EVENT: Voices of 2015 Launch

logoOn Thursday, I headed down to Melbourne for a busy weekend of book and blogging fun. I got some Paint the Town Read posts done (which you can check out here) and visited some beautiful bookstores (which I’ll be posting about in coming weeks).

And now I get to talk about something even more exciting than getting my book nerd on: I’m one of Kidspot’s Voices of 2015 Top 100 online creatives!

So what does that mean? Well, until Saturday, I wasn’t totally sure what it meant. I got a comment on my blog a month ago asking me to contact Kidspot; I’d been nominated for Voices of 2015. I had never heard of Kidspot before and thought the comment was spam. But a bit of Googling proved that Kidspot, at least, was a real thing. Originally a parenting directory, Kidspot (owned by News Corp) has branched out and become a comprehensive website with a rich community and over a million visitors every month.

A further (top secret) email told me that not only was I nominated, I was also one of the Top 100 finalists.


top 100

In a whirlwind of excitement and confusion, I booked a trip to Melbourne for the launch events and rocked up on Saturday half-thinking that I would wind up in an empty car park only to find some practical joker from my family had set this all up. But there were PEOPLE there. BLOGGERS.

IMG_6598IT WAS ALL REAL. And it was actually at Leonda by the Yarra, which was pretty and definitely not an empty car park. Plus, we got some delicious free food and goodies! I ended up being only 100 grams under my luggage limits on the way home due to some packing Tetris and a lot of luck.

Basically Voices of 2015 is a celebration of Australian online creativity (be it on a blog, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram). There were over 3000 nominations, which were narrowed down to 100 finalists, and now we all battle it out in the Hunger Games to win prizes have a chance to win some amazing prizes at the Voices of 2015 Gala Event in November.

I’m super excited about the new aspect of Voices of 2015, which is #ShareAustralia. Over the next few months I get to share some of my favourite parts of this country. I’m looking forward to doing some more Paint the Town Read posts around Australia, as well as some other projects I’m working on.

You can read more about Voice of 2015 here. And you can also check out the other Home & Wellbeing finalists (the category in which I’m nominated) here. I still have no idea who nominated me for this awesome experience but, whoever you are, THANK YOU.


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