LITERARY LOCATION: The Little Library at Melbourne Central shopping centre in Melbourne, Victoria

I first noticed The Little Library in 2013, when I was spending Christmas in Melbourne. When I visited Melbourne again in 2015, I made a beeline for it immediately so I could share its awesomeness with you guys.


The message etched on the front window reads: We believe reading should be for all to enjoy, so please feel free to borrow a book. However, we ask that you adhere to our honesty system and replace another title in its place, so everyone can continue to enjoy our Little Library.


Inside, you’ll find an eclectic mix of books that have been swapped or donated by members of the community, with everything from old medical books to a copy of Twilight.


Lunchtime brings local Melbourne workers (and travellers) flocking in to check out the latest books on offer. There are a few comfortable chairs to use inside The Little Library, or Melbourne Central has a larger bench space just a few feet away.


The Little Library’s mission is to promote literacy and the love of reading by offering a free book exchange. After all, books were built to be swapped (and read, of course).


Tucked away on level 2, this reading nook is a charming addition to the busy Melbourne Central shopping centre. The Little Library is open daily and can be best accessed via the escalator entrance on Swanston Street, across the road from the State Library of Victoria.


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