Teen Wolf recap – Season 4, Episode 10: Monstrous

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It’s raining and some infant young girl is running beside a bunch of parked school buses, trying to stay ahead of her attackers. One of them is Brett, prep-school Beta jerk. Wait, he’s not an attacker. They’re mates. This is the first time we’ve seen Brett since he was farting yellow wolfsbane from his chest so it’s nice to see he’s made a full recovery.

Someone else is shooting arrows at both of them and Brett cops one in the shoulder. He rips it out and dodges another one, then takes on some dude close-up.

Brett keeps shouting the girl’s name but I can’t make it out. Wait, it’s Lori. Whoever Lori is, she is not the brightest. It turns out they’re at Beacon Hills High School and apparently the best place to hide is in the middle of a completely open area where floodlights can be turned on to illuminate your position. You have a lot to learn, girl-child.

This is your best idea ever, guys.

This is your best idea ever, guys.

What’s that? Floodlights on? What did I JUST say? And still, Brett and Lori stand in the middle of the field and just chill out as a bunch of laser sights creep up onto Brett’s chest.

Brett tells Lori to close her eyes, because that will definitely stop them from being shot to death. An arrow flies towards Brett’s chest but is intercepted by KIRA’S KATANA! Kira’s back from Palo Alto!

She yells for Brett and Lori to run (they do) and then manages to see through the rain and deflect every arrow with her katana because she’s just that good. Eventually, the baddies seem to run out of arrows.

Been back five minutes and already saving bitches.

Been back five minutes and already saving bitches.

Did anyone else, for one wild minute, desperately hope that Allison was the one shooting off crossbows everywhere? Because I did. I so did. (It wasn’t. I was sad.)


Scott hurries to leave the house, having heard about the recent assassination attempt from Kira. Liam is hanging out at Scott’s house, still wearing his lacrosse jersey. I guess that means this is happening right after last week’s episode.

Liam pauses, reluctant to leave the house and deal with more assassins. Seeing this, Scott stops rushing and offers to take Liam home like the good Alpha dad that he is.

LIAM: I’m not like you.

SCOTT: Not yet.

LIAM: I don’t mean I’m not strong or I’m never going to learn how to be in control. I mean everything else. You and your friends try and protect everyone. Have you been doing this the whole time? I mean, how are you all still alive?

SCOTT: Not all of us are.

Liam looks on the verge of tears but Scott offers him that adorable puppy smile and again offers to take Liam home. This time, Liam accepts.

Hug it out, boys. You know you want to.

Hug it out, boys. You know you want to.

Stiles is at the hospital, suffering from a concussion after copping Brunski’s abuse last episode. Mama McCall won’t let him leave until he has a CT scan—something Stiles still can’t pay for.

Mama McCall tells Stiles that Meredith is at the sheriff’s station. Sheriff is trying to get her to talk and there’s nothing Stiles can do to speed up the process. He sits back down on his hospital bed and asks if Mama McCall can find him a tape player. While she goes off to find something in the hospital that will still play cassettes, Stiles pulls the Lorraine Martin tape out of his bag. Dude, if you stole the Lorraine Martin tape then why didn’t you just take the cassette player that it was in? I’m assuming Parrish was the one that escorted Stiles to hospital so it’s not like Stiles had to hide mystical evidence from him.

Murder's my jam.

Murder’s my jam.

At the sheriff’s station, Sheriff has his arm in a sling but is otherwise looking okay for someone who was recently shot. Lydia is staying at the station until Meredith talks. So far, Sheriff hasn’t been able to make any headway and he wants to call in a psychologist … or a medium. Who do we know who’s kind of both of those things? MS MORRELL. But apparently we are not getting any Ms Morrell this season because Jeff Davis is cruel.

LYDIA: Is she even competent enough to be charged with something?

SHERIFF: If Meredith is the Benefactor then that means she was competent enough to trick Kate into opening the Hale vault, competent enough to blackmail Brunski into helping her, and competent enough to create a hit list and pay out money for its completion. This girl’s practically a criminal mastermind.

Lydia wants to know why Meredith would do this. Sheriff is only interested in the why if it tells him the how. Specifically, how to stop it. He thinks the payments may even be automatic now, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me given my knowledge of internet banking but then, I’m not a criminal mastermind. They don’t just need to stop the dead pool; they need to stop the money.

Scott reunites with Kira at the animal clinic for a make-out session and a quick catch-up. Mama Yukimura is okay, and she’s healing. Kira is also okay because she’s making mouth noises at Scott.

SCOTT: Did you find him? Did you find Brett?

KIRA: Actually, I think I found all of them.

Honey, we have guests.

Honey, we have guests.

Actually, I think she already told you that she found Brett and you already said that to Liam, so stop being weird. Kira leads Scott into the back room where Satomi and what’s left of her pack are hanging out. There are no introductions needed: Scott seems to recognise Satomi from Mama Yukimura’s World War II tale last season and Satomi just knows who Scott is because she’s a stalker probably done her research on the dead pool.

Heard you guys making out, FYI.

Heard you guys making out, FYI.

Lori asks if they’re going to be safe here. I’ve just checked the dead pool and there is no Lori on there so I’m going to go ahead and assume that she’s Lorelai Rohr. Scott looks around at all the people gathered in the animal clinic. Deaton is not there. How did Kira get in? Since when does she have a key?

Everyone looks pretty beaten up and Scott thinks they’re going to need help. A lot of help.

Day. Chris Argent busts into … some place with shrubs. I don’t know. He takes out a couple of guards and walks over to … YELLOW WOLFSBANE. What do you want with yellow wolfsbane, Chris? Tell me that you’re not still thinking about what Araya said a few episodes ago. You don’t have to go back to hunting werewolves just because she waltzed over the border to bitch you out.

Got my murder face on.

Got my murder face on.

Lydia has fallen asleep at the sheriff’s station waiting for Meredith to crack. Sheriff comes out of his office with a few guys who must be the psychologists he was calling. He sees Lydia sitting on the bench.

SHERIFF: I thought I told you to go home.

LYDIA: I thought I told you I wasn’t going anywhere.

The psychologists had no luck with Meredith. Parrish walks up with an update. They’ve been through everything in Brunski’s office and haven’t found anything of help. He takes in Lydia’s dishevelled appearance and she tells him she’s not going home until Meredith starts talking. Sheriff will tell Lydia the moment Meredith starts talking but she’s determined to have a crack. Finally, Sheriff agrees.

Back at the hospital, Mama McCall has taken all night to come back with no cassette player. But she did find something else: Malia. Mama McCall leaves, closing the door behind her.

Malia wants to check that Stiles was okay after being punched by Brunski. Stiles wants to check that Malia’s okay after being nearly set on fire. They’re both mostly okay.

Malia tries to leave but can’t because Mama McCall has locked them in the room until they sort their shit out. Malia offers to break the door but Stiles feels like he already owes the hospital enough money.

STILES: Maybe she wasn’t thinking, exactly, or wasn’t thinking it through. You know, people sometimes do things without thinking them through.

MALIA: Then she’s stupid.

STILES: No. Even smart people can do stupid things. You know, ‘cause they think that it’s the right thing. And I don’t think that we should hold it against her, you know, for the rest of her life.

After an extended metaphor wherein Stiles is Mama McCall, Malia admits that she doesn’t have much practice in things like forgiveness. But she doesn’t hate Stiles; she likes him a lot, actually. Finally, they kiss. Fight over.

The door swings open, though we don’t see Mama McCall unlock it. Aw, she wants Stiles to be happy and he clearly was not happy while in the middle of a lovers’ spat. Mama McCall is adorable.

She totally watched until we made out.

She totally watched while we made out.

Chris heads to the abandoned Argent warehouse, which looks a lot like that weird greenhouse place except with less, you know, greenery. He puts the yellow wolfsbane in a hidden wall safe and then sees footprints on the floor.

Chris picks up his gun and is suddenly disarmed by a some projectile thingiemajig. He pulls out his second gun and comes face to face with a growling Brett.

How dare you trespass on your own property?

How dare you trespass on your own property?

Scott comes running out, telling Brett to calm down because this is Chris’s place. That’s right. Respect your host or find another hideout, buddy. Brett sulks off. Scott says he didn’t have anywhere else to take Satomi’s pack.

Satomi steps out. (I guess that projectile thing was actually her little dagger thingie.)

SATOMI: I know this man. He may not remember but we’ve met before.

SCOTT: You can trust him. I trust him.

Should you trust him, though? Did you see that yellow wolfsbane? What’s up with that?

They fill Chris in on the crossbow assassins from last night. Kira still has one of the arrowheads and Chris recognises the brand. These guys might have been WEREWOLF HUNTERS once but Chris doesn’t think they deserve that title if they’re killing for profit.

Satomi’s pack aren’t safe in this abandoned warehouse—or anywhere, for that matter—but every time they try to get out of town, some new assassin shows up. Scott believes Lydia can get answers about the dead pool from Meredith and she just needs more time.

CHRIS: Well, then that’s what she’ll get.

Stiles and Malia are back at Casa Stilinski, listening to the Lorraine Martin tape on an old boombox. Lorraine says there’s something she has to stop. Brunski says that he has to take her back to Eichen but Lorraine has already heard the tape recorder in his pocket; she knows she’s not going back to Eichen alive. Brunski is going to tape her death, just like he taped all the others. So if Lorraine wasn’t at Eichen House when the tape was made, where was she?

Eichen House security is actually abysmal.

Eichen House security is actually abysmal.

Lydia paces around Sheriff’s office, delivering a detective monologue to Meredith about how she knows how this all happened.

LYDIA: He used my grandmother’s code for the dead pool. He put it online. He took the money from the Hale vault, then turned the bearer bonds into cash. He made the payments. Was it Brunski’s idea to fake your death? Did he get nervous because you helped us with one of the cipher keys?

Meredith maintains that she wanted to help. All she’s ever wanted to do is help. And she wouldn’t be here right now if she didn’t want to talk. But she’s only talking to one person: Peter Hale. Oh. Oh, GUYS. Meredith was hospitalised for a year after her ears exploded from banshee overload. Bet you anything she was in the same hospital as Peter. I BET YOU.

Back in his room, Stiles and Malia replay the tape until Malia’s werecoyote hearing picks up on something. Behind the talking, she can hear the record player from Lorraine’s lake house. As far as they know, Lorraine only had one banshee prediction: Maddy’s death. She spent decades trying to predict something else.

Malia thinks maybe Lorraine did predict something else. And this time, it wasn’t just one death, it was a lot of them. It was the dead pool. And she knew there was something in the lake house study that could stop it from happening.

Chris sets up motion sensors (?) around the warehouse to warn them of incoming assassins. Everyone is gearing up for a fight. Everyone except Satomi’s pack, who are kind of standing around and looking sad.

DEREK: They’ve got claws and fangs but they’re not fighters.

That’s why Scott called in Derek. Only Derek doesn’t have claws and fangs anymore either, which is why he called Braeden. Kira is still hoping that this is all a false alarm and they’re not going to be bombarded with assassins. No one else is that optimistic.

Is this kid serious?

Is this kid serious?

Scott tells the others that Lydia is still talking to Meredith and Stiles and Malia are on their way to the lake house to try and stop the dead pool. Brett overhears and asks what happens if they can’t stop it. What happens if the dead pool doesn’t end until every single person on it is dead?

DEREK: Then let’s send a message. Let’s make tonight perfectly clear to anyone with a copy of that list. It doesn’t matter if they’re professional assassins, hunters, or an amateur who just picked up a gun. Anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill us for money is going to be put on another list: our list. They get to be a name on our dead pool.

Braeden raises her gun in agreement and silent praise for her new beau.

It's about time someone gave an empowering speech.

It’s about time someone gave an empowering speech.

At the sheriff’s station, Peter has arrived. He’s finding it hard to believe that Meredith, who looks harmless, is the one who stole all of the money from the Hale vault but he agrees to go and talk to her.

Once inside the interview room, Peter asks Meredith where his money is. She stares at him in confusion and then slowly reaches out to caress his face.

Soft Peter, warm Peter, little ball of fury.

Peter lets it carry on for a second before grabbing Meredith’s wrist and putting her hand back down on the table.

PETER: Why did you do that?

MEREDITH: They’re all gone.

In the observation room, Lydia realises that Peter and Meredith have met before. Meredith is talking about Peter’s burn scars being completely healed.

At the Argent warehouse, Chris admits that he remembers meeting Satomi back when she wasn’t a Buddhist and he wasn’t protecting werewolves. Chris wants to know about the mantra ‘Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth’ and what it means to Satomi. For her, the truth is that werewolves are violent creatures who eventually will not be able to control their violent impulses. The mantra is supposed to help them subdue their nature.

CHRIS: But you’re still violent creatures.

SATOMI: Aren’t we all?

Just wanted to establish our new backstory real quick.

Just wanted to establish our new backstory real quick.

The motion sensors start beeping. The assassins have arrived.

Back at the sheriff’s station, Peter is really not taking that face-touching well.

PETER: Meredith, you put everyone, including my nephew and my daughter, on  a death list. Don’t you think you owe us the slightest explanation of why?

MEREDITH: You said it had to be kept secret.

BUSTED. Peter maintains that they’ve never met, at least in his memory. Peter shoves the table out of the way, throws Parrish to the ground, and digs his claws into Meredith’s neck to get inside her mind.

The assassins toss smoke grenades into the warehouse and start shooting everywhere. They’re all dressed in some hardcore assassin getup and firing like they have unlimited ammunition. One dude’s firing at the ceiling. Chris and Derek start shooting as well.

Gonna get some great XP tonight.

Gonna get some great XP tonight.

Lydia and Sheriff burst into the interview room. Sheriff and Parrish have their guns trained on Peter but Lydia warns them off. If they break the psychic link between Peter and Meredith, they could both die.

You couldn't just ask her in private like a normal person, could you, Peter?

You couldn’t just ask her in private like a normal person, could you, Peter?

We get a HAZY FLASHBACK to Meredith’s ears bleeding from Lorraine Martin’s record player. She was taken to a hospital somewhere and we get a shot of her info. UM, WHAT? The arrival date/time is listed as the 10th of December 2009. Meredith’s date of birth is listed as the 23rd of November 1998. And her age is 16. That is BASIC MATH, guys. That is SUPER BASIC MATH.

2009 – 1998 = 11. BASIC. She would be 11 fucking years old based on those dates. Also, even if this show is not bothering to follow its timeline and we’re just assuming that everything is happening in present-day, Meredith would be 16 NOW. Once again, a basic equation: 2014 – 1998 = 16.

So Meredith can’t have been 16 when she was in hospital back then because Lydia said in the last episode that Meredith was hospitalised for over a year. The doctor in this flashback is saying that Meredith has been ‘non-responsive for several weeks’, which means that she should be in hospital for at least another 11 months. Which means that she should be 17 by the time she gets out of hospital. She can’t be 17 if 2014, the farthest date we can stretch this show to if we’re not following the timeline, would make her 16 fucking years old. And if we are following the timeline then this is still in January 2012 and Meredith would be 13 years old.

The diagnosis is bad writing and poor continuity. Prescription: one swift smack across the face.

The diagnosis is bad writing and poor continuity. Prescription: one swift smack across the face.

BACK TO THE STORY. The doctor says there’s no sign of physical trauma and no response to external stimuli, leading them to believe that the damage is primarily psychological.

Back in the interview room, Meredith has started muttering and Lydia can hear and understand Meredith absolutely perfectly. Meredith is narrating all of her HAZY FLASHBACK for the others because she’s a sweetie. She says that she was in the same hospital as Peter (I WAS RIGHT).

Back into the HAZY FLASHBACK. Peter is actually in the bed right next to Meredith’s. The doctors are making their rounds so that we can find out some more about Peter’s condition. His form doesn’t list a date of birth or a date of admission but he’s listed as being 38 years old. The doctors are stumped as to why Peter is in a coma, since it isn’t medically induced like it usually would be for this type of case.

Lydia tells us that this was ‘right after the fire’. Which is super interesting because we’ve now heard that the fire was either six years ago, 10 years ago, or in 2009, which, if we’re assuming the current events are happening in 2014, is FIVE YEARS AGO. This episode is making me want to punch birds out of the sky right now.

LYDIA: Meredith could hear him.

SHERIFF: Hear what?

LYDIA: Everything. She was hearing every thought in his head like they’d somehow found the same wavelength. And now everything going through his mind was also going right into hers.

This carried on for weeks, maybe even months. For Meredith, it was like having Peter stand right over her bed and talk about the fire and about getting revenge. We get a creepy and super literal visual representation of this in the HAZY FLASHBACK when Peter starts crawling around Meredith’s bed like Gollum.

We forgot the taste of bread ... the sound of trees ... the softness of the wind. We even forgot our own name.

We forgot the taste of bread … the sound of trees … the softness of the wind. We even forgot our own name.

Apparently, Peter had told Talia that the fire was going to happen—that the WEREWOLF HUNTERS were going to come for them and burn them to the ground. But Talia didn’t listen. No one listened. Talia said that they would be safe and she made them weak.

PETER: And what happens to the weakest in the herd? They get picked off by the predators. We used to be the apex predators until Talia turned us into sheep. But I’ll start over. Like a vengeful god, I will raze this earth to the ground. I will take out all of them. Not just the wolves: the wendigos, the banshees, every shapeshifter. I will obliterate the weak and I will remake the supernatural of Beacon Hills in my image.

He says that he’ll hire professional killers like the Mute and the Chemist. Honestly, those were such good guesses by the McCall pack. So lucky. It really bugs me when people ‘guess’ names and they turn out to be the exact right ones. I can’t even remember the names of all the people in my office and my guesses are way off.

Peter also mentions the Desert Wolf, which is a term he’s used to describe Malia’s mother before. Super. Of course Malia would have a megalomaniac father and an assassin mother. She’s going to have a field day with her ‘Murder runs in my family’ theory.

He goes on to recite the plan perfectly, right down to disseminating the list to the general public.

PETER: Anyone can become a killer for the right price because, when it comes down to it, everyone can be corrupted BY MONEY!

Back in the interview room, Peter finally breaks the psychic link and falls backwards. Meredith almost topples out of her chair but is caught by Parrish.

Sheriff immediately aims his gun at Peter again. This was his idea and he doesn’t even remember. Dude, he must be so pissed. Peter loves being the mastermind behind a scheme.

I'm going to shoot you in a room where there are likely to be a whole bunch of security cameras.

I’m going to shoot you in a room where there are likely to be a whole bunch of security cameras.

In the lake house, Stiles and Malia are listening to the record player. Stiles is getting understandably frustrated, since neither of them is a banshee and therefore can’t really be expected to hear banshee things. He turns off the record player but Malia can still hear it playing. MALIA’S A BANSHEE.

Wait, no. She’s not. FALSE ALARM. She’s just hearing something else spinning somewhere in the room—something that she apparently never heard when she was in here before, listening to the record with Lydia.

Stiles looks behind the record player and sees a cord coming from the wall. He pushes the record player aside and tugs on the cord because that is SAFE. Does America not have safety notices about not messing with electricity if you’re not a licensed professional? If not, they should start. You could DIE, Stiles.

Tugging on the cord messes up some of the plaster but Stiles keeps pulling. There had BETTER be something behind this wall. Otherwise have fun explaining that mess to Mama Martin. Yep, there it goes. The whole wall. Just ripping right through it. WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS, GUYS? WHO? You all need to start getting some casual jobs to pay for this.

Just doing some redecorating.

Just doing some redecorating.

Okay, they found something. It’s the same machines we saw last week in Lorraine Martin’s flashback. Stiles says that this is the dead pool.



Back at the Argent warehouse, people are still fighting. Kira’s got her katana out, Scott is in wolf mode, Satomi’s twirling her little dagger thingie, and everyone else is still shooting. I told you: unlimited ammunition.

Back at the sheriff’s station, Peter pleads innocent, saying that there’s no way he could have remembered all that stuff. He was out of his mind. And we have the ‘Do you know what it’s like for one of us to be in a coma?’ line again. If he brings that up one more time and I’m going to reach through my screen and elbow him in his enormous neck.

PETER: She was listening to the ranting and raving of a lunatic. A former lunatic. I’m much healthier now. I had nothing to do with this.

No one’s convinced and arguing ensues. Lydia points out that this is what Meredith wants. There are three people in the room who are still on the dead pool: Lydia, Parrish, and Meredith. I think Lydia means that Meredith wants Peter to kill them all.

Sheriff is only pointing his gun at Peter, though, and he’s willing to bet that a bullet between the eyes doesn’t heal very fast, even for werewolves.

How dare you? Have you any idea how hard I've worked to get my neck this muscular?

How dare you? Have you any idea how hard I’ve worked to get my neck this muscular?

PETER: How are you going to explain this to a judge? Telepathic girl overhears thoughts of comatose werewolf and decides to enact his plans for retribution. They’re going to be pointing a gun at your head, asking you to go quietly.

Finally, Sheriff puts down his gun and allows Peter to leave. He calls after him that ‘that’s twice’ and there won’t be a third. In case you’ve forgotten, Sheriff was pointing his gun at Peter back in episode 4 after Peter ripped Mouthdemort/the Mute’s mouth skin off.

As Peter walks away, Meredith starts screaming that it’s not finished.

You weren't even wearing a V-neck, you cheat!

You weren’t even wearing a V-neck, you cheat!

At the lake house, Malia is ready to smash the dead pool machines to pieces. Stiles stops her, saying that if this thing is being used to disseminate the list then it’s probably going to keep going until everyone’s dead. But, Stiles, how will it keep going if it doesn’t work?

Also, if this was set up and built into Lorraine Martin’s wall way back in the day, what do Peter and Meredith even have to do with the dead pool? Yeah, maybe Meredith heard it when she visited the lake house. Maybe she remembered it and wrote it all down. But then why and how are these machines sending out names to everyone?

Stiles thinks the machines need a prompt or a command. Malia thinks it might be an actual key, since there is an actual keyhole in one of the machines.

This will either turn everything off or unlock the true power of these machines.

This will either turn everything off or unlock the true power of these machines.

Fighting is still going on at the Argent warehouse. Scott tells Brett to go and get the other pack members to hide.

Stiles has a video call with Lydia and shows her the dead pool machines. Lydia doesn’t know anything about computers from the 1970s. The computers don’t even have monitors. Lydia notices something when Stiles is waving the phone around: the wine stains on the carpet have disappeared.

That $500 she was packing last episode was actually for carpet cleaners, not for bribes to Brunski.

LYDIA: Red wine doesn’t just disappear. Unless it wasn’t wine.

STILES: What? What do you mean?

LYDIA: The ashes weren’t ashes, the study isn’t a study, the record player isn’t a record player. So maybe the wine wasn’t wine.

She tells Stiles to go and find the specific bottle. I guess it’s a good thing she remembered exactly what vintage Garrett opened at the party.

I don't even like that vintage.

I don’t even like that vintage.

Stiles finds the bottle quickly and shakes it. There’s something rattling inside. He looks around for a wine opener but Malia just seizes the bottle and smashes it on the ground. Good thing it apparently doesn’t stain.

Actually, EXCUSE ME. The wine should already be open and in the fridge. Or it should be in the bin. Wine doesn’t just keep for that long after opening and you can’t permanently close it again. If it has a cork, you can pop that back in there but it won’t be hard to take it out. And also, Garrett just happened to magically open the exact right bottle and spirit it upstairs and leave two wine glasses so that Lydia could knock them over and keep the wine for some weird reason, somehow resealing it, so that we could find out everything six episodes later? Be real.

And don’t tell me you haven’t noticed the wine stains missing before, Lydia. You have been in that lake house more often than your own home this season.

OH, LOOK. There’s a key in this magical resealing bottle of wine. Stiles takes the key and puts it in the computer. It fits perfectly.

Let's just turn the key on this machine we know nothing about. What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s just turn the key on this machine we know nothing about. What could possibly go wrong?

He turns it to the right and—

We cut back to the Argent warehouse, where Lori (the girl from the beginning of the episode) is proving to be a first-class idiot yet again by wandering around and saying, ‘Brett? Brett, where are you?’ Lori, you are in the middle of a fucking battleground. You cannot be this stupid.

Oh, but she is. And an assassin comes out of the smoke, training his weapon on her. Lori just closes her eyes, ready to take it.

Mistakes were made. So, so many mistakes.

Mistakes were made. So, so many mistakes.

Scott tackles the assassin, then throws him on top of the table so that he can beat the shit out of him. As he tears into the assassin, Scott’s face starts to change. He gets some new CGI Alpha creepiness going on.

Wait, I don't want to become an Alpha gorilla thing.

Wait, I don’t want to become an Alpha gorilla thing.

He rips off the assassin’s mask but, on seeing a face and remembering that this guy is just a mean human, Scott pauses. His CGI Alpha face disappears.

Something starts vibrating. Suddenly, the gunfire stops and the assassins back up. Scott takes a phone from his assassin’s pocket and looks at it. He slowly turns the phone so the assassin can see it. It’s a message from the Benefactor saying that all contracts are terminated.

Still think it's worth fighting me?

Still think it’s worth fighting me?

But was that from Meredith or from the actual computers? I’m starting to seriously think that Meredith and Peter have absolutely nothing to do with this and the computers have just started to think for themselves.

At the lake house, the dead pool computers power down.

At the Argent warehouse, apparently everyone just said ‘Good game’ and called it a night. All the assassins are gone and, though bloody and worse for wear, all our heroes are intact. Even that idiot, Lori.

KIRA: Is it over? Really over?

Nothing’s over when machines start thinking for themselves, Kira. Prepare for a dystopian Beacon Hills plot next season.

In Sheriff’s office, Lydia sits down with Meredith. Meredith seems okay for someone who’d put their own name on a hit list. Meredith says that she had to do it. She heard Lydia back in season 3B, screaming in the tunnels of Oak Creek when Allison died. That’s when Meredith knew it was time to start over.

LYDIA: With Peter?

MEREDITH: He’s the Alpha. He’s always been the Alpha. He’ll make it right. It never was with us. Too many people died because of us. We’re the monsters. Even banshees. Even me.

LYDIA: I don’t believe that. Not all monsters do monstrous things.

MEREDITH: Like who?

LYDIA: Like Scott.

MEREDITH: Like you.

She puts her hand on Lydia’s cheek and then sits back, shocked, as the reality of her actions hit her. Lesson for the week: don’t do everything people tell you to, especially when they’re telling you to murder a bunch of people.

Such skin. Much soft.

Such skin. Much soft.

But seriously, that’s it? The dead pool is done? We’ve got two episodes to go. Are we just going to spend the entire time focusing on Peter’s giant neck and his plot to kill Scott? Hang on, there’s a scene with Kate and Peter. We’ll find out.

Peter is hanging out in the sewers with Kate again. He’s pacing and Kate reminds him there’s no reason to be nervous or rattled: the dead pool’s finished and everything else is going exactly Peter’s way. Not everything happened as predicted but every piece has still moved perfectly into place.

Peter reaches out his hand to catch some water drops.

KATE: You want to bail on the plan.

PETER: Of course not. Not when I’m this close. Not when I’m this close to killing Scott McCall.

And I will wear a V-neck so deep it’s basically just a vest.

NAILED IT. I still feel like Peter’s been stealing Derek’s powers with Kate’s help. His polo shirt this episode hid some of his humungous neck but it was still there, waiting to be unleashed on the world.



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