Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 23: Insatiable

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In the school showers, Deaton sticks his hand down the throats of Isaac and the twins to remove the evil Nogitsune flies. The boys should be okay now. Deaton is more worried about the fact that this was likely just a distraction from what was happening with Stiles.

Deaton fills Allison and Kira in on what happened, saying that there are now two versions of Stiles. And while everyone was focusing on the real Stiles being reborn out of a pile of gross regurgitated bandages, Void Stiles just took Lydia out of the house. Her car’s missing too.

tw3x23 1

But Isaac and Aiden didn’t even swallow the fly. What was it doing hanging out in their throats?

Back at the McCall house, Mama McCall checks Stiles’s eyes with a torch, and reluctantly takes his pulse. She still seems scared to touch him. Medically, Stiles seems okay. At least, he’s definitely a real person.

STILES: Okay. So I’m real but am I really me?

The person who can answer that question is waiting. Scott helps Stiles down the stairs to meet Mama Yukimura.

Who you gonna call?

MAMA YUKIMURA: Do you recognise me?

Before Stiles can answer, Kira runs into the house and tells her mother to stop, worried that she’s going to kill Stiles with the Oni. It’s too late. Two Oni materialise and do their firefly eyeball check before disappearing. They brand Stiles with the kanji symbol for self. He’s definitely the real Stiles. He’s also standing up to the Oni check better than anyone else we’ve seen. Stiles shivers but he’s not unconscious and he’s not hypothermic like Lydia was.

Nogitsune Busters.

Mama Yukimura says it’s too close to dawn now but tomorrow night the Oni will start searching for the Nogitsune. Whether or not they can kill him depends on how strong he is. The Nogistsune would only have taken Lydia for an advantage—probably her banshee powers.

Lydia is in the tunnels under what used to be the Oak Creek internment camp. She’s being driven mad by constant screaming, which the Nogitsune insinuates is from the people who died in these tunnels during World War II—the people he killed. Lydia backs away from the Nogitsune and runs further down the corridor.

VOID STILES: What are the voices telling you? Are they saying that Stiles is dying? He is, you know. He’s dying.

LYDIA: Then what do you need me for? You think I can tell you something?

She reaches an exit, but it’s barred and locked.

VOID STILES: Oh, I know you can.

LYDIA: I’m not telling you anything.

VOID STILES: You won’t have to. You’ll be screaming.

Lydia opens her mouth to scream.

You better mean a banshee scream, buddy. Keep any sexual innuendo to your evil self.


Back at the Yukimura house, Mama Yukimura teaches Kira about the game of Go. We’ve seen it in the last two episodes but it’s never been explained until now. Mama Yukimura thinks the fact that Stiles and the Nogitsune were playing Go in Stiles’s mind was a very important detail, perhaps even crucial.

MAMA YUKIMURA: Play starts with an empty board. Black is always placed first, then white. You place stones to create territories and you capture your opponent’s stones by completely surrounding them.

KIRA: This is life and death, Mom. It isn’t a game.

MAMA YUKIMURA: It is to him. And he’s winning.

If Kira wants to save her friends, she needs to learn to play.

Why couldn’t the Nogitsune pick a game everyone knows? Like Monopoly or Uno?

Sheriff is sitting in his office, looking morosely at a wall. Deputy Parrish ducks his head in and tells Sheriff to go home and get some sleep. If they hear anything about Stiles, Parrish will call him immediately. (Sheriff, have you noticed all those missed calls from Mama McCall? Maybe ring her back so you can know your son is alive and fine even if he has an evil twin.)

Sheriff isn’t going anywhere and neither is Parrish, since his shift doesn’t end until dawn. He offers to get some coffee. Sheriff declines.

SHERIFF: You’re a good guy, Parrish. That’s what they all said at your previous station, though no one can tell me exactly why you left.

DEPUTY PARRISH: Maybe I needed a change. I don’t really know.  I guess I kind of felt drawn here and I knew there were openings.

SHERIFF: You know why there were openings?

DEPUTY PARRISH: The statistics don’t worry me.

SHERIFF: Well, they worry me.

Just stopping by to say I’m probably supernatural.

OH, REALLY? So you felt drawn here, did you? Like how supernatural creatures are now drawn to Beacon Hills because of the Nemeton? HMM? HMMMMMMM? I’ve got my eye on you, Parrish.

Deputy Parrish tells Sheriff again to get some sleep. Sheriff decides to leave after all, and starts wondering aloud where he put his keys. Stiles appears at the door with Scott, and tells his dad that the keys are probably in his coffee cup, since that’s where Sheriff usually leaves them.

Scott nods, letting Sheriff know that this is really Stiles. Sheriff rushes to his sun and engulfs him in a hug. Scott says it’s not over yet.

Yeah, whatever. I didn’t need a hug anyway.

Derek is leaving the Argent apartment after the awkward pyro desires from last episode. He doesn’t understand why Chris didn’t pull the trigger and kill Derek when he had the chance.

CHRIS: You’re not my enemy anymore, Derek. And I’m not yours.

Derek thinks they should be out looking for the Nogitsune right now, especially if he can control people remotely with creepy bug agents. Chris doesn’t think it’s necessary. If the Nogitsune can do things like this then that means he’s stronger than ever, in which case he’ll be coming for them.

Sheriff has an APB out on Lydia’s car. Every unit on the road is looking for her but at this hour there’s nothing else they can do. Stiles says that the Nogitsune took Lydia for a reason; if they can figure out the why, they can figure out the where. Maybe the Nogitsune needs Lydia’s help to find a body.

SHERIFF: Scott, you know more about this than all of us.


SHERIFF: You said you got the whole story from Noshiko.

The words ‘whole story’ reminds Stiles of Meredith, one of the Eichen House patients. When she was on the phone to no one, Meredith was saying, ‘They’re going to want to know the story—the whole story.’

Parrish calls Eichen House to get information. Her full name is Meredith Walker and, while she’s still at Eichen House, she’s been moved to the closed unit for behavioural issues.

STILES: What issues?

DEPUTY PARRISH: She wouldn’t stop screaming.

Sheriff pays a visit to Eichen House and we get to see that butthead orderly Brunski again. His face is just so punchable. He says Meredith’s been sedated so she’s no longer screaming. When they get to Meredith’s room (I say ‘room’. I mean ‘cell’. The thing has bars, it’s a fucking cell), they find that the orderly sent to sedate her is lying on the floor, the Haldol needle stuck in his shoulder. The orderly’s keys are missing and, over Sheriff’s shoulder, we see Meredith slip out of the closed unit.

I work very hard to make sure that my patients can just waltz out of this hospital and steal my stuff whenever they like.

The twins run through the woods, trying to pick up a scent. Whose scent? Void Stiles? Lydia? It doesn’t really matter because (a) they can’t find anything and (b) they hear the sound of a round being chambered in a gun. The twins take off running as bullets tear through the woods. Both of them are hit with wolfsbane-laced bullets. Aiden looks unconscious or dead.

Just play dead. No one wants to shoot a dead guy.

Allison and Isaac find Lydia’s car in a locked car park. Isaac breaks the lock on the fence, saying that the scent around here is strong with emotion. Not fear but anger. They start looking around the car for clues to Lydia’s whereabouts and then hop into the car, which isn’t locked. Allison asks Isaac if he remembers the other night.

ALLISON: So that night were you you or were you not you?

ISAAC: You mean the night when we were us?

ALLISON: Yeah. I just want to know if—if it was actually you with me.

ISAAC: Did you want it to be someone else?

ALLISON: No. No. Of course not.

ISAAC: Good. Because it was me and I do remember it. I really remember.

Okay, let’s just forget the fact that Isaac was weird and edgy before they had their sexy times and he had already been possessed by a fly because apparently that hadn’t fully taken effect yet. I still don’t really buy it but if Isaac remembers, then okay.

Did we have sex while you were possessed by a fly?

With that awkward conversation out of the way, Allison looks around the interior of the car. On a sudden hunch, she leans over and exhales onto the driver’s window. A message appears in the condensation that says, Don’t find me.

As kids file in for Economics class, Coach is having an argument with someone on the phone. Apparently he needs to pay $10,000 for people removing an arrow from his stomach. I feel like maybe it would’ve required a bit more than a strong tug to make sure he didn’t die but sure. Coach hangs up the phone and decides that today’s lesson will discuss the corrupt institution of healthcare.

Danny puts his hand up and says that they have an unexpected guest. Meredith is sitting in the back of the classroom.

I just want an education. Eichen House is boring.

Stiles is sleeping on the McCall couch when he wakes with a start. Scott runs into the room, assuring Stiles that he was only asleep for a couple of hours. Sheriff is still at Eichen House looking for Meredith and Allison, Isaac, and the twins are all looking for Lydia. Stiles is getting edgy. He feels like they’re waiting for a ransom call.

Stiles shrugs on a jacket, saying he can’t seem to get warm. Scott touches his hand and accidentally absorbs some of Stiles’s pain. Stiles says it’s not that bad; it’s just like a dull ache everywhere and he’s freezing.

SCOTT: Tell me the truth. How much does it really hurt?

Before Stiles can answer, Scott gets a call from Kira telling him that Meredith is in Econ and Scott needs to get there right away.

Coach clicks his fingers in front of Meredith’s face to get her attention so he can ask her where she came from. He uses the terms ‘insane asylum’ and ‘nuthouse’ and Danny reminds him that’s not the proper terminology. When Meredith says she’s from Eichen House, the whole class backs away from her. Meredith says she’s trying to help.

MEREDITH: I can hear them. They scream.

COACH: That’s got to be terrifying. Why do they scream?

MEREDITH: They scream when someone’s about to die.

COACH: Are they screaming right now? How many of them?

MEREDITH: All of them.

You’ll be screaming in a minute if you keep calling me insane.

In the woods, the gunfire slows long enough for Ethan to drag Aiden away. Derek appears, slings Aiden’s arm around his shoulders, and yells for Ethan to run.

Brunski and some other Eichen House orderlies arrive at the high school to retrieve Meredith. Kira sees them and runs to Coach, begging him not to let them take Meredith back to Eichen House.

KIRA: It’s hard to explain but if you let her go back then really, really bad things are going to happen to Lydia, to Scott, and Stiles, and maybe everyone—including you. So please—please don’t let them take her.

COACH: Who are you?

KIRA: Uh, I’m Kira. I’m new.

Brunski walks up to Coach, greeting him by name. It seems they go way back. Brunski is a bully in social circles as well and no one likes him. He asks where Meredith is and Coach opens the door to his office. Meredith is missing. Again. She escaped through the other door.

Some people are just born arseholes.

Down in their garage? basement? place? Allison is fiddling with weapons to keep herself busy so she doesn’t feel so useless. Isaac is off trying to help Scott. Chris opens a safe, saying there’s something else Allison can do—something they should’ve done a while ago. He pulls out a briefcase filled with bars of silver and tells Allison it’s time for her to graduate.

No jewellery for you. Turn this into ammunition.

Lydia is searching the tunnels of Oak Creek for an exit but every possible escape is locked and barred. She mutters to herself that her friends will find her. Void Stiles appears at the top of the stairs and says he’s wondering what Lydia’s friends are doing—what useless lead they’re chasing, and if some of them have bigger problems to deal with right now.

VOID STILES: Are they really spending every minute looking for you or are they waiting for nightfall, focussed on some hopeless gesture to pass the time?

Whatever they’re doing is better than listening to you ramble on and on, you moron.

Void Stiles’s musings seem to be pretty accurately describing the current situations: Scott and Stiles arriving at the school to find Meredith; Derek and the twins still running from gunfire; and Chris teaching Allison how to cast a silver bullet.

Lydia asks what the Nogitsune wants and he simply says, ‘More.’

VOID STILES: The trickster stories are all about food, Lydia. The coyote, the raven, fox—they’re all hungry. I’m the same. I just crave something a little different. I eat what you feel and I’m insatiable.

He pulls Lydia’s hair away from her neck, inhaling deeply as though he’s trying to absorb her powers. Lydia squirms in disgust.

Meredith is in the Music classroom, plucking the strings on the grand piano and listening to the whispers that they reveal to her. She says she can hear them but can’t understand what they’re saying. They need to speak just a little louder.

Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry dead.

Behind her, Brunski enters the room and walks toward Meredith, Taser in hand. Meredith stops plucking the strings when she hears Brunski’s Taser fire up. Brunski reminds her that he’s not averse to using the tools of his trade as often as necessary. Meredith asks for another second so she can hear the voices. Brunski raises his Taser, ready to strike.

Coach appears and grabs the Taser, turning it on Brunski.

COACH: This school has a very strict No Bullying policy.

Time for some payback, you gutless wonder.

He Tasers Brunski in the chest. Scott, Stiles, and Kira run in and take Meredith out. Brunski struggles up.

BRUNSKI: You little piece of—

Coach Tasers him again.

COACH: We also frown on cursing.

Scott, Stiles, and Meredith pile into Stiles’s Jeep. Kira stays behind, saying she’ll call Scott. The boys turn to ask Meredith where Lydia is. She has no idea who they’re talking about.

Chris is still showing Allison how to melt the silver down so it can be moulded into bullets. He says she can start over if she’s not happy with how the mould sets. He made six silver bullets and used all but one—and all of those were in close combat since silver isn’t really as accurate as lead.

Allison wants to use her own mould. Since the bow is her weapon, she wants to make her own silver arrowheads. Chris smiles and kisses Allison’s forehead.

ALLISON: Dad, if something happens—

CHRIS: Hey. Hey. You don’t need to worry about me.

ALLISON: Well, I didn’t get to say anything to Mom.

CHRIS: You didn’t need to say anything. And I’m going to be around a long time. I promise.

ALLISON: Well, then take it as a reminder. Maybe you don’t need to hear it but I need to know that I said it. I love you. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of us.

We’re really good at fighting monsters. Just FYI.

Chris kisses Allison’s forehead again and walks out.

Scott, Stiles, and Meredith get back to the McCall house and find Agent McCall talking to Isaac in the kitchen. Stiles claims that it’s a free period and they’re doing group study. He puts an arm around Meredith, saying she’s his girlfriend.

MEREDITH: You’re not my type.

STILES: Well, obviously we have a lot to talk about. We should maybe take this upstairs.

Meredith looks over at Isaac, smiling.

MEREDITH: He’s my type.

Stiles tells Isaac to come upstairs as well. They leave and Agent McCall tells Scott that he doesn’t care if he’s not in school because he knows Scott’s grades are fine (that’s a bit of a change). All Agent McCall wants to do is talk. Scott says it’s not a good time but his dad is insistent.

Upstairs, Meredith seems to recognise Lydia as ‘the red-haired girl’ but she can’t tell them where Lydia is unless Lydia tells her. She’s already asked Lydia where she is and Lydia said that she didn’t want to be found.

That really doesn’t fit with our whole Save Lydia plan so you’re going to have to give us something else.

Agent McCall shows Scott an indent at the bottom of the stairs, saying that it was made by Scott’s head. The night before he moved out, Agent and Mama McCall were fighting. Scott came out of his room and his dad grabbed him by the wrist. Scott pulled back and fell down the stairs. He says Scott was out for maybe 20 seconds and when he came to, he didn’t remember a thing.

Mama McCall told her husband to be out by the morning. That’s the last time Agent McCall ever had a drink and that’s when he left.

Here lies a bad memory.

Derek has dragged the twins into Malia’s old coyote den to hide. None of them saw who the shooter was.

DEREK: Who else did the two of you piss off?

AIDEN: We pissed off everyone. It was only a matter of time before someone caught up to us.

Since the bullets were laced with wolfsbane, the twins need to be treated soon so the poison doesn’t spread. Derek leaves to see if the coast is clear.

Die quietly, please.

Stiles and Isaac have a not-so-quiet conference in Scott’s bathroom. Isaac is in favour of torturing or scaring Meredith for information. Stiles refuses to either physically or psychologically torture Meredith. Isaac points out that Meredith might be a banshee like Lydia. I guess that’s kind of obvious to the audience by now but not to them.

Scott shows his dad other areas in the house where he’s injured himself—a windowsill he fell onto and broke his collarbone, a wooden table that replaced its glass counterpart when Scott fell on top of it and needed three stitches.

SCOTT: This house is full of accidents. The stairs—maybe it was an accident, maybe it was worse. But I healed. And I don’t need your apology. So see you at graduation or whenever you decide to show up again.

Upstairs, Stiles and Isaac are trying to coach Meredith through her banshee abilities. Stiles tells Isaac to shut up, saying he has more experience with banshees. Isaac backs off, agreeing that Stiles also has more experience with mental patients. Meredith asks if anyone’s going to answer the phone.

Stiles pulls out his mobile, which hasn’t been ringing. He pretends to answer it and says that the call is for Meredith. Meredith answers the phone.

I need the number for Banshee Hotline, please.

Whoever she hears on the other end says, ‘Coup de foudre.’ Neither Stiles or Isaac recognise  the phrase but Scott overhears it. It’s one of the French phrases that Noshiko was teaching Corporal Rhys back in 1943.

Kira looks for her mother at home. Mr Yukimura tells her that he doesn’t know where his wife is but he does know she’s trying to keep Kira out of this as long as possible. Kira points out that her mother should’ve thought of that before having Kira magically rebuild a samurai sword. Mr Yukimura acknowledges that a lot of this is going to be strange and Kira’s learning a lot of new things. Kira nods to the game of Go that’s still set up on the coffee table.

Mr Yukimura tells Kira that, in Korea, the game is called Baduk. There are different styles of play—aggressive, passive, orthodox. Kira asks if he can figure out who’s who from their style of play. Mr Yukimura says that Kira has to be the black player since the novice always goes first. White is supposed to represent the Nogitsune but the stones are placed in Mama Yukimura’s aggressive style of play. Maybe they weren’t representing the Nogitsune after all.

Your mother may or may not be evil.

Allison studies her silver arrowhead, comparing it to her father’s bullet. It’s not perfect and she feels like she’s missing something. Allison gets a call from Scott saying that they know where Lydia is.

Why isn’t mine shiny?

Mama Yukimura goes to the gates of Oak Creek which, by the way, are still up and just covered in some vines.

‘Oh, there’s no such place as Oak Creek around here!’

‘What about that sign that says Oak Creek?’ Hmm. Come on, guys.

Anyway, Mama Yukimura has one of her five Oni break the lock on the gate and they march in.

The party don’t start till I walk in.

Apparently the coast was clear in the woods because Derek managed to go find Chris so they could bring the twins back to his loft. Derek says he found shell casings in the woods. Chris asks if the shooter was Araya, who I’m guessing must be the Spanish WEREWOLF HUNTER lady we’ve seen before. Derek says the shells don’t look like Araya’s. He gives one to Chris.

CHRIS: That’s not possible.


Before he can say anything more, Chris gets a call from Allison saying that they’ve found Lydia and Allison is on her way to meet everyone. She doesn’t have time to wait for her dad to get there.

Stiles drives Scott and Isaac. Scott looks upset about something but he won’t admit it.

ISAAC: All right, I’m going to say it. You look like you’re dying. You’re pale and you’re thin and you look like you’re getting worse. We’re all sitting here thinking it. When we find the other you, is he going to look like he’s getting better?

They want to know whether there’s a chance that the Nogitsune’s death will also mean the end of Stiles. Stiles says he doesn’t care as long as no one else dies because of him. He remembers everything he did as the Nogitsune and he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt.

Void Stiles is looking nervous. Lydia calls him on it, saying he knows that her friends will kill him. Void Stiles says that’s exactly why he’s keeping Lydia so close.

Stiles, Scott, and Isaac pull up at the entrance to Oak Creek and meet Allison and Kira. They stand around, waiting for a pep talk.

SCOTT: We’ve done this before, guys. A couple weeks ago, we were standing around just like this and we saved Malia, remember? That was a total stranger. This is Lydia.

ALLISON: I’m here to save my best friend.

SCOTT: I came to save mine.

ISAAC: I just didn’t feel like doing any homework.

Let’s just assume that Mr Yukimura gave them directions. Otherwise they knew how to get to Oak Creek the whole time.

They walk into Oak Creek and find Mama Yukimura standing there with her Oni. She tells Kira to turn around and go home, taking her friends with her. Kira says she can’t—when she looked at the game of Go, she realised she was actually playing her mother.

Scott and Stiles run into a building, Scott tracking Lydia by scent.

Mama Yukimura continues her standoff with Kira, Allison, and Isaac. Allison draws her bow, telling Mama Yukimura to call off her Oni. Kira thinks that maybe Mama Yukimura is worried that if Stiles can survive this then Rhys could’ve survived the Nogitsune as well.

The Oni draw their swords, reacting to the verbal shots fired. Mama Yukimura maintains that the Nogitsune is her demon to bury. The Oni disappear.

Talk back to me one more time and I set my minions on you.

Void Stiles locks himself in a small chamber with Lydia. She can sense that her friends are here and says she doesn’t need to scream to know that they’re going to kill the Nogitsune. Void Stiles says that’s exactly why he brought Lydia—so he would know exactly when his death was closing in. He pulls out Mama Yukimura’s last kitsune tail dagger thingie.

The Oni appear in the chamber, surrounding him. The Nogitsune says he can only do this when they’re close. He snaps the dagger in half.

Could we do this in a place where I’m less likely to be accidentally killed by a swinging sword?

Mama Yukimura seems to feel a physical pain. She opens her palm in time to see a firefly’s light sputter out before it fades away into black smoke. Isaac wants to know what that means.

Void Stiles appears behind them with the Oni.

VOID STILES: It means there’s been a change in ownership. Now they belong to me.

The Oni draw their swords and the battle begins. Void Stiles takes cover so he can watch the fight safely. Kira fights with her katana, eyes glowing. Isaac is in full wolf mode, taking Oni out with his claws. Allison is firing arrows that basically do nothing. The Oni cut them in half before they even hit.

Scott and Stiles find Lydia locked in her little chamber thing and she starts crying, saying they weren’t supposed to be here. She asks who came with them.

How dare you ignore my vague warnings?

Outside, an Oni slashes Isaac’s stomach, drawing blood. Allison uses her bow to block and then hit an Oni in the face. Kira is still faring well, facing off against two Oni. Mama Yukimura calls out desperately that there’s no way to stop them. Isaac is slashed a second time across the chest.

Scott, Stiles, and Lydia run through the tunnels back to the fight. Stiles suddenly collapses and Lydia stops to help him. Scott runs on alone.

Two Oni are on Isaac now, taking swipes at him and knocking him to his knees. Allison pulls out her last arrow and fires it. It hits an Oni in the chest and suddenly yellow light spews from the wound. The Oni explodes into shadows. Void Stiles looks suddenly afraid.

Now everyone knows Oni are secretly full of sunshine.

Allison breathes a sigh of relief and is momentarily distracted. Another Oni runs his sword through Allison’s chest.


Down in the tunnels, where Stiles looks unconscious, Lydia senses her friend dying and screams.


Scott arrives in time to see the Oni remove its sword from Allison’s chest. He runs to Allison and catches her as she falls. Void Stiles turns and walks away. The Oni disappear. Kira runs to her mum.

Allison lies in Scott’s arms, her breathing ragged and shallow. She asks if Lydia’s okay and Scott assures her that Lydia’s safe. Scott tries to absorb some of Allison’s pain but nothing happens. Allison tells him that it doesn’t hurt. He starts pleading but Allison tells him that it’s okay.

ALLISON: It’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love. The first person I’ve ever loved—the person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott—Scott McCall.

Stop it. Stop dying.

She says that Scott has to tell her dad and he nods. Allison closes her eyes and her hand falls to the side. Scott’s crying. Isaac’s crying. Mama Yukimura and Kira are crying. I’m crying. You’re crying.

Lydia’s crying. Down in the tunnel, she collapses against Stiles, who is unconscious and can’t even hug her for support.

Stiles, wake up and HUG HER.

Chris finally arrives at Oak Creek to see his daughter lying dead in Scott’s arms.

I should’ve run all the red lights.

*Audience sobs and starts letting out banshee screams.*



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