PAINT THE TOWN READ: Executive Orders at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.


To the north, the dome was down, sections of it recognisable, for it had been built of wrought iron during the Civil War, and several of the pie-slice sections had somehow retained their shape. A majority of the firefighting activity was there, where the centre of the building had been.

See that guy on the left in the top picture, just near the lamppost? He was not happy about my photo-taking. I kept trying out different angles, getting progressively closer, and I think he was getting concerned about the books I was holding up (I was also taking photos for The Lost Symbol).

IMG_5188He was talking into his little security gadgets but the sound carried pretty well so I could hear him telling another security guy to come over and check out what I was doing. When the second guy saw that I was just holding books, he didn’t bother coming any closer.

Still, I decided that I’d gotten a couple of decent shots and decided not to take any more just in case they got riled up again.

You can see more Paint the Town Read posts as they’re uploaded on my Instagram account with the hashtag #caapaintthetownread.


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