GEEK CHIC: DisneyBounding Tiana

A few years ago I discovered the magic of DisneyBound and since then I’ve made it my mission to dress up when I go to Disney on Ice each year. For those of you who don’t know what DisneyBound is, it’s an initiative started by Leslie Kay:

Using items you can find in your own closet or local mall, create looks outside of costumed or cosplay looks, which represent your favorite Disney character, while having fun with fashion!

Basically, you look at the colours and style of clothes worn by a certain character and then recreate them with your own individual flair. This year I DisneyBounded as Tiana, inspired by this outfit:


As usual, I forgot to plan ahead and most yellow dresses had disappeared by the time winter set in. I searched high and low through several shopping centres, and, worried that I’d never find the right dress, was starting to brainstorm back-up characters. Eventually, I found one in a store called Strutt at Brisbane DFO. It’s a chunky knit tunic which is also perfect for winter. Coupled with a longline trench on sale from Cotton On and a cute hat from the Queen Victoria Markets, I think I ended up with a pretty decent Tiana DisneyBound.




IMG_6728As much as I love taking photos in the forest beside my house, you do have to be careful of Australian wildlife.

IMG_6732Like when you hear a drop bear in the tree you’re leaning against.

IMG_6730Or when you nearly walk face-first into three different spiderwebs with spiders ranging in size from tiny (probably deadly) to the size of my head (probably not deadly but possibly the spawn of Aragog and Shelob).

While I was shopping for my Tiana DisneyBound this year, I was seeing so many things I wanted to use for other characters. I’ve definitely got some more Disney princess costumes in my future!


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