PAINT THE TOWN READ: The Lost Symbol at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.


Across the Mall, a tiny speck of golden light was glinting off the highest tip of the towering obelisk. The shining pinpoint grew quickly brighter, more radiant, gleaming on the capstone’s aluminum peak … This process, Langdon realised, would reverse come evening. The sun would dip in the west, and the light would climb again from earth back to heaven … preparing for a new day.

IMG_5190The Washington Monument, the tallest structure in D.C., looms in the background of a lot of our pictures but trying to take a picture for Paint the Town Read was a struggle. Every time I thought I had the whole thing in the frame, I realised I was cutting off the top. I had to keep walking backwards to eventually get it all.

Thankfully, my camera refuses to acknowledge when night is falling so the top picture (with only a little help from filters) still looks quite bright. This smaller picture shows what the lighting was actually like when I was trying to get my photo.

You can see more Paint the Town Read posts as they’re uploaded on my Instagram account with the hashtag #caapaintthetownread.


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