PROJECT: Dragon eggs


The surface of the shell was covered with tiny scales, and as she turned the egg between her fingers, they shimmered like polished metal in the light of the setting sun. One egg was a deep green, with burnished bronze flecks that came and went depending on how Dany turned it. Another was pale cream streaked with gold. The last was black, as black as a midnight sea, yet alive with scarlet ripples and swirls. ‘What are they?’ she asked, her voice hushed and full of wonder.

‘Dragon’s eggs, from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai,’ said Magister Illyrio. ‘The eons have turned them to stone, yet they still burn bright with beauty.’

HOW GOOD ARE THUMB TACKS AND NAIL POLISH? Really good. Like, pretty awesome. And also perfect for making dragon eggs.

I used Accio Lacquer’s tutorial to make these. Because I live in Australia, I had to adjust the instructions to work with the products available to me (and also figure out where I could get them for a reasonable price). While Mish makes ones about the size of a chicken egg, the only styrofoam shape I could find was 100mm, which is quite a bit bigger. Which, in turn, meant that I ended up using between 400-425 thumb tacks for each egg. But I love them. I think they look great in this size.

IMG_6486I was a bit too excited while making the eggs to take proper progress photos, and I may have lost quite a few brain cells from all the nail polish fumes. If you have any questions, let me know and I will probably yell excitedly at you about how it all worked, where I got my products, etc. Until then, I’m going to go and stare at these eggs some more because they are so pretty and shiny and they look even better than I imagined.


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