PAINT THE TOWN READ: Seven Little Australians at Seven Little Australians Park in Lindfield, New South Wales

IMG_6072Only a four-minute drive from Ethel Turner’s home on Werona Avenue, the Seven Little Australians Park is nestled among impressive gum trees, beautiful old houses, and some newer builds.


As this sign states, Seven Little Australians Park was originally part of Lindfield Park, later Lindfield Soldiers Memorial Park. This section of the park was renamed in Turner’s honour, as ‘This book was one of the first to use purely Australian settings, and is written with warmth and affection of the Australian bush in which she lived at the time.’ 

IMG_6074Even though I didn’t get a chance to explore the walking track, just wandering around the area was incredibly serene. The structure in this picture is called Turner Lookout. Apparently the park plans originally had it called Nash Lookout but it seems no one quite remembers who Nash was or why they were getting a lookout named after them. Typically Australian thing to do, really.

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