Birthday haul!

Last Friday was my 24th birthday and I got some pretty awesome presents!

My brother gave me the two maps in this picture—a big one of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and a smaller one of Middle-earth—and also a new bottle of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck perfume.

The two gorgeous Harry Potter books are from my dad and I’m already swooning over Magical Places from the Film. I really want to go to England in 2016 and that book has already given me an awesome list of filming locations to visit.

Down near the perfume bottle you can just see the pale pink business card holder from my sister. She had it personalised with my initials and it’s a perfect fit for my Commas and Ampersands business cards. I used it for the first time on my birthday and received a compliment within two seconds of pulling it out.

The Marauder’s Map dress at the bottom is one of the presents from my mum. A few more are on the way (taking their time in the post) but I couldn’t wait to show you guys this haul. I gave my family a wish list and said, ‘If all else fails, please try and fill the library-shaped hole in my heart.’ They definitely delivered.


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