LITERARY LOCATION: The Paperback on Bourke Street in Melbourne, Victoria

The Paperback was established in the 1960s as one of the few stores in Melbourne stocking ‘a good selection of Australian and imported books, particularly paperback editions of books not commonly available in Melbourne.’


50-odd years later, The Paperback has included hardbacks in its range—some quite beautiful ones, might I add—while maintaining a balance of local and international titles.


This gorgeous store is a little maze of shelves, sometimes making it hard to manoeuvre around other shoppers, but once you reach your intended destination it’s almost like winning a competition.


Besides, it makes you feel like you’re tucked away in your own little world of books and that is never a bad thing.


In addition to selling beautiful books, The Paperback offers literary-themed cards, wrapping paper, and other accessories to make your life more perfect.


I just feel like I need these things in my life, you know?


I found books in The Paperback that I hadn’t thought about in ages, new books I’d only seen in pictures, and an incredible collection of classics.


There are so many books in here it must be a daily struggle to get them to fit in the shelves. Book Tetris all day, every day. I can definitely relate to that issue … on a much smaller scale.


I only hope that one day my collection will be as extensive as this literary hideaway.


The Paperback was right around the corner from my hotel so I passed by it at least once a day and had to stop myself from stepping inside to revel in its beauty every time.


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