LITERARY LOCATION: Avid Reader on Boundary Street in West End, Queensland

Avid Reader is probably the most well-known independent bookstore in Brisbane. The name followed me through my undergrad and postgrad but, being a lowly Southsider, I hardly ever venture to West End and I’d only spotted glimpses of Avid Reader from a distance.

And then it was NATIONAL BOOKSHOP DAY and I decided I needed to visit some awesome independent bookstores and there went my Avid Reader virginity.

Avid specialises in quality works of fiction and non-fiction so you can browse to your heart’s content in this place. My friend Rhiain loves the range of reference books available. I’m more of a fiction-lover myself, so I’m immediately drawn to things like THIS.

The shelves are literally overflowing and the floors are as good a place as any to store books so watch your step around these beauties.

You want some local author excellence? Maybe you should check out Trent Jamieson’s Day Boy. How are you going to resist the minimalist beauty of this cover?

BOOKISH MERCHANDISE! All your sock and tote bag needs can be met here, and you can even get your own Avid Reader shirt to display your awesomeness among the regular humans.

‘But SARAH,’ I hear you say, ‘where are all the YA books?’ Well, friend, have I not already showed you that Avid Reader is running out of space? the children’s and YA books have moved next door to a store called Where the Wild Things Are, which I’ll be showing you next week. There’s a treehouse cubby in there. It’s amazing.

You can check out the many events, book clubs, and book launches that Avid Reader hosts here.


4 thoughts on “LITERARY LOCATION: Avid Reader on Boundary Street in West End, Queensland

  1. I LOVE Avid reader! Kid goes to school just up the road at West End Primary, she’s met a couple of her favourite authors there (before kid’s books moved next door.) If you’re into second hand, Bent Books is just a hundred metres away on the same street. Nice one Sarah!

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