Goody bags!

When I attended the Voices of 2015 launch events in Melbourne, I came home with two goody bags and very little wiggle room in my baggage allowance. As soon as I had a chance (and some good natural light), I laid everything out to show you the awesome haul.

Garnier goody bag:

1. Micellar Cleansing Water. This is basically a cleansing make-up remover that you don’t need to rinse off. I hardly ever wear make-up so I’m considering putting some on just so I can try this baby out. It is NOT DRINKING WATER. I had a quick look in the bag at the Voices of 2015 breakfast and said, ‘Oh, cool! Bottled water!’  Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous was sitting across from me and nearly had a heart attack when she saw what I was talking about. My reading comprehension took a while to kick in that morning.

2. Miracle Sleeping Cream. This is definitely going to come in handy for all those times I keep saying ‘Just one more chapter …’ until stupid o’clock and I look like a raccoon.

3. BB Cream. I actually already use Garnier BB Cream and it’s awesome. So easy to apply, especially for a make-up derp like me. This is a shade too dark for my ghostly skin but it might work for my sister or my mum’s complexion.


Voices of 2015 goody bag:

1. Disney Little Library Book & CD. I could give this to younger children. It’s probably suited for younger children. But I am not going to give it to them because I want it for myself.

2. My Studio Girl 3D Magic Dough – Hedgehog. This is probably also for younger children but if you think I’m not going to try and make my own magic dough hedgehog then you are WRONG.

3. Delicious and Gardening Australia magazines. These are probably more suited to my age and probably way above my abilities. I will gaze adoringly at pictures and probably use these for display when we’re selling our house so other people can gaze adoringly at the pictures as well.

4. Dri Glo hand towel. We’ve used Dri Glo towels at home before but I forgot how soft they are. I just want to use it as a pillow. I’m doing well here. Using all the kids’ stuff, just staring at the things for adults, and wanting to use a towel as a pillow. This is 100 per cent how you adult.

5. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. FREE BOOK. HECK YEAH. KEEP SUPPLYING MY ADDICTION, GUYS. This one is a no-brainer for me.

(There was also a Food for Health Cinnamon Bar in this bag but I was too busy shoving it in my mouth to think about putting it in a picture. FYI, it tasted really good.)


2 thoughts on “Goody bags!

  1. Hahahaha I did almost spit out my tea, didn’t I? 😛 It’s great for makeup removal (not so good for waterproof eye makeup though). It was good to meet you and congratulations on being in the finalist list! 😀

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