WRITING: NaNoWriMo 2014 check-in #1

9 November


Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Okay. So this week I returned from America, worked while battling jetlag, took my cat to the vet, and then spent the next day and a half trying to give him water from an eyedropper/coax him to eat anything because he’s still feeling like rubbish and is refusing to eat most of the time.

After I finished writing my review for the Doctor Who season finale (due up tomorrow morning), I grabbed my notebook and got to work. I started the notebook a while ago and haven’t written anything new, so there are a lot of vague scenes that have no apparent link to each other, and a lot of pages with strings of questions that mostly start with, ‘Okay, but what if this happened? What then?’ But I don’t have a real answer for most of those questions.

So I spent the evening transcribing the scenes, figuring out an approximate order for them and adding some details I’ve decided on more recently. Most of the scenes are character-driven so far and the plot’s really taken a backseat. I did find a couple of scenes with references to a plot point I’d completely forgotten about.

Now that I’ve actually got some words on the page, I’m feeling a lot more comfortable. There are more things in that notebook than I gave myself credit for and I still have heaps of ‘What if?’ notes to work on, and new things that I’ve been researching. I’m hoping to spend this week developing the plot so I actually have a story and not just incoherent scribbles. And writing more frequently so my little stats graph doesn’t look so pitiful.

Day: 9.

Word count: 10,110.


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