PAINT THE TOWN READ: Divergent at Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois


‘Across from Erudite headquarters is what used to be a park. Now we just call it “Millennium”, and it is a stretch of bare land and several rusted metal sculptures—one an abstract, plated mammoth, another shaped like a lima bean that dwarfs me in size.’

IMG_4957Divergent is probably the book I was most excited about for Paint the Town Read. The book is littered with references to Chicago scenery and the movie really brought the dystopian city to life.

The ‘lima bean’ sculpture that Tris refers to is actually a sculpture by Anish Kapoor called Cloud Gate but most people just call it the Bean. I loved Veronica Roth’s description of Tris and Caleb’s distorted reflections in the sculpture so a trip to Millennium Park was a must.

IMG_4958Every time I saw something silver glinting in the sun, I was certain it was the Bean. Usually it just turned out to be reflection from a skyscraper. Eventually, we found a map of Millennium Park and saw that we weren’t too far from the sculpture and I started getting properly psyched up, chanting, ‘Bean, Bean, Bean, Bean, Bean.’

IMG_4956When we finally got there, it was time for the first Divergent photo for Paint the Town Read (at the top of this post). We wandered around and under the Bean for a while, trying to find ourselves in the milling crowd and enjoying the weird reflections we cast.

You can see more Paint the Town Read posts as they’re uploaded on my Instagram account with the hashtag #caapaintthetownread.


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