LITERARY LOCATION: Dymocks on Collins Street in Melbourne, Victoria

I was looking for a café when I noticed the sign for Dymocks, Australia’s leading bookseller. I ducked inside for a ‘quick look’ (lies) and found that there was a café inside the store. They supplied me with one of the nicest soy milkshakes I’ve ever tasted, which meant I also got to spend more time surrounded by books.


There’s a reason that Dymocks is so successful in Australia—and it’s not just because they’re one of the only chain bookstores left in this country. They have an impressive range and every staff member I’ve interacted with in any store has been friendly and happy to share their knowledge and love of books. Maybe you’re in the market for some classics? They might just have you covered.


Or you might be on the lookout for a new YA read. Dymocks has definitely got you covered here, with one of the most extensive Young Adult ranges I’ve encountered in Australia.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for an epic fantasy read. You can go for one of the bestsellers and grab one of these A Song of Ice and Fire books from display, or you can browse the aisles for other gems.


Whatever you’re in the mood for, Dymocks probably has it! All it takes is a ride down an escalator to get lost in a world full of gorgeous books.

IMG_6600Dymocks Melbourne is located on the Lower Ground Floor of 234 Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD. Stop in for a coffee, have a browse, or attend one of their various author events throughout the year.


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