UNBOXING: The YA Chronicles Volume 1: That Hero Nonsense

I’ve seen bookish subscription boxes lighting up Instagram but the shipping rates to Australia have always been brutal. And then Allison (readaroundtherosie) and Rebecca (thebookhangover) became actual gods created The YA Chronicles: a themed monthly subscription box which includes one book and between two and five other theme-related items.

I pre-ordered the first box, That Hero Nonsense, back in July and then waited mostly impatiently until their Instagram photos (and an email) revealed that the boxes were being shipped. And then I waited really impatiently for maybe 24 hours until the TOLL guy showed up.

I was in my brother’s room, chatting to him and his girlfriend, when I heard a car engine and I dropped everything, sprinted to the front door, flung it open, tripped down the stairs, and bounced in place until the TOLL guy got my signature and let me snatch the package out of his hands. And then … THEN IT WAS TIME FOR AWESOMENESS.

LOOK AT IT. TAKE IT ALL IN. JUST BASK IN THE BEAUTY OF THESE CONTENTS. YES, that is  hardback copy of Patrick Ness’s latest novel The Rest of Us Just Live Here. And it took me another eight hours to realise that the first page has been embossed with a The YA Chronicles Approved design. This will be my first Patrick Ness book and I’ve heard nothing but praise for his writing. Excited is an understatement.

Okay, so what’s in the box? The card pictured above gives you a rundown of the possible products but I’m going to show you the beautiful ones that I received.

To complement that beautiful copy of The Rest of Us Just Live Here, I have this gorgeous pin that reads I am not the chosen one. 

Check out this beautiful necklace from ElysianWorkshop on Etsy! This Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-themed pendant reads Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle. If this has captured your heart (understandable) then you can get your own here.

And this is my little Spider-Man 4GB USB! Look how cute he is! Plus, in the background, I have a bookmark and a digital download code for the novella Untouchable by S.A. Starcevic. Free reading material? YES, PLEASE.

Last but not least is this gorgeous bookmark to commemorate That Hero Nonsense. I’m an avid bookmark collector and I adore this typeface and design.

The YA Chronicles’s first box has blown me away and I’m so glad I chose to pre-order it. A subscription to The YA Chronicles is only $29.99 a month (shipping will vary but I paid only $9.99). Or you can check out their website for three- or six-month package deals. Which I am now going to investigate while I place my order for the October box, Time and Time Again.



4 thoughts on “UNBOXING: The YA Chronicles Volume 1: That Hero Nonsense

  1. I love the box and that it all comes in. I am not hugely convinced by subscription boxes for books – a lot seem to send out books people are likely to have already read- but I do like the idea of a genre based service and the extras in this look really cool.

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