Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 9: Perishable

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Deputy Parrish is having a little snooze in his car while someone washes it for him. He wakes up and—oh, he’s not napping. He was knocked out and tied to the steering wheel at some point. And that ‘car washer’ is actually butt-munch Deputy Haigh (the one who was being a douche to Baby Derek back at the start of the season), who is dousing the police car in gasoline.

Hey, buddy. Don't mind me. Just setting you on fire.

Hey, buddy. Don’t mind me. Just setting you on fire.

Apparently Haigh has a copy of the dead pool and he’s happy to light Parrish on fire and destroy some police property to get $5 million. Parrish tries to play dumb, saying he only makes $40,000 a year so how can he be worth $5 million? That doesn’t calm Haigh down at all. He’s only on $36,000 a year, presumably because he’s not as good looking as Parrish and he’s not Sheriff’s favourite.

DEPUTY PARRISH: You don’t have to do this. Look, if you’re having money problems—

DEPUTY HAIGH: You’re worth five million dead, Parrish. Sounds like you got the problem.

Haigh pulls out a lighter. He’s not worried about listening to a fellow deputy burn to death; he has an iPod to take care of that.

Haigh pulls out a lighter and throws it into the car, actually setting Parrish on fire. DUDE. That guy is like a B-grade hero in this show. You can’t just go SETTING HIM ON FIRE. Haigh turns up his music to drown out Parrish’s screams.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn.

Meanwhile, Stiles and Lydia fill Sheriff in on the news about Lydia’s grandmother. In case you’ve forgotten already, Lydia’ grandmother was in Eichen House, she may not be dead, her boathouse was constructed from mountain ash, and she left a coded message for Lydia—the same code used by the Benefactor.

Grandma Martin’s name is Lorraine and they’re running with the idea that she faked her own death. Either she’s helping the Benefactor or she is the Benefactor. Sheriff closes his office door to continue the conversation.

Out in the bullpen, Haigh is back from his casual murderous bonfire and getting on with some police work. No, he’s not. He’s contacting the Benefactor. Dude, come on. You’ve killed someone and you’re trying to get your payment while on duty? Save that for your dinner break.

Sheriff ducks his head out and asks if anyone’s seen Parrish. Haigh says that he hasn’t and goes back to asking the Benefactor about the wire transfer. While he’s typing, someone walks into the station, seemingly NAKED and dirty.

It’s PARRISH. HE LIVES. And he is totally and completely naked.

Jordan Stormborn of the House Parrish, the First of His Name, the Unburnt, King of Meereen, King of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khal of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Father of Dragons.

Jordan Stormborn of the House Parrish, the First of His Name, the Unburnt, King of Meereen, King of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khal of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Father of Dragons.

Parrish walks into the bullpen and stares at Haigh. Haigh pulls his gun but Parrish tackles him. The gun goes off a few times, shattering glass. Haigh can’t believe that Parrish is still alive. Parrish knocks Haigh to the ground and starts punching him.

Sheriff opens his office door, gun drawn. In the background, Stiles and Lydia are crouched. Maybe Haigh’s shots went through the office window. Parrish punches Haigh in the face. Haigh’s gun goes off again, this time firing right at Sheriff and hitting him in the shoulder.

Parrish beats the living shit out of Haigh’s face. Behind him, the Benefactor responds to Haigh’s message: KILL NOT CONFIRMED.

You shot me right in the dad.

You shot me right in the dad.


After Parrish apparently has a quick shower and gets dressed, Lydia takes Parrish to Derek’s loft for a supernatural examination. Scott’s there too. Derek basically just holds Parrish’s hands and looks at them. Is Parrish’s hair darker? Did the fire burn out all his highlights?

LYDIA: It’s the hair and nails, isn’t it? The parts of the body that are essentially dead?

DEREK: Well, they should be gone.

DEPUTY PARRISH: I was set on fire. All of me should be gone.

SCOTT: Not if you’re like us.

Parrish doesn’t know what that means.

My name is Jordan Parrish and apparently I'm a supernatural.

My name is Jordan Parrish and apparently I’m a supernatural.

Derek doesn’t think that Parrish is a werewolf. While he knew that Jackson was a Kanima and Kira is a kitsune, Derek hasn’t had any experience with something like this. I’m going with phoenix. He BURNED TO DEATH and ROSE FROM THE ASHES. If that doesn’t say ‘Fawkes’ to you, you can just go reread the Harry Potter books right now.

Scott hasn’t been able to get hold of Chris to have a look through the bestiary. Shouldn’t everyone in their group have a copy of that thing by now? Seriously, it would save so much time. At least Lydia should have a copy since she can read Archaic Latin.

Anyway, Parrish wants to know if they’re all like Lydia—psychic. Derek seems to find that amusing. Scott turns on his Alpha eyes to show Parrish what they really are.

I actually just have really cool contacts.

I actually just have really cool contacts.

Sheriff has been admitted to hospital. He’s scheduled for surgery in the morning; it’s going to take some digging to get the bullet out of his shoulder. Sheriff looks at the paperwork and asks the doctor about the term ‘balance patient responsibility’. The doctor tells him that it means some procedures and the hospital stay are not covered by insurance. Since when do we have an actual doctor doing this stuff? Where’s Mama McCall? Is this the only time in her life that she isn’t at the hospital when something big is going down?

From what I can see, the stuff dubbed patient’s responsibility include, among other things: medicine administered before/after surgery; medical supplies used during admittance; surgical supplies used during admittance; laboratory services; anaesthesia required during procedure. Is insurance covering any of this? Actually, shouldn’t the state have to cover this? Sheriff got shot by Deputy Butt-Munch while on the job. Why does he have to fork over money for that? Do you people not have WorkCover? What is wrong with you, ‘Murica?

The doctor leaves and Sheriff notices that Stiles is biting his thumb, looking worried. Sheriff assures him that everything will be fine. Stiles admits that he knows about the bills, the debt collectors calling about Eichen House, the advance from the department, and the credit cards.

SHERIFF: Stiles, are you going through my stuff?

STILES: Yeah. I go through all your stuff, especially when you keep things from me.

SHERIFF: I keep things from you because you don’t need to know everything.

STILES: Yes, I do. I have to know everything. How the hell else am I supposed to take care of you?

SHERIFF: You’re not supposed to take care of me! I’m the dad, you’re the son. You get it? Dad. Son. I take care of you.

STILES: We’re supposed to take care of each other.

Don't you dare say adorable things when I'm yelling at you.

Don’t you dare say adorable things when I’m yelling at you.

Sheriff tells Stiles that everything will be all right. He doesn’t know that for sure but his morphine is kicking in and he’s not all that worried about anything right now. He closes his eyes and Stiles whispers that he’s still worried.

Back at the loft, Parrish has been given a speedy debrief on the supernaturals of Beacon Hills. He’s still confused about Kanimas. Scott says he’ll get back to that part. Parrish just needs to know that everyone with a supernatural ability is on the dead pool.

PARRISH: But I don’t even know what I am.

DEREK: I’m pretty sure they don’t care.

Parrish asks about the assassins. Lydia says they’re starting to lose count of how many there are. But they’re not sure that this is limited to professional killers anymore. Parrish thinks Haigh was just taking a chance. Now anyone with the dead pool can take a chance. And if Haigh had the list, who else does? How easy is it to get your hands on the dead pool now?

Liam is in bed, about to go to sleep, when his printer starts shooting out paper of its own accord, dropping it onto the floor. Liam looks at the printout and sees that it’s copies of the dead pool, with all the confirmed kills crossed out. Are you seriously sending Liam the dead pool so he can think about killing himself? What the hell, man. Be real.

The first dead pool list (with the ‘Allison’ cipher) has only two names left: Lydia and Scott. Derek used to be listed between Demarco Montana and Carrie Hudson but now there’s just a blank space. It looks like he’s not even considered supernatural anymore.

Confirmed: four trees dead because of your shit, printer.

Confirmed: four trees dead because of your shit, printer.

The second list doesn’t seem to have changed at all from what I can see, apart from crossing out Steve Grace, Reed Schull, and Richard Benefield. Who are those guys? Were they part of Satomi’s pack? There seemed to be quite a few dead werewolves that Derek and Malia found up in that clearing. Surely there should be more names crossed off the lists. Liam tries to turn the printer off but it keeps going until he pulls the plug out of the wall.

HAZY FLASHBACK to Meredith walking into Lydia’s grandmother’s lake house. Lorraine Martin looks kind of like Sigourney Weaver.

Back at the loft, Lydia is telling her grandmother’s story to Derek, Scott, and Parrish. Apparently Mama Martin filled Lydia in on quite a bit of backstory between episodes. Lydia says that Lorraine never knew Meredith; she found her because of another woman named Maddy—the woman she loved.

Lydia shows Scott a photo. Young Lorraine Martin is maybe just Lydia dressed in era-appropriate clothing. I guess from the approximate ages that Maddy was part of Lorraine’s life even while she was married/having kids? Unless they used IVF or something. But I assume that if they were together enough to have a baby together then Lydia would have met Maddy at some point, which she has not.

Lydia only knows Maddy’s names from the plaques and trophies in the lake house—Maddy was part of a yacht racing team.

DEPUTY PARRISH: How’d she die?

LYDIA: How’s not the story. It’s what happened right before. My grandmother, Lorraine, used to work in San Francisco for IBM. She was there on a weekend, catching up on work. She started hearing this sound … like rain. But when she looked out the windows, all she saw was blue sky.

Lydia is in some kind of MEDIUM HAZY FLASHBACK, imagining that she can see the machines that Lorraine would have been working with. She kept hearing the rain and it just kept getting louder until she finally screamed. Like a banshee.

I have learned many things recently.

I have learned many things recently.

Lorraine called Maddy, who was planning on taking one of the boats out on the lake. Since Maddy said she could see blue skies as well, Lorraine kept quiet. But there was an accident and it took them four days to find Maddy’s body. And then it took decades to figure out how Lorraine had known.

She started with parapsychologists, who built the study in the lake house according to every pseudoscientific theory they could find. When that didn’t work, Lorraine turned to more extreme occult like mediums and psychics. Eventually, she found Meredith at Eichen House—a fragile girl who didn’t understand the things she heard.

Welcome to the banshee slumber party.

Welcome to the banshee slumber party.

We watch as Meredith walks into the study and sits down in front of the record player, surrounded by people in lab coats (I’m assuming Lorraine brought back the parapsychologists). She puts on the headphones and listens. Suddenly, she seizes up and blood drips from her ears. Meredith was hospitalised for over a year and never really recovered.

LYDIA: My grandmother drove her insane and I drove her to suicide. And all she ever wanted to do was help.



Wait. Dude. When the hell was this? I mean, Lorraine looks middle-aged in these scenes. Meredith looks exactly the same. So it can’t have been that long ago. But Lorraine should look much older if she has a grown-up son and a granddaughter. Do banshees never age? Are they immortal? If Meredith’s immortal, how is she dead? I mean, we’re unsure if Lorraine’s dead. But we saw Meredith dead in Eichen House. And we’re getting a flashback to that right now. Maybe she faked it but even still, WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHAT IS THIS FREAKING TIMELINE?

Back to the story. Lydia pulls out the piece of paper with the Benefactor code on it, saying that her grandmother created it and her grandmother was probably the banshee who picked out the names in the first place. She left Lydia a message in the same code, but there’s no cipher key.

Backstory and supernatural induction complete, Parrish leaves the loft. Lydia goes over to Stiles’s place and he adds Lorraine’s coded note and her photo to the murder board.

Is that Lydia dressed up or just really excellent casting?

Is that Lydia dressed up or just really excellent casting?

Scott stays behind at Derek’s loft and sees a gun lying on Derek’s bed. Scott asks if this new method of protection has something to do with Derek’s eyes. Derek admits that his werewolf eyes, strength, and healing have all gone; whatever Kate did to him, it’s still happening.

SCOTT: If the dead pool really was made by a banshee, there’s something else that you should know about. Your name broke the third list—it was a cipher key.

DEREK: And the other two keys were Allison and Aiden.

SCOTT: And I don’t want to make you nervous but it kind of feels like there might be a pattern there, doesn’t it? Allison, Aiden, you.

DEREK: Names picked by a banshee.

SCOTT: It could mean that you’re in danger.

DEREK: Scott, banshees don’t predict danger; they predict death.

Yeah, he’s saying that you are in danger of dying. Don’t give me your philosophical wisdom right now, Derek Hale. You know perfectly well what he meant and you’re just quibbling over word choice.

Being human has made me strangely literal.

Being human has made me strangely literal.

The next day, Scott is about to leave for school when he catches a glimpse of the bag of money poking out from under his bed. Scott yanks it out, suddenly worried that someone has taken some. He counts the money and finds that it’s all still there. He repacks the bag and zips it up, shoving it even further under his bed.

All this blood money is giving me an ulcer.

All this blood money is giving me an ulcer.

Liam arrives at school, looking unrested after his printer escapades. Mason sees Liam in the hallway and asks if he’s going to be at the bonfire tonight. Liam wants to beg off but Mason says that he has to be there; he’s on the lacrosse team.

Liam looks down the hallway and sees a Berserker standing there. Clearly Liam is aware that this is his imagination because he doesn’t run or scream and no one else seems bothered by the giant dude clad in bone armour.

You can’t get good minion work without a GED.

MASON: You’re coming and we’re going to find you a nice girl that you can embarrass yourself in front of and find me a lacrosse player. Because, statistically speaking, somebody on your team has got to be on my team, right?

The imaginary Berserker moves closer to Liam and he flashes back to fighting it on the hospital roof. He hurriedly agrees to come to the bonfire and then rushes off.

Also, to answer your question, there is someone on your team who plays lacrosse, Mason. Or there was. His name is Danny and he’s perfect and he’s inexplicably disappeared because of REASONS THAT I CANNOT FATHOM.

Lydia and Stiles are skipping school to work on the cipher key for Lorraine’s note. In the background, Stiles’s printer beeps, asking to be filled with paper. None of that, son. You’re ruining perfectly good trees with your passive aggressive dead pool printing.

Lydia tries various cipher keys, including Maddy, Lydia, and Natalie (Mama Martin’s name). Wait, is Lorraine your maternal or paternal grandmother? In the last episode, Mama Martin said, ‘Your father had a difficult relationship with his mother.’ That insinuates that Lorraine is Lydia’ paternal grandmother. Why are you trying Lorraine’s daughter-in-law as a cipher key and not her actual son? WHAT IS HAPPENING, JEFF DAVIS? WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING?

Come back when you've paid some attention to continuity. Any amount of attention will be an improvement.

Come back when you’ve paid some attention to continuity. Any amount of attention will be an improvement.

In the locker room, Coach calls a team meeting to talk about the start of season bonfire. It’s a big deal for the lacrosse players and there’s going to be a lot of alcohol there. While he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to get stumbling down drunk in front of a massive open fire, he’s also resigned to not being able to stop them. He’s counting on Scott to narc on anyone who’s misbehaving.

Back in Stiles’s room, he and Lydia still haven’t figured out the code. The printer is still beeping and Stiles shoves paper into it. Surprisingly, it doesn’t print out the dead pool. Stiles realises that all the words they’ve been guessing have been to do with Lorraine. Since the message was left for Lydia, maybe it should be something specific to Lydia. Lydia says that she and her grandmother used to read together.

STILES: Okay. What did you read?

LYDIA: The Little Mermaid.

STILES: You read that movie?

LYDIA: It was a book first. Hans Christian Anderson.

‘LITTLEMERMAID’ and ‘MERMAID’ don’t crack the code.

LYDIA: We read it every night. I got so obsessed with it for three months I wouldn’t respond to anything but ‘Ariel’. I drove my parents crazy but … Grandma thought it was adorable.

She types in ‘Ariel’ and the code starts unravelling.

I think all young gingers go through an Ariel phase. I know I did.

I think all young gingers go through an Ariel phase. I know I did.

Scott finds Liam sitting in a stairwell, playing with his lacrosse stick (not a euphemism). He asks if Liam’s okay and Liam tells him last night’s printer debacle and pulls out the updated dead pool. Before Scott can read it too thoroughly, they hear Coach yelling down the hall.

Father-son time.

They go to investigate and find that Coach is having his own printer problems. The dead pool is just printing off a school printer. You have got to be kidding me. If Coach turns out to be an attempted assassin, I am going to punch myself in the face.

In Stiles’s bedroom, Lorraine’s banshee code has revealed another list of names. The only one Lydia recognises is her grandmother, Lorraine Martin. Stiles looks over and sees that his computer has started printing out copies of the dead pool as well.

Well, these people don't have prices beside their names. Whatever happened, this isn't like our dead pool.

Well, these people don’t have prices beside their names. Whatever happened, this isn’t like our dead pool.

At school, Scott nabs one of the copies of Coach’s dead pool printouts. Liam points out that Derek’s not on the list anymore and his $15 million has been reallocated: now Liam is worth $18 million.

Sorry, did he suddenly become immortal? You didn’t even bother upping the price on Kira or Mama Yukimura, did you? Why is Liam worth more? Did he actually kill that Berserker last episode? Because if he did then I want some bloody visual confirmation. Otherwise I’m going to assume that his dropbear skills just distracted the Berserker, leaving Liam and Kira able to run off.

But I guess that’s confirmation that Derek is no longer supernatural. Maybe his predicted death is just from comfortable old age or something. Can that be the answer? I think he deserves some peace.

You're my son and I love you but no way are you worth $18 million.

You’re my son and I love you but no way are you worth $18 million.

Lydia and Stiles take the new list of names to Parrish. He confirms that all of the people on the list died within the last 10 years. All were suicides that occurred at the same place: Eichen House.

Night has fallen and the bonfire’s about to start. Apparently it’s just taking place in the courtyard. I don’t really understand how they’ve rigged this thing up but there’s some kind of metal cyclone/lightning bolt to make it look super cool. Someone lights the bonfire with a torch and music starts. They’ve got a DJ.

I thought I saw Danny for a second. I was so happy. And then I realised it was all a lie and when the hell are you even going to MENTION that Isaac and Danny aren’t here anymore? Huh? HUH?

The DJ says something to some burly security guards, who walk off into the crowd, looking burly and security guard-ish.

Scott walks through the crowd and realises that all the other lacrosse players are wearing their jerseys, while he’s just in regular clothes. Guess he didn’t get the memo. Now he can’t be one of the cool kids. Sorry, bud. Kira’s on the lacrosse team so she should be here. But I guess she’s still off in Palo Alto with her mum. And Stiles has more important things to do than dance around a fire.

Scott sees Malia dancing and taking swigs from a flask.

SCOTT: Hey. What are you doing here?

MALIA: Getting drunk. What are you doing?

SCOTT: Trying to make sure no one gets hurt.

MALIA: That sounds fun too.

Scott tells Malia that, unfortunately, something about their healing powers means that they can’t get drunk or feel the effects of alcohol. That’s not going to stop Malia from trying. She tells Scott to go tell Liam the news, since he’s off trying to get drunk with Mason.

Get your logic away from me.

Get your logic away from me.

Stiles and Lydia are still at the sheriff’s station. Stiles points out that they would need a warrant to get any files from Eichen House. There’s no one in Eichen House who would be willing to help them but there might be someone willing to take a bribe.

Um, EXCUSE ME. Where is Ms Morrell? She was working at Eichen House last season as a counsellor and I’m pretty sure she is dedicated to ‘maintaining the balance’ or whatever. She should want to help with the latest supernatural problem since killing off every supernatural in Beacon Hills doesn’t seem very balanced. At the very least, Deaton could maybe bully his little sister into helping. COME ON.

At the bonfire, Liam is chugging away at his alcohol. Mason wants Liam to keep drinking.

MASON: I think you should get drunk. And I mean stumbling down, fall on your ass, passed out, face in a toilet drunk.

LIAM: Why?

MASON: Maybe then when I ask you what’s going on, you’ll be too drunk to lie. I’m not asking because I want to know. I’m asking because I want to help.

Liam looks over and sees Scott standing with Malia. He gets up to get another drink and says that he’s getting drunk. Then he just drops his bottle on the ground because he’s being a punk-ass bitch. Littering isn’t acceptable, Liam. If you’re going to do some reckless underage drinking, at least pick up after yourself.

Litter one more time and I'll punch your face off.

Litter one more time and I’ll punch your face off.

Stiles and Lydia visit Brunski at Eichen House. He wants $1000 to let them into the file room. He knows that Stiles doesn’t have that kind of money; if he did, Sheriff would’ve paid the Eichen House bills by now. But he’s pretty sure Lydia might have that kind of money.

Lydia, looking unimpressed, pulls $500 out of her wallet. Lydia, you and your mother are also in a state of financial difficulty. Why are you walking around with $500 cash? I am a grown woman and I have never in my life walked around with $500 cash just because.

$500 is enough to sway Brunski. Before he lets them into the file room, though, he has to conspicuously change sides on his cassette tape so that Stiles and Lydia can see that the tape is exactly the same kind the Benefactor was distributing. WHAT THE HELL DID I SAY ABOUT BRUNSKI? That scheming, maniacal walking turd is in on it. Still, Stiles and Lydia follow Brunski to the file room.

The fact that I still use cassettes at all is damning enough.

The fact that I still use cassettes at all is damning enough.

At the bonfire, Scott tries to explain to Malia that they had their reasons for not telling her that Peter is her biological father.

MALIA: To protect me. That’s what Peter said you would say. Guess what he said next? That you were right. Does that surprise you?

SCOTT: No, it makes me wonder what he wants. Malia, we need to stay together. You, me, Stiles—

MALIA: I don’t want to talk about Stiles. I just want to dance and get drunk.

She stumbles and nearly falls. It looks like she already is drunk. Scott looks over and sees that Liam is stumbling around as well. Malia says that being drunk doesn’t feel as good as she hoped.

How am I supposed to be designated driver when I'm on a motorcycle?

How am I supposed to be designated driver when I’m on a motorcycle?

Brunski leads Stiles and Lydia into the records room, closing and locking the door behind them. Lydia hands Stiles the list.

STILES: Lydia, why did you write another name on here?

LYDIA: I didn’t write anything.

STILES: This is your handwriting.

LYDIA: Why would I write another name?

STILES: Why would you write mine?

It looks like Lydia’s banshee abilities don’t extend to figuring out what Stiles’s full name is.

It looks like Lydia’s banshee abilities don’t extend to figuring out what Stiles’s full name is.

Brunski appears behind them.

BRUNSKI: It was the tapes, wasn’t it?

He Tasers Stiles in the neck and laughs. Then he turns to Lydia, saying it’s her turn.

Terrified teens give me strength.

Terrified teens give me strength.

Deputy Haigh is handcuffed to a chair in the sheriff’s station interview room. He doesn’t look nearly as beaten to a pulp as I thought he would. Apparently Parrish can come back from the dead but he has tiny ineffectual fists.

Braeden enters, dressed in a suit and sporting a shiny badge. She says that she’s a US Marshal working in conjunction with this office. She wants to ask him some questions.

DEPUTY HAIGH: Yeah, well, I got a question. How’d you get those scares?

BRAEDEN: A werewolf. How’d you break your nose?

Haigh clearly doesn’t have a broken nose. Braeden remedies that problem with her fist.

How dare you try and kill my supernaturals?

How dare you try and kill my supernaturals?

At the bonfire, Malia is not looking too good. Scott asks what Malia had to drink. Her flask is supposedly full of vodka. A security guard in the background is eyeing them. THE SHADY SECURITY GUARDS PROBABLY PUT WOLFSBANE IN MALIA AND LIAM’S DRINKS SOMEHOW. Scott slings Malia’s arm around his neck, telling her to stay on her feet and keep moving.

At the sheriff’s station, Parrish notices that all of the suicide report printouts have something in common: they were all reported by L. Brunski.

This guy either has a very unfortunate job or he's Satan.

This guy either has a very unfortunate job or he’s Satan.

Back at Eichen House, Stiles and Lydia have been tied to a supporting column with the same padded restraints used on patients. Lydia screams for help. Stiles tells her there are a lot of people screaming for help in this place; no one’s listening. Lydia has realised that all of the Eichen House suicides were actually murders; Lorraine Martin predicted her own death.

LYDIA: She knew I’d figure it out—

BRUNSKI: Once you were able to predict your own.

Brunski has returned to the room, carrying his cassette player.

He’s going to torture us with a bad mix tape.

He says that he’s not a serial killer. There are some people at Eichen House who don’t simply need treatment: they need release. And he was helping them. Now he wants Lydia’s help. Brunski pulls out a cassette tape labelled Lorraine Martin and pops it into the player.

At the bonfire, Scott has managed to get Malia over to where Liam and Mason are hanging out. Scott hands Malia a bottle of water. Mason says that Liam hasn’t had enough alcohol to be acting like this. Scott says they have to get Malia and Liam away. Suddenly, Scott starts slurring. His vision goes blurry. And he hasn’t had a sip of alcohol. THERE’S WOLFSBANE IN THE BONFIRE.

We should never get drunk for real. This feels disgusting.

Scott looks up at the DJ and focuses his hearing. There seems to be a separate, almost ultrasonic track being played underneath the music. Okay, sorry for yelling before. There’s ULTRASONIC DEATH MUSIC HAPPENING.

At Eichen House, Brunski plays the cassette tape. Lydia listens, tears streaming down her face, as, on the tape, Lorraine Martin ask Brunski what he’s doing. Brunski tells her that it’s going to be all right; she’s just going to have a little trouble breathing.

Stiles tries to get Lydia focussed on his voice so she can block out the sound of her grandmother’s final moments. Stiles yells for Brunski to turn off the tape and Brunski punches him in the face. He tells Lydia to listen. The tape is coming up on the part he never understood. Lorraine begs Brunski not to hurt Ariel before she dies.

Back at the bonfire, Scott says that he has to turn off the music. He tells Mason not to let Liam and Malia out of his sight. Scott makes his way through the crowd towards the DJ. Seeing him, the DJ turns up the death music. Scott falls to the ground and is taken away by some of those shady burly security guards.

Other shady burly security guards arrive to escort Liam and Malia out for being ‘overly intoxicated’. Mason says that he’ll go with them. The head security guard shoves Mason to the ground. Two lacrosse players immediately run to Mason’s aid but Malia and Liam are already being dragged away.

The security guards take Scott, Malia, and Liam into the school hallway. The head security guard is holding a can of gasoline.

HEAD SECURITY GUARD: Haigh says we’ve got to burn you.

He starts dousing Scott, Malia, and Liam in gasoline.

Back at Eichen House, Brunski pulls out a first aid kit. He says that they get a lot of teenagers trying to break into their drug cabinets. Most of the time they don’t succeed but Stiles and Lydia look pretty clever so that’s how he’ll disguise their deaths.

At the bonfire, Mason remembers what Scott said about the music. He looks at the DJ station, trying to figure out how to turn the music off.

In the school, the head security guard pulls out a lighter.

I have harnessed the power of fire.

I have harnessed the power of fire.

Mason sees the power cord and yanks it out. The music cuts off, eliciting groans and shouts from angry partygoers.

Sorry, bud. Murder on the Dance Floor was so 2001.

Sorry, bud. Murder on the Dance Floor was so 2001.

Back in the school, Scott is suddenly capable of Alpha mode again. His eyes glow and he reaches up, twisting the guard’s hand to close the lighter and extinguish the flame.

I'm an aggressive hand-holder.

I’m an aggressive hand-holder.

Braeden suddenly appears and bashes the head security guard’s skull with the butt of her gun. Derek walks in as well and takes on two other security guards while Braeden takes out a third.

This is maybe the second time we’ve actually seen Derek win a fight (the first, to my memory, being when he took on the Berserkers during his Baby Derek metamorphosis in episode 2). Maybe Braeden’s been teaching him some moves. Or maybe it’s just because he’s not wasting time growling at people.

Braeden breaks the neck of the head security guard and we’re done with the fighting—which is disappointing, since I am officially on the bandwagon for a Mr and Mrs Smith-style movie starring Derek and Braeden.

SCOTT: What happened to the gun?

DEREK: You’re covered in gasoline.

SCOTT: Oh, yeah.

Guns are not the answer to everything, Scott.

Back in Eichen House, Brunski fills a syringe with some kind of death serum. He doesn’t have any unusual talents like Lydia but somehow he knew that he was going to get a chance to do this again. (By ‘this’, he’s referring to the sadistic injection technique that Stiles suffered back in season 3B.)

Brunski leans towards Stiles, who braces himself. At the last moment, Brunski switches and goes for Lydia. Stiles starts thrashing around, trying to get free and save her.

Hold still. This is going to hurt a lot.

Hold still. This is going to hurt a lot.

Before Brunski can inject Lydia, Parrish appears, holding his gun. He tells Brunski to drop the needle.

Someone burned me alive today. I don't think you want to argue.

Someone burned me alive today. I don’t think you want to argue.

BRUNSKI: Young deputy. You’re just a kid. I bet you’ve never even fired a—

Parrish shoots Brunski, sending him flying backwards. Parrish removes Lydia’s restraints and lets her free Stiles so he can keep his gun trained on Brunski.

LYDIA: He killed my grandmother. He was controlling Meredith.

STILES: He used her to create the dead pool

LYDIA: And he killed her when she tried to help us.

Brunski coughs up blood and laughs.

BRUNSKI: You think it was me? That I was controlling her? She was controlling me.



His head lolls to the side as he dies. Oh, SHIT. Lydia realises that Brunski isn’t the Benefactor. Someone else speaks—someone we weren’t expecting.

MEREDITH: No. And he wasn’t on my list. But he was a bad person.

MEREDITH, NO. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Sweetie, just come here and let me love you. Stop signing people up for your death list. Someone could actually have killed you, I hope you know.

One of Eichen House’s extracurricular activities is learning how to plot and fund multiple murders.



3 thoughts on “Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 9: Perishable

  1. It’s such a plot twist! At first I suspected someone else but then I was like no, that’s too obvious. But Meredith??! Well, I guess she might have been a bit crazy (no pun intended.)

    • At first I thought it was Peter. It seemed really stupidly obvious because his name wasn’t on the dead pool. Now I think he’s just stealing Derek’s powers so he can make his neck progressively bigger and more muscly (and so that he’ll be strong enough to kill Scott and become an Alpha again). But that still doesn’t explain why his name isn’t on the dead pool at ALL and the Mute still went after him.
      Three episodes to go! Answers will come soon 🙂

      • Yeah, same. But I don’t think he’s stealing Derek’s powers, I think it’s Kate. Or it’s both of them since they’re working together. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s his money so many Meredith decided to spare him since he already lost so much money? And maybe the Mute just felt threatened.
        Yeah, hopefully a lot of answers! 😀

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