choo train of death.

Here comes the choo-choo train of death.

Void Stiles immediately comes to the fore, reaching up to choke Aiden. Void Stiles’s hand start to shake: Deaton has poisoned him with Kanima venom.

Aiden roars in anger but Void Stiles just remarks that twins can feel when each other is pain and he wonders if Ethan and Aiden lost that talent as well as their ability to form Voltron Wolf. Void Stiles says Ethan’s at the school, indicating that he’s in danger. (Yeah, danger of being walked in on if he’s having sex with Danny in the showers.)

Scott tells Aiden to go and check on him. Void Stiles laughs as Aiden leaves.

VOID STILES: I hope he gets there in time. I like the twins. Short tempers, homicidal compulsions—they’re a lot more fun than you bakemono, trying to save the world every day.

I feel like bakemono was meant to be some kind of Japanese insult but I’m assuming only Deaton will understand it since no one else here is a big Japanese buff. Mama McCall asks if Deaton has anything to paralyse the Nogitsune’s mouth as well. Deaton puts a piece of gaffer tape over Stiles’s mouth.

At the preliminary hearing, Sheriff is in front of a panel of three. The woman in the middle, who seems to be the leader, says that they want to review both Sheriff’s successes and failures. The pile of ‘successes’ paperwork Is way smaller than the failures, which doesn’t seem like a good thing.

This town has seen a lot of weird shit.

This town has seen a lot of weird shit.

In the McCall kitchen, Deaton tells Scott and Lydia that they might be grossly underestimating the Nogitsune’s power and they need to find somewhere else to keep him. He might be paralysed, but it still feels like they’re playing right into the Nogitsune’s hand.

Allison has gotten herself unshackled and is out looking for Isaac. She’s heading to the school but Isaac has a head start. She rings Chris and he agrees to meet her at the school. He goes to leave his apartment and finds Derek waiting outside, looking pretty rough.

Derek walks into the apartment, saying he needs to show Chris something. It’s his mother’s claws. They’re all that was left of Talia Hale after Chris’s psychotic sister burnt her and the rest of the Hale family alive.

So we're just looking at your dead mother's claws. That's ... um ... nice?

So we’re just looking at your dead mother’s claws. That’s … um … nice?

Chris, sensing that something’s amiss, reaches for his gun as Derek lunges forward, claws out.

Mama Mccall is treating the wound on Stiles’s stomach even though it’s healing supernaturally. She looks up to see that Stiles is crying.

I wanted the Power Ranger Band-Aids.

She takes the gaffer tape off his mouth and the Nogitsune shakes his head.

VOID STILES: Really, Melissa? I shed one tear and that’s all it takes? Come on, now. You can’t crumble that easily. How are you going to hold up when Scott knows the truth?


VOID STILES: When he founds out why his dad really left. You know we overheard it, right? You had no idea. You called Stilinski right after it happened. You didn’t tell Scott but you told the Sheriff and Stiles heard it like he hears everything. But do you want to know why he never told Scott? Because he knew that Scott would never forgive you. He knew how much he would hate you.

MAMA McCALL: This isn’t you, Stiles.

VOID STILES: It is now.

Mama McCall replaces the gaffer tape, looking furious.

At the preliminary hearing, the panel leader asks ‘Mr Stilinski’ if he wants to say anything on his behalf. Sheriff points out that his title is still ‘Sheriff’ until they relieve him of the position. If they’re going to relieve him of said position, they should do it now instead of wasting his time with this ‘hearing crap’.

My son is possessed by an evil spirit right now. Ain't nobody got time for that.

My son is possessed by an evil spirit right now. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Sheriff gets up and starts to leave the room when Agent McCall butts in, wanting to say a few words.

Back at the McCall house, Lydia reminds them that the Shugendō scroll said they need to change Stiles’s body.

DEATON: That’s if I translated it correctly.

You see? YOU SEE? I KNEW this was going to be an issue and you didn’t even bloody ask someone who reads and speaks Japanese to confirm. You bloody idiots.

You guys are so dumb it is actually offensive.

You guys are so dumb it is actually offensive.

Anyway, Scott points out that Stiles has never asked to be a werewolf and the bite could kill him. Scott has never bitten someone before and he’s worried he might hit an artery. You have two medical people in your house right now (and Lydia, who has swallowed about 2000 textbooks). I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to say, ‘Scott, back up. That’s near an artery.’ Get a better excuse.

Knowing that the Kanima venom is going to wear off eventually, Scott tries calling Derek again. Lydia suggests calling someone else. Someone like Peter Hale.

Peter arrives and walks around Stiles like a hawk. He doesn’t think Stiles would survive a slap across the face, much less the bite of a werewolf. He says that this is more a war of the mind than the body and there are better methods for winning this battle. They’re going to get into Stiles’s head.

This town ain't big enough for two sarcastic evil people.

This town ain’t big enough for two sarcastic evil people.

Freshly showered and presumably freshly sexed, Danny asks if he can tell Coach that Ethan’s trying out for the lacrosse game. Ethan says he’ll think about it and Danny says that sounds like a yes. He walks off, smiling. I’m assuming from that casual comment that Coach recovered from his arrow to the gut and is going to live a long and angry life. Thanks for clearing that up, guys.

Aiden has arrived and it seems any relief at finding out his brother wasn’t dying was short-lived. He’s angry that Ethan wants to join the lacrosse team. Ethan’s angry because, if it weren’t for Aiden’s continual temper tantrums and urge to kill everything in sight, he might be in Scott’s pack by now.

Right now, Aiden points out, Ethan is the only thing in his sight. The twins are just coming to blows when Ethan gets hit in the back with some kind of Taser dart. Since he has his hand around his brother’s throat, they both get hit with the electricity.

Well, this is a shocking surprise.

Well, this is a shocking surprise.

Isaac, who fired the dart, watches the twins convulse on the floor.

ISAAC: I guess this is the part where I say something witty.

He knocks the twins out with the butt of his gun, deciding that he’s not witty after all.

I don't care who started it. I'll finish it.

I don’t care who started it. I’ll finish it.

Peter and Lydia seem to have struck a deal. If Peter helps them with their Nogitsune situation and keeps quiet about their deal, Lydia will … something. That part’s not clear but it probably has something to do with giving Peter more information about his newly-discovered child. They return to the lounge room.

PETER: Scott is going to try and dig through pale and sickly Evil Stiles’s mind to unearth pale and sickly Real Stiles, then guide him back from the depths of his own subconscious. But he’s not going to do it alone.

Somebody needs to go in with Scott, and that person is going to be Lydia.

'Did you even ask her about this?' 'Um ... no.'

‘Did you even ask Lydia if she was cool with this?’ ‘Um … no.’

Isaac rifles through Coach’s desk, looking for something to light his Molotov cocktail. He wants revenge for Erica and Boyd. Isaac finally finds a lighter and lights the handkerchief, taking the bottle out into the locker room. Before he can move, the handkerchief is removed from the bottle by Kira’s katana.

Isaac drops the bottle of alcohol and advances on Kira. He’s hit from behind by Allison’s crossbow. Isaac gets to his feet and so do the twins. They look ready to team up and kill Allison and Kira.

Pull your best angry werewolf face.

Pull your best angry werewolf face.

The girls barricade themselves in Coach’s office, which doesn’t seem like the smartest move because most of the door is glass. Without the girls to kill, Isaac and the twins turn on each other.

Peter positions Scott’s claws at the back of both Stiles and Lydia’s necks. He tells Scott that, if they find the real Stiles, they’ll have to guide him out and give him back control of his mind and body. Lydia points out that his advice isn’t very specific and Peter tells them to improvise.

SCOTT: What if this is just another trick?

PETER: When are you people going to start trusting me?

Scott actually meant Stiles. But they’re running out of time so it’s now or never. Scott takes a deep breath and turns his Alpha eyes on before digging his claws into the back of Stiles and Lydia’s necks.

Goodbye, spinal cord.

Goodbye, spinal cord.

The world seems to shake and shift. Scott opens his eyes to find that he and Lydia are strapped into single beds in Eichen House.

This is not at all helpful.

This is not at all helpful.

Derek has Chris tied to a chair. He douses him with lighter fluid, ignoring Chris’s pleas to see reason.

DEREK: You burn my family, I burn yours. In fact, I’ll burn the whole building down around you.

Derek holds up a lighter and Chris quickly blows out the flame. He tells Derek that Kate was the one who burned down the Hale house, not him. And he’s not Derek’s enemy anymore. Derek says that Chris and Allison are still his enemies, which is why he’s not going to light Chris on fire yet. He’ll wait until Allison gets home so she can watch her father burn.

This is a great plan. I'm such a great planner.

This is a great plan. I’m such a great planner.

Sheriff and Agent McCall return to the sheriff’s station. Whatever Agent McCall said, it probably saved Sheriff’s job but Sheriff doesn’t understand why. Agent McCall says he did it for two reasons: (1) he’s not sure Sherlock Holmes could figure out half the bizarre crap happening in Beacon Hills. It’s the Bermuda Triangle of homicides, disappearances and strange occurrences; (2) kicking Sheriff out of a job isn’t why Agent McCall came back here. He stalled the impeachment so that he would have more time to try and talk to Scott.

SHERIFF: You did me a huge favour today. Let me do you a small one. Tell him. The next time you see him, just tell him everything.

Agent McCall nods, looking a little teary.

In Stiles’s mind, Scott and Lydia are struggling against their restraints to no avail. Lydia is having none of this shit. She reminds Scott that, even if they are in Stiles’s mind, he’s a supernatural creature with supernatural strength and should be able to break free. Scott concentrates and is eventually able to rip out of his restraints and help Lydia out of hers.

They decide to leave the room, with Scott warning Lydia to stay behind him. As soon as Scott steps out the door, it slams shut, locking Lydia in there. She screams out for him but there’s no response.

When Lydia turns around, their beds are gone and there are balloons falling from the ceiling. She’s now at the high school, wearing her winter formal dress—the same one she was wearing when looking for Jackson in season 1, the night Peter bit her. Lydia walks down the hall, calling out for Jackson. Instead, she sees the bandaged Nogitsune drawing on a wall in chalk.

Look, I'm glad to get a lot of wear out of this dress. But I would just like for there to be ONE TIME when I'm not attacked while wearing it.

Look, I’m glad to get a lot of wear out of this dress. But I would just like for there to be ONE TIME when I’m not attacked while wearing it.

Scott is making out with Allison in a closet. He hears something but Allison assures him that everything’s fine because they’re together. They just have to stay quiet.

The Nogitsune moves towards Lydia, slamming shut locker doors and roaring.

In the McCall house, Lydia has started bleeding from the nose. Peter moves forward and cups her face in his hands.

Stop it. Stop bleeding. You're ruining everything.

Stop it. Stop bleeding. You’re ruining everything.

He tells Lydia that she’s stronger than this and she needs to concentrate. He shouts at her and Lydia hears it in Stiles’s mind. She runs from the Nogitsune.

Scott asks Allison why they’re in her closet. She says that they’re hiding but won’t say from who. She tries to distract him with kisses but Scott remembers that they’re not together anymore.

Allison, get off my face.

Allison, get off my face.

This whole thing in the closet is a trick. He hears Peter’s yell and turns to leave the closet. As he bursts through the door, Lydia gets out of the school hallway.

They both end up in the same place: the weird white garage thing that Scott, Allison, and Stiles saw when they acted as surrogate sacrifices in season 3A. And there’s the Nemeton. Only this time, the Nogitsune and Stiles sit on top of the stump, facing each other across a playing board.

It's your move, dude.

It’s your move, dude.

Allison and Kira have somehow gotten out of Coach’s office without being killed by the boys. I guess Coach’s office must have another exit that leads into the school, because the girls have circled around and ended up on the outside of the locker room. They’re about to walk back in and face the boys.

ALLISON: Remember, try not to kill them.

KIRA: I was just going to try to stay alive.

ALLISON: That works too.

They burst into the locker room.

The game that the Nogitsune and Stiles are playing is the same one we saw Satomi playing in the previous episode. It’s the Japanese game of Go. I don’t know anything about it apart from the fact that it’s played with black and white circular tokens.

Mostly we just make pretty patterns.

Mostly we just make pretty patterns.

Scott and Lydia try to run towards the Nemeton but they can’t get any closer. Calling out doesn’t catch Stiles’s attention either.

Kira and Allison kick some butt in the locker room but Allison is having a hard time reloading her crossbow (those things are really not good for quick use, girl). As the boys close in on Allison, Kira throws her the katana. She picks up Allison’s crossbow and the two girls stand back to back, ready to take on the three werewolves.

Who run the world?

Who run the world?

It seems Derek is having second thoughts about killing Chris. He’s trying to convince himself that it’s a good idea again, saying that Chris isn’t his ally and he’s a WEREWOLF HUNTER.

CHRIS: You’re right. I am a Hunter. Trained before I could even speak and trained others.  Do you know what the first lesson we teach is? We take our children, we bind them in a chair just like this, then we wait for them to get out. Most of them it takes hours. Others, seconds.

He leans back on the chair, tipping it backwards and breaking it against the ground. As Derek wolfs out and jumps over the desk, Chris reaches up and grabs a concealed gun from the underside of the desk. He presses it to Derek’s throat, saying he doesn’t want to kill him and pleading with Derek not to make him.

I've had just about enough of your shit.

I’ve had just about enough of your shit.

Scott and Lydia try running towards the Nemeton again but each time they run, they end up in the same place.

LYDIA: Stiles is part of your pack.

SCOTT: What? What do you mean?

LYDIA: He’s human but he’s still part of the pack, right?

SCOTT: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

LYDIA: So how do wolves signal their location to the rest of the pack?

The Nogitsune seems to have heard their plan. He looks up from the board and sees Scott, wolfed out and Alpha eyes glowing. Scott lets out an Alpha roar/howl.

The force of it shakes the pieces on the Go board and Stiles looks up. He sees Scott and Lydia, and then he looks back at the Nogitsune. Stiles sweeps the pieces off the Go board and the Nogitsune roars at him.



In the locker room, Isaac and the twins collapse. In the study, Derek starts bleeding from the nose before he collapses.

Scott, Lydia, and Stiles wake from their trance, gasping. Stiles’s head falls against his chest. He’s unconscious again. Scott races towards Stiles, wanting to see if it worked. Stiles seems unchanged. Peter tells Lydia that it’s supernatural, not science. And he wants the name.

So now that you're definitely not dead, please give me my information ASAP.

So now that you’re definitely not dead, please give me my information ASAP.

Scott overhears and demands to know what they’re talking about. Peter drags Lydia further away, saying a deal is a deal. Lydia leans in and whispers, ‘Malia’ into Peter’s ear.

Something about that word wakes Stiles. He starts choking against the gaffer tape and rips it from his mouth (the Kanima venom has obviously completely worn off). Then Stiles starts pulling some fucking slimy shit from his mouth—mouthful after mouthful of bandages and black smoke. I’m gonna vomit. That’s fucking disgusting.

This episode wins the Most Disgusting Award.

This episode wins the Most Disgusting Award.

When he finally finishes coughing up the bandages, a hand starts to rise from the pile and a body starts dragging itself up through the floor. It’s the Nogitsune, back in its bandaged form.

*Little Mermaid hair flip*

*Little Mermaid hair flip*

It lunges forward and Peter and Scott push the Nogitsune down. It keeps struggling, trying to rip at its bandages. Scott unwraps the Nogitsune’s face and finds Stiles. Another Stiles. The real Stiles.

And Void Stiles is missing because everyone else was too distracted with the vomiting and the grossness. The Nogitsune just walked right out the door, taking Lydia with him.

I know I'm distracting but how dare you let him steal my bae?

I know I’m distracting but how dare you let him steal my bae?



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