LITERARY LOCATION: Minotaur Entertainment on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne, Victoria

After a full day of checking out the bookstores in Melbourne, Minotaur Entertainment was my last stop. I could see from the entry that this was going to be an awesome departure from the other stores I’d visited.


You’re greeted by a larger than life minotaur as you descend the stairs. He’s wearing jeans to protect his modesty.

This pop culture den offers comics, books, and collectibles from TV shows and films. My brother would’ve gone nuts for the new release comic wall in here. I was texting him a constant stream of excited, blurry images of merchandise.


And my dad would’ve gone nuts for the vast array of sci-fi books lining the walls as you enter the store. I saw most of his collection on these shelves, as well as a few that I knew he would love to get stuck into.

I went nuts for everything, but mostly the Doctor Who corner. This is seriously the biggest Doctor Who collection I’ve seen in one place and I wanted everything.
IMG_6622You could get lost down here, and I nearly did as I kept noticing more and more things that I wanted to buy that would never fit in my suitcase. But I will be back one day, my precious. And then all the things will be mine.


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