GEEK CHIC: August buys

I went a bit nuts with geek chic buys in August. I’m not even mad about it.

On the 1st of August I stumbled upon the Winter Design Market outside the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. I browsed through the stalls, admiring the products that people had created. But then I saw the Hungry Designs stall and I was entranced.

I managed to contain myself and, along with some awesome steampunk Disney princess prints, ended up with just two brooches. The Drink Me brooch pictured above is actually my second one; the first broke/abandoned me at ProBlogger and Amanda from Hungry Designs was kind enough to send me a replacement.

This second brooch is just my type. THAT’S RIGHT. I WENT THERE. I am not above a lame dad joke.

I love this Hogwarts jumper from Jay Jays, and it looks even more awesome when paired with a light-collared shirt. It is super warm, though, and in Queensland weather I find it a bit too warm with a long-sleeved shirt underneath. I’m going to try and stock up on short-sleeved collared shirts over the warmer months until it’s time to break out this baby again. I think this jumper sold out pretty quickly but if you can find any left in your size then jump on it!

I am SO keen on this Hogwarts Alumni shirt from Kmart. Half because it’s awesome and half because it was only $12. This shirt is light and comfortable and it’s going to get a lot of wear in the coming months.

This Wizard of Oz shirt is another $12 find from Kmart.  And it goes perfectly with this Oz, the Complete Paperback Collection from QBD. I couldn’t quite believe my eye when I saw this box set in person. It’s down to just $19.99 from $69.99 and it’s stunning. There are three stories in each of the five volumes, which is mind-blowing value.

See what I mean about beautiful? I’ve had my eye on this There’s No Place like Home cushion from Target for ages but once I had the Oz box set in my hands I couldn’t hold myself back. The pillow’s reversible as well, so if you prefer a lighter look you can flip it over to the cream side with black script.

This bag, guys! I’ve seen it before and was putting it on my wish list for my birthday but after seeing what Katie did with it I knew I had to have it immediately. She took the bag to YALLWEST and got amazing authors to sign it. Front and back! I thought this was an awesome idea and I’m looking forward to putting it to good use at the upcoming Brisbane Writers Festival. You can get your own library card tote bag from Out of Print Clothing.

When I purchased my library card tote bag, I couldn’t resist getting these bright library socks as well. I’d seen them on ModCloth forever ago and was going to bundle them in with my next ModCloth purchase. But getting them straight from the source works for me as well. And they look great with an enormous library haul.

Ha. Remember last month when I said I would chill out so my family could buy me things? Clearly that worked really well for me. My birthday is now in just one month so I’d better calm my farm ASAP.



7 thoughts on “GEEK CHIC: August buys

    • I was beyond thrilled when j saw it. Finding fandom stuff in regular department stores is pretty rare in Australia, and finding them at such a good price is like spotting a unicorn. But Kmart have really stepped up their game this year!

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