GEEK CHIC: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Happy 5th birthday to Mockingjay! I was a bit late coming into the fandom but I remember the first time I read this book and was absolutely furious about everything. After a few rereads I’ve been able to understand Katniss’s PTSD better and the last part of the book leaves me sobbing. When the final movie is released in November I am going to be a MESS.


Dress: Big W Mockingjay pin: ThinkGeek | Bracelet: ThinkGeek | Necklace: Colette


4 thoughts on “GEEK CHIC: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

    • We’ve all been the victim of autocorrect, don’t worry! You’re totally right—when you just want an exciting end to a series, Mockingjay is a bit of a letdown. But when you understand the PTSD it reaches a whole new level. The thing I love about these books is that it’s not just an action story. They have to do terrible things in order to survive and then they must learn to live with the things they’ve done. It gives me chills sometimes, thinking about that concept.

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