LITERARY LOCATION: Where the Wild Things Are on Boundary Street in West End, Queensland

Right next door to Avid Reader, you’ll find Where the Wild Things Are. This adorable store specialises in books for children, young adults, and any other wild things looking for a good read. 

Remember when picture books were only on the bottom shelf of your local bookstore and there were never enough? Well, sucks to have been a 90s kids because look at the range kids have these days!

Just in case there weren’t enough picture books, here’s a few more for these lucky, lucky children.

And drinking chocolate? This place is a treasure trove.

BOOKSHELF CUBBY HOUSES?! I want one of these in my house.

I only read my first Roald Dahl book earlier this year (Matilda) but this range is making me want to buy everything ever.

I’m well on my way to implementing this shelving technique in my own life—by which I mean anything and everything will be a bookshelf. Even open drawers.

I’ve had my Bilbo Pop! Vinyl figure for ages but didn’t really know what to do with him. And then, as I was leaving the house to visit various stores on National Bookshop Day, I decided it was his time to shine. So here’s Bilbo on one of his first There and Book Again adventures. There will be many more in the future.

Bilbo met some new friends as well but they were a bit camera shy.

This Enid Blyton display is adorable. I want this in my house too.

I always make a beeline for the YA section and I love the little memes that are taped up all over this shelf. Plus there’s something so satisfying about all the Shadowhunter Chronicles novels being the same size. Maybe it’s just because my own collection is so mismatched.

The Starbound Trilogy keeps blowing my mind with its beauty and I can’t wait to own all the books so I can stare at them all day long. I will never tire of these covers.

You can check out the many events, book clubs, and book launches that Where the Wild Things Are hosts here.


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