Teen Wolf recap – Season 3, Episode 24: The Divine Move

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Scott, Isaac, and Lydia sit in the sheriff’s station, in shock.

All three of you come here and have a hug. I’m wrapping you all in blankets and giving you hot chocolate with little marshmallows.

Scott has a HAZY FLASHBACK to Chris coaching him on what to say to the police. Scott is in shock but he agrees to say that he called Allison’s dad first—that two people in masks tried to steal Allison’s car and he thinks one of them had a knife. If Scott gets confused, all he has to say is that it happened so fast.

Scott can’t believe that Chris is holding it together. Chris tells him that ‘it’s what we do’. He walks away, looking too shocked for tears.

In Sheriff’s office, Deputy Parrish takes Isaac’s statement while Sheriff sits beside him for moral support. Isaac repeats the same story, saying that it happened so fast.

At the Yukimura house, Mama Yukimura pours Stiles a cup of chamomile tea, saying it will calm him.

Does this tea happen to turn back time so we can get Allison back?

Mr Yukimura says that Stiles isn’t safe here or anywhere. Kira reminds her parents that Allison killed one of the Oni. That has to mean something.

STILES: Yeah, and then they killed her. Allison is dead. Now I guess the only good thing is it looks like I’m dying too.

Mama Yukimura says that the Nogitsune made a powerful move by splitting Stiles in two. It has had the advantage all along and they need a divine move—a truly inspired move—to turn the game around. Kira asks how the Nogitsune was trapped last time. Mama Yukimura says it wasn’t the glass jar but where it was buried—in the roots of the Nemeton.

Chris returns home with Isaac. Chris says that he appreciates Isaac’s concern but he doesn’t have to stay—he’ll be all right.

CHRIS: I’ve dealt with this before. I have a capacity and an ability to compartmentalise my emotions.

ISAAC: I don’t.

He starts to cry and Chris pulls him into a hug. His eyes go hard. He wants revenge.

Let me love you.

Sheriff asks Deputy Parrish to try and keep Allison’s death quiet so that the press don’t start harassing the kids for their story. Parrish offers to put a squad car outside Sheriff’s house for the night.

Parrish looks up and sees an Oni materialise behind another deputy. The Oni draws his gun and slashes the deputy in the back. Parrish draws his gun and starts firing.

I have regrets!


Derek uses a lighter to burn the wolfsbane poisoning out of the twins. They should be fine in a few hours unless whoever shot them comes back to finish the job. Now that the Nogitsune is no longer holding Lydia hostage, Aiden wants to convince her to run and hide. Ethan wants to do the same for Danny.

DEREK: I think Danny won’t believe you. And Lydia would never run and hide.

AIDEN: Because of Stiles?

DEREK: Because of Scott.

All this time, the twins have been trying to fight for a place in Scott’s pack but you don’t fight for a leader: you fight for a leader’s cause. Scott will always do anything and everything to save the people he cares about. If the twins want redemption, they need to find another way to stand and fight.

We’ve just narrowly escaped death. Do we really need a lecture right now?

Scott and Lydia visit Deaton at the animal clinic to fill him in on what Stiles and Kira have learned. The Nemeton may have kept the Nogitsune trapped years ago but Deaton’s not sure if that will work again now that the Nemeton isn’t at full strength. However, when the Nemeton was whole, its wood was sometimes used to contain powerful objects. Hearing that, Lydia brings up the triskele cylinder that has been housing Talia Hale’s Alpha claws.

LYDIA: What if it was made from the Nemeton?

DEATON: It was.

SCOTT: How do you know?

DEATON: Because I made it.

Void Stiles pays a visit to the hospital with his Oni. He politely asks a nurse to page Mama McCall. One of the Oni pulls out his knife and stabs the nurse in the stomach. Void Stiles decides to find Mama McCall himself.

I come bearing monsters.

Nogitsune Stiles walks through the hospital in slow-mo, his Oni carving down everyone in their path to an excellent soundtrack.

At the sheriff’s station, all the deputies have their guns drawn. The Oni has been knocked over by the bullets but we all know that’s got to be a trick.

Yep. The Oni leaps to his feet and a second one materialises. Everyone starts firing rounds of bullets into them but the Oni stand there and take it.

Agent and Mama McCall walk through the hospital together. The lights are flickering but the chaos hasn’t reached them yet. Agent McCall is ready to go back to San Francisco and he’s trying to wuss out of telling Scott that he’s leaving. He wants Mama McCall to tell Scott and he’ll just send a follow-up email. They get in an elevator and Mama McCall tells Agent McCall (whose first name is Raph, by the way) that he can’t bail after one fight if he really does want a relationship with Scott. Scott doesn’t hate his dad; he just wants him to try harder.

The lights in the elevator flicker and the elevator seems to stop. No surprise. You people are always riding elevators when the electricity’s on the fritz. Well, they’re not trapped. The doors slide open onto the floor where the Oni are still killing people.  Agent McCall draws his gun and shoots at the Oni, simultaneously smashing buttons in the elevator to close the doors and take them to a different floor.


The door close and they seem safe. Or they would, if Mama McCall hadn’t been cut on the thigh with an Oni blade.

Isaac is in Allison’s room, playing with some of her daggers. Chris sees him and takes the dagger away, saying it takes some practice. When Allison was learning, she had to bandage her fingers because they got so raw from handling the daggers but she refused to give up.

Isaac tells Chris that Allison was trying to say something to Scott while she died. Isaac overheard everything.

ISAAC: ‘You have to tell him,’ she said. ‘You have to tell my father.’ She didn’t get a chance to finish it but I’m sure it was just that she loved you.

Chris, finally looking close to tears, says that Allison made a point of telling him earlier. He tells Isaac about Allison trying to mould her own silver arrowheads downstairs. Isaac needs to see the arrowheads; he has a feeling they aren’t there.

I’m fairly certain the Oni didn’t just randomly start spewing sunshine.

Black smoke is spewing from Mama McCall’s leg wound. Agent McCall rips up something and ties it to her leg, trying to keep pressure on the wound. That looks like a hospital gown but where did you get a hospital gown, dude? You just carry that around with you?

Ew, don’t touch me.

More shooting at the sheriff’s station. As Parrish is struggling to reload, Sheriff comes out with a fucking bazooka (probably not. I don’t know guns. It’s bloody big and it packs a punch) and for a second it looks like the tide has turned. But the Oni manage to cut a few deputies and then Sheriff and Parrish.

Scott gets a call from Derek, who says he has the triskele box. He’s going to meet them. Lydia suddenly stumbles backwards like she’s about to faint. Scott grabs her. Lydia says that something is happening. She’s just gotten a sudden rushing feeling like they’re running out of time.

Stiles and Kira arrive at the animal clinic. Stiles is so weak he needs to be physically supported. He feels like they’re running out of time as well.

Down in the Argent basement/weapons locker, Chris and Isaac find four silver arrowheads where there should have been five. Isaac realises that Allison used the silver arrowhead to kill the Oni. That was what she wanted Scott to tell her father.

Look, Daddy. I figured out how to make shiny ones.

Chris thinks back to his first ever gun deal—the one with the Yakuza. When the Oni attacked, Chris picked up one of his silver bullets and fired, breaking one of their masks. Isaac thinks silver might be a poison to the Oni but it needs to stay in the body to work properly. Allison’s arrow got lodged in the Oni’s body for long enough, and it was lethal.

The other four arrowheads must have still been setting when Allison went off to meet Scott. With four more arrowheads, they can kill the Oni.

The Oni have left the sheriff’s station but there are a lot of wounded deputies sitting around and all of their cuts are issuing black smoke.

Scott drives over to the school in Stiles’s Jeep with the others. Stiles stumbles out of the car and Lydia runs to him, letting him lean on her as they walk to the school. Did I miss something? Why are you guys here in the middle of the night? Outside the doors, Stiles pauses.

STILES: I know what you’re all thinking—that if this works, it might kill me too. But even if it does, you just—you have to go through with it. Stick with the plan, okay?

SCOTT: The plan is to save you. That’s the plan I’m going with.

Scott pushes through the school doors and they step not into a school hallway but into the Yakuza garden. It’s snowing. This is definitely not part of the plan.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Agent McCall, having received no call back from dispatch, tries calling Sheriff direct. Sheriff, unsurprisingly, doesn’t answer. Mama McCall is on the verge of passing out. She tells Agent McCall to try again with Scott. He’s a teenage boy and he doesn’t care about apologies; he wants his dad to do better. And maybe suffer a little. Agent McCall promises to make it work. The elevator doors slide open, revealing a hallway full of dead or dying people but no Oni. Agent McCall drags Mama McCall out of the elevator.

Derek arrives at the school in wolf mode with the triskele box. Void Stiles and two Oni wait for him on the stairs. The twins appear behind Derek. Void Stiles is not impressed by a pack of former Alphas.

Now we just need Peter here to round out the gang of has-beens.

DEREK: I might not be an Alpha anymore but I can still fight like one.

Derek and the twins roar and rush at the Oni.

In the garden, the bandaged Nogitsune walks up, moving like a marionette. He’s ready to make good on his promise to kill all of Stiles’s friends one by one. An Oni appears and swings a sword. Kira blocks it with her katana.

The Nogitsune says that they’re between life and death. Lydia realises that he means Bardo, which we heard mentioned a few times at the start of the season. The Nogitsune tells Stiles that everyone he loves is dying.

NOGITSUNE: I’ve captured almost all the territories on the board, Stiles. The hospital, the sheriff station, and now the animal clinic.

Thunderbirds are go!

We cut to Deaton, who tries to fend off two Oni with some Matrix dodges. But he can’t escape being cut. The Oni disappear.

Back in the Japanese snow den, the Nogitsune is chatting about sebuku—the Japanese ritual wherein a samurai would disembowel himself with his own sword to maintain his honour. The killing blow isn’t actually sticking a sword in your stomach. It’s when your leader beheads you with your own sword.

Since Scott is Stiles’s leader, the Nogitsune decides he’s going to make Scott kill Stiles. And Stiles is going to let him. If he doesn’t, everyone touched by an Oni’s blade will die. This is all about winning the game. The Oni start doing ninja moves with their swords again. Scott wolfs out and Kira is ready with her katana.

I will cut you.

Back at the sheriff’s station, Parrish is starting to drift off. Sheriff yells at him to keep his eyes open. The poison from the Oni’s blades is working fast.

I don’t want to stay away. It HURTS.

At the hospital, Mama McCall is lying on a stretcher, looking like death. She tells Agent McCall not to leave Scott again.

AGENT McCALL: You told me to leave.

MAMA McCALL: I told a drunk to get out of the house. I didn’t tell his father to get out of his life. You came back to make it up to him, right?

AGENT McCALL: I came back to make it up to both of you.

In the Japanese snow den, Scott and Kira fight against the Oni. Stiles and Lydia are sheltering behind a little bridge. Lydia has her arms around Stiles, still keeping him steady. Scott can’t work out how they’re in this place and Kira can’t help him with that—a month ago, she’d never even touched a sword and now she has ninja powers so logic doesn’t stand up too well in her life. Fighting goes into slow-mo in the garden and Lydia protests that this can’t be real. Eventually, Kira is disarmed and has two Oni bearing down on her.

Derek and the twins are still fighting Oni on the steps of the school. Void Stiles starts walking away, determined not to get caught up in the fight.

Continue your fight to the death. I’ve just got to take a quick phone call.

The twins and Derek realise that if the Nogitsune’s here then Scott and the others have to be close by—probably in the school. I doubt they’ve figured out the magic Japanese snow garden part yet but they can be forgiven for that.

Derek yells for someone to protect the triskele box. Aiden looks around and sees two Oni materialise beside it.

AIDEN: I hate ninjas.

He goes on to face them by himself because he’s a freaking moron.

At the hospital, blood is starting to drip from Mama McCall’s mouth. Agent McCall shouts for help, asking what the blood on her lips means. People are too busy dealing with their own problems to answer so I’ll answer you, buddy: blood on the lips doesn’t mean anything good.

Stiles lunges for Kira’s abandoned sword and positions it, ready to stab himself. Everyone stops. Scott yells at him to stop. Lydia looks panicked and close to tears.

You use the pointy end, right?

STILES: What if it saves you? What if it saves all of you?

LYDIA: What if it’s just another trick?

The Nogitsune says there’ll be no more tricks. He tells Scott to end it and let Stiles fall on his own sword.

Stiles’s hands are shaking. As he gets ready to plunge the knife into his stomach, he sees something in the reflection of Kira’s katana—it’s a Biology textbook. And behind that, covered in snow, is a desk and chairs from a classroom.

Our props department got lazy. So what?

NOGITSUNE: You have no moves left.

STILES: I do. A divine move.

He throws Kira her katana.

Outside, Aiden shouts that they can’t beat the Oni. Ethan tells him to take the box while he and Derek hold off the Oni. Suddenly, one of the Oni gets an arrow in its chest—a silver arrow. Chris has arrived, carrying a crossbow. Isaac parkours into play.

Ready to kill some bitches.

The Oni pulls the silver arrow out of its chest and disappears in a puff of black smoke. Void Stiles sees it and starts to run. Derek yells for Isaac to get the triskele box to Scott. Isaac picks it up and takes off running.

In the garden, Lydia is holding onto Stiles once more, maybe to keep him standing and maybe just because she doesn’t want to let him go. Stiles yells to stop fighting the Oni—this might look and feel real but it’s all an illusion.

The Oni form a guard and Scott and Kira start to walk through them. They’re sliced again and again by Oni blades but they struggle on. Scott grabs hold of the Nogitsune and shoves him backwards, through the garden doors.

Oni swords may break my bones but hallucinations will never hurt me.

They emerge in the ordinary school hallway. The Nogitsune is gone and so are their wounds.

Thank God. None of us were really dressed for the snow.

Scott starts to laugh in relief when he’s thrown against a set of lockers. Kira turns and sees Void Stiles standing behind her. He shoves her to the floor.

VOID STILES: This was my game. Think you can beat me at my game?

Out on the stairs, Derek holds an Oni in place so Chris can kill it with a silver arrow. The other Oni blocks an arrow, cutting it in half. Chris shouts that it’s the last one. Aiden grabs the arrow and plunges it into the Oni’s chest, killing it.

Got me right in the sunshine.

The Oni disappears and Aiden’s eyes stop glowing. He looks down to see the Oni’s blade in his stomach. He pulls out the sword and drops it to the ground.

In the school, Stiles and Lydia back away from Void Stiles. He strides toward them, his eyes full of murder.

VOID STILES: Divine move? Divine move? You think you have any moves at all? You can kill the Oni but me—me? I’M A THOUSAND YEARS OLD. YOU CAN’T KILL ME.

LYDIA: But we can change you.

tw3x24 22

Thousand-year-olds can still throw temper tantrums.

Void Stiles falters. Stiles and Lydia remind him about the Shugendō scroll. All you need to do is change the host.

STILES: You can’t be a fox and a wolf.

Scott grabs Void Stiles from behind and bites down hard on his arm. Void Stiles screams and Kira runs him through with her katana.

Tastes like jerk.

The school lights flicker as Void Stiles falls to his knees. A single fly escapes from his mouth and buzzes down the hallway, where Isaac captures it in the triskele box.

Thank you, Tupperware.

Void Stiles starts to convulse. His face cracks like stone and he falls to the floor, exploding into a cloud of dust. The dust blows away.

If these visual effects were good enough for Voldemort’s death, they’re good enough for me.

In the hospital, Mama McCall sits up. The wound on her leg is already starting to heal. She leans against Agent McCall, relieved. In the animal clinic, Deaton is healed. Deputy Parrish and Sheriff get to their feet, looking pretty pleased with themselves for not dying.

I LIVE. Thank God. There’s no way you could’ve handled being a single dad.

In the school, Stiles collapses. He opens his eyes and finds himself looking up at Scott, Kira, Isaac, and Lydia. Lydia bows her head in relief. Stiles is fine; he just fainted. They’re all alive.

Congrats on not dying.

Scott’s face falls as he remembers that not all of them are alive—Allison is gone forever. Lydia looks over her shoulder as if she hears something.

Outside, Derek, Chris, and Ethan are all gathered around Aiden. The Oni’s blade apparently went in too deep for even a werewolf to heal. Black blood spills from his mouth.

AIDEN: Does it hurt you as much as it hurts me?

ETHAN: Yeah.

They lean their heads together and cry. Aiden says that Lydia was never going to believe he was one of the good guys anyway. Derek says that Lydia will believe him. Ethan manages a short laugh. He leans his head against Aiden’s once more and shushes him as Aiden dies.

A moment of ugly crying for Lydia because she’s lost her best friend and now her boyfriend.

Lydia runs out of the school and sees what happened. She turns around and launches herself into Stiles’s arms, turning away from the sight. Stiles hugs her, staring on in disbelief.

Aw, shit.

In the aftermath, Mama and Mr Yukimura pack away the Go pieces and smile at each other.

Scott sits at the kitchen table. Mama McCall sits down and puts her arms around him. Scott starts to cry.


Isaac carries the triskele box as he and Chris leave the Argent apartment.

You two better come back next season. Seriously.

At school, Kira leans against Lydia’s locker. Kira wishes she could say something to all of them but she isn’t sure how much time or space she’s supposed to give them after Allison’s death. And she’s still just the new girl. Kira, I love you but Lydia is in the same boat. She just lost her best friend and her boyfriend so she’s going to need time as well.

Lydia looks up and sees Malia Tate walking down the hall with Coach.

COACH: You ever run track? I mean, you have excellent muscle definition.

MALIA: I sometimes ran from cougars trying to eat me.

COACH: I’ve had the same problem. So listen, we’re going to start off slow. You know, a few classes here and there. Don’t worry; you’ll learn fast.

MALIA: I intend to.

Looks like Kira won’t be the new girl for much longer. Malia catches Lydia’s eye and smiles as she walks past. Lydia  manages a small smile in return.

What are you doing, girl? You should be in primary school.

In his bedroom, Scott starts teaching Malia how to control her powers. Stiles sits on the bed, watching as Malia tries to pull her claws out on a whim. She finally gets it and laughs excitedly, almost scratching Stiles’s face.

Totally nailed it.

Ethan and Danny sit in a stairwell. Ethan apologises, saying he doesn’t think he can stay after Aiden’s death.

DANNY: Actually, it’s okay.

ETHAN: You’re breaking up with me?

DANNY: I like you. A lot. You’re incredibly good looking and smart and sweet. And I—I just don’t think I can do it.

ETHAN: Date me?

DANNY: Date a werewolf.

ETHAN: You knew?

DANNY: Dude, it’s Beacon Hills.

Ethan leans in and gives Danny a chaste goodbye kiss. He leaves Danny sitting in the stairwell, smiling. YOU LITTLE MONSTER. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU. Actually, I can. After all the times Danny has been close enough to overhear conversations because no one bothers to lower their voices, I’m really not that surprised he’s figured it out. He obviously—wisely—decided to keep out of it.

You are perfect, Danny. Never change.

Sheriff walks past Stiles’s room and sees him dismantling his murder board. Stiles says he’s just clearing his head. I just noticed he’s wearing a green shirt. Green for SOLVED. Shut up, you’re crying.

He’s wearing green and everything’s all right. Except nothing’s all right.

Scott is working at the animal clinic, trying to pretend that everything is normal. Deaton asks him if he’s ever heard the term ‘regression to the mean’. It’s a technical way of saying that things will always even out.

SCOTT: Like things will always get better?

DEATON: More like things can’t always be bad.

No matter how bad or good things get, they always come back to the middle—regression to the mean. Scott says with a smile that he’s not so sure that applies to a town like this. Deaton thinks he might be right.

Derek consults Stiles in the locker room.

DEREK: It was a dream. Actually, it was more like a nightmare.

STILES: Okay. What happened?

DEREK: It started with these Hunters that caught Peter and me after we left Cora. There was a family of them led by a guy named Severo. They broke into my loft.

Stiles, get back in your green shirt. It makes me happy.

We see Severo and his other WEREWOLF HUNTER buddies in Derek’s loft, throwing him around a bit. Severo chambers a round, pointing his gun at Derek’s stomach. He wants to know about la loba—the she-wolf.

DEREK: You should just go ahead and kill me because you’re never going to find Cora.

SEVERO: Cora? Who the hell is Cora?

Suddenly, a smoke bomb is set off in the loft. Derek crouches down. The WEREWOLF HUNTERS look around, pointing their guns through the smoke. There’s a weird growl that doesn’t seem to be coming from Derek.

Someone takes out a HUNTER. The others start firing but they’re taken out as well, one by one. Derek stands, looking around. The mystery person picks up a gun and fires it at Derek.

In the locker room, Stiles asks who the mystery person was. Derek tells him that there are a lot of myths about how people can be turned into a werewolf. Usually it happens from a bite. There’s a myth about drinking rainwater out of the puddle of a werewolf’s print and there’s another myth as well—

In HAZY FLASHBACK to season 1, we sees Kate Argent asking her brother, Chris, if a person can get turned by a scratch. Chris says it’s possible if the claws go deep enough.

Let’s dig right into the archives for this one.

There’s another HAZY FLASHBACK to Peter Hale killing Kate Argent—ripping her throat out with his claws.

STILES: Derek, if this is all just a dream why do you look so worried?

DEREK: Because I don’t remember waking up. So tell me. How do you know—how do you know if you’re still dreaming?

STILES: Fingers. In dreams, you have extra fingers.

Derek seizes Stiles’s hand. Stiles has five fingers and a thumb. Derek’s still dreaming.

What are you talking about? This is the normal amount of fingers for a human to have.

In the loft, Derek falls to his knees, bleeding from the bullet wound. Kate Argent steps out of the smoke.

DEREK: You’re real.

KATE: That’s right, Derek. And if seeing me is a surprise, watch this.

She suddenly shifts. Her face goes all purple-black, fangs appear, and her eyes glow green. She roars.

The bitch is back.




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