LITERARY LOCATION: Mary Ryan’s on Park Road in Milton, Queensland

Part of my National Bookshop Day tour led me to Milton and one of the Mary Ryan’s stores. Once again, North Brisbane has hidden a little gem of a bookstore from me.

I was in need of a sugar hit so I started off at the cafe, which does a pretty admirable caramel slice. And then it was time to explore the store.

First stop, the YA section! The children’s and YA section has its own private ltitle corner, with a cool tiered reading area which I imagine comes in handy for any events that might be held here.

This place is a lot bigger than you might imagine. There’s room for a few couches, some coffee tables, and, of course, plenty of books.

There’s heaps of room to move around between the inbuilt bookshelves and the display tables. This store may actually be the size of my whole house.

But for when you feel you’re running out of space there’s always room to extend to the ceiling with clever hanging displays. I’m kind of in love with that Tin Man tote. And I was smitten with the Read Local merchandise, especially because I was caught up in a flurry of local bookstore love.

In addition to all the bookish merchandise, Mary Ryan’s carries an awesome homewares range. It’s all a bit French provincial and gorgeous.

I love seeing what the staff are reading to see if we have similar tastes. I’m definitely feeling those top two staff picks!

I also like checking to see if any of my recent favourites make it to the bestsellers list in a certain store. Nothing matched up this time but it gives me a sense of what the local clients are reading.

Does anyone else suffer from literary wanderlust? As well as wanting to travel all over the world I want to travel to places that don’t even exist.

Bilbo’s There and Book Again adventures kept me in the beautiful classics section for a while, testing my willpower when it came to buying everything.

I WANT EVERYTHING. I bought my first Word Cloud Classic book when I was over in Concord at Orchard House (home of Louisa May Alcott) and I have been in love with them ever since. But I also want that incredible omnibus edition on the left. It’s all so pretty I can’t deal.

Anne of Green Gables? As a Word Cloud?! DON’T DO THIS TO ME, MY WALLET CAN’T HANDLE IT.

You can check out the upcoming events at Mary Ryan’s Milton here. Make sure you leave time to visit the cafe! It’s like a TARDIS  in there and you could spend hours browsing the shelves.


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